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I agree. Golden was used way too much in season one. Hell, two temple rooms were named Golden (Treasury of Golden Orbs, Room of the Golden Idols).

You're right. Holy crap....I've been saying this room wrong for 12 years (Started watching in 2002). DAMN IT KIRK.

Thanks guys for the clear-up.  :D

Hello Legends fans. I'm new here, and like all of you, I love Legends of the Hidden Temple. My question is, is as I've looked at most of the older topics, I see the Room of the Golden Orbs being referred to as the"Treasury" of the Golden Orbs. I'm trying to think, but I don't remember any episode where Kirk or Olmec say the room as the "Treasury of the Golden Orbs". My question is, is it Room or Treasury?

Thanksin advance  :D 

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