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The Heart Room / Kirk's Fogg-Ups - What are your favorites?
« on: June 30, 2006, 04:08:55 PM »
Oh, one more! I forget what episode it is, but it's in a season 1 moat crossing and Kirk says "The Red Parrots!" :lol:

The Heart Room / Kirk's Fogg-Ups - What are your favorites?
« on: June 30, 2006, 04:05:08 PM »
I gotta go with the good ol' "The Center of the Room." Totally made no sense.... woulda made sense if he said temple instead of room, but whatever.

Also, i gotta give credit to "The Leopard-Skin Cloak of Annie Oakley" because  as someone posted in here before me, Kirk murdered The Room of the Secret Password. It was like "Now she's in the Room of the Secret Passage Cabinets!.... Cabinets of the Secret Passage!....Password..." Also, i think this was the only episode in season 2 in which someone completed the objective of the Room of the Secret Password. It's weird cuz Chandra opens the cabinet and the password isn't on a tablet, it's actually written on the cabinet. Also, she says the same password twice, loud and clear both times, and the door to the shrine opens on the second time.....just thought that stuff was weird. :D

The Heart Room / Smartest person/persons?
« on: June 30, 2006, 03:44:07 PM »
I have to highly disagree with Mitchell from the Mocassins episode being the smartest. Sure he used the treasure chest, but he didn't even try the door to the shrine (which probably wouldn't have opened, but it woulda been worth a try). Also, all the rooms he passed through were the easiest rooms the temple had to offer of any season.... so... spare me the praise for this kid.... it was probably the most uninspiring win of the whole show. :roll:

I think a smart player that gets over-looked because she wasn't that fast moving is Brittany from "The Lost Whale Bone of Pythias." Sure she moved at a slightly below average speed, but she knew exactly what she was doing, and where she was going. You could tell she had a plan too because she doesn't try the trees (or think twice about it) in the Dark Forest. It's a shame that she was partnered with possibly the second slowest partner the 3rd season had seen (Lauren from The Dried Apple Half being the slowest). I thought for sure once Brittany was taken out in the shrine with 1:14 (or something like that) left, that Damien would easily get the whale bone.... but nope.... he moved soooooooooo slow. Shoulda/coulda been a center of the temple win. :?

The Heart Room / Favorite Season?
« on: June 30, 2006, 03:34:47 PM »
Oh yeah, i got ya now.

The Heart Room / Favorite Season?
« on: June 30, 2006, 03:21:45 PM »
Actually, Orange won the most in season 2. They went to the temple 10 times i think. Purple and Blue tied for second with 7 times each, but that's good! Season 2 had a good variety. Season 1 had too many red and silver runs. Season 3 had an obnoxious amount of green runs and not enough purple.... I can't believe they only got to the temple 2 times in the first and third season each... Sad...

The Heart Room / You or your Partner?
« on: June 30, 2006, 03:06:13 PM »
Exactly, Carveyfan! I mean, think about it.... Send in your partner first and you could end up with a "Blackbeard's Treasure Map", "The Lucky Pig of Amelia Earhart", or "The Broken Trident of Poseidon"-esque temple run! :x

The Dark Forest / Taco Bell
« on: June 30, 2006, 12:58:23 PM »
1/2 lb Beef & Potato Burrito = LIFE <33333333

There should be a taco bell legend... "The Legend of the Half-Eaten Burrito of Taco Bell"

The Dark Forest / The Purple Parrot is here!
« on: June 30, 2006, 12:56:24 PM »
Heyyyy, thanks guys! Whoa, nicklegends! Love your site!

The Heart Room / Favorite New Season Three Room
« on: June 30, 2006, 12:44:15 PM »
The Room of the Acient Warriors. Love those temple gaurd grabbings! Woulda scared the crap outta me. :o

The Heart Room / You or your Partner?
« on: June 30, 2006, 12:40:47 PM »
I would want to go first because with my luck, if my partner went in first, it would end up being a solo run and i wouldn't get to go in at all. Again, with my luck, i doubt it would be a winning solo run as well. :?

The Heart Room / Most pointless room ever
« on: June 30, 2006, 12:38:57 PM »
The Treasure Room is the worst room ever. It's pretty sad if the main feature of the room is only used once.

Also, the Room of the Golden Idols had a good concept.... but none of the kids ever completed it. They always just hit the buttons to pass through.... the production people should've inactivated the buttons so the kids would've had to complete the objective (which was pretty simple).

Also, i never liked The Heart Room or Medusa's Lair. The former was just an empty room and too many production errors in the latter.

The Heart Room / Favorite Season?
« on: June 30, 2006, 12:35:20 PM »
Season 2 by faaaaaaar!

The temple layouts where the best. It wasn't too light (season 1) and it wasn't too dark (season 3). Plus, the Purple Parrots where on of the more dominant teams! <333

Season 3 would be my second choice. Gotta love the temple gaurds grabbing the kids in the Room of the Ancient Warriors and The Chamber ofthe Scared Markers.

Season 1 wasa good introduction to the show, but it was too easy and the kids still couldn't win...

