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The Dark Forest / Re: The NFL Football topic
« on: January 04, 2021, 10:55:37 PM »
LOL, part of me wants to think that the NFC East is so bad that is normal Eagles football. But yeah, that was the most obvious tank job next to the 2011 Colts. Although I think Washington was the "best" team in that division anyways. Ron Rivera did a great job this season with that mess of an organization. They are definitely better than a 7-9 team, but the loss of Alex Smith hurt them. It doesn't matter which team won that division anyways since they will get blown out by the Bucs in the first round.  :afro:

Speaking of Ron Rivera, he definitely deserves a mention for Coach of the Year for taking Washington to the playoffs considering the mess of that organization. As I mentioned above, they are a lot better than their 7-9 record indicates. Flores of the Dolphins deserves a mention as well for almost getting the Dolphins to playoffs. But the award definitely should go to Kevin Stefanski of the Cleveland Browns. He took a team that was 0-16 three years ago to an 11-5 record. Honestly, the Browns should've won both the Ravens and Jets game and finished 13-3. They might've been the #2 seed if they didn't lose either of those games. I hope they remain competitive in the coming years because the AFC North will be a lot of fun with the Steelers, Ravens, and Browns in competition. Even the Bengals could join the mix if Burrow continues to improve. ;)

The Dark Forest / Re: The NFL Football topic
« on: January 03, 2021, 09:27:19 PM »
Glad to see the Browns make the playoffs as well! It would suck for them to miss it again with a 10-6 record like in 2007. It sucks that their team has suffered a COVID outbreak, but they should be healthy by next week. Playing the Steelers again will be tricky but this is an old school rivalry. The Steelers have a great record against their divisional rivals in the playoffs though. The Browns will need to play 110% at a chance of winning.

The AFC playoffs will be very interesting. All 7 teams are very talented and honestly any of them could go to the Super Bowl. I think the Bills and Chiefs are slightly above the rest, but anything can happen during the playoffs. It sucks Miami missed the playoffs with a 10-6 record, but they were definitely the weakest of the bunch. Especially since they only beat one winning team all season. They are definitely a team to look out for next year though.

The NFC, on the other hand, feels very weak. The NFC East division leader will literally be 7-9 or 6-10, 8-8 Bears will probably go one and done, and the Rams QB might not play in the playoff game next week. The Seahawks have also been pretty sucky as of late and Brees is not 100% healthy since his injury back in November. The Packers seem like the real favorites from this conference. Although I am interested in seeing how Brady and the Bucs perform. I think they can make it far into the playoffs, but beating the Packers a second time will not be easy.

The Dark Forest / Re: Expectations for life after the pandemic ends
« on: December 27, 2020, 10:42:27 PM »
I'm definitely looking forward to return to normalcy, but I have a feeling it will be a weird transition. After almost a year of wearing a mask in public, it will feel awkward walking around other people without masks on. The first thing I want do as soon as the pandemic is over and cases are down is visit my family members out of state. I also looking forward to returning to the gym, eating out again, and going to baseball and football games.

The Dark Forest / Re: The NFL Football topic
« on: December 27, 2020, 10:37:13 PM »
Yeah, I definitely feel bad for the Browns and would love to see them make the playoffs. They've been through a lot ever since they lost their team. The last time the Browns went 10-6, they missed the playoffs also (2007 season). It's amazing that an 11-5 team might miss the playoffs this year when most years getting 10 wins will earn you a playoff spot. Fortunately for the Browns, the Titans are losing to Packers right now and they have the tiebreaker over them as well. And the Titans have to play the Texans next week, who are definitely more competent than the Jaguars and Bengals.

And yes, I would love to see the NFC East winner at 6-10.  :lol: This past decade alone, we've seen 3 teams with losing records make the playoffs - Seahawks 7-9 (2010), Panthers 7-8-1 (2014), and the potential NFC East winner. The Seahawks and Panthers both won their playoff game. Could the NFC East do the same? :afro:

The Dark Forest / Re: The NFL Football topic
« on: December 27, 2020, 04:26:29 PM »
LOL both the Falcons and Chargers are the king of choking. I was actually surprised how much close the Falcons game was though since they are a big mess. Then again, I hate playing bad teams this late in the season since they have nothing to play for and have the potential to upset.

