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Layout submissions.
« on: September 09, 2006, 11:18:23 AM »
Here are all of the submissions from the first contest


The Emperor?s Grove ? Similar to the other rooms in its location, there are three identical objects, and interaction with the correct one will open the door. In this version, there are three trees; and descending from each is a vine with fruit on it. Pulling on the correct vine will open the doors. It links to The Glacier to the left, and The Aqueducts below.

The Glacier ? A large wedged obstacle lies in the middle of the room. It has three ropes lying on the main slope to aid the temple runner?s climb should they enter from the Aqueducts. Once reaching the peak, they can slide down the other side, or pass along the ledges on the room?s walls (similar to the ledges from the Pit and the Pendulum). Ropes are also available on the other side of the glacier for aide in exiting the temple. It links to The Grand Lighthouse, The Necromancer?s Retreat, and The Alchemist?s Workshop on the left and The Royal Groves, and The Aqueducts on the right.

The Grand Lighthouse ? A large mirror sits upon a pedestal near the front of the room. The player needs to either push or pull a large horizontal bar jutting from the pedestal to turn mirror. The mirror?s position is randomly determined, but a beam of light appears and a foghorn blares when correctly positioned. It links to the Sanctuary of the Reincarnated King to the left, The Necromancer?s Retreat below, and The Glacier to the right.

The Necromancer?s Retreat ? A large book is covered by a veil upon entering the room. When the player removes the veil, they?ll see five tarot cards arranged in a simple pattern. They then must place five matching cards in the correct pattern on the wall above the book with the aid of Velcro, magnets, or whatever. It links to the Sanctuary of the Reincarnated King to the left, The Grand Lighthouse above, the Alchemist?s Workshop below, and The Glacier to the right.

The Sanctuary of the Reincarnated King ? Three stone statues line the back wall, an orange-tinted European King, a violet-tinted Asian Emperor, and a green-tinted Indian chief. All three have their hands pointing forward, and are detachable. The player must switch the hands around so that each statue has two new hands from its counterparts. For example, the orange statue has a violet and a green hand. It links to the Memorial of the Silver Monkey to the left, and the Grand Lighthouse and Necromancer?s Retreat to the right.

The Memorial of the Silver Monkey ? This room is very dark. Upon entry, the only light is shining on a bucket of five torches lying where the statue was once assembled. These torches must be placed in holes in the wall. When a torch is placed, the room grows gradually brighter. Upon the placement of the fifth, the room reaches full illumination and the doors open. It links to the Royal Bathhouse to the left, the Endless Desert to the bottom-left, the Metallurgist?s Forge below, and the Sanctuary of the Reincarnated King to the right.

The Royal Bathhouse ? Holes line the wall with stoppers. The player must pull stoppers until they are greeted with a spray of water. Doors open after everyone has a good laugh at their expense. It links to the Mystic Waterfall to the left, and the Memorial of the Silver Monkey to the right.

The Mystic Waterfall ? A slide that connects The Royal Bathhouse to The Endless Desert. Water pours on the player upon descent. What makes it mystic? The fact that a water based room can be linked to a desert without transference of water.

The Endless Desert ? A pit of sand. No objective in this room. It links to the Mystic Waterfall to the right, the Memorial of the Silver Monkey to the top-right, and the Metallurgist?s Forge to the right (via plow-through wall).

The Metallurgist?s Forge ? A skeleton sits in the center of the room. It can be ornamented with a breast plate, helmet, sword, shield, and leg guards. One of these will open the doors when placed on the skeleton. The rest just make him look cool. It links to the Endless Desert on the left (via plow-through wall), The Memorial of the Silver Monkey above, and the Firewalker?s Odyssey to the right.

The Firewalker?s Odyssey ? What looks like hot coals can be walked upon by players in eighty percent of spots. In the other twenty percent, the floor gives way and the player is mildly inconvenienced as he drops two feet. He can hop back up to the coals and begin again. It links to the Metallurgist?s Forge to the left, and the Alchemist?s Workshop to the right.

