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Cupid's Love Quiver
« on: September 30, 2006, 11:16:44 AM »
This is the first season 5 episode. I'm not completely done yet, but I'll post the first part (Moat & Steps).

Episode 13: Cupid?s Love Quiver

*the camera zooms in on an ancient lush jungle, the palms are moving away as an elephant is heard*

*all the palms are gone, showing Olmec*

Olmec: Legends of the Hidden Temple. With your guide? Kirk Fogg!

*Kirk is shown slidding down a zipline & jumping off into the usual area*

Kirk: Thank you everyone. Thank you Olmec. Welcome to Legends of the Hidden Temple. The rooms are The rooms are filled with lost treasures protected by mysterious Mayan temple guards. Only Olmec knows the legend behind each of the treasures in his temple. Which one are we going to hear about today?

Olmec: Cupid?s Love Quiver.

Kirk: Cupid?s Love Quiver! Well, one of these six teams will have the chance to retrieve the Flower. Will it be *camera zooms into each team as they cheer & the usual* The Red Jaguars? The Blue Barracudas? The Green Monkeys? The Orange Iguanas? The Purple Parrots? Or the Silver Snakes? They?re going to have to pass some tough mental and physical tests, and in the end, only one team will have the right to enter Olmec?s temple, but first they have to cross the moat, and Olmec will tell us how they?ll have to do it today.

Olmec: Each team will have a set of monkey bars going across the moat above them. On go, the first player will make it across the monkey bars to the other side. If they fall before they get to the other side, they will have to go back. When they make it across, they'll throw an inner-tube (attached to a rope tied to the pole) to their partner. If the tube is close enough, the partner will jump in it & the first player will pull the rope so the tube & player can get across. When the second player gets across, they will run over & hit the gong.*Kirk bangs the Silver Snakes? gong*. The first four teams to hit their gong will go on to the next round.

Kirk: Alright, teams are you ready?!

*the teams cheer*

Kirk: Olmec, are you ready?!

Olmec: Oh yeah!

Kirk: On your marks? get set? GO!!!!!

*all 6 girls are even across the monkey bars, none falling*

*they get to the edge & toss the inner tubes, only the Silver Snakes miss*

*Blue Barracudas & Purple Parrots get in their tubes first & get pulled across*

*Red Jaguars are about half way across when Blue Barracudas bang their gong first & Purple Parrots second*

*Red Jaguars bang their gong third when Green Monkeys & Orange Iguanas get in their tubes*

*both are even, but Green Monkeys start paddling while being pulled, so they get ahead & bang their gong fourth*

Kirk: Whoa! That was a good one! Going onto the Steps of Knowledge are the Purple Parrots! & the Green Monkeys! & the Blue Barracudas! & the Red Jaguars! Orange Iguanas & Silver Snakes put up a great effort, but just came up a tad too short. They still get a prize! *Olmec explains prize*

*the camera changes to the four dry teams on the top of the Steps of Knowledge*

Kirk: As the quest continues, it?s now time for Olmec to tell us about Cupid?s Love Quiver. Bur before we get started, pay attention, because your knowledge of the legend can bring you a step closer to Olmec?s Temple.

Olmec: The Roman goddess of beauty is Venus. She was thought to be the prettiest of all goddesses, but she was jealous of one mortal girl: Psyche. Psyche was the prettiest of all the land, and Venus was not okay with that. She called her son Cupid.

Venus: CUPID!

Cupid: Yes mommy?

Venus: Would you do your beloved mommy a favor.

Cupid: Can I get a raise on my allowance?

Venus: Deal with that later. Look, you have to go strike Psyche with a golden love arrow, so she will fall in love with the ugliest man.

Cupid: Hand over the cash, please.

Olmec: Cupid did just as was ordered, but as he set his eye on Psyche, he accidentally pricked himself with the arrow, thus falling in love with Psyche. They were sent to a cave and made love. But because the cave was so dim, Psyche never knew it was Cupid. When Psyche went back with her elder sisters, they seemed angry.

Elder Sister 1: Sneak into his bed at night & light the lamp.

Elder Sister II: Do it.

