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The Steps of Knowledge / About Episode Links
« on: October 16, 2009, 02:36:10 PM »
So... the mods have decided that episode links do not belong on this forum. They're illegal, they can get the site in trouble, and they can cause friction between our community and other websites as we've seen in recent weeks.

  • Posting episode links is now against the rules and will result in at least a warning.
  • Any links to episode downloads will be removed from existing posts. We understand that this resembles a retroactive law, but ask you to consider that the links are a large liability for the entire community. Those who previously posted links on the forum will not be penalized, though we ask that you edit your posts to help us out.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. :)

The Heart Room / Blackbeard's Treasure Map: Why do Some Call it a Pilot Ep.?
« on: September 24, 2009, 02:41:32 PM »
The consensus in this topic seems to be that "Blackbeard's Treasure Map" was the first episode of Legends. I am not convinced. Pilot episodes are usually simple demonstrations of a show's fundamental concept intended to prove that the concept is viable. As a result, these episodes are taped under a very low budget with a very simplistic set, with mechanics that might differ from the real show when it is picked up. If there was a pilot episode of Legends--which I don't think there was--then we haven't seen it: the set and format in Blackbeard's Treasure Map was just the same as every other Season 1 episode. A pilot episode for Legends would be nearly impossible with its high production value.

So, I don't think there was a pilot episode. Thoughts?

The Temple Games / It is Time to Play the Game!
« on: August 19, 2009, 06:18:44 PM »
If you know the game, please do not share the rules. It should be fun for all. The rules of the game are not hard, but they may take some time to get. I win the game in this post, as I play by the rules. You can win, too! Take some time to add posts to this thread and I will tell you if they win or not. Don't fret if you can't find the trick right off the bat. There is an art to it.

As our stone friend would say, "Good luck!"

The Steps of Knowledge / Sarcasm Advice
« on: August 06, 2009, 02:18:27 AM »
One problem with the internet and online forums is that sarcasm sucks. It's very difficult to convey messages with a mocking but playful spirit because written text lacks the same subtleties--like variances in tone, gesturing, etc.--that spoken words have. What usually ends up happening online is somebody gets offended without the original poster meaning any harm.

Indeed, we've had two instances on the forum recently where remarks were taken personally. In these situations, no member is right and no member is wrong. Really, the blame can be soaked up by the unfortunate medium we have to work with. Even then, these cases add a bit of unnecessary, albeit temporary, stress to the forum. To lessen the frequency of this happening, might I offer a few suggestions:

  • Choose your words carefully. Usually, the motto is "it's not what you say; it's how you say it," but the ability to shape "how you say it" is restricted online.
  • Make sarcasm explicit. Most of you have been doing this well enough, so keep it up.
  • As a reader, give the poster the benefit of the doubt. Try not to take offense to something if the poster seems to be joking. With that said...
  • If somebody crosses the line, let the member know privately. Sometimes people don't know that what they're saying, even if jokingly, is offensive. Let that member know in a private message if you have a problem, and things should work out.
These are obviously suggestions and not rules. Choose to follow them if you wish. Happy posting. :)

The Pit / Selected Secrets
« on: July 13, 2009, 06:40:43 PM »
Nicklegends Feedback Form
This page used to use GeoCities' form feature to send me an e-mail of the choices visitors entered. The problem is that the e-mail didn't always send properly, causing me to waste my visitors' time, which I didn't like. I had this up and down intermittently for a while.

Spelling Correction Form
I used this for a short time when I was still tracking the episodes. Remember, the episode list on my site was the first complete list on the internet, so I had nothing to go by for most of them.

Comments Form
This was a simple form meant to take the place of e-mails. I was worried about my e-mail address being public on the internet, but I finally chose to post it because of GeoCities' aforementioned inconsistency with sending the form e-mails.

Advanced Statistics Utility
A form I never completed. It was meant to make generating the code for the advanced stats easier to do, but I eventually decided on a different option altogether.

"Old-New" Jewel-Encrusted Egg summary
Jake and I experimented with a number of different templates for the episode pages.

Episode Formatting Test
This might be my favorite page the public wouldn't otherwise see. All the episode pages on the site supply unique information to an imported JavaScript method. I used this page to test the method. Notice my satire...

