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Title: Wild Jungle EP: The Lucky Turban of Bahadur of India
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The camera makes its way through lush greenery, and the palms move away as ambient animal noises are heard. Portions of a temple are shown, and suddenly the jungle ends, and we see Olmec’s face light up and shout, “LEGENDS OF THE HIDDEN TEMPLE!”

The show’s title card—a pendant of life—crashes together on the screen, and the camera shifts to focus on the temple and its rooms. “With your guide, Kirk Fogg! And here he is now!”

The pendant splinters and Kirk is seen crawling out of the Jungle Crevice to run right into the center of the stage and up the Steps of Knowledge as he begins his narration.

“Thank you, thank you!” says Kirk. “It's nice to see you! Thank you, Olmec. Welcome to the Legends of the Hidden Temple. The rooms are filled with lost treasures that are protected by mysterious Mayan Temple Guards. Only Olmec knows the legend behind each of the treasures in his temple. Which one are we going to hear about today?”

Olmec replies, “The Legend of The Lucky Turban of Bahadur of India!”

“Oh, the Lucky Turban of Bahadur of India!” says Kirk. “Well, one of these six teams will have the chance to retrieve the Lucky Turban—will it be The Red Jaguars?”

At this point, the camera focuses on each team as they are introduced.

“The Blue Barracudas?”
“The Green Monkeys?”
“The Orange Iguanas?”
“The Purple Parrots?”
“Or the Silver Snakes?”

“They’re going to have to pass some tough mental and physical tests,” continues Kirk, “and in the end, only one team will have the right to enter Olmec’s temple, but first they’ll have to cross the Moat, and Olmec’s gonna tell us how they have to do it today.”

Olmec instructs:
“Before you lies a path of eight planks that form a bridge across the Moat. When Kirk gives the signal, step out onto the first plank and try to move to the next. But be careful—some planks will collapse, and if they do, you must go back and start again. When you safely make it across, that will be your partner’s signal to cross. When both partners have reached the other side, run over and hit the gong!”

Kirk hits the Silver Snakes’ gong to demonstrate, which—in turn—lights up a bright silver.

“The first four teams to hit their gongs will go on to the next round,” finishes Olmec. “Hey, teams!” calls Kirk. “Are you ready?”

The teams excitedly reply, “Yeeaahhhh!”

Kirk then asks, “Olmec, are you ready?”

“After you,” replies Olmec.

“Okay!” says Kirk. “On your marks, get set… GO!”

The first players on the six teams—boys for red, blue, orange, and silver, and girls for green and purple—begin to cross the Moat, stepping on the planks, carefully hesitating before moving on to the next. “It’s really a guessing game first,” explains Kirk, “but once they know which planks sink, it’s a game of memory.” The third plank on the Green Monkeys’ bridge collapses, sending the female Green Monkey into the water with a splash, and a creaking noise indicates that the fourth plank on the Orange Iguanas’ bridge has collapsed as well. “Green and Orange are down!” shouts Kirk. “Now they have to do it again and see if they can remember which one collapsed…” The Red Jaguars are next to fall, with their sixth plank tilting downwards to send the boy on the Red Jaguars sliding into the water. The Green Monkeys and Orange Iguanas are already on their second try, however, and the Purple Parrots fall into the water soon after. “We’re still looking for our first team,” narrates Kirk. The first players over are the boy on the Orange Iguanas and the girl on the Green Monkeys, followed soon after by the Blue Barracudas—who simply guessed their way across, somehow avoiding both the planks on their bridge that would collapse. “But that means that his partner will have to guess as well,” reminds Kirk.

