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The Heart Room / Legends Hot Takes and Unpopular Opinions
« on: December 20, 2019, 09:19:32 PM »
Not expecting this to get much attention but here are mine:

The Snakeskin Boots of Billy the Kid run is overrated and not an impressive win since the path was literally easier than the Butch Cassidy layout.

The Silver Horseshoe of Butch Cassidy run is overhated and is boring at worst. Paula gets too much shit for having a path that happened to avoid hard objectives.

The wall would have broken down in Nzinga.

What are some of yours? Disagree with any of mine?

The Heart Room / Kirk's Dubbed Over Commentary in Season 2
« on: May 20, 2014, 04:06:15 PM »
In a variety of Season 2 temple runs, Kirk seems to sound different than he usually does. His voice sounds more nasally, and a bit higher. This odd phenomenon can be heard in runs such as The Lucky Pillow of Annie Taylor, Babe the Ox's Nose Ring, and The Golden Goblet of Attila the Hun. There are probably more runs that I can't remember. Something that all these runs have in common is that they were all solo runs. This means that at no point during the run did they have to show the 2nd contestant running into the temple which means that they didn't need to show Kirk. Furthermore, in all these runs, Kirk's face is never seen. Also, at one point during the Lucky Pillow, the camera shows John, and he looks like he is saying something, but for whatever reason we can't here it. ALSO, you can hear another voice commentating at points during the run which was picked up by the cameras filming Missy. So what are your thoughts about these weird voiceovers? Why do you think they did them?

The Temple Games / Make Your Own Episode - Season 1
« on: May 14, 2014, 05:06:43 PM »
Here's a new game I thought we could try. This is essentially the same as the regular Make Your Own Episode thread, but instead of 1 person doing a whole episode, everyone will take turns during a round. Before doing a round, make a post saying that you will be doing said round. For example, I post saying I'm doing the moat. The person who posts next will do the Steps of Knowledge. Once I have done the Moat, I will edit my post with the Moat results and then the episode will progress based of off those results. The round "reservation" posts should be in order so that everything is organized. Also, I request that people refrain from using the team icons, and use text instead as it makes the posts more compact looking and easy to read.

The Moat:
Put all 6 team names into the Random List Generator, and the first 4 teams will move onto the next round.

The Steps of Knowledge:
Things will be a little different from the other thread. First, determine the winning teams by re-rolling the random list generator with the 2 teams that lost at the moat removed. The first 2 teams will move onto the Temple Games. Also, determine  location of the artifact by inputting the numbers 1-9 into the Random Number Generator. Determine which room that would be based on the layout of the episode. Also determine how many questions the losing teams got right using the Random Number Generator.

The Temple Games:
Roll the Random Dice Roller 3 times with 2 dice to determine the winner of the Temple Games. The first 2 rolls are the 1/2 pendant games, and the last is the full pendant game.

The Temple Run:
Use the Random Number Generator for the following.

Guards: 3 integers - Numbers 1-10 (Keep re rolling until all 3 numbers are different.
Half Pendant Location: 1-12 (If required)
Half Pendant Found: 1(Yes) or 2(No) (If required)
Outcome: 1 (Win) 2(Grabbed) 3(Out of time) and if applicable 4(captured).

Temple Diagram


Season 1

Season 1 layouts will be determined by the episode's number. Episodes 1-4 will be S1L1, Episodes 5-8 will be S1L2. And it will continue on like that.
I hope this turns out great~  :mrred:  :mrblue:  :mrgreen:  :mrorange:  :mrpurple:  :mrsilver:

The Heart Room / Ways to improve bad temple rooms
« on: May 11, 2014, 09:17:56 PM »
*Feel free to move this to the Treasure Room if you feel the need to do so*

We all know that some rooms were way too easy *coughheartroomtreasureroomcough* and some were too difficult. Which rooms would you improve if you had the ability to do so, and how would you improve them?