The Alchemist?s Workshop ? Cabinets in the room contain bottles filled with liquids. If the player pours the right bottles into the cauldron, steam emerges, and the doors open. It links upwards to the Necromancer?s retreat, the Firewalker?s Odyssey to the left, and The Glacier to the right.

The Aqueducts. A series of tubes that the player must crawl through. No objective in this room. It links to the Glacier to the left, and the Emperor?s Grove above.


have to say, this contest could not have come at a better time. I just finished a very long two-day car trip alone, and coming up with room ideas helped pass the time. Not that this necessarily means the ideas are good. I used the temple diagram to illustrate which room is which. Yes, I know the numbers are badly written, but hey, they're legible.  1. The Music Chamber This is the obligatory ?hit the actuator? room (might as well start the kids off easy). Three percussion instruments hang in this room: a bass drum, a tom-tom, and a leftover Royal Gong. The player who enters this room would have to strike the correct instrument to proceed. A saxophone riff plays when the doors unlock. 2. The Gold Depository Similar to the Pit of Despair, except the walls are lined with gold bars, some of which are pushed in to provide handholds and footholds. Also at the center of the pit is a scale. One side is weighted down with six gold bars. To open the doors, the player would have to grab six of the gold bars lying on the floor and balance the scale. 3. The Lightning Tower A single pedestal rests at the center of the room. There are four lightning rods, one in each corner of the room. The player must put the correct rod in the pedestal to proceed. When they do so, a bolt of lightning (or the closest special effects approximation thereof) strikes the rod and the doors unlock. 4. The Room of the Shattered Mirror This room houses a mirror frame, all of whose pieces are lying on the floor (we will substitute plastic for glass). The players must put the five pieces on the mirror frame like a puzzle. The doors open when they finish. 5. The Library of the Ancient Scholars Two large bookcases are placed at the back of the room. Most of the books are gray, except for five brightly colored ones (exact color or colors to be determined later). Of these five books, the player has to remove the correct one to open the doors. But they have to be careful ? a temple guard may reach out and grab them from the other side of the bookcase. 6. The Imperial Dojo Where the silver monkey used to be, there are now four ?ice pillars? (actually a more easily breakable substance, to be determined later, for those still earning their black belts). The player must break all four pillars to open the door. Gloves are provided so the kids don?t have to injure their hands. When they complete the objective, a gong sounds. 7. The Witch?s Lair At the center of the room is the witch?s cauldron. The player must grab the seven witch ingredients off of the shelves and throw them in the cauldron. Then they must take the wooden spoon and stir until the doors open. They can either enter the Dojo or take the tunnel down to... 8. The Grotto A dark cave with a pool of water, the player can either get wet or cross the water by jumping across the backs of three sea turtles. The temple guards emerge the same way as the Quicksand Bog, meaning they?ve gotten really good at holding their breath. 9. The Royal Prison The doors from the Dark Forest now lie within a jail cell, which might house a temple guard as a prisoner. The player has to grab a set of three keys from the sleeping jailer (don?t worry, he won?t wake up). One key opens the door to the Indian Burial Ground, another opens the jail cell door (if a temple guard doesn?t open it first), and the last one opens the doors in the back. As in previous incarnations of the temple, busting through the wall is also an option. 10. The Indian Burial Ground This room has three tombstones and open graves. In the back of the room lies the skeleton of a fallen Indian chief, complete with headdress. The player must grab the skeleton and place it in the correct grave to proceed. (NOTE: If the Nick censors nix this room idea, we can just change the name to ?The Burial Ground? and remove the headdress.) 11. The Blacksmith?s Chamber Towards the front of the room there is an anvil with a sword on it. A soft hammer, a la Whack-a-Mole, lies next to the anvil. Olmec says the players must ?forge the sword?, meaning they must take the hammer and drive three large nails into the sword. 12. The Jungle Trail This room is similar to the Ledges, but now it also contains all sorts of exotic jungle foliage. It is also the new home of the monkey sound from the show?s introduction in Seasons 1 and 2 (they took it out in Season 3 and opted to play only the drum roll).


