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Re: Mummified Hand Episode
« Reply #15 on: September 22, 2012, 02:10:20 AM »
I wouldn't be surprised if the "Mary Shelley" team had to enter both the Secret Password AND Quicksand Bog. I mean just look at the layouts of the episodes produced the same day... "Hans Holbein", "William Tell", "Ivan the Terrible". I definitely don't think that they would've entered the Dark Forest from the Shrine. So I agree with you about the Quicksand Bog.

The "Pirate Captain" temple guard had to definitely be in the Ledges, so no argument there either.

And the temple guard in "Empress Eugenie" definitely had to be in the Ledges too. Neither the Room of the Secret Password nor the Quicksand Bog opened in that run. The layout is so similar to "Queen Boadicea", except the Red Jaguars met a guard in the Crypt instead of Ledges. It probably would've been better if Janeen started in the Ledges anyways. ThaT way she would've been taken out in the King's Storeroom and Jay would've entered the temple much earlier.

And I agree with your "black ledges" theory now. After looking at a lot of pictures you provided, I think you have given us enough evidence that the darker Ledges usually meant a temple guard in there. So I will admit that I was wrong on that part. ;) It looks like the producers didn't hide many guards in the Ledges in season 3 anyways. Probably because it was just easier for a contestant to use the Crypt due to the set-up for the Pit of the Pendulum.
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