Old Episode Page
Most of you were probably familiar with these pages. Notice how there are no pages with "l4" in the URL. This is because I originally thought, way back when, that there were ten temple layouts in Season One. Silly me.

April Fool's Background
A prank background I posted for one April Fool's day.

Index with Bad Background
This is what the index page looked like with the ugly background.

Unused Picture
A picture I never used on the website. Crazy, huh? It was originally meant to replace the diagrams in episodes I hadn't yet watched, but I instead decided not to make pages for those I hadn't seen.

EDIT: For some reason, I can't get the picture to work. Strange. The file exists; I promise.

Optical Illusions
An experiment I tried.

Background Poll
Remember that ugly background image from earlier? This was the fake poll I held the night before. Choosing an option does absolutely nothing but take you to the next page.

...And, the corresponding results page. Originally, I wanted the top bar to slowly increment over the day using JavaScript, but I didn't have enough time to do that, so I edited the bar automatically.

Unfinished Quiz
I hardly remember making this. I guess I lost interest.

Original Temple Game MIDI
I updated this to a new version at some point because it was inaccurate.

Forgotten Layout
Remember how I said there were no Layout 4 entries in my old episode list? That's because I was looking for the combination on this page.


Alright, that's about two-thirds of the secrets. There are plenty of others that I'll share with you when the time is right. Enjoy!

The Pit / A Picture I Found
« on: July 10, 2009, 11:11:24 AM »
Earlier today while searching for a good picture of the Legends pendant, I came across this search result...

...from this website.

This is obviously a promotional image because this scene never happened, the contestant is not wearing a name tag, and the Temple was never this well-lit. My questions: where did Newsweek get this picture, and how can we get access to that archive?

The Steps of Knowledge / Reminder Regarding Images
« on: July 10, 2009, 05:08:31 AM »
We have a 6KB limit for images that are uploaded to the website from your computer; however, images that are linked to from another website, such as Photobucket, are not limited in this way.

I hope this clears some things up. Thank you!

EDIT: Clarification.

The Moat / Open to Unregistered Members?
« on: July 08, 2009, 07:50:05 AM »
Although the Moat states that it is open to unregistered members, I can't create or post in a topic when I'm not logged-in. Is this intentional? Am I misinterpreting "unregistered members?"

The Heart Room / Spelling Revelation
« on: July 01, 2009, 06:00:06 PM »
It's Apanuugpak. Seriously. No wonder it took so long to figure out.

Here's a pretty convincing source.

The Pit / Storeroom Issues
« on: July 01, 2009, 10:35:28 AM »
Hello everybody,

It seems that The King's Storeroom is having some difficulties right now. I'm working on some solutions and will keep you updated as the situation progresses.



The Pit / The Symbolic End of The King's Storeroom
« on: December 30, 2007, 07:06:45 PM »
Yes, that's right everybody, with the departure of Nick GaS, so too goes The King's Storeroom, your premiere source for Legends info over the last forty-four months.

Jake and I released the new, illustrated, episode list as a way of thanking acknowledging everybody who visited the site. I urge you to check it out, and I promise that you will not be disappointed. Thank you, everybody on the forum, for supporting us for as long as you have.

We may still continue to post updates, but they will be very few and far between. Of course, I will still be here to serve you guys well on the forum. :wink: Thanks again!

The Jesters' Court / Famous Poetry
« on: November 18, 2007, 07:31:03 PM »
The Sign

Behind bars--they?re rusty--
Caught in this dusty square trap.
I gaze toward the outside, but too many more peek within,
Amused. Like leeches,
They cling on to the metal,
Their heavy ignorance trampling my aspirations.
I never again will behold that gentle touch
Never again that love, that care,
Never again the vibrant greens.
But the sign won?t say that.

I am not saved, I am lost
In this alien world of dust.
Dust, ropes, iron, and dust.
It?s all I know but not what I wish to remember.
I?m cared for but not loved,
Alive, but dead as the dirt around me.
I come from the green but live in the brown.
I am not myself.
But the sign won?t say this.

The giants in tan shirts
Assume that I?m over it,
That it was their hands that saved me
And not removed.
Yes, with a bang a comrade died,
Another mother, another tender, another nurser
But why was I to face the consequences?
The sign won?t say this.

