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Here are the temple layouts.

Temple Layout XVI (All of Season 4)
A. The Mayan Mask Room: In this room, there are three Mayan masks with an actuator concealed underneath each one. Players need to lift each mask and hit the actuator underneath if it will open the straight or downward door.
B. The Pit of the Pendulum: The objective remains the same, but the column at the front is taller and thinner.
C. The King's Storeroom: Now there's a key inside each clay pot (red, orange and green) and all three need to be inserted into their keyholes.
D. The Chamber of Animal Glyphs: Similar to the Chamber of the Sacred Markers, but players need to match the animal glyphs on the left with their names in Mayan language.
E. The Room of the Ancient Warriors: Unlike that seen in the third season, there are now three statues of Mayan warriors, each with a missing feature that players need to find and place on it. Each warrior statue could be missing a headdress, spear or shield.
F. The Shrine of the Silver Monkey: You obviously can never have Legends without this room.
G. The Steamy Hollows: Here’s the first room where the answer depends on which team goes to the temple. Players need to release a steam of their team's color by uncovering one of the six vents.
H. The Pharaoh's Secret Passage: Now the slide is even more slippery.
I. The Quicksand Bog: The walls are now decorated with fossils and rocks.
J. The Dark Forest: There are now blacklights and spooky decorations.
K. The Jester's Court: Not only are there blacklights, but there’s also a colored light pattern that projects when the objective is completed.
L. The Monkey's Fruit Trove: This room has five monkey statues with five mixed up fruits (banana, coconut, mango, orange, papaya). Players need to match the fruits with the monkey statues.
M. The Crystal Cenote: Just like the Cave of Sighs and Ledges, but it's colorful and decorated with crystals.
As the reboot is completely different from the original, I thought I could write fanfics of what it would have been like had Legends continued until 2000.

Season 4
Production took place in April 1996 and this season aired from July 22 until December 20 of that year.

121. The Woolen Shreds of Old Faithful
122. The White Cowl of Philotheus of Pskov
123. The Teddy Bear of Morris Michtom
124. The Cyanide Refreshment of Grigori Rasputin
125. The Broken Tablets of Moses
126. The Punishment Noose of Jim Miller
127. The Convict Number of Rosa Parks
128. The Model Parts of the Globe Theater
129. The Cursed Necklace of Harmonia
130. The Deadly Sword of Svafrlami
131. The Tattered Emblem of the Big Red One
132. The Golden Staff of Mansu Musa
133. The Treasured Sandal of Pheidippides
134. The Hemlock Potation of Socrates
135. The Sanctuary Carving of Hormigueros
136. The Stolen Money Belt of Dungarvon Whooper
137. The Substitute Corpse of Amram of Mainz
138. The Knucklebone Dice of Atys
139. The Opened Jar of Pandora
140. The Ink Quill of Thomas Jefferson
141. The Mining Pan of Prospector Lemon
142. The Torn Arm of Grendel
143. The Revised News Article of Michael Ahern
144. The Bamboo Firework of Li Tan
145. ?
146. ?
147. ?
148. ?
149. ?
150. ?
151. ?
152. ?
153. ?
154. ?
155. ?
156. ?
157. ?
158. ?
159. ?
160. ?

Season 5
Production took place in February and March of 1997 and this season aired from May 19 until July 25 of that year.

Season 6
Production took place in August 1997 and this season aired from October 6 of that year until January 16, 1998.

Season 7
Production took place in July and August of 1998 and this season aired from October 19 of that year until February 27, 1999.

Season 8
Production took place in May 1999 and this season aired from August 2 until November 19 of that year.

Season 9
Production took place in January and February of 2000 and this season aired from April 3 until June 16 of that year. This was the final season to use the green marble Stone Stanley logo.