Olmec: & Psyche, now pregnant, went into Cupid?s bedroom & lit the nearby lamp, but some wax fell on his body, waking him up. When his first instinct was to look for his quiver, holding his arrows, he found out it was lost. He left it in the cave where he made love, and it has made it?s way to the Temple! Your quest is to find Cupid?s Love Quiver and bring it back here!

Kirk: Thank you Olmec, but can you tell us where Cupid?s Love Quiver is?

Olmec: Cupid?s Love Quiver can be found in the Latin Linguist!

Kirk: OK. Teams: you are standing on the Steps of Knowledge. In a minute, Olmec will ask you a question about today?s legend. If you think you know the answer, stomp down on the ancient marking in front of you. Go ahead, stomp on it!

*Green Monkeys hit the step*

Kirk: OK, Green Monkeys, since you rang in first, you would be able to answer. If you?re right, you?ll move down to the next level. If you?re wrong or run out of time, I?m going to give the other teams a chance to answer. The first two teams to make it to the bottom level *Kirk runs down there* will be one step closer to Olmec?s Temple. Olmec, we are now ready for the first question.

Olmec: Is Cupid the son of: Venus, Juno, or Ceres?

*Blue Barracudas bang in*

Blue Barracudas: Venus!

Olmec: That is correct.

*Blue Barracudas move down a step*

Olmec: Is Venus the goddess of: love, harvest, or beauty?

*Blue Barracudas bang in*

Blue Barracudas: BEAUTY!

Olmec: You got it, kids!

*Blue Barracudas move down a step*

Kirk: One more question & Blue Barracudas move onto the Temple Games.

Olmec: Was Venus jealous of: Diana, Psyche, or Minerva?

*Blue Barracudas bang in*

Blue Barracudas: Psyche!

Olmec: That is correct!

*Blue Barracudas move down to the bottom step*

Kirk: One more team can join the Blue Barracudas, & it?s anybodies game.

Olmec: Who did Cupid prick with the golden arrow: Psyche, Venus, or himself?

*Green Monkeys bang in*

Green Monkeys: Himself!

Olmec: That is correct.

*Green Monkeys move down a step*

Olmec: Is the god of all gods in Roman mythology: Neptune, Jupiter, or Pluto?

*Purple Parrots bang in*

Purple Parrots: Jupiter!

Olmec: That is correct!

*Purple Parrots move down a step*

Olmec: Is Jupiter?s wife: Diana, Venus, or Juno?

*Red Jaguars bang in*

Red Jaguars: Diana?

Olmec: Incorrect!

*Green Monkeys bang in*

Green Monkeys: Juno!

Olmec: That is correct.

Kirk: Green Monkeys need one more correct answer, but the Purple Parrots & Red Jaguars are still in this.

Olmec: Did Cupid & Psyche: make love in a tavern, make love in a cave, or make love in a bed?

Purple Parrots: Cave! Make love in a cave!

Olmec: That is correct.

*Purple Parrots move down a step*

Kirk: Purple Parrots also need one more correct answer.

Olmec: Did Psyche wake Cupid up by: dripping wax on him, sneezing, or trip over Cupid?s quiver?

*Purple Parrots bang in*

Purple Parrots: Dripping wax on Cupid!

Olmec: That is correct!

*Purple Parrots move to the bottom step*

Kirk: Wow, that was close! Come on down here Red Jaguars, right by the Green Monkeys! These teams were smart, but they just couldn?t get through. Here?s what they win.

*Olmec explains prize*

Kirk: *only Blue Barracudas & Purple Parrots are present* These two teams will be going head to head in the Temple Games, to fight to enter Olmec?s Temple, right after this!

*commercial break*

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Cupid's Love Quiver
« Reply #1 on: October 08, 2006, 06:10:14 PM »
Kirk: Welcome back to Legends. Now the glory goes to the fastest and the strongest. But before we get started, let?s find out a little about our teams. On the Purple Parrots we have Wes, he likes to skateboard & he collects coins. His partner is Erika, she likes to play field hockey & her favorite subject in school is reading. Let?s hear it for the Purple Parrots! But on the Blue Barracudas, we have Tim, he plays soccer & his favorite sports team is the New Jersey Nets. His partner is Helena, she likes to write poetry, and she has 3 dogs! Let?s give it up for the Blue Barracudas! Now, girls get ready for the first Temple Game, guys get ready for the second. Okay, go get ready for the Temple Games, I?m going to explain what?s gonna happen. Teams are competing in temple games to win: Pendants of Life. *shows two pendants* They?re going to need those pendants to protect themselves from the dreaded temple guards as they make their way through the temple. There are three temple games. Olmec, tell us about temple game number one.