“Here come the Red Jaguars!” shouts Kirk as the team gets their first player across, and the second player dashes across the bridge, avoiding the first collapsing plank—but forgetting about the second! “OH! Red Jaguars down! The Orange Iguanas are catching up quickly…” The girl on the Orange Iguanas also runs across the bridge quickly, making sure to not step on the wrong planks, and getting over to the deck first. “The Orange Iguanas are our first team!” declares Kirk as the Orange Iguanas hit their gong. “We’re looking for three more…” The girl on the Silver Snakes finally begins to cross, making her way across quickly, avoiding the fourth and fifth planks smartly, and continuing her way onto the deck, slamming down on her team’s gong by herself before celebrating with her partner. “We’ve got two teams—three teams now!” We see that the Blue Barracudas have gonged in, and the Purple Parrots have fallen into the Moat again. “We’ve got room for one more team—looks like it might either be red or green,” says Kirk. “Who’s it gonna be?” We see a wide shot, with the Red Jaguars and Green Monkeys racing neck-and-neck towards the deck, but at the last second, the boy on the Green Monkeys barely edges out and hits his team’s gong just a second before the girl on the Red Jaguars. “We’ve got our four teams!” shouts Kirk. “That’s it! Stop right there!”

The camera cuts to Kirk standing with the Silver Snakes beside their gong. “The Silver Snakes made it over here nice and quick,” he says. “Going on to the Steps of Knowledge are the Silver Snakes—and the Orange Iguanas—and the Green Monkeys—and the Blue Barracudas.”

“The Red Jaguars and the Purple Parrots gave it a great effort too,” he says. “They’re not gonna be going away empty-handed. We’ve got a great gift for them, and here’s what it is...”

Dee reads the prize:
“It’s a $50 savings bond from Nestlé! Hey, kids—here’s an easy act to follow. Turn an ordinary glass of milk into a thick, chocolatey treat and make a disappearing act of your own. Nestlé Quik—it’s magic in the making!”
Title: Wild Jungle EP: The Lucky Turban of Bahadur of India
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The screen transitions to a shot of the four teams atop the Steps of Knowledge. “As we continue our quest,” says Kirk, “it’s now time for Olmec to tell us about The Lucky Turban of Bahadur of India. But teams—pay attention, because your knowledge of the legend can bring you a step closer to Olmec’s temple.”
Olmec narrates the legend:
“One of the most unfortunate rulers of India was Bahadur Shah. He was the son of Aurangzeb and was born in 1643. But his father was nowhere as nice as Bahadur ever was.”

“Before Bahadur, Aurangzeb had conquered many territories and had expanded the Mughal Empire to Afghanistan as well as the south of India. He was a fierce fighter and a strong believer in the Islamic religion. Legend has it, that in 1707, as Aurangzeb was about to die, he took off his turban and held it up to his son as he lay on his deathbed.

“‘Son…’ croaked Aurangzeb as he clutched the turban with a weak, trembling hand. ‘Take this…’

“Bahadur took the turban from his father, and then looked at him again.

“‘Wear it,’ instructed Aurangzeb. ‘It is my lucky turban. It has helped me in all my battles, and is the reason why I have won all the land. But it’s all gone now. Win it back for me…’

“Bahadur took the turban, but as soon as Aurangzeb died, he went deep into the jungle and left the turban there, not wanting to remember about his father. Whether it was because he had not worn the turban, or simply because of old age, Bahadur ruled only for the next five years, and died soon after at the age of 68. Aurangzeb’s lucky turban, however, made its way to the Temple. Your task is to find The Lucky Turban of Bahadur Shah and bring it back here.”

“Thank you, Olmec,” says Kirk after a short pause, “so tell us—where is this Lucky Turban?”

“The Lucky Turban of Bahadur Shah can be found… in the Anaconda’s Sanctuary.” reveals Olmec. The camera moves across the top floor of the Temple towards the entrance, stopping in front of the Sanctuary, and then we see a close-up of the turban sitting on the front ledge.

“All right,” says Kirk in response. “Teams—you are now standing on the Steps of Knowledge. In a minute, Olmec’s gonna ask you a question. If you think you know the answer, stomp down on the ancient marking in front of you. If you’re right, you’ll move down to the next level, but if you’re wrong or run out of time, I’m gonna have to give the other teams a chance to answer. The first two teams that make it to the bottom level—” Kirk runs down the steps, then walks out of view “—will be one step closer to Olmec’s temple. Olmec, we’re now ready for your first question…”

Olmec asks: “Did Bahadur Shah rule—India, Africa, or—”

The Green Monkeys ring in: “India!”