The Jesters' Court / Tessie
« on: October 21, 2007, 07:19:18 PM »

The Dark Forest / My Senior Retreat
« on: September 08, 2007, 04:32:51 PM »
Yeah, so I told you I'd tell you the story of what happened last night, and I will. It's a long read. Be ready.

The place we were at for Senior Retreat was this ranch about 90 minutes north of San Francisco, in this huge, open landscape of hills, which is rare in such a highly-developed area in general. Anyway, the staff's rules were so relaxed about everything; we could do anything we wanted in the cabins or the communal meeting rooms at any time in the night, as long as we were quiet outside after 11:00PM.

At about that time, I was in one of the meeting rooms with about four other people working on the senior banner (we wrote stupid things on it and drew pictures to commemorate our years at the school), when my friend, this big lanky guy who I won't name, comes racing in the room, grabs me on the shoulder with his massive hand, and says, frenzied, that he needs me to be his partner at a card game (which we had played at middle school) so we could demonstrate the flawless strategies we had perfected in the past and dominate the competition. He was really into the game. Sure enough, even though it wasn't a total landslide, we killed the first team we played. My friend was in no mood to quit there, though; he went and asked a bunch of other people to play another game since we were so "god-like and dominating," as he put it. Truth is, nobody else was ready to play since they were all occupied with their own things (ping-pong taking most of 'em), so we stopped, calmed down our invincible spirits, and talked for a while with some other friends.

All of a sudden, my friend, as if he had discovered the most important underlying secret of life, told me and the other two people we were talking with that we all needed to see something. He started telling us about this incredible tree--I wasn't sure what was incredible about it, but I was interested that my friend, who was usually so calm, was so thrilled about this thing. Everybody was ready to take a walk except for one guy, but my friend kept saying that it was "such an incredible tree." I played along, thinking it was a joke of sorts, interested just to see what was going to happen, so I tried to coax this other guy to come with us as well, saying that, "you've never seen a tree like this before," even though I downright well knew I had no idea what he was talking about. It worked. We left for the tree, my friend leading us through the crinkly crunching branches and dirt paths at a particularly past pace. He really is excited, I thought.

We got distracted before we got there, though, by a nature museum which was propped open and fully-lighted for no apparent reason. The three of us went inside, only because my friend was startled by a particularly realistic-looking fox model that we wanted to see up-close. We navigated through all the rooms in the building, through cobwebs and rows of live reptile cages and whatnot, until we come to this figure of a bird perched on a piece of wood. For some reason, my friend seemed intent to steal it--"jack it"--just to cause mischief, but was discouraged after he figured out that it was tacked down to the shelf. Nobody really knew why we had stopped here, but we had a feeling it was best that we'd leave at that point. We did.

So we continued onward, through all the dirt, the pathways illuminated only by the dim gleams of our flashlights which cast strange shadows on everything else around us. We walk up, around two residential buildings (we have to be quiet but my friend doesn't seem ready to be, despite his constant plea that we "keep it cutty"), and then we see it: this absolutely insanely huge tree. This thing was unbelievable! It was a eucalyptus tree--a particularly fragile species of tree as they go, may I add--that was easily fifteen feet in diameter, and as tall as our dim lights would allow us to comprehend. I looked at it in almost disbelief--I'm telling you, I felt like I was in a dream--and started rambling on how this was an incredible tree and how eucalyptus plants were so fragile. I was only urged to do it more by my friend's conspicuous enchantment towards the mutant plant. We walked around it, we tried climbing it, we even hugged it, when we all noticed that it was perhaps not a single tree but a bunch of trees that had grown individually initially but then converged together to form the massive trunk. My friend couldn't get enough of this... it looked like one tree from one angle, and five from another.

The only option at this point, apparently, was to return to the card-playing, ping-pong room and convince some others to see it. We went back, my friend walking just as quickly as before, but without the same trip to the museum. We had to "keep that on the DL," according to him, which was a phrase, that, perhaps because of his strange mannerism in saying it, made me laugh.

When we got to the tree a second time, he explained the whole story to everybody who missed it the first time: "I was running up here to get Feezy [me] for cards, and I took a wrong turn down this sketchy path here--" (his hands were motioning wildly as he explained the story) "--and I looked and I saw, wham! this massive tree! So I ran up to Feezy and got him to come down, and we got [another guy] to come up here, and wham! the tree was still here!"