The Heart Room / Dumbest person/persons?
« on: June 30, 2006, 12:28:56 PM »
Easily Jackie from the Oracle Bowl episode.... She brings shame to the Purple Parrots. :cry:

Also, now i shall list some more dumb kids in no particular order:
1. Lisa from "The Keys to the Alhambra" - Not trying the one door you didn't try and backtracking all the way to the entrance ofthe temple is such a good idea *sarcasm*... (Red Jaguars)
2. Ron from "The Treasure of Anne Bonny" - It shoulda been a win, but he went down the central shaft.... What a pity! (Red Jaguars)
3. The idiot girl who looked likea boy from "Blackbeard's Treasure Map" - just....idiot (Red Jaguars)
4. Justin from "The Golden Chains of Xenobia" - Ok, i'll give them that it was a hard layout, but boy was dumb. (Orange Iguanas)
5. Both kids from "The Golden Cricket Cage of Kahn" - No explaination needed. (Silver Snakes)
6. Eusinia from "King Tut's Cobra Staff" - She was easily confused. Period (Purple Parrots)
7. Kim from "John Henry's Lost Hammer" - Knocking on the doors!?!? Seriously!?!? I think I saw someone else post that the temple gaurd in the heart room was a mercy killing. I totally agree. Why else would the temple gaurd have been so delayed? (Silver Snakes)
8. Jackie from "The Oracle Bowl of Delphi" - I don't even wanna talk about it.... (Purple Parrots)

And that's just season 1! >.<

Season 2:
1.  Kim from "the Missing Weather Maps of Charles Lindbergh" - They had it in the bag and this girl had no idea where she was going! (Red Jaguars)
2. Anthony from "The Stone Head of the Evil King" - you should never be spending like more than 30 seconds trying to complete the objective of one room... (Blue Baracudas)
3. Kerry from "The Cracked Crown of the Spanish King" - I can't believe this girl never gets mentioned when talking about dumb kids. She was extremely slow and she spent the first 20 seconds of her run in the ledges because she climbed into the bottom. It took her 21 seconds to get in and out of the swamp just by walking across it. Finally the run ends with her taking a wrong turn. (Orange Iguanas)
4. Ryann from "The Walking Stick of Harriet Tubman" - Other kids have made the same mistake she made, but she was the one that made herself look like an idiot by getting taken out by the temple gaurd there. (Orange Iguanas)
5. Akela from "The Golden Pepperoni of Catherine de Medici" - GET THE PEPPERONI! (Purple Parrots)
6. Brian from "The Sacred Ring of Sultan Suleiman" - He pretty much lost it for his team in the first couple of seconds... and he screamed like a girl. (Purple Parrots)
7. Claude from "The Lost Lion Tail of Little John" - not much to say besides he didn't know what he was doing.... at all (Purple Parrots)

Season 3! (Almost done!)
1. Larry from "The Mysterious Manuscript of Mary Shelley" - Couldn't assemble the monkey to save his life. (Blue Baracudas)
2. Karissa (not sure about the name) from "The Enormous Feather of the Me Lihn" - She couldn't figure out what to do in the Quicksand Bog.... THE QUICKSAND BOG! It's not that hard! Not to mention she stood still for seconds at a time and she made no effort to move faster once she grabbed the feather. (Orange Iguanas)
3. Kelly from "The Thornwood Gavel of Judge Roy Bean" - "Rse4gfeer!@er2ffdsv!" .... Translation - "Open Sesame!" (Orange Iguanas)
4. Kimberley from "The Broken Trident of Poseidon" - She was doing so well until she put the Trident down... and then ran off without it.... *sigh* (Silver Snakes)

There.... that's all the obviously dumb kids i can think of off the top of my head. I feel kinda bad about calling them dumb.... but the proof is immortalized for all to see through the magic of TV.  :D

The Heart Room / Favorite Team?
« on: June 30, 2006, 11:40:21 AM »
Purple Parrots!!! Wooooooo! I guess the root of that is that my favorite color as a child was purple. 8)

Now lemme rank'em:
1. Purple Parrots (Gotta love the underdogs)
2. Blue Barracudas (One word: Missy)
3. Green Monkeys (They woulda been higher up but their total dominance in season 3 made me leery of them...)
4. Orange Iguanas (Cool team.... but usually boring temple runs...not to mention their win/lose ratio is the worst of them all).
5. Silver Snakes (When i was a little kid watching the first season, it always seemed like the silver snakes won every episode.... turned me off from them for the next seasons too, but i can respect some of their really good temple runs)
6. Red Jaguars (I cannot stand them... i think every temple run they have, with the exception of maybe 3 that i can think of, is terrible)

The Dark Forest / The Purple Parrot is here!
« on: June 30, 2006, 11:33:24 AM »
Yeah so i just signed up after stalking this forum for a few days. I recently got back into watching Legends of the Hidden Temple after searching for old tv shows. Legends just happened to be one of the shows i searched for and i came across ''The Lucky Pillow of Annie Taylor'' episode. Gotta say, that is easily one of my favorite episodes (even if the purple parrots lose in the tie breaker... like they always do).

Anyways, yeah, i'm pretty obnoxious (but in a cute sorta fun way) so you'll probably notice me around. Legends was new when i was like 6,7, & 8 and i actually do remember a few episodes from all the way back then (King Tut's Cobra Staff and The Snakeskin Boots of Billy the Kidd in particular). It was really amazing once my parents decided to get DirecTV after finally begging them for years to see Legends and have all my memories come back to me in floods. I love the Purple Parrots, obviously.....even though they're the loser team. :cry:

Also, just thought i'd throw this out there, if anybody wants/needs more episode summaries for their website, i'd definitely be interested in writing them. I tend to notice a lot of things that i haven't seen in other summaries that i thought were important (or just plain cool/weird).

And now you know my entire legends life story.... sometimes i tend to type on and on and on.... oh well... see ya all around! :P

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