“That is correct,” replies Olmec. “They knew that right away,” comments Kirk, as the Green Monkeys move down to the second level. “Next question…”

Olmec asks: “Was Bahadur the son of—Xerxes, Aurangzeb, or George the Fifth?”

The Silver Snakes stomp down: “Aurangzeb?”

“That is correct,” answers Olmec. “Nice job, step on down, Silver Snakes,” says Kirk. “Next question.”

Olmec asks: “Was Aurangzeb a strong believer in—Buddhism, Islam, or—”

The Silver Snakes buzz in: “Islam…?”

“That is correct!” declares Olmec. “Whoa, just like that, the Silver Snakes are one step away from the Temple Games!” exclaims Kirk as they move down to the third step. “We’ve got plenty of questions for the Blue Barracudas and the Orange Iguanas, though. Next question...”

Olmec asks: “Are the people who believe in Islam called—Islameese, Muslim, or Islamian?”

The Orange Iguanas hit the marking: “Muslim?”

“That is correct,” says Olmec. “Okay, step down, Orange Iguanas!” instructs Kirk. “They’re on the board now. Still time for the Blue Barracudas, though. Next question.”

Olmec asks: “Is the capital of India—New Delhi, Mumbai, or—”

The Green Monkeys ring in: “Uh… New Delhi.”

“That is correct!” replies Olmec. “And now the Green Monkeys are one step away from the Temple Games!” announces Kirk. “This match is getting exciting! Next question, Olmec.”

Olmec asks: “Did Bahadur only rule India for—five years, five months, or 15 days?”

The Green Monkeys ring in again: “Five years!”

“That is correct!” shouts Olmec. “We’ve got our first team moving on to the Temple Games!” shouts Kirk. “It’s the Green Monkeys! Nice job! We’re still looking for one more team, though. Who’s it gonna be—the Blue Barracudas, the Orange Iguanas, or the Silver Snakes? Next question.”

Olmec asks: “Aurangzeb expanded his kingdom into other territories. Which of these did he not conquer—China, Afghanistan, or—”

The Blue Barracudas buzz in: “Uh… China?”

“That is correct,” declares Olmec. “Nice job, Blue Barracudas!” says Kirk. “Now they’re on the board as well. Next question…”

Olmec asks: “When Aurangzeb died, did he give Bahadur—”

The Silver Snakes cut him off: “His lucky turban!”

“THAT IS CORRECT!” booms Olmec. “These two teams will be going on to the Temple Games!” shouts Kirk as he runs over to the teams on the bottom step. “They are the Silver Snakes… and the Green Monkeys! Blue Barracudas, Orange Iguanas, come on down here… You guys gave it a great effort, just came up a little short. You’re not going away empty-handed—here’s what we’ve got for you.”

Dee reads the prize:
“It’s a savings bond from Skechers Footwear. Makers of fun, exciting, cool shoes, sneakers, and boots. Skechers—it’s the ‘S’!

The screen wipes to reveal Kirk with his hands on the two remaining teams’ shoulders. “These two teams are gonna be playing for the rights to enter Olmec’s temple,” he says, “and they’re gonna do it—right after this!” The camera swings away from Kirk and the teams, and then travels left towards Olmec, passing moss-covered walls, and coming to a stop between two tropical shrubs to just barely reveal the cheering audience. The show’s titlecard appears, and then we fade to commercial.
Title: Wild Jungle EP: The Lucky Turban of Bahadur of India
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The pendant splits, the camera zooms out from a small snake coiled up inside plant growth near the Moat, and then we fade to Kirk and the two teams.

“Welcome back to Legends,” says Kirk, standing in front of The Vine Drop with the two remaining teams. “Now the glory goes to the fastest and the strongest… so before we get started, let’s meet our teams. On the Green Monkeys, we have Tony. You collect baseball cards, and you have about 500, but it says here that you also take part in yo-yo competitions—tell me about that.”

“Well, I got my first yo-yo as a gift when I was four,” explains the skinny boy with barely visible chestnut-colored hair and equally brown eyes, “and I began to learn some tricks when I was about seven.”