He then followed to practically dance around the tree, saying again and again, "Look! From this side, it's five trees... from here it's three... and from this one, it's one!" At some point, he told us that, "This is a tree! This is a fucking tree!" His expression, even in the indistinctness of the midnight, was of pure amazement. I looked at him giving his lectures about this massive, "godlike tree on steroids," and thought to myself, Man, I've never seen him like this before! Another one there told him that he probably just found his future profession: to be a naturalist. My friend, either at that point or earlier, just scoffed and said, "All they do is smoke pot all day. That's what naturalists do." And then, almost simultaneously, everybody in the group he had convinced to be there realized that he was incredibly high at that moment, which, although hilarious to witness, was totally unlike him. We asked, and he said something along the lines of "I lied yesterday, but yeah, I did:" all the conformation we needed. After figuring it out, everybody burst out in delirious laughter. I walked over a few steps to a bridge, sat down, and laughed so hard. It was a weird sort of internal laugh--I don't even know if I was smiling--but I was too overcome by the moment to do anything else. All I could do is watch this friend of me--this side I'd never seen--parading, prancing around the tree like an idiot making up nonsense words describing the tree and trying to share his fascination with the others in the group, who clearly weren't "getting it."

But now, the situation was just too damn fun to pass up! We went back and brought another group, our third, to the tree, and he gave his exact same spiel about it, there was more laughter--I think he even called the tree "Cuttysarus Rex" at a point--and all was good.

But we weren't done just quite yet. My friend took a break back to his room. We weren't sure if he was planning on sleeping or not, but surely enough he emerged from the room a while later, just as intent on sharing his excitement with the tree as he was before. So yes, we took yet ANOTHER walk to the tree with a gigantic group, past all these places we really weren't interested on waking up but were laughing too hard to care about. It was pushing 2:00AM at this point and it was my fourth trip to the tree, but we still had fifteen people going there at once, making as much noise as quiet people could. He gave his whole spiel yet another time--I can't believe he kept his story as consistently straight as he did. Soon after, we ran into three other people outside of our little group. I wasn't sure if they had their heads together, either, but they saw the tree, looked stunned for a moment, and then kept walking to an unspecified location. We all stood, still admiring this gargantuan tree, when we hear this alarm bell sound off and those three guys running back yelling, "Oh shit! We set off the alarm!!"

Taking into account that it was so late and that the people living in the residential section, where we were, didn't care for our incessant tromping around, we ran and hid. Unfortunately, I found myself with three others right under this light nudged against the tree, and we see this figure walking towards us with this small, eery red light apparently emanating from his shirt. He came right up to us (and we weren't that hard to find since we were in the light right in the direction he was headed) and asked us, "What was that?" One of us replied, "Somebody over there--" (we pointed) "--set of the alarm." I discovered at this point, much to my shock, that the red light attached to this big guy was actually the record light of a video camera. After he shrugged us off, we walked very quickly and very briskly back to our camp.

After that, not much interesting happened. We were still concerned on what could happen to us since we were caught on tape, but we tried to forget about it for the time being. How could they blame us when we did nothing wrong, anyway? Since everybody in the group had dispersed when the alarm went off, I wasn't with anybody I knew, so all I could do to pass time was tell the story to the people sitting in the ping-pong room. People were still playing cards like they were in my initial engagement that started this whole scene.

I hung out there for a while, talking and playing ping-pong, both which were difficult to focus on at such an hour. Eventually, more and more people flaked off from the building to head for bed, until it reached 3:00AM and the only ones left were sitting at a table, talking, with the clicks of a ping-pong ball still on the table behind us. Naturally, everything turned into a truth or dare game that I won't get into. We braced ourselves and made it to 4:00AM (with the help of various ping-pong matches I played), when pretty much everybody started off to bed, except for a select few, of which I was a member. We didn't last much longer at all, though. After plopping myself on my bed, I didn't even get into my sleeping bag, just slept on top of it, until we had to get up three and a half hours later with one of the most incredible nights of my life under my belt.

Whoo! That's about it. It was an awesome retreat and and awesome night, especially when combined with the campfire earlier that night where we had s'mores, sang songs as classmates played music, and told crazy stories about what happened to some of the seniors (including and not limited to purchasing fake IDs in New York and being sent to jail). If only I was still there.

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