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The Temple Games / Kirk Fogg Quotes Game
« on: November 27, 2011, 06:43:05 PM »
Here's a game devoted to our favorite game show host, even if he screws up names in every episode.  :lol:

Here's how to play: You post a a quote the Kirk made, and the person who guesses the correct episode where Kirk said the quote gets to go next.

Example: "Shane is Ghandi!" The answer would be The Oracle Bowl of Delphi

Here's the first clue: "Now she's in the Secret Passage Cabinets... The Cabinets of the Secret Passage."

The Treasure Room / Legends: The Return
« on: November 26, 2011, 10:08:45 PM »
This is my new fanfic called "Legends: The Return". Here are just same facts about how it will be set up.

-It will be set up almost the same as regular LotHT.

-If there is a tiebreaker in the temple games, 3 questions will be given, and best 2 out of 3 will be used to determine the winner.

-Each Season will have 30 episodes.

-Eac player's helmet has a built in camera, for a first-person view.

-If there is a ladder in Room 10, it will be located in the back-left corner of the room.

-The ladder mentioned abve can give you access to Rooms 5 and 6.

Now for the episodes.

Season 1

Layout 1

Episode 1: The Telephone Receiver of Alexander Graham Bell
Episode 2: Rembrandt and the Broken Printing Plate
Episode 3: The Armrest of Cassiopeia
Episode 4: The Battle Plan of Mad Anthony Wayne
Episode 5: The Bent Halberd of the Duke of Lorraine
Episode 6: The Blood-Spattered Necklace of Lady Jane Grey
Episode 7: The Captain's Wheel of Robert Fulton
Episode 8: The Cherrywood Saddle of George Washington
Episode 9: The Chipped Boulder Piece of Sisyphus
Episode 10: The Cotton Bale of Eli Whitney

Layout 2

Episode 11: The Discarded Petri Dish of Alexander Fleming
Episode 12: The Dragon-Headed Scepter of Olaf the Red
Episode 13: The Fake Deed to the Brooklyn Bridge
Episode 14: The Fiddle Bow of the Arkansas Traveler
Episode 15: The Gold Bullion of Fort Knox
Episode 16: The Half-Eaten Pack Saddle of Kit Carson
Episode 17: The Microscope Lens of Antony van Leeunwenhoek
Episode 18: The Missing Manuscript of Aristophanes
Episode 19: The Rejected Fables of the Brothers Grimm
Episode 20: The Sheet Music of Johann Strauss

Layout 3

Episode 21: The Snake-Headed Staff of Hades
Episode 22: The Silk Gown of Lucrezia Borga
Episode 23: The Spat-on Uniform of Jackie Robinson
Episode 24: The Stripped Electrical Wires of Volta
Episode 25: The Soiled Surgeon's Rags of Joseph Lister
Episode 26: Oochigeas' Lock of Hair
Episode 27: The Upside-Down Color Wheel of Clerk Maxwell
Episode 28: The 76th Checkered Flag of Dale Earnhardt
Episode 29: The Unfinished Painting of Gilbert Stuart
Episode 30: The Tail feather from the Last Passenger Pigeon

Now for the layouts.

Season 1

Layout 1

1.The Crypt- Same as Seasons 2 and 3.
2. The Magma Pit- Like the Season 2 pit but with red and orange balls, and there is a narrow bridge that the contestants can walk across from ledge to ledge.
3.The Lightning Room- Like the Season 2 room except there is a plasma globe on top of a pedestal in place of the lightning ball and the cords are farther away.
4. The Room of the Fallen Colums- Same as Season 1 except some columns can be move by contestants.
5. The Room of the Illuminating Feathers- In the back of the room on the two window-type openings there are two "feathers" (the part of a fiber optic light with the little strand). You must put the feathers into the pedestals and when the feather is put in it will light up a color. Match the feather's color with the color of the light to move on.
6. The Shrine of the Silver Monkey
7. The Dragon's Cave- There are two gray dragon bodies (one is light gray and the other is dark gray) in the back of the room. There are also two torch holders on the walls that have dragon heads with pegs on the bottom of them. You must take the two dragon heads and put them on their correct body.
8. The Quicksand Bog- Same as Season 3.
9. The Roman Ruins- The room is decorated like a roman palace. The player must reach into the correct 1 of 2 columns in search for a key, which can be used to open a door
10. The Indian Burial Grounds- The room is dimly lit. Three tee-pee like structures are in the back left corner, center, and front right corner areas of the room. The player must go into the tee-pees in search of a burial marker, which when inserted in the correct of three slots will open a door. The back left tee-pee has a ladder inside it which can lead you to the room above.
11. The Room of Harmonic Convergence- Same as Season 1 except the room is darker and the markings light up the color of the team when stomped on or when a door opens.
12. The Ledges