“You ever won any of these contests?” asks Kirk.

“Yeah, I won two,” replies Tony. “They were both mall competitions.”

“Ah, sounds interesting,” comments Kirk. “And, uh, also, we have Jennifer. You told me your friends call you the Metal-Headed Girl. Why is that so?” He holds the microphone up to the mouth of the girl with long, dark brown hair and blue eyes.

“Because I listen to nothing but rock and metal,” laughs Jennifer.

“Really!” says Kirk, taken aback. “What bands do you like?”

“Mm, my favorite’s probably Iron Maiden,” she says, “but I also like Metallica and Hole a lot—I like tons of stuff, really.”

“Sounds like we’ve got a tough team here,” remarks Kirk. “Let’s hear it for the Green Monkeys!” The audience cheers briefly as Kirk turns to the boy on the Silver Snakes, a tall boy with short blond hair and glasses.

“And on the Silver Snakes,” he continues, “we have Adam. Adam, you like collecting bags, but you want to become a marine biologist. Tell me about that.”

“Um, I like the sea,” explains Adam, “and I like all sea creatures and fish and… basically everything in the ocean.”

“Do you have a favorite sea animal?” asks Kirk.

“Yeah, the seahorse,” says Adam.

“Those are some interesting creatures,” Kirk agrees, moving on to Adam’s partner, a black girl with long, braided black hair. “And over here, we have Deborah. You play hockey and soccer, but you want to become a teacher. Tell me about that.”

“I just like working with children,” smiles Deborah.

“Oh, so I suppose you would want to be an elementary teacher?” guesses Kirk.

“Yeah, probably,” laughs Deborah. “Either that or kindergarten.”

“Okay, sounds good,” continues Kirk. “Let’s hear it for the Silver Snakes!” Once again, the audience applauds before Kirk dismisses the players.

“You guys ready to play?” cheers Kirk. The players cheer and yell in response. “All right, go get ready for your games!” The players all walk off in different directions, and then Kirk faces the camera to continue his narration.

“In the temple games, teams are competing to win Pendants of Life—” Kirk grabs a pendant out of his pouch and holds it up to the camera. “The winning team will need those pendants to protect themselves from the dreaded Temple Guards, as they make their way through the temple. There are three Temple Games, and Olmec will now tell us about Temple Game #1.”

Olmec explains:
“Bahadur Shah’s father, Aurangzeb, greatly expanded his empire in all directions. Today, you’ll be expanding your own empire. When Kirk gives the signal, grab a flag, and run through the wall of the first city, and then plant your flag to capture it. Then grab another flag and do it again. The first team to conquer all four cities, or the team that’s further along at the end of 60 seconds… wins.”

“Let’s conquer some cities,” says Kirk as he walks off-camera to get a clear view of the site. “Let’s put 60 seconds on the clock!”

The clock lands in the corner of the screen, banging down. “On your marks, get set… GO!” The players immediately run out, with Deborah crashing into the first wall sideways, breaking it down immediately. Jennifer tries to break it with her hands, but has to push several times before she punches out one of the rocks to collapse the wall. “The Silver Snakes are in the lead,” commentates Kirk, “but now they have to run further and further to get to the next city”. [0:52] Shortly after grabbing a second flag, Deborah slips, recovering—but not quickly enough, and Jennifer takes the lead. “Ooh, nice move by the Green Monkeys!” says Kirk, as Jennifer crashes through the second wall, shoulder-butting her way through it with 44 seconds remaining. Deborah plants her second flag down soon after, but Jennifer’s already running through the doorway that contained the first wall at this point. [0:36] Jennifer grabs a third flag and begins to run out, right as Deborah grabs a third flag. “It’s neck-and-neck—looks like it might all come down to the end.” With 23 seconds remaining, Jennifer places the third green flag in its holder, running back to grab the fourth. “Silver Snakes gonna have to catch up!” shouts Kirk. [0:13] Jennifer grabs the fourth flag and begins running. Deborah manages to grab the fourth flag with 11 seconds left, but Jennifer remains slightly ahead, sprinting through the three doorways and planting down the fourth flag with just three seconds left on the clock!