Typical Browns lose to the Jets when it matters. Fortunately for them, the Colts loss and are still very much alive in the playoff chase. On the downside, they have to play Pittsburgh next week. So they might end up missing the playoffs altogether with a 10-6 record. Can't help but to feel bad for them though since their fans deserve better. But Steelers can still win the #2 seed if Buffalo loses, so they probably won't be resting their starters.

The Dark Forest / Re: The NFL Football topic
« on: December 27, 2020, 10:50:17 AM »
Yeah, I would be pissed if I was a Browns fans and lost the game against the Jets. Especially considering the league bent over for the Ravens and Titans like THK mentioned. And this is coming from a Ravens fan. Then again, they didn't postpone the Denver game when all 3 of their QBs were out with the virus.  I wonder if their WRs will be ready for the Steelers game? It would be a very Browns things for them to miss the playoffs with an 11-5 record.

On a side note, good job on blowing the game against yesterday against the Dolphins, Raiders.  :afro:

The Dark Forest / Re: The NFL Football topic
« on: December 23, 2020, 02:28:36 PM »
If all of the AFC teams in the playoff spot win out, then the Ravens will miss the playoffs with an 11-5 record. This happened to the Patriots in 2008 where they missed with an 11-5 record. The last 2 games of the regular season for each team are below:

Titans - Packers, Texans
Colts - Steelers, Jaguars
Steelers - Colts, Browns
Browns - Jets, Steelers
Ravens - Giants, Bengals
Bills - Patriots, Dolphins
Dolphins - Raiders, Bills

This is how I see it:

Titans - They own the tiebreakers over Ravens and Colts, so it would be preferable for them to win out. I say they have a 40/60 shot in beating GB. The Packers have a bad defense and Derek Henry should be able to run all over them. Houston has checked out for the season and should be easy win. (12-4)

Colts - With the Steelers struggles and the division on the line, the Colts will be playing extra tough in this game. But Phillip Rivers isn't exactly reliable either. I think they will win this game though. Should be able to beat the Jaguars easily even though they lost in Week 1. The Jaguars are pretty much tanking for #1 draft spot. (12-4)

Steelers - Based on the last few weeks, I think Steelers lose a close one to Indy. The Browns game will be very important (for once!). I have the Steelers winning this game because the Browns can never beat Steelers or Ravens. That would be the most Browns thing for them to do.  :lol:

Ravens - Should be able to easily beat the Giants and Bengals. All we need is either for Browns, Colts, or Dolphins to lose one more game and we are in the playoffs. (11-5)

Browns - Jets got their win last week, so that should put a little pressure off the Browns. The Steelers game will be very interesting. Ultimately, I have the Browns losing since they can never beat Pitt or Baltimore when it matters.

Bills - Should be able to win both games. The Titans own a tiebreaker over them, so they don't want to lose in Week 17 in the event Titans win their game at GB.

Dolphins - The Raiders lost their starting QB last week, so I think Miami should win this one easily. The Bills game will be tough depending on whether the Bills have to fight for the #2 spot.

Sucks that a 10+ win team might miss this year. On the bright side, no Patriots at all!  :mrgreen: :mrblue: :mrorange: :mrpurple: :mrred: :mryellow: :mrsilver: :mrpink: :mrchameleon:

The Dark Forest / Re: The NFL Football topic
« on: December 22, 2020, 06:30:44 PM »
I'm actually shocked the Steelers lost to the Bungles.  :shock: That's like one team they almost never lose to. The division race is going to be interesting the next couple of weeks. The Steelers could very well lose to Colts next week and battle the Browns for the division in Week 17. Although the Ravens are relying on the Steelers to win against the Colts or Browns for our playoff hopes.  ;)

Truth be told, I don't think there's any team in the AFC that will take down the Chiefs this year. Mahomes is playing out of this world and knows how to pick apart any good defense. Maybe TSM's Bills could beat them, but the Chiefs will benefit hugely if they win the #1 seed. There's definitely no one in the NFC who can't beat them.