One room I would improve is the Tomb of the Headless Kings. I would either make it so there's only 1 vine which drops all the bones, improve the lighting, or remove a skeleton. I would also change the Vipers Nest and the Lightning Ball room so that completing the objective is required no matter which direction you're going.

The Heart Room / Some Questions about Temple Runs
« on: May 04, 2014, 06:16:40 PM »
I've been watching some LotHT episodes lately, and I have some questions that I want to hear a few opinions on. My first question is one that's porbably been discussed already. What happened in the Golden Cup of Belshazzar? Were there 2 production errors? Was the production crew just being extremely cruel with the 2 room dead-end? I find it hard to believe they would purposefully make a 2 room dead-end. My other question is about the Sultan Sulieman episode. What do you guys think the layout was? Did the Storeroom<->Shrine door open, or did this layout have the infamous Middle Shaft/Top Shaft/Storeroom area triangle to nowhere? I don't see how the Shrine door couldn't have opened. If it hadn't, the layout would be easy (Down central shaft and then go through the swamp). However, if the door did open, this run could've been a solo run.  Also, anyone else can feel free to post questions about temple runs/layouts Sorry if I seem like I have no idea what I'm talking about  :mrblue:

I've been re-watching some episodes, and I've noticed that some episodes have tough layouts, but no one says anything about them. Two off the top of my head are the Lion-Slashed Jacket of Sacagawea, and the Royal Torque of Queen Boadicea.

In the Lion-Slashed Jacket, this team had to scale the central shaft, then complete the top floor of the temple. Compare this to runs like The Jeweled Scabbard of Sforza, where the team only had to complete the central shaft, or like the Applewood Amulet of Emilliano Zapato, where the team only had to clear the top floor of the temple.

In the Royal Torque of Queen Boadicea, the layout forced the team into the Scared Markers, then up in to the King's Storeroom. Compare this to other bottom central shaft runs like The Good Luck Watch, or the Electrified Key where the team only had to complete 1 Central Shaft room, and the Shrine-Forest path was open.

Feel free to post any other runs that you feel aren't recognized for their hard layouts

The Temple Games / Count to 1,000,000 - Legends Style
« on: January 24, 2012, 07:52:00 PM »
In this game you count to 1,000,000 using Legends related things. They can be anything related to Legends, and don't have to make sense.

Ex. 14,693 Shrines of the Silver Monkey. 14,694 Silver Cannonballs of Grandy Nanny. etc...

I shall start with...

1 giant talking stone head.

The Temple Games / Save My Legends Temple Loss
« on: January 04, 2012, 07:19:03 PM »
This game follows the same layout as the "Save my Legends temple run" game created by PP319, with a few rule changes.

-You can only save 3 runs every hour.

-The last 3 runs remaining will be eliminated, and a new round will be started.

-No persuading people to save certain runs.