“That’s it! Time’s up!” shouts Kirk. “No, actually, time isn’t up, but Jennifer did manage to conquer all four cities and planted the flags—that gives the Green Monkeys a half Pendant of Life!” The audience cheers as Kirk gives Jennifer a quick high-five.

“The Red Jaguars made 11 spins,” says Kirk, “and the Silver Snakes made… 10 spins! That gives the Red Jaguars the half Pendant of Life!” The audience cheers as Benita gives Sharron a quick low-five, as they both appear to be quite tired.

“There’s plenty of time for the Silver Snakes to catch up, though,” consoles Kirk. “Our next game is also worth a half-pendant. Olmec, tell us about it.”

Olmec narrates:
“Bahadur refused to take Aurangzeb’s lucky turban, but that didn’t mean that he didn’t have any turbans for himself. On the column above you, there is a large stack of Bahadur’s turbans, and it’s your job to bring them to be washed. When Kirk gives the signal, run around, jump up, grab one of the turbans, and then drop it in your bin. The first team that collects all eight turbans, or the player that’s further along at the end of 60 seconds… wins.”

“Doin’ Bahadur’s laundry!” remarks Kirk. “Let’s put 60 seconds… on the clock!”

The clock slams down into the corner of the screen. “On your marks, get set… GO!” A drum intro begins the music, as the boys jump up and begin to spin their bar around. “Oh, they both missed,” announces Kirk, as both boys fail to grab a turban on their first time swinging past the column. [0:54] “Still plenty of time and plenty of chances for them, though,” reminds Kirk, as the boys swing around for their second chance. Adam grabs a turban from the top of the column, but Tony accidentally knocks one off instead, already wasting one turban. “Oh, Green Monkeys missed!” groans Kirk. “That’s gonna cost them some time…” On his third try, Tony finally grabs a turban, but the Silver Snakes are already a turban and half a spin ahead, with 42 seconds left. The Silver Snakes continue their lead over the Green Monkeys, and by the time when 15 seconds remaining, the score is 5-3 Silver. “Whoa, nice move by the Green Monkeys there,” remarks Kirk as Tony jumps up and grabs a fourth turban. [0:09] “It’s gonna come down to the end,” says Kirk as the audience begins counting down. “Can he get that one? Can Adam get one more turban in?” Adam grabs a sixth turban with four seconds remaining, and then quickly lands on the ground and drops it in his bucket with a little more than a second left, just before he bounces back up and TIME IS UP!

“Okay, stop right there!” yells Kirk, as the spotters rush to stop the spinning levers. “Time’s up—let’s count up the scores.” Kirk runs over to the bucket marked with a green circle first and begins to count the turbans as he throws them out onto the ground.

“The Green Monkeys had… one… two… three… four turbans,” he announces, “and the Silver Snakes got… one… two… three… four… five… SIX turbans—that gives the Silver Snakes the half Pendant of Life!” The camera segues to a shot of Adam, pumping a fist in the air while still strapped onto his lever.

“It’s a half-pendant apiece,” declares Kirk. “We’re going into our third and final game. It’s worth a full pendant—Olmec, tell us about it.”

Olmec continues:
“To win territories, Aurangzeb needed to fight in battles first, and today, you’re going to make your way to a battlefield in hopes of winning a trip to the Temple! Before you, the route to the battlefield is marked for you: over a hill… through a jungle… across a lake… and up a tower. When Kirk gives the signal, the first player will complete the first obstacle, and then tag their partner at the end. Then their partner will complete the next obstacle, and continue. When you reach the Tower, both players climb to the top, and hit the victory gong! The first team to reach the top of the Tower and hit their gong… wins.”

“This is for the Temple!” shouts Kirk. “No clock for this one, so just get in position, boys… On your marks, get set… GO!”