A = The Cloister of the Samurai
B = The Road Rage Traffic
C = The Altar of Olmec
D = The Burial Grounds
E = The Alcove of the Blessed Artifacts
F = The Abyss
G = The Den of the Royal Crowns
H = The Geyser
I = The Inventory of the Sacred Treasures
J = The Blacksmith?s Den
K = The Latin Linguist
L = The Reef

The Cloister of the Samurai ? The room is set up like an ancient training lair for samurais. There is a sword in the room & 8 wooden planks. One at a time, you?ll break a plank with the sword. Once all 8 planks are destroyed in half, the doors will open & a samurai scream is heard.

The Road Rage Traffic ? The room is set up like a big intersection. There is a traffic light on the wall at the top of it, but the lights are broken. There are 3 power cords on each side, with no labels. You must connect the correct power cords together to make all 3 lights work. When the objective is completed, the lights blink off & on in unison, & a car horn honking is heard. As an alternative, you can just go down the elevator.

The Altar of Olmec ? The room is set up like an ancient sacrificing ground. As you know, there are many Olmecs, but we only care about one, so we will make some tributes in his honor. The room is pretty dark, but you have the light of the moon & stars. There are 4 statue pieces in the room. You must get the pieces & gather them to the front ledge (where you would normally assemble the monkey). Then, you must make the statue into a mini Olmec. Once the mini Olmec is made, a flame erupting is heard, the lights turn on a little more, & the doors open.

The Burial Grounds ? The room is very dim & is set up like a graveyard. There is a coffin on each wall, making three overall. You will open each coffin, but only one coffin opens the door. When the door is opened, a wolf is heard howling & the lights turn on.

The Alcove of the Blessed Artifacts ? The room is set up as a hidden cavern containing tons of treasure. The back wall is actually a monitor, showing the order of 4 artifacts (a ring, a tiara, a golden statue, & a bar of silver) very fast. The front of the room is 4 separate ledges, each to hold an artifact. You must get the artifacts in the order the video is being shown in. Once you get the artifacts in order, the words ?Open sesame!? are heard & the doors open.

The Abyss ? The room is just like the Pit. There is a cargo net hanging above the Pit, just like monkey bars. You will use the cargo net as monkey bars to get across.

The Den of the Royal Crowns ? The room is set up like a castle, with 3 kings sitting in separate chairs in the front. There is a crown in the room (just on the front ledge), & you have to grab it & put it on the king?s head. Only one of the kings opens the door. When the door opens, a trumpet is heard & the door opens. (The more I think about it, it seems like the Tomb of the Headless Kings, kinda)

The Geyser ? The room is set up like a desert, with a geyser watering hole. There is the ladder to go diagonally upwards, or you can sit in the elevator. Once you get in the elevator, the geyser will blow it?s top & the water will shoot the elevator up into the next room.

The Inventory of the Sacred Treasures ? This room is set up like a royal banquet. There are 5 treasures in the back of the room, & you need to set them up for a good display. There are 5 ?buttons? in the front of the room & you need to place the right treasures (a goblet, a crown, a scepter, a golden orb, & a miniature sword) on the right buttons (to make it easier & not endless, a ?ping? sound is heard when a correct treasure is set up in the right place. Once you get all 5 treasures set up, a voice saying ?Let the feast begin!? is heard & the doors up & right open. As an alternative, you can just plow through the wall.

The Blacksmith?s Den ? The room is set up like a colonial house, with a table & anvil. There are 4 horseshoes on the table & you will have a hammer. You will have to pound a nail into each horseshoe. Once you pound all 4 nails into all 4 horseshoes, a horse is heard neighing, a hammer is heard banging some metal, & the doors open.