Olmec: Psyche woke up Cupid by dripping wax from a candle on him, while he was sleeping. Now, you?ll be the wax dripping from the candle. Each of you have a spinning pole. Hold on as long as you can, because you don?t wanna fall & wake up Cupid! The person who can hold on the longest, wins!

Kirk: This is for a ? Pendant of Life! On your marks? get set? GO!!!!!

*Erika & Helena are hanging onto the pole, which is spinning pretty fast*

*Helena starts to slip, & eventually falls with 0:43 seconds left*

Kirk: Wow, that was quick! The Purple Parrots win the ? Pendant of Life! Blue Barracudas can still catch up in the second Temple Game, Olmec tell us about it!

Olmec: Cupid would always shoot golden arrows at people, to make them fall in love. Now, you?ll be playing Cupid! On go, grab an arrow from your Quiver, and climb to the top of the net. Place your arrow through the heart, & climb back down to grab another arrow. The person with the most arrows after 60 seconds wins!

Kirk: On your marks? get set? CLIMB!

*Wes & Tim start climbing up the cargo net*

*Tim gets his arrow through first, & climbs back down with 0:47 seconds*

*Wes gets his arrow through with 0:45 seconds left*

*Tim gets his second arrow through with 0:34 seconds left*

*Wes gets his second arrow through with 0:25 left, as does Tim get his third arrow*

*Tim gets his fourth arrow with 0:12 as Wes gets his third with 0:08 left*

*Tim gets a final arrow when time runs out*

Kirk: Time?s up! Let?s see. Blue Barracudas got 5 arrows, Purple Parrots got 3. Blue Barracudas win the ? Pendant of Life! It?s tied up, Olmec, tell us about the final Temple Game.

Olmec: Cupid & Psyche had to secretly meet up, so nobody else could find out about their passion. On go, one person will shoot a ball in the air & their blindfolded partner will catch it. The team with the most balls caught wins!

Kirk: On your marks? get set? GO!!!!!

*Tim & Wes keep shooting balls at Helena & Erika via slingshot*

*nobody catches any & time runs out*

Kirk: Wow, that was hard! Nobody caught any balls, so it?s a tie! Let?s go to the tiebreaker.

*the Tiebreaker Podium is brought out*

Kirk: OK, Blue over here, Purple over there. Here?s how the tiebreaker works. Olmec will read a question about today?s legend. If you think you know the answer, bang the gong. Then you?ll have three seconds to answer the question. If you get it right, you & your partner will be able to search for Cupid?s Love Quiver. If you get it wrong, the other team has a chance to answer. Olmec, tell us the question.

Olmec: Is Cupid?s mother: Diana, Venus, or Juno?

*Blue Barracudas bang in*

Helena: Venus!

Olmec: That is correct!

Kirk: Good job, Blue Barracudas! Purple Parrots, hey, you guys did your best & that?s what really counts. But you won?t walk away empty handed! *Olmec explains prize*

Kirk: *only Blue Barracudas are present* We're gonna see if the Blue Barracudas can retrieve Cupid?s Love Quiver, and we're gonna do it right after this!

*commercial break*

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Cupid's Love Quiver
« Reply #2 on: October 08, 2006, 06:10:36 PM »
Kirk: Welcome back. Helena & Tim have proven themselves worthy and have earned themselves the right to enter Olmec?s temple. But before we get started, Olmec, can you give the Blue Barracudas any clues about your Temple & how to retrieve Cupid?s Love Quiver?