Adam and Tony both scramble to the base of the hill, and begin climbing the steep rock climbing wall up its side. “This is going to be a close match all the way, I have a feeling,” predicts Kirk. “They’re tied with a half-pendant each… let’s see who can get to that Tower first.” Adam is first to the top of the Hill, a few seconds ahead of Tony, and slides down the other side to land on the mat. “Now it’s getting wild,” comments Kirk, as Adam picks himself up and tags Deborah, who makes her way into the Jungle, using a stand-up approach to maneuver her way through the elastic cords. “But here comes Jennifer—she’s tough and tenacious!” shouts Kirk. Jennifer launches herself into the elastics, scuttling through the bottom of the Jungle, keeping her head low as she speedily overtakes her opponent. “Nice comeback by the Green Monkeys!” comments Kirk, as Jennifer gets out of the Jungle first and tags Tony, who sprints over to the Lake, running up its steps, and jumping right into the pool. Adam is seen chasing after him, but Tony kicks and splashes his way across the water, swimming freestyle, and Adam simply runs across the bottom of the Lake, costing him some time as he wades his way through it. “Oh, it’s gonna come down to the end—the Green Monkeys are going fast!” Jennifer begins to climb the Tower, wedging her feet in the footholds, with Tony right below her. Adam and Deborah begin climbing their Tower quickly, but it’s too little, too late… because the Green Monkeys gong in to win the game!

“Okay, that’s it!” shouts Kirk, as the Silver Snakes continue to climb to the top of their Tower. “Nice determination there… all right, well, the Green Monkeys got to the top first, so that gives them the full Pendant of Life!” The audience cheers before Kirk continues.

“That gives them one-and-a-half pendants,” declares Kirk. “The Silver Snakes had a half. The Green Monkeys are going to the Temple!” The audience breaks into applause as the camera zooms in on the Green Monkeys, who hug in celebration.

“Great job!” says Kirk. “The Silver Snakes never gave up, it was a hard-fought match… They’re not going away empty-handed. We’ve got a great gift for them, and here’s what it is!”

Dee reads the prize:
“It’s $100 worth of Toys ‘r’ Us Geoffrey dollars! A great gift idea, because they’re good as cash at any Toys ‘r’ Us store in the U.S.A.!”

Kirk is seen standing at the base of the Green Monkeys’ Tower with the excited team. “These Green Monkeys have been great all day,” he says. “Let’s see if they can make it through Olmec’s Temple, retrieve The Lucky Turban of Ba-ha-door of India—right after this!” The camera continues to rise above the Temple Games floor, turning slowly to face the Temple, and then zooms in on the Wildebeests’ Hideout. The titlecard appears, and then we fade to commercial.
Title: Wild Jungle EP: The Lucky Turban of Bahadur of India
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The pendant splits, the camera zooms out from a thorn-covered vine hanging down from the Shrine of the Silver Monkey into the Forest below, and then we fade to Kirk with his hands on the Red Jaguars’ shoulders.

“Welcome back to Legends,” he says. “The Green Monkeys have proven themselves worthy and now have earned the right to enter Olmec’s temple. But first, Olmec’s going to give them some information to help them retrieve The Lucky Turban of Bahadur Shah.”

Olmec begins his rundown:
“You could start by climbing through the Tigers' Den and climbing down into the Vine Drop. Pull the right vine to raise the stone slab, then race into the Treasury of the Monkeys. Find the right bunch of fruits, and you could choose to go up into the Anaconda's Sanctuary, or into the Grand Marsh. Open the alligators’ mouths to find the tongue, and you might have a chance to enter The Forest… of a Thousand Dragons. Reach into the dragon’s mouths and find the key—but be careful: one of the dragons might be inhabited by the spirit of a Temple Guard! If they grab you, you’ll have to give up a Pendant of Life. Next, plow through the wall and into the Secret Spring.

“There, climb up the Falls and into the Catfish Cove. Find the correct bucket, and open the door to the Shriiiiine… of the Silver Monkey. Assemble the statue, and you may be headed for the Lion Cave. Place yourself in the correct mouth, which will allow you into the Wildebeests' Hideout. Turn the correct horn, and run across the Walk of Faith. Then, pass through the Room of the Tropicana Birds, race down the stairs, and back through the temple gates. The choices are yours and yours alone. You won one-and-a-half pendants in the temple games. Who's going first?”

“I am!” shouts Jennifer.

