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Title: Open letter to Phantom's Temple.
Post by: The Dark Enforcer on July 01, 2012, 06:54:57 AM
Hey all,

I know full well that this message may come off as a bit inflammatory, but I've just grown tired of keeping these feelings to myself and (by PM) the Admins of Phantom's Temple. This being said, I ask all who read this message to do so with an open mind, and to be willing to sympathize with me on this issue.

Okay, Let's begin.

Dear Phantom's Temple Community,

I'm writing this letter because I have a problem to bring forth to the whole community that has not been able to become settled through the PM's that I've sent to your Admin team (both former and present).

The problem that I have is my non post related rank here on the forum. I'm just a normal member. In this, I try to make posts here that expand the forum as a whole. While the post this letter is contained in might not achieve that purpose, I'm trying to be the most diplomatic poster I can as to not offend anybody by posting this.

Now, if I can jog your memories back to one of the more dark times in this forum. If you can remember (And if you cant, just PM either PPF or TAW, and they can inform you) a time not so long ago when we had that ugly discourse with a couple members of another forum called Classic Nick Shows. During this incident, a lot of things were said, distrust was formed, and feelings were hurt. In the end, the community of Phantom's Temple persevered and came out unscathed by the bad karma of those nasty CNS'ers.

I've brought up this incident for a purpose.

During or shortly after this incident occurred, I approached Ed (nicklegends), and asked him if he could talk to the other forum staff and see if I could become a "Temple Spirit" (Global Moderator) ranked member here on Phantom's Temple so that I could use my natural skills of diplomacy to try to quell the anger and upset brought forth by the uglyness of the times. In his response, Ed said something to the effect of "You are a good member, and we all (Phantom's Temple) really appreciate you for it. But I don't see the need for another moderator at this time."

Okay, so we didn't need a moderator at that time. I was cool with this evaluation, and respected Ed's opinion because of not only his greatness here, but also of our working together on his site before that.

But we then flash forward to more recent times.

TSM became an Admin. That's cool, I guess, seeing as he did help us move away from that god awful Forumer forum that we used to inhabit. PPF and TSM became Temple Spirits. Great, they're (for the most part) great members who have vastly expanded this Forum with their combined (as of me writing this) 60,370 posts.

But what gets lost in translation for me is why, when I had already expressed a clear interest in becoming a member of the forum's staff, was I not promoted to Temple Spirit alongside TAW and PPF. No offense to TSM, PPF, or TAW, but I kinda find it fishy that I had been passed over for promotion when I had my name in the hat for at least a year prior to all these promotions.

Then Ed decides that he isn't able to be active enough to fulfill his role of Admin, and demotes himself to Temple Spirit. And this got me thinking. What if roles could get cosmically reversed from my days working with Ed on his site? That would be so cool! It would definitely bring back slice of the old Legends fanatic days.

So I decided to write this open letter to you all, and ask that you voice your opinions in whether or not I should/could be given a shot at filling the Admin slot vacated by Ed.

I've been a member of Phantom's Temple for exactly 6 years (Yesterday being my 6-year anniversary) , and I only have 2 faults on my record. One being the recent unpleasantness in the 8-ball thread between me, PPF, and TRJ. The other being a 1-week ban that I received in (Admins, correct me if I'm wrong) either 2007 or 2008 for flaming (i think) The Bandit King. The first was just a joke on my part that blew way out of proportions, and the second I wish I could have back to this very day.

So, this in mind, what do you all think? Should I receive a shot at being an Admin here on the morrow of my 6 year anniversary? Please say yes, and give me a shot at showing that I can become an Olmec of leadership for Phantom's Temple.

Thanks for reading this everybody, and all constructive comments will be very much appreciated.

Your Fellow Member and Friend,
Bob Maibaum
"The Dark Enforcer"
P.S. Forum Staff, unless the incident I described in either 2007 or 2008 is factually incorrect, please do not edit, lock, or delete this post.