Olmec: You can start off in the Reef. Maneuver through the aquatic paradise & you can go into the Abyss. Use the cargo net as monkey bars & you could go into the Latin Linguist, where you can grab Cupid?s Love Quiver. Match up the Latin phrases & you can head up into the Alcove of the Blessed Artifacts! Or, you can head into the Blacksmith?s Den. Pound a nail into each horseshoe & you might be headed into the Inventory of the Sacred Treasures! Place the right artifacts on the correct buttons, and you can head into the Geyser! Sit on the watering hole & it can blow you up into the Road Rage Traffic! Fix the traffic light, by connecting the cords, & you can head into the Altar of Olmec! Solve the three dimensional puzzle, & you can head into the Burial Grounds! Upon up the coffin, but beware for a Temple Guard disguised as a vampire! Once you open the door, race up into the Cloister of the Samurai! Break all 8 wooden planks with the sword, & you can go back through the Abyss. Race through the Den of the Royal Crowns & back through the Temple Gates! The choices are yours & yours alone! You won one and a half pendant into the Temple. Who is going first?

Helena: I am!

Olmec: Very well, Helena! When Kirk gives the signal, you?ll race through the gate into the temple and make your way towards Cupid?s Love Quiver. Hidden inside the temple are temple guards assigned to protect three specific rooms. You can trade your pendant for an extra life and go on, but if you?re caught without a pendant, you?ll be taken out of the temple and it will be Tim?s turn to try his luck. If you can reach the artifact, all the doors in the temple will instantly unlock, and the temple guards will vanish. Return through the gates with the artifact within three minutes, and you will both be handsomely rewarded. And here?s how! *Olmec explains three prizes*

Kirk: Helena says she?s confident! Olmec, lower your gate! On your marks? get set? GO!!!!!

*Helena runs up the stairs & slides into the Reef with 2:53 left*

*a Temple Guard takes her Pendant & she heads into the Abyss with 2:41 left*

*the door to the Latin Linguist is locked & she tries to climb up & falls*

*Tim yells at her to go back & she crawls back into the Reef & goes up into the Den of the Royal Crowns with 2:27 left*

*she grabs the crown & tries two of the kings, & goes into the Abyss with 2:19 left*

*she goes across the monkey bar cargo net & goes up into the Cloister of the Samurai with 1:59*

*she breaks all 8 planks, pointing out the half pendant on the sword, & goes into the Burial Grounds with 1:42 left*

*she opens all three coffins cautiously, & hesitates into the Altar of Olmec with 1:18 left*

*she puts three of the pieces together & a Temple Guard takes her out with 1:06 left*

*Tim races up into the Den of the Royal Crowns, across the Abyss, & grabs the half pendant in the Cloister of the Samurai with 0:41 left*

*he goes down into the Burial Grounds, goes into the Altar of Olmec, but realizes the door to the Alcove of the Blessed Artifacts is open, entering with 0:33 left*

*he starts putting the artifacts in order, but gets mixed up in which spots they go in*

*he finishes & goes down the ladder with 0:14 left*

*he grabs Cupid?s Love Quiver with 0:11 left, & enters the Abyss with 0:08 left*

*he has trouble entering the Reef, because the Quiver is big, but gets in*

*he is half way through the Reef as time runs out*

Kirk: Oh, so close! Good job Helena, good job Tim! You guys almost had it, but you still go home with 2 great prizes. Join us next time on another great Legends of the Hidden Temple! Buh-bye!

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Cupid's Love Quiver
« Reply #3 on: October 08, 2006, 06:16:09 PM »
Name of Artifact: Cupid's Love Quiver
Result: Couldn't Get Out
Time left: N/A
Team: Blue Barracudas
Pendants won: 1 1/2
Location of Artifact: The Latin Linguist

Man, this was one of those episodes where production had fun with the layout. It was easy, but tricky. Helena said she was confident, but didn't seem it. She hesitated & had to backtrack with the door to the Latin Linguist from the Abyss was unlocked. Temple Guard terrified her & the Abyss monkey bar cargot net was hard for her. She went into the Altar of Olmec & got taken out. Tim raced in & was very fast. He took the shortest way possible & realized that the door to the Alcove of the Blessed Artifacts was open. He struggled a little in there, went down, & grabed the Quiver. He was half way through the Reef when time ran out.