Season 10
Production took place in September 2000 and this season aired from October 2 until December 29 of that year. This was the only season to use the "Person with five stars" Stone Stanley Logo.
The Heart Room / Re: Legends is coming back!
« Last post by PurpleParrot319 on November 28, 2021, 09:34:30 PM »
No new episode tonight. Christmas shows, in November. :roll:
The Heart Room / Re: Scorecard Rating 2.0
« Last post by Legends Explorer Alec on November 22, 2021, 10:45:47 AM »
The Golden Apple of Atalanta

Orange Iguanas (Shane and Jack): 35 points
20 for finishing the moat second
8 for the fourth question
7 for the fifth question

Silver Snakes (Jennifer and Scout): 35 points
10 for finishing the moat third
11 for the first question
10 for the second question
4 for the eighth question

Red Jaguars (Bradford and Diogo): 180 points
30 for finishing the moat first
9 for the third question
6 for the sixth question
5 for the seventh question
20 for winning the first game
10 for winning the second game
20 for winning the first game
30 for grabbing the artifact
50 for winning with 0:13 remaining
The Treasure Room / Re: Legends of the Hidden Temple BuzzFeed Quiz
« Last post by The Dark Enforcer on November 18, 2021, 07:56:31 PM »
I took the quiz, and don't want to reveal my result.

This quiz needs to be re-done so that there are "neutral" answers to some of the questions.

I don't care about what geographical region my legend comes from. All I care about is that I'd be on the show.

Also, how the fuck am I supposed to know the middle initial of someone I've never met?

Sorry Alec, but I grade this quiz an F.
Here's the second installment to my "what if" scenarios on the more deserving temple teams going to the temple.

1. Annie goes first and will start in the Room of the Three Gargoyles, where she encounters the Temple Guard and gives him her pendant.
2. She opens up the Wall climb, jumps down and heads for the Observatory.
3. Once she had successfully climbed up into the Observatory, Annie runs to the sundial, spins it and heads down into the Heart Room where the second Temple Guard takes her out.
4. Brad quickly retraces Annie's steps and enters the Treasure Room from the Heart Room.
5. He runs through the Treasure Room and opens Shrine of the Silver Monkey.
6. Brad easily figured out the simple three-piece puzzle and went up into the Pirate's Cove.
7. In the Pirate's Cove, he spins the wheel and climbs down into the Dungeon.
8. On the way down into the Dungeon, Brad sees the other half of his pendant and promptly grabs it.
9. With both halves of his pendant, Brad busts through the Stone Wall and into the Tomb of the Ancient Kings, where he finds the key in the coffin right away to open up the Swamp.
10. As he tries to make it through the Swamp, Brad was scared for a moment by the third Temple Guard and gave him both halves of his pendant.
11. He then opens up the Room of Harmonic Convergence, enters the room and promptly grabs the small pot-bellied pig statue as he sees it on the ladder.
12. With Amelia Earhart's lucky pot-bellied pig in hand, Brad makes his way back through the Wall Climb, into the Cave of Sighs and back out to Kirk and Annie!
The Heart Room / Re: Scorecard Rating 2.0
« Last post by Legends Explorer Alec on November 15, 2021, 10:18:55 AM »
The Golden Torc of Freyja

Blue Barracudas (Chris and Art): 88 points
10 for finishing the moat third
7 for the fifth question
6 for the sixth question
5 for the seventh question
20 for winning the first game
20 for winning the second game
20 for making it to the artifact's room
Should have noticed the torc, Chris.

Red Jaguars (Emma and Chris): 53 points
30 for finishing the moat first
11 for the first question
8 for the fourth question
4 for the eighth question

Green Monkeys (Shirley and Paul): 39 points
20 for finishing the moat second
10 for the second question
9 for the third question
The Heart Room / Re: Legends is coming back!
« Last post by TempleFan322 on November 14, 2021, 09:13:27 PM »
🚨Spoiler Alert! You know the drill. Read at you own risk🚨

Yoooooo, they got played dirty in that Temple Run. 8 fucking rooms they had to go through. While they SOMEHOW made it to the artifact in time, they runner didn’t realize it and attempted the objective to the Steamy Hollows. To their defense, the artifact was on a shelf that was partially covered by leaves. The best way to describe this run was if “The Discarded Seal of Ivan the Terrible” and “The Golden Pepperoni of Catharine de' Medici“ had a love child.

Still, they made it through 8 rooms (Crystal Cenote, Rage Room, Beloved, Spider’s Lair, Pit, Queen’s Armory, Lost Treasure, Shrine) before making it to the Steamy Hollows where the treasure was.
The Heart Room / Re: Legends is coming back!
« Last post by GreenMonkeys#1 on November 11, 2021, 11:45:19 PM »
So this episode I did enjoy. If I’m not mistaken this is the first time I think contestants from the original series had known each other even though they were in different seasons. It just felt destined that Nick & Josh were to go to the Temple.