“Very well, Jennifer!” replies Olmec. “When Kirk gives the signal, you'll race through the gates into the Temple, and make your way towards the Lucky Turban. Hidden inside the Temple are Temple Guards assigned to protect three specific rooms. You can trade your pendant for an extra life and go on but if you're caught without a pendant, you'll be taken out of the Temple... and it will be Tony’s turn to enter and try his luck. Hidden inside the Temple is the other half of your pendant. If you can find it, and you’re carrying the other half, you will get an extra life. If you can reach the Lucky Turban, all the doors of the Temple will instantly unlock and the Temple Guards will vanish. Return through the gates with The Lucky Turban in three minutes, and you will both be handsomely rewarded—and here's how!”

Dee reads the team’s prizes:
•   For just going into the temple, you’ll both receive The Singing Machine! It makes you a one-man recording studio, so you can sing along to your favorite songs. Karaoke made much more fun, from The Singing Machine.
•   If you can grab the Lucky Turbam before three minutes is up, you’ll also receive a drumset! This Schafer five-piece drumset comes with hardware and cymbals designed by Schafer & Sons.
•   And if you can bring the Lucky Turban out of the temple before three minutes is up, you’ll both be receiving a new Sony high-definition television! Your new high-definition TV will come with a 60-inch LCD screen with LED backlight, 16:9 widescreen format, built-in Surround sound, and only crystal-clear quality! From Sony!

“That’s great,” comments Kirk, “you can watch Legneds in high-definition just by getting a turban out of the Temple, huh? All right, let’s get in position… And let’s put three minutes on the clock!”

The clock slams down in the corner of the screen. “Olmec,” says Kirk, “let’s lower the gates.” The gate lowers as Olmec moans and the lights around him switch off. “On your mark, get set… GO!”

“There she goes! Up into the Temple!” shouts Kirk as Jennifer jogs up the Temple steps. “Which way is she gonna go—up or down? Looks like she’s going down, down into the Tiger’s Cave…” Jennifer slides her way down behind Olmec, onto the first ledge in the Tiger’s Den, and begins to climb downward to its exit. [2:50] She navigates her way through the sharp rocks, and then hits the actuator, opening up the lower crawl tube to the Vine Drop. “Nice job, now she’s going into the Vine Drop—there she’s gonna have to pull down one of the vines to raise the rock slab,” explains Kirk. Jennifer enters the Vine Drop with 2:42 remaining, and immediately begins to pull down the vines, moving from the right of the room to the left sideways. The second vine sinks down lower than the others, and soon, it activates a pulley system that raises the stone slab. [2:35] “Okay, now she’s going into the Treasury of the Monkeys,” commentates Kirk. Jennifer climbs her way into the doorway of the Treasury, and then slides down into the room on her back. She stands up, running to the front of the room, but out from the darkest corner of the room comes a TEMPLE GUARD!

[2:26] Jennifer screams and jumps back in surprise. “Gotta give him your pendant, Jennifer,” reminds Kirk, and she hands her pendant over to the Temple Guard, who disappears through a door in the back of the room. Jennifer is already halfway up the ladder with 2:20 remaining, and she grabs two bunches of bananas which she takes down to the dirt floor with her. She places one on the altar, hesitating before placing the second, and when she does, the lights go out, a monkey’s scream is heard, and the altar glows green. “Okay, the doors are open,” announces Kirk, as the camera zooms in on the shaft of dim lighting through the open doorway on the left of the room, and Jennifer climbs through it. [2:09] She jumps down into the “water”… but a headdress rises from the middle of the Grand Marsh, and the TEMPLE GUARD wearing it soon follows after, capturing Jennifer with 2:05 remaining!