The Latin Linguist ? The room is set up like an ancient Roman bank stall. There is a chest holding some big tags with some Latin words. You must mix & match the words to make three Latin phrases. You will put the phrase on the wall in the correct order. Once you get the first phrase, you will make the second phrase below it. Once all three phrases are made, the sound of coins shaking will be heard & the doors open. The phrases will be ?Carpe Diem?, ?Et tu, Brute??, & ?Caveat emptor?.

The Reef ? The room is shaped like an aquatic world. There is some water & it is kinda like the ledges, but it?s more like giant underwater plants you have to climb on & through. Once you get to the end of the room, you can press the actuators to move onto the other rooms.


(All door placements and room connections are identical to that of Season 2, Layout 1 (i.e. no Rooms 5-10 connection, no vertical connection passage to left of Rooms 7 and 8.))

Room 1: The Reels of Fate ? Two slot machine reels are along the back wall of the room is, each with an arm next to it. One of the reels is locked to a certain symbol, and the player must continuously pull the arm of the other reel until the two match. Upon matching the two reels, the doors exiting from the room will open.

Room 2: The Rainforest ? The walls of the room are lined with foliage (vines, tree branches, etc.) for the player to grab onto for climbing, and rain continuously pours down from the ceiling into a pond that covers the entire floor (about waist-high full of water). Along the back is a waterfall that cascades down into the room. Actuators are used to open all the doors exiting from The Rainforest.

Room 3: The Peak of Olympus ? Three items relating to the Greek gods are lined along the outside wall of the room (for example: lightning bolt for Zeus, trident for Poseidon, sword for Ares). At the back center of the room is an altar. Players must grab the correct item and place it on the altar as an offering to the gods. If the incorrect offering is made, that item must be returned to the wall and another tried in its place. Upon making the correct offering the player will hear the voice of a god say ?Continue?, and the doors exiting from The Peak of Olympus will automatically open.

Room 4: The Room of Pandora?s Box ? On a pillar in the exact center of the room sits Pandora?s Box. A player may exit the room simply by hitting an actuator; no objective must be completed in order to continue. When in the room, a player has the option of opening Pandora?s Box to see what is inside. The contents can either be positive or negative and once revealed must be accepted. Upon opening the lid of Pandora?s Box, the sides will also fall down to clearly reveal whatever is inside. Some examples of what can be contained inside Pandora?s Box are:
Time Modifiers: These can add up to 30 seconds or subtract up to 15 seconds from the remaining time a team has left in the temple

Temple Guard Mask: A temple guard immediately appears in the room and the player must either give up a pendant or leave the temple (same as if a temple guard had been hiding in the room). Note that this does not remove one of the three temple guards placed elsewhere in the temple (meaning that even teams with 2 pendants can possibly be removed from the temple due to guards).

Treasure Chest: The team receives an additional prize similar to that of one that would be received for reaching the artifact.

Difficulty Modifier: Makes specific rooms in the temple harder/easier. For example, a colored panel like those contained in The Memory Shrine with a +2 written on it would add two additional lights to the sequence, while one with a -2 would reduce the sequence by two lights. Only Rooms 5, 6, and 10 can be impacted by these modifiers, and typically a player will be forced through the impacted room before retrieving the artifact, although sometimes a longer route would be available.

After grabbing an artifact from within the temple, Pandora?s Box will be empty should a player elect to open it on the way out.

Room 5: The Warehouse of the Clay Statues ? The back wall of the room is lined with ancient clay warrior statues. Inside three of the statues are keys. In the front of the room a lance sits in a holder with slots to place in keys. The player must take the lance and jab it into the front of the statues until they fall apart. Two keys must be found and placed into the slots next to the lance holder in order for the doors to open.

Room 6: The Memory Shrine ? The side and back walls contain colored panels which can both light up and be pressed. At the front center of the room is a pedestal with a button on top. When a player hits the button, a sequence of six panels will flash (the same panel can be used multiple times in the sequence). The player must then run and hit all six panels in the same order as they flashed. If incorrect, a buzzer will sound and the player may either immediately try again or run back and hit the button on the pedestal to replay the sequence. Upon entering the sequence correctly all the panels will light up, a chime will sound, and the doors exiting from The Memory Shrine will open.

