Do you think Tara would've won her temple run if she took the Bridge out of the temple?

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Author Topic: Would Tara have really won if she took the Troubled Bridge out of the temple?  (Read 426 times)

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"The Medal of Sir Edmund Hillary" temple run was pretty infamous for Tara blowing a chance at a win by not taking the Troubled Bridge out of the temple. Many people think that she would've won if she actually took the Troubled Bridge and not the central shaft. But my question is - did Tara even have a chance at winning, even if she took the Troubled Bridge?

The two images above show Tara grabbing the artifact and her position as she was descending down the central shaft. When she started climbing down the central shaft, she only had 14 seconds on the clock. The next image taken below is from "The Secret Map of the Bandit Queen".

Zac had the fastest temple exit recorded according to his interview. It took him a total of 18 seconds to exit the temple from the Shrine. Considering Tara's artifact location was one room further away than Zac's was, she would've needed more time to escape with the artifact. Not only that, Zac was a faster contestant than Tara when he exited the temple. Tara would've needed to still run across the Troubled Bridge, through the Royal Gong room, and down the awkward S1 steps.

Does anyone here think that Tara really could've pulled off the win if she stayed at the top of the temple? In fact, was this temple run even winnable at all judging from the path Danny and Tara were forced to take?

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I think Tara would've won. She probably would've crossed the gate with at least 4 seconds left on the clock. Though this layout was NOT unwinnable at all. As great of a team Danny and Tara were, they brought it on themselves by wasting time in the Gargoyle Room and Troubled Bridge. If it wasn't for that, they would've won for sure.