#101: Blackbeard's Treasure Map
#102: The Golden Cup of Belshazzar
#104: Wild Bill Hickok and the Dead Man's Hand
#105: John Henry's Lost Hammer
#106: The Golden Cricket Cage of Khan
#107: Elizabeth I's Golden Ship
#110: The Keys to the Alhambra
#111: The Helmet of Genghis Khan
#113: The Pendant of Kamehameha
#114: The Lost Log Books of Magellan
#116: Henry VIII's Great Seal
#117: The Lucky Pig of Amelia Earhart
#118: Ponce de León and the Lost Fountain of Youth
#119: The Treasure Map of Jean Lafitte
#120: The Oracle Bowl of Delphi
#121: The Paintbrush of Leonardo da Vinci
#122: The Golden Chains of Zenobia
#124: The Stolen Arm of Shiva
#125: The Stone Marker of Leif Eiríkson
#126: The Helmet of Joan of Arc
#127: The Medal of Sir Edmund Hillary
#129: The Golden Jaguar of Atahualpa
#130: The Silver Saddle Horn of Hannibal
#131: Alexander and the Gordian Knot
#132: King Tut's Cobra Staff
#133: The Dragon Lady and the Blue Pearl
#134: The Codebook of Mata Hari
#135: Pecos Bill's Lost Lariat
#140: The Treasure of Anne Bonny
#202: The Secret Battle Plan of Nathan Hale
#203: The Golden Stallion of Ali Baba
#204: The Silver Cannonball of Grandy Nanny
#205: The Walking Stick of Harriet Tubman
#206: The Lost Love Letter of Captain John Smith
#208: The Bone Necklace of the Blackfeet Chief
#209: The Mush Pot Hat of Johnny Appleseed
#210: The Cracked Crown of the Spanish King
#211: The Imperial Purple Robe of Empress Theodora
#212: The Stone Head of the Evil King
#215: The Electrified Key of Benjamin Franklin
#217: The Missing Eye of David
#220: The Ivory Elephant of Scheherazade
#221: The Sacred Ring of Sultan Suleiman
#222: The Plumed Headdress of Cosa Rara
#223: The Jeweled Necklace of Montezuma
#224: The Lost Lion Tail of Little John
#225: The Shriveled Hand of Efoua
#226: The Mask of the Man in the Iron Mask
#227: The Crown of Queen Nzinga
#228: The Two-Cornered Hat of Napoléon
#229: The Silk Sash of Múlàn
#230: The Golden Goblet of Attila the Hun
#231: The Leopard-Skin Cloak of Annie Oakley
#233: The Golden Pepperoni of Catherine de' Medici
#234: The Golden Earring of Henry Morgan
#236: The Missing Weather Maps of Charles Lindbergh
#238: The Broken Wing of Icarus
#239: The Bonnet of Dolley Madison
#240: The Priceless Portrait of the Polynesian Girl
#301: The Bifocal Monocle of One-Eyed Jack
#302: The Comet-Embroidered Battle Flag of William the Conqueror
#303: The War Fan of the Forty-seven Ronin
#306: The Lion-Slashed Jacket of Sacagawea
#308: The Thornwood Gavel of Judge Roy Bean
#309: The Snow Cone of Mount Kilimanjaro
#310: The Upside-Down Compass of Henry Hudson
#311: The Bent Shaving Pan of Jedediah Smith
#312: The Marble Armrest of Xerxes
#313: The Smashed Printing Plate of Frederick Douglass
#314: The Mystical Spellbook of the Imperial Wizard
#315: The Useless Map of the Chibcha Chieftain
#316: The Golden Spider Web of Robert the Bruce
#317: The Discarded Seal of Ivan the Terrible
#318: The Mysterious Manuscript of Mary Shelley
#319: The Dried Apple Half of William Tell
#320: The Missing Portrait of Hans Holbein
#322: The Royal Torque of Queen Boadicea
#324: The Enormous Feather of the Mê Linh
#325: The Red Sash of Tokugawa Ieyasu
#326: The Broken Trident of Poseidon
#327: The Lily-Crested Crown of Clovis I
#330: The Mummified Hand of the Egyptian King
#331: The Lost Taj Mahal Turban of Aurangzeb
#332: The Melted Head of Madame Tussaud
#333: The Pearl Necklace of Gwalior
#334: The Bullet-Riddled Handbag of Belle Boyd
#335: The Lost Whale Bone of Pytheas
#336: The Dried Ear of Corn of Sojourner Truth
#338: The Good-Luck Watch of Empress Eugénie

REMINDER: Rules are subject to changes!

The Heart Room / Possible Alternative Routes
« on: December 21, 2011, 05:46:05 PM »
I've been watching some temple runs, and wondering if there could have been alternative routes to reach the artifact. Does anyone have any possibilities?

The Temple Games / Moobles
« on: December 17, 2011, 08:12:00 PM »
Here's a game to get you thinking.

Moobles are mystical creatures. They have odd likes and dislikes. You need to figure the pattern for why they like certain things but dislike others. The first person to get the pattern and get 5 likes and dislikes right wins. If you get it wrong, you lose a point. Once you know the pattern, don;t tell others what it is. You can't guess twice in a row. Now to start the round... take a guess and I'll tell you if it's right or wrong.