No joke, I kind of want to see a bad temple run from this perspective.  :lol:

LMAO, can you imagine the taping of the Bifocal Monocle episode? The crew were probably pulling their hair offscreen watching Veronica spending half of the temple run time climbing the wall. And then banging their head against the wall when Thomas was pulling the books in the Crypt and running into the same deadends.  :lol:

You can hear at the end of the temple run one of the crew telling Gator and Amanda to keep celebrating and waving to the camera. The same person also tells Gator to take off his helmet as well. You can see Gator and Amanda doing all this stuff in the actual Mussel-Shell Armor episode. Also, one of the crew members says "Dude, you did what I said bro. You were quick man" to Gator at the end.  :mrgreen:

And I'm glad they showed the best episode of Season 3 as well. At least they didn't give us Thornwood Gavel or Snow Cone.   :afro: I really wish there was a video like this for Season 1.

I want to say that there was an actual timer in the studio for the audience members to view for the temple games and temple run rounds. I'm not sure if there was a timer for the contestants to see, but I'm sure most of the time they were focused on completing the temple since they were racing against the clock. Although some temple runs like Cracked Crown and Lucky Pig would've benefited if the contestants had a timer to view.  :oops:

Good observation, I forgot to mention in the other topic about how the sound effects can be heard live in the studio. I know we talked about for years whether the sounds effects could be heard live during the temple runs or added later on. This video confirms that most sound effects were present during the temple runs. This makes me wonder about the Dark Forest-Shrine door in the Snow Cone run. When Heather forces the door open, you can hear the door opening chime. But the cabinet door leading to the Shrine was still locked. Was the door supposed to open and Heather just messed up the mechanism by forcing it open? Or was the door chime a production error?

Recently, there was a video uploaded to Youtube by one of the producers of the show, David Greenfield. The video shows some of the behind-the-moments during the filming of Season 3, like the belly sliding moat used during the Royal Torque filming day, the rock throwing team game, and even the entire taping of "The Mussel-Shell Armor of Apanuugpak" episode! This video was a pleasant surprise to me because we never really got any behind-the-scenes videos of the actual taping of the show. The temple run taping was definitely the most interesting part of the video and I recommend watching that part of the video at least. Watching Amanda and Gator run through the temple from the studio perspective is totally different from the final product. First off, you don't hear all the cheering like in the final edit. The temple run almost feels lifeless from this perspective. Another note is it looks like Kirk watches the kids on a TV screen while inside they are inside the temple. Makes sense considering it would be hard for him to commentate on their performance on the farther sides of the temple. I would love to see a behind-the-scenes video for Season 1 considering how chaotic filming this Season was.

The Jesters' Court / Re: The Main Spam Topic 2.0
« on: October 22, 2020, 12:54:55 PM »
Yeah, it looks like Quibi will be shutting down after only 6 months of operation. Not sure what that means for the Legends reboot and whether it will be canned or picked up by a different network.

Also I just got told to quarantine.

Were you exposed to someone infected by COVID-19? I know I was exposed two different times and was forced to quarantine and get tested. Fortunately, both times I tested negative and had no symptoms. I hope all is well on your end. It's starting to get ugly again out there.

The Heart Room / Re: Ranking Every Temple Run (Original Series)
« on: October 02, 2020, 06:55:14 PM »
Personally, I feel that team wins should hold more weight than solo wins. While solo wins are an impressive feat, these temple runners have a slight benefit of not having to worry about their partners retracing their steps. With team wins, the second player loses time retracing their partners steps. And not all temple wins had the chance at a solo win either - Lost Hornpipe, Galileo, Lost Gold Mine, Levitating Dog Leash, and Metal Beard all had temple layouts where solo wins were not possible.

So what should I do?

My suggestion would be to switch the number of points awarded for solo and teams wins. Not to say that solo wins were weaker, but most of the time they had a more favorable path than team wins. And sometimes solo wins were a result of smart temple planning like Sir Gawain, Lucky Medallion, and Sultan Saladin. But some temple runs don't have the option of solo chance either. But these are your rankings at the end of the day, so you can make a ranking system that you feel that's best.

There are runs that were also meant to be solo wins mostly (as long as runner enter the right starting room I guess) most notably Chandragupta. Also I feel Shaka Zulu should not receive as much points as they did because of the error allowing them so much time at the end.

I think some solo wins are well-earned and are a result of smart contestants making good choices in the temple. Solo wins like Sultan Saladin, Freydis, Lucky Medallion, Chandragupta, and Sultan Saladin are not undeserving in anyway. But then you have runs like Ahmed Baba, Butch Cassidy, Roland, Geronimo, and Shaka Zulu that were very generous layouts and it seems kind of unfair rewarding them with more points.

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