Who was the worst team in Season 3?

Red Jaguars
Blue Barracudas
Green Monkeys
Orange Iguanas
Purple Parrots
Silver Snakes

Author Topic: Worst Team by Season - Day Six: Season 3  (Read 6805 times)

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Re: Worst Team by Season - Day Six: Season 3
« Reply #45 on: August 26, 2014, 11:44:33 PM »
And while we're on the subject of this thread, here's who I thought were the best and worst:

Season 1:
Best: Silver Snakes
Worst: Purple Parrots

Season 2:
Best: Purple Parrots (I think this was what I voted for?)
Worst: Red Jaguars (by far :oops: )

Season 3:
Best: Green Monkeys (obviously)
Best: Purple Parrots (Even though I voted for Blue)

So I'd say only half of my choices won their respective awards. Close enough I guess. ;)