Moobles like carrots, but dislike tomatoes.

The Temple Games / Finish the Sentence/ Fill in the Blank
« on: December 17, 2011, 03:10:23 PM »
The title says it all. You either fill in the blank, or finish the sentence. If the person before did a finish the sentence, you do fill in the blank, and vice versa.

Turn 1:
John and Tia are _____ players.
Turn 2:
John and Tia are horrible players.
Your favorite shows are...
Turn 3: My favorite shows are Legends, Family Guy, and the Simpsons.
Dana needs to stop _______.

Please don't fill in a blank with more than 3 words... and don't finish the sentence with a lot of words. have fun!  :mrblue:

LotHT is a(n) __________ show.

The Heart Room / Misc. Legends Observations
« on: December 11, 2011, 08:48:22 PM »
This is a topic where you can post and share random things that you observe on Legends. To start us off I'll post something. The Lights in the Laser Light Room look like there on the back of the Throne from earlier in the Season. In The Leopard Skin Cloak of Annie Oakley, you can see a round, semi-circle shape.

Episode 1: The Telephone Receiver of Alexander Graham Bell

The Camera manuevers through the plants and foliage. Then we see. The Camera then points to the Moat. Then it points to the temple, scanning all of its rooms. Then camera pans to Olmec.

Olmec: “Welcome to Legends of the Hidden Temple: The Return! Say hello to your guide, Kirk Fogg.

We see Kirk swimming in the Moat. He jumps out and stand near the Steps of Knowledge.

Kirk: Hey everybody! Nice to see you! Nice to see you too, Olmec! There are mony lost treasures hidden in the temple. Which one will we hear about today, Olmec?

Olmec: The Telephone Receiver of Alexander Graham Bell.

Kirk: Great! Which one of our teams will have the chance to retrieve the Telephone Receiver of Alexander Graham Bell. Will it be The Red Jaguars, the Blue Barracudas, the Green Monkeys, or the Silver Snakes? In order to get the Receiver, they’ll have to start by crossing the Moat! Olmec, Tell us about the Moat!

Olmec: Before you lies 12 ancient bamboo steps. When I say go, you and your partner will step on the steps to get across. If your step sinks, you will have to start over. Once you and your partner are across, hit your gong. The first four team to cross the Moat will advance to the Steps of Knowledge.

 Kirk: Teams are you ready?

Teams: Yeah!!

Olmec: On your mark... Get set... GO!

The contestants all start to steps from pole to pole. The Orange Iguanas step sinks in, alomg with the Purple Parrots. The Red Jaguars fall in, along with the Orange Iguanas again. The Green Monkeys footing slips and they fall in as well. The Silver Snakes are having the most trouble of all. The Blue Barracudas make it across with out having to go back. The Purple Parrots also make it across also. The Orange Iguanas are having a hard time remember the correct path. This gives the Green Monkeys an opening to get across. They make it across also. Th Orange Iguanas are almost across when the Red Jaguars hit their gong.

Kirk: The Red Jaguars made it at the last minute, along with the Green Monkeys, Purple Parrots, and Blue Barracudas! The Orange Iguanas and the Silver Snakes gave it a great effort. For their efforts, they get an Apple Gift Card!

The Temple Games / Name that Show!
« on: December 04, 2011, 05:52:04 PM »
In this game, you need to guess the correct show. The person who guesses correctly can go next.
When giving clues for a show, try to give hints that are easy, but don't give the answer away. Also, please try to state the type of show. (Game Show, Sitcom, Drama, etc.)

This show is an animated comedy.
The main character of this show has a daughter and 2 sons.
The main character originally had 3 freinds that hangs out with at the bar.

the answer would be "Family Guy."

I'll start us off with an easy one!!

This show is a game show.
It has 4 rounds.
It has a unique final round.

The Temple Games / You have done this...
« on: November 29, 2011, 04:58:52 PM »
In this game, you say something that can be done and someone else says if they've done it or not. Then it's their turn to say something.

You have watched an episode of LotHT.

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