(Note: Rooms 7 and 8 are designed to complement each other as if they were one very tall room. Depending on which room was initially entered will depend on the objective that must be completed.)

Room 7: The Crow?s Nest ? In the center of the room is a post with a crow?s nest up at the top and a ladder leading up to it. The end of a rope hangs from the ceiling above a hole in the floor near the middle of the left wall. The player must climb up into the crow?s nest, reach out and grab the rope, and ride it down (the rope will lower the player down through the hole) into The Cargo Hold. If a player is entering from The Cargo Hold, the player must just hit the actuator next to the door to exit.

Room 8: The Cargo Hold ? Stacked crates are piled up all around the room, and a rope with knots hangs down through a hole in the ceiling over near the left wall. At the front of the right wall of the room is a stone wall that players may run into and break down, and a ladder near the back of the right wall leads up to a door leading to The Memory Shrine. The player must climb over the crates and climb up the rope into The Crow?s Nest or hit the actuator on the door leading to The Memory Shrine. If a player is entering from The Crow?s Nest, the player is free to leave through either exit.

Room 9: The Office of the Historian ? The walls are painted to look like bookshelves, and a desk and a filing cabinet are placed in the room. Players can either search the drawers of the desk and filing cabinet to find the key that will either open the door leading to the right or up, or they have the ability to bash through the fake bookcase (stone wall) into the room to the left.

Room 10: The Hanging Gardens ? The walls of the room are terraced with flowers and other plants lining them. A fountain of water is in the center of the back wall with a small pail next to it. Tubes run from the front of the room to both the left and right walls with buckets hanging from the ceiling next to the exits. Depending on which way the player came into the room, the bucket next to the other exit must be filled in order to open it. This is done by filling up the pail with water and pouring the water into the correct tube at the front of the room which will feed the water into the bucket. Once the bucket begins to overflow (takes approximately 3 full pails), it will lower and the corresponding exit will open.

Room 11: The Mural of the Starving Artist ? The back wall of the room is painted to looks like an abstract mural painting (seemingly random lines and splotches of paint). A ladder in the exact center of the room leads to the door above, and at the front of the room are three paint cans containing different colors of paint. The player must grab each can and throw the paint onto the mural to ?complete? it. After all three colors of paint have been thrown on the wall, the exits will open.

Room 12: The Cliff ? The back and left walls are jagged like the side of a cliff and small handholds are spread out over the walls allowing players to climb them. The player must either climb up to one of the exits leading to the left or to the exit leading to the room above and hit an actuator to proceed.


Crypt area: the forgotten entrance, unroll the correct scroll

Pit area: the fishermans pit, climb the through and up the 2 cargo nets and hit the button to open the door

Observatory area: the hithe room, un tie the three knots hanging over the edge to open the door

Heart room area: the fountain of sanctity, drink the water from the correct chalace to open the door

Golden idols area: the enemy?s fortress, get past the ruble and plant the red flag to open the door

Shrine area: anne bonneys treasure room, open the chest and pull out the chain

Pass word area: the destruction zone, cut the correct dynamite cord to open the door

Bog area: the deadly jungle room, climb out using the ladder to anne bonneys treasure, climb the jungle vine, or break down the bamboo wall. NOTE: the temple guard would actually hide under a pile of snakes

Dark forest area: the brite room, find the creatures eyes hidden in the slime attach them to the monster to blind him which could open the door or just break down the bamboo wall.

Swamp area: the monkeys crossing, use the monkey bars to cross the bog. Hit an actuator to open the door. NOTE: temple guard hides under bog and grabs contestants wile there crossing and pulls them down.