Also, I'm asking for a shot to prove I'm trustworthy enough to be an Admin. I would be only an Interim-Admin until its seen that I can handle the responsibility of the position.
Title: Re: Open letter to Phantom's Temple.
Post by: The Bandit King on July 01, 2012, 01:46:47 PM
You make some valid points in your letter. I voted yes, but TBH, I'm still not completely convinced. :(
Title: Re: Open letter to Phantom's Temple.
Post by: The Ancient Warrior on July 01, 2012, 02:35:23 PM
I just want to explain that I didn't put myself out there to try to become a mod at any point, but I was instead asked for the position.  Earning a promotion to forum staff is very different from getting a job offline; while actively asking for and seeking a position may make you look like a go-getter in real life, it doesn't quite work that way on the internet.  That's probably because anything you post on a forum can be read by anyone at any time, so it's not like how a job application/interview would probably be the employer's first impression of you.  A staff looking for more moderators has a lot more to go on.
Title: Re: Open letter to Phantom's Temple.
Post by: Purple Parrots Fan on July 01, 2012, 03:33:44 PM
Sorry, but I vote no. No offense Bob, but it really comes across like you just want to be a mod or admin just to boost popularity here. I get the feeling that you're compliment fishing and just see an admin spot as "pretty, shiny jewelry" to show off to people. Furthermore, it makes me feel like you're only doing it to suck up to us, and/or have bitter feelings about being a regular member instead of a mod. Neither TAW or I asked to be mods. Ed and TSM offered it to us and naturally, we took it. Just because you've been a member for 6 years (like I have, my 6 year anniversary was also last week), doesn't mean you automatically deserve to be a moderator. And like TAW said, this isn't like getting a job in real life. This is a message board where you post something, and everyone can see it at anytime. Besides, we don't need anymore mods or admins. Granted, most of the mods aren't very active, but that doesn't mean we have an opening. I just feel like if Ed and TSM want another mod or admin, they would ask you, not the other way around. If they wanted to ask you for a mod position, I feel like they would have given you a position a long time ago.
Title: Re: Open letter to Phantom's Temple.
Post by: PurpleParrot319 on July 01, 2012, 06:03:43 PM
Sorry TDE, but I said no as well.

I don't have a problem with you. The reason I said no is because with the lack of active members this site has right now, I don't think we need any extra administrators. I don't know how many we have for sure, but I think TSM and nicklegends are good enough.

I wouldn't have a problem with you becoming a moderator though. Moderator and administrator are two different things, but I think you'd make a good moderator. Seeing how your record isn't too bad, I think you'd qualify, but that's up to the admins and mods to determine.
Title: Re: Open letter to Phantom's Temple.
Post by: The Red Jaguars on July 01, 2012, 10:42:10 PM
I am not sure why you are holding the 8-Ball ordeal against yourself when we pretty much agreed that we were getting carried away and resolved to not to joke so much in that topic. So I don't see how that should ruin your reputation or anything like that on this forum.

Now do you get promoted? I honestly don't have an answer, so I won't vote at the moment. I wasn't really around when you were an active member so I don't know you too well compared to other users on this forum. Either way, I pretty much agree with PPF said. I understand where you are coming from when proposing to become an admin, but I think the various inputs in this topic do provide good feedback whether you the position is applicable or not. Anyways, I think you are a great guy and you would make a good member on the moderation staff. But I kind of got the impression that you were trying to say that Phanton and co. overlooked you in favor of PPF and TSM. I don't really think they overlooked you on purpose. The staff probably felt those two would be trusted enough to keep this forum in-line since they both have seniority and experience compared to others here/
Title: Re: Open letter to Phantom's Temple.
Post by: The Bandit King on July 02, 2012, 08:34:41 PM
After considering it further, I changed my vote to no, for the same reason people have pointed out here. It seems, Bob, like you have a burr in your saddle about being, in your words, "passed over" by the powers that be around here, but I do trust their decisions. Like I said before, you bring up some valid points in your letter, but upon analyzing it a bit further, it kind of comes across as sour grapes.

To tell you the truth, I was also a little upset about being overlooked as an admin back when TAW and PPF were promoted. Granted, I haven't been on the forum as long as they have, but like Bob, I'm one of the oldest members here (age-wise), and I felt that possibly the staff would promote me for that reason. However, I got over it. Bob, I love you and everything, but I've got to say no too.