“Oh, she’s out—go, Tony!” cheers Kirk, as we switch back to a shot of the entrance, where Tony is running up the steps. He turns the corner behind Olmec and begins to slide his way down into the Tiger’s Den. [1:58] “He’s gonna have to do a lot of work if he wants to get to that Anaconda’s Sanctuary,” explains Kirk, as Tony scrambles his way through the Den, half-sliding his way down the crawl tube into the Vine Drop, which he enters with 1:50 remaining on the clock. “The door’s open, so he just has to make it through.” Tony climbs into the Treasury of the Monkeys, entering the room and running around the altar to the other side of the Treasury to enter the next room. [1:39] “Into the Grand Marsh he goes—that’s where Jennifer was taken out,” says Kirk. He enters the room, jumping right down into the foam and opening the mouth of the right-side alligator, immediately finding the tongue. Tony quickly pulls down on it, opening the door to the Forest of a Thousand Dragons. [1:30] As Tony climbs through the doorway, the camera zooms in on a small golden object hanging off the inactive actuator beside the door—it’s the hidden half-pendant! Tony continues to climb through the door into the Forest, running his way between two dragons to the front of the room. “He’s gonna try to go up to the Shrine, but first he has to find a key in one of those dragons’ mouths,” explains Kirk. Tony opens the mouth of a dragon in the front of the room, which is empty. [1:19] He then tries the next mouth—but its lower jaw clamps on his hand, its eyes glow a sinister green, and it roars, “GOT YOU!” to end the run with 1:14 remaining.

“Oh, Temple Spirit got him,” groans Kirk. “He almost made it through, but he chose to try looking for the key and got caught by a Temple Spirit… He didn’t have the half-pendant, it was right back there in the Marsh… They still get the Singing Machine, though—I’m sure Jennifer’s going to load some Iron Maiden on it the moment she gets home—and they had a good time. See you next time for another great Legend of… The Hidden Temple! Bye!”

The credits begin to scroll as various ending scenes are shown: Tony returning to Kirk and Jennifer at the entrance, the fog-filled stairway between the Walk of Faith and the Room of the Tropicana Birds, and the Lucky Turban still in the Anaconda’s Sanctuary. Finally, the camera fades out, and the light bulb-Nickelodeon logo is shown as an electric buzzing noise is heard.
Title: Wild Jungle EP: The Lucky Turban of Bahadur of India
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Artifact Name: The Lucky Turban of Bahadur of India
Location: The Anaconda's Sanctuary
Result: Got caught by three Temple Guards
Time Remaining: 1:14
Pendants Won: 1.5



To end Season 2, the producers came up with a Moat crossing that would almost always cause the players to fall in at least once. Players have to cross eight planks - of which two will DEFINITELY sink, and those two never change. Needless to say, there was a lot of splashing and falling in, some teams falling in more than once... even though it's not hard to count the planks and remember which ones are the wrong planks. :roll: Either way, the Silver Snakes, Orange Iguanas, Green Monkeys, and Blue Barracudas all gonged in and moved on. From the Steps of Knowledge, the Silver Snakes and Green Monkeys advanced to the Temple Games.

The Green Monkeys were made up of Tony, a yo-yo contest winner, and Jennifer, who listened to only metal (BEST. CONTESTANT. EVER. :D), and the Silver Snakes were made up of Adam, future marine biologist, and Deborah, future teacher. The first two games weren't that entertaining, to be honest, not even the teams having a half-pendant each going into the third game. But then out came the four-part obstacle course that would, like it or not, decide a clear winner with the impossibility of a tie. The Green Monkeys managed to complete the course much quicker than their opponents, so they went to the Temple.

This team was not a bad team at all - they had the speed... but perhaps not enough to complete the daunting task of retrieving an artifact from the center of the Temple, not to mention that this was a split-Pit layout. Either way, both Jennifer and Tony were good players that knew what they were doing. If Tony had not passed up the half-pendant on the inactive actuator in the Grand Marsh, they could have easily laid hands on the Turban, if you ask me. The fact that Tony tried looking for the key in the Forest proves that this was a smart team, but, ironically, it was because of this "smart" decision that ended their run. Tough break.
Title: Wild Jungle EP: The Lucky Turban of Bahadur of India
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Best. Fanfic. Jennifer. Ever. :)
Title: Wild Jungle EP: The Lucky Turban of Bahadur of India
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Queen Nzinga, anyone?
Title: Wild Jungle EP: The Lucky Turban of Bahadur of India
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Do you only spot similarities between fanfics and real episodes? :P

Good episode!