The Kirk Fogg appearance was pretty special though even though it did cost a couple seconds that they might’ve needed. I do think Nick going for a direct path was more costly though. It never worked in the original series so did you really think it would work in the reboot? I will say the two were more excited about seeing Kirk for that short time than winning the $10k judging by the reactions in the interview. Also is it me or was Josh flirting too much with Cristella?

So I believe we are halfway through the season. I have mixed reception so far

What I like:
Mostly keeping the original format of the show
Olmec being voiced by Dee Bradley Baker still.
Moat and Steps of Knowledge round still pretty much the same
Temple design (this is my favorite part especially with a few homages including the Shrine of the Silver Monkey, Dark Forest, and the Pit of Despair. Also the gong in that mist room is the same from the old Moat (you can see it in the Temple Games as well)

What I do not like
The goddamn interviews, this is not a reality show.
4 teams instead of 6
The entire Temple Games and it’s format. Makes third guard useless.
The difficulty of the Temple (probably why a full minute was added). So far we’ve had one win, one artifact grab, and three fails.

Hopefully I can be impressed with the other five episodes. 

The Heart Room / Re: Legends is coming back!
« Last post by The Red Jaguars on November 11, 2021, 12:32:54 PM »
So, I finally watched the entire Pearl Necklace of Rama episode. This is first episode of the Reboot that I've watched all the way through. My thoughts on the Reboot and every round of the episode are below. Overall, this was a pretty enjoyable episode and has motivated me to watch the previous episodes. I do have some complaints about the new format of the show which I will list below:

- Moat: Interesting decision to reduce the number of teams from 6 to 4 in the moat round. Not that it matters, since 2 teams ultimately make it to the temple games anyways. It does kind of suck not all 6 teams are present at once. I like how the moat in the Reboot involves a more extensive type of challenge instead of simply having two players trying to make it across without falling in. I always found the moat round in the original show to be uninteresting. I also like how teams receive an introduction, whereas in the OG it was just during the temple games. Although the constant cutting away to get the contestants' commentary might get annoying after watching the show for a while.

The moat round in this episode was pretty entertaining. The Orange Iguanas and Blue Barracudas were neck-and-neck. The Silver Snakes struggled pretty bad with trying to stay afloat. I liked the introduction for Nick and Josh and the flashback to the original show. Although they could've done better with the flashback instead of post a couple of Nick GAS screenshots.  :afro: Josh looks like the same in the face from his original episode, but I would've never guessed that was Nick. I guess not wearing his glasses makes him look like a different person. I wonder if they known each other for a long time? Maybe Nick was the one that got Josh interested in competing on the OG show?

- SOK: Not much has changed about this round. It looks like they are sticking with a cartoony artstyle for the stories. I do like how they kept the original chime for the SOK. Since this show is geared towards an older audience, they can get away with more violence in the legends. Orange Iguanas and Blue Barracudas pretty much dominated this round. LOL @ Nick frantically trying to step on the step markings in order to chime in.  :lol:

- Temple Games: I'm not a fan of this format of temple games. The teams are pretty much guaranteed to go to the temple with 2 Pendants. In the original show, the more Pendants that you earned meant the more likely you will be safe for all 3 guards. With this new format, the third temple guard is essentially worthless.

- Temple Run: I will admit that I had some major doubts about the temple, but the temple looks great so far. I like the objectives for all the new rooms featured in this episode. It will take some time to get use to them though. I also like how they brought back some old rooms like the Pit of Despair, Dark Forest, and of course the iconic Shrine. I also like the "just assemble the damn monkey" line by Olmec during the temple rundown. It made me chuckle.  :lol: The temple runner's contestant POV angle is a nice addition too. I do wish they kept the temple run theme from the original show.

As for the temple run in this episode, I agree with PP319 that Kirk was to blame for Josh and Nick losing. Was there a reason to interrupt the temple run for the Kirk cameo? They could've at least halted the clock while Nick and Josh were talking to Kirk. What if Nick and Josh never made it to the temple? How would they treat Kirk's cameo then? Although Nick wasting time in the Pit of Despair trying to open the door directly leading to the artifact did waste some time. You should know better, Nick.  :afro:

Overall, this was a good episode and it was nice seeing a couple of former contestant's return to the Reboot. I liked how Nick knows that he's famous among the fanbase for his jump out of the temple.  :lol: I hope they feature more former contestants in future episodes.
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