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Re: Introduce yourself
« Reply #90 on: October 23, 2015, 03:41:14 PM »
User Name: Orange Iguanas FTW
First Name: Simon
Actual Location: Chicago, IL
Favorite Color: Orange
Favorite Food: Grapefruit
Favorite Drink: Diet Pepsi
Favorite Music: Eurodance, Dirty Rap, Heavy Metal
Favorite Show: Of course, Legends of the Hidden Temple (I also like wheel of fortune)
Favorite Sport(s): None
Favorite LotHT Team: Orange Iguanas (What the fuck would you think?)
Favorite LotHT Episode: All 20 wins where contestants hug in celebration (I don't know WHY touching girls is illegal these days as it was legal in the 90s when Legends aired :x ).
Have you watched all LotHT episodes?: Yes.
Have you appeared on LotHT?: No, I was born in 2001.
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Re: Introduce yourself
« Reply #91 on: June 15, 2018, 02:22:46 PM »
User Name: franthesilversnake
First Name: Frances
Actual Location: California
Age: 19
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Food: Pasta and Soup
Favorite Drink: Water
Favorite Music: Rock, Indie, and Eurobeat
Favorite Video Game: EarthBound
Favorite Show: Legends of the Hidden Temple and Mystery Science Theater 3000
Favorite Sports: N/A
Favorite LotHT Team: Silver Snakes
Favorite LotHT Episode: The Secret Map of the Bandit Queen, The Jewel-Encrusted Egg of Catherine the Great, The Star of Sultan Saladin, and  The Milk Bucket of Freydis.
Have you watched all LotHT episodes: Yes.
Have you appeared on LotHT: No, I was born after the show ended.

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