Center shaft: the mummy?s tomb, open the correct sarcophagus but don?t beware the temple guard might be hiding inside one of them

Ledges area: the vertical maze, find the correct path leading out

1 the bell room: ring 3 bells to win
2 Kirk fog's bog: kiss kirk to win
3 the radio room: filp the dial to the right station to win
4 the light room: flip the right light swich on to win
5 the tug room: tug the right string to win
6 the monkey's lair: take the monkey apart to win
7 the art room: paint a nice pice of art to win
8 the mine: dig a deep hole to win
9 the tree's of doom: push down the right tree to win
10 the glass room: break all the glass to win
11 the kings tome: open the right tome to win
12 Olmec's maze: find the right path to get out

Silver Monkey
Starting with the Crypt's space and going counterclockwise: The Jungle Jam: Pull the vines and if a monkey screeches, a door will open. The Pit of the Pole: If you enter from The Jungle Jam, the Bell Tower, or the Wishing Well, you must swing a rope around a pole in the middlee of the room. Otherwise, just cross through. The Bell Tower: Ring the correct bell to move on. The Wishing Well: Throw the correct coin into the well to move on. The Room of the Priceless Portraits: There are three portraits on the wall. Punch through them to find the key and put in the correct pedestal to move on. The Silver Monkey's Sacred Palace: Place the correct headdress on the Silver Monkey to move on. The Room of the Royal Scrolls: If you enter from the Silver Monkey's Sacred Palace, just climb down the ladder. Otherwise, unroll the scrolls and read what it says to open the door. The Mummy's Tomb: Bust through the wall or climb up the ladder. Dracula's Den: Open Dracula's coffin to find the key, but beware of the temple guard in the coffin! The Creepy Bog: Just climb through and hit the actuator on the other side. The Collosseum: Place the right chariot on the stand to open the door. The Chilly Cavern: Just a cave like any other. Find your way out to continue.

Going counterclockwise starting with the Crypt space:

The Burrow Room- bascially there are three holes in the spaces where the skeletons were covered with "ancient" cloth and inside them are actuators; only one works (duh)

The Confectionary- it's like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory's candy room. Swing across on the "licorice" rope or jump into the gobstopper-filled pit (colored balls). Lime green grass is everywhere too.

(Observatory space) The Sphinxs' Lair- there are two statues of the Sphinx; simply break off the nose of one to press the actuator.

(Chamber of the Sacred Markers space)-Frankenstein's Lab-an aged, silver-ish room with four capped beakers filled with different colored liquid and an old-fashioned speaker on the wall. Grab, drink, and shout out the correct flavor of the liquid and move on... (note: the flavors will be simple, like chocolate or orange, etc.)

The Ruins- Jump and make your way through the obstacle course of stone ruins, vines, and possibly hidden temple guards...

The Shrine of Golden Monkey- on the shelves are three different monkey statues already assembled (darn.). The right monkey pushed down on the podium will open the door...

The Room of the Rising Sun- near the edge of the balcony of the room is a sphere-shaped bulb and on the walls are three wooden katanas in their sheaths. Take out all three and shove them down the three pillars of the balcony (like the Torches in previous seasons) and the Japanese, red sun will light up!

The Amazon Slide- the Pharoah's Secret Passage painted a bluish-green

The Rainforest- a small rainforest with lots of fog. Bust through the hidden wall or climb up the ladder.

The Dead Man's Treasure Room- a dimly lit room with numerous tentacles all over the walls (where the key is hidden, but the key is big enough to be noticed by sharp eyes) and a black treasure chest. get the key, open the chest, and there is the actuator. (note: the temple guard will have to be camoflauged in tentacles possibly and exit through the middle door where guards came out in season1)

Buddha's Sanctum- there is a statue of Buddha (maybe not the fat one) and three cavities on it: one one the forehead, one where his bellybutton is supposed to be, and the last in his hands, all shaped differently. From the walls, retrieve the matching jewels and put them in the corresponding places on Buddha.

The Room of the Laser-Light Convergence- step on the right two steps and all four markings will light up.

The Everest Cave- the ledges are lighter in an icy-white/bluish and slicked ever so slightly...

IF something needs to be added, please contact me.
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