Layout 2
1. The Clockworks- A player must turn the correct of three gears to open a door.
2. The Magma Pit
3.T he Tomb of the Uncrowned Queens- In this room the railing has been moved back and in front of the railing are two thrones with the skeletons of queens sitting on them. In the back of the room are two crowns. You need to take one crown and put it on its proper queen to move on.
4. The Squid's Sanctum-The room is dark blue, with two green fish on each wall, and two on the front railing. There is a squid sitting on top of the ladder leading down to Aristotle's Library. The player must attach tentacles to the correct four fish to open a door.
5. The Room of the Illuminating Feathers*
6. The Shrine of the Silver Monkey
7.The Ancient Armory- The player must attach the helmet to the correct suit of armor to open a door going either way. An armor may inhabit a temple guard.
8. The Murky Marsh- The Same as the Quicksand Bog, except a ladder will lead you upwards.
9. The Sands of the Egyptian Pharoah- This room looks like the Tomb of the Ancient Kings, except for the room is full of sand and instead of the three golden doors in the back, there are egyptian mummy caskets. You must open the coffin, find the mummy's staff, and place in the correct casket's hands to open a door. The stage-left casket can open, revealing the ladder to the Shrine of the Silver Monkey, and the middle casket can have a temple guard in it.
10. The Mandarin Gardens- The room is decorated with beautiful, green plants. There are three yin yang symbols around the room. You must put the symbols into the openings on the back wall. The symbols will only stay in if they are turned the right way. Once all 3 symbols are pushed in correctly, you may move on.
11. Aristotle's Library1 - There's a shelve on each wall. Each shelves has 3 baskets on it. The player must dumped out the baskets, each filled with rubble, in order to find three scrolls, which need to be hung on a rope in the front of the room.
12. The Ledges

Layout 3

1. The Clockworks
2. The Forgotten Jungle- A player must go to the front of this room and push the gargoyles to open a door. There's rope ladder leading to the 4 top doors.
3. The Flag Room2- On each pedestal, there is a small plaque that show the names of one of 3 countries. There are also 4 flags in flag holder at the front the room. A player must but the 3 correct flags in the 3 correct pedestals to move on.
4. The Room of Good Fortunes- At the front of the room is a crystal ball. A player must turn the ball in different directions until a fortune is revealed on the ball. The room is lit red until the objective is completed.
5. The Golden Idol Treasury- There are 3 idols, one on each pedestal. All of there eyes have been replaced with jewels (an idol will have either ruby, sapphire or emerad eyes). In the pack of the room are three pieces of jewelry, a ruby necklace, a sapphire crown, and an emerald bracelet. A player must give on of the idols its matching jewelry and then push down on it's base to open a door.
6. The Shrine of the Silver Monkey
7. The Ancient Armory
8. The Murky Marsh
9. The Sands of the Egyptian Pharoah
10. Da Vinci's Hideout- The room is sscattered with books and and scrolls and the like. In the back of the room, there is a circled. Within the circle there is an outline of the Virtruvian Man. A player must but his arms and legs out the right outlines to open a door.
11. The Altar of the Everlasting Eye- In the front of the room sits a piece of an eyeball a top an altar. A player must find all the pieces of the giant eyeball and assemble it to open a door.
12. The Slippery Slopes- The Same as the Ledges, except the room is light a dark purple.

1- Credit goes to TBK for helping me come up with this name. Credited also goes to him for giving me almost all of the artifacts listed above. :mrblue:

2- Credit goes to PP319 for coming up with this room and name. Credited also goes to  him for coming up with the name for Epsiode 28.  :mrpurple:

If I copied anyhting that you created, please tell me and I will change it.  :mrblue:

The Jesters' Court / Phantom's Temple Chat
« on: November 18, 2011, 08:07:42 PM »
You can post here when you're on the chat to let others know you're on it.

The Heart Room / Episodes where we can see other artifacts
« on: November 14, 2011, 10:18:17 PM »
Can anyone think of any episodes where you can see another artifact? In the Mask of the Man in the Iron Mask, we can see Napoleon's Hat, and a Little bit of the Shriveled Hand of Efoua. Also, in Napoleon's Hat, we can see the Crown of queen Nzinga.

The Heart Room / Legends Artifacts
« on: November 11, 2011, 01:38:51 PM »
Just a thread where you can ask questions about artifacts (which is biggest, Creepiest, smallest, etc.)

My question is, Which artifact gave you the most creeps?

« on: October 23, 2011, 12:28:49 PM »
Ok, everyone send Nickelodeon messages with reas on why they should bring Legends back!!

 Use this form to send them your message:

Also, mention all the legends fan sites!!

 Links can be found at:


The Temple Games / Guess that Artifact!!!
« on: October 10, 2011, 09:12:48 AM »
Since I'm new to the forum, I think i'll try to know you guy better by starting a new game.  :mrgreen:

Rules: You must give a clue to the Legends Artifact that needs to be guessed
Example: Clue: White House Answer: President's wig (or something else)
If you guess it right, it's your turn to go.

I'll start with an easy one: Utters

Have Fun!!!!  :mrgreen:

The Heart Room / Legends Funniest/ Stupidest Moments
« on: October 10, 2011, 09:01:23 AM »
hey guys! I was wondering what moment from Legends you thought were the dumbest or funniest. A funny/stupid one in galileo's cannonball, when the temple guard tells the girl to go up the ladder in the throne room, and she cant find the ladder, then she trips on the arm of the throne!!

Share some of yours!!!  :mrgreen:

The Heart Room / The Treasury of the Golden Orbs
« on: October 09, 2011, 06:02:58 PM »
Hey. I was legends on youtube, and i noticed that the bases of the golden orbs are shaped!!

One is triangular, one is squared, and one is a circle!!!

Any other info about this??

PS: I'm new to this forum.

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