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Title: Rediscovery EP: The Sheath of Excalibur
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Author's Note: This is one of the episodes in my independent project.  If you have any complaints, first thing to do is to go see the episode directory here:
Legends: The Rediscovery (

Episode 85px]

The camera maneuvers through a thick rainforest to stop in front of an ancient temple.  A giant stone head next to the gate of the temple begins to speak:
"LEGENDS OF THE HIDDEN TEMPLE! With your guide, Kirk Fogg! And here he is NOW!"

On this final word, Kirk appears from behind the Temple Guard door in the Dungeon and runs straight out into the foreground of the stage to greet the crowd. "Thank you! Thank you very much! Nice to see you! Nice to see you, Olmec! Welcome to Legends of the Hidden Temple.  The rooms are filled with lost treasures that are protected by mysterious Mayan Temple Guards.  Only Olmec knows the legend behind each of the treasures in his temple.  Which legend are we gonna hear about today?"

Olmec replies:
"The Legend of the Sheath of Excalibur."

"Ooh, the Sheath of Excalibur!" Kirk says in response. "Well, it's the Tournament of Champions, and it's the final round.  These four teams won in the Temple once.  They came back, faced off against three other teams of champions and got to go to the Temple again.  Now, one of these last four champion teams will have a chance to retrieve the Sheath of Excalibur, so let?s talk to our four teams.  On the Red Jaguars, we have?"

The camera cuts to a bust shot of the Red Jaguars? an average-sized brown-haired boy with glasses over his brown eyes and a girl with long, straight brown hair, blue-green eyes and a braces-framed smile? atop the Steps of Knowledge, then segues to a short video montage of various shots through the episode the two players were from, while the theme music plays and the players talk over it.
?My name?s Taylor Kowalczyk, and I?m thirteen,? says the boy; the clip played is of him climbing out of the waters of the Moat onto the deck, and running over to hit his team?s gong while his full name appears in a red version of the credits font at the bottom of the screen.
?I?m Taylor Coombs, and I?m thirteen years old,? the girl says, answering the final question her team needs at the Steps of Knowledge and jumping down onto the final step as her name appears at the bottom of the screen.
?I?m on my school?s soccer team, I read a lot,? Taylor K explains over a clip of him making it through the bamboo forest first in his individual Temple Game. ?I like reading about foreign cultures, especially Thailand.?
?I?m in the drama club at my school, but I really wanna star in action movies,? Taylor C says over a clip of her pulling her boat back to the dock faster than the Silver Snake in her individual Temple Game. ?Really like Invisible Woman.?
?Our first episode was ?The Golden Grapes of Dionysus,? ? narrates Taylor K as the camera makes a reveal of the artifact in the Shrine of the Silver Monkey; the clip switches to Taylor C going into the Temple first.
?I was pretty excited we got to come back here,? Taylor C explains as she?s caught by the first Temple Guard in the Crystal Cave with 2:23 remaining; the clip segues to her meeting her second in the Dragon?s Lair with 1:51 on the clock after she completes the room objective. ?Makes up for the Temple Guards scaring me.? She laughs as the clip starts to change to Taylor K entering.
?Yeah, it?s cool we get to come back,? Taylor K admits during his encounter with the third guard in the Laser Light Room with 1:17 to go. ?Wanna see how I match up with other winners.?
?I?m pretty competitive too,? Taylor C admits as Taylor K grabs the Golden Grapes in the Shrine with 44 seconds left; the clip segues to him returning through the gates with the artifact with twenty seconds to go. ?We got to come back? why not be the last team standing??
?Our semifinal round was ?The Mystical Staff of? O?komfo A?knock-ee-ay,? ? Taylor K explains as the Mystical Staff of Okomfo Anokye is revealed in the Laser Light Room.
?Yeah, we didn?t do as good there,? Taylor C admits as the last fifteen seconds of the Temple Run? Taylor K going through the Knights? Barracks, only to run out of time as he leaves the room, ?but we didn?t need to win another vacation to make it to the final round, and we?re here and we?re only three teams away from #1.  We?re Taylor? and we?re in it to win it.? After the clock hits zero and disappears, the camera segues back from the montage to the bust shot of the Red Jaguars at the top of the Steps.
?All right, let?s hear it for the Red Jaguars!? Kirk shouts, and the audience briefly cheers and applauds for Taylor K and Taylor C. ?And now let?s get to know the Blue Barracudas??

Another video montage occurs after a bust shot of the Blue Barracudas? a brown-haired boy with hazel eyes and a curly-blonde girl with blue eyes, both of average height.  This time, the rule-explanation theme is used for background music.
?I?m Dylan Hall, and I?m twelve years old,? says the boy, as a clip of him answering a question on the Steps of Knowledge correctly is played and his full name appears in a blue version of the credits font at the bottom of the screen.
?I?m Brittany Rowland, and I?m thirteen,? says the girl; her name appears onscreen over a clip of her correctly answering the last question on the Steps and moving down to the bottom with Dylan.
?Our episode was?? Dylan pauses, then talks a bit faster, ?Urashima Tar? and the Box of Lost Time.? The artifact in question is revealed in the Dragon?s Lair in the background.
?Pretty tough stuff,? Brittany comments over a shot of her keeping her balance on an ice floe Dylan pushes across the Moat. ?We almost lost at the Moat!? The Green Monkeys can be seen climbing out of the Moat before the picture changes.
?I?m really big on baseball, football, I like camping? I?m a sports guy,? Dylan laughs over a shot of him sailing out to the island in the first Temple Game.
?I swim, I do track and field and I?m kind of an artist,? Brittany explains as a clip of her running on the wheel with the show?s insignia in the second Temple Game. ?I paint a bit.?
?I?m a competitive person,? Dylan says as the camera shows Brittany meeting her first Temple Guard in the Laser Light Room with 2:39 remaining. ?I don?t like being one-upped.?
?I got this far and I?m pretty happy,? Brittany disagrees as the camera shows her meeting her second guard in the Switch Inferno with 1:25 left. ?Whatever happens, I?m just glad I got a trip to St. Martin already.?
?I think we did a good job getting here,? says Dylan, shown climbing up into the Dragon?s Lair from the Crystal Cave and grabbing the Box of Lost Time with 35 seconds on the clock.  The clip then segues to him running down the stairs from the Room of Temple Gongs with twenty seconds to go. ?They wanted us to come back, and I?m gonna try my hardest, ?cause now I?m in it to win it.? Dylan emerges through the gate with the Box of Lost Time with fifteen seconds on left.
?Our semifinal round was ?The Lion-Skin Cloak of Hercules,? ? Brittany explains as the artifact is revealed in the Knights? Barracks, ?and it?s awesome we made it to the final round.?
?Yeah,? Dylan comments as the last twenty seconds of the run? Dylan working on the Lost Treasury objective, and then going through the Labyrinth? are replayed. ?I mean, I barely made the auditions, we were fifth in the Moat, it was a close win and I totally didn?t expect us to get to go to the Temple TWICE.?
?Look out! Temple visit #3, coming up!? comments Brittany as the clock hits zero with Dylan disappearing into a dead end in the Labyrinth.  The clock and other indicators on the screen disappear, and then the camera segues back from the montage to the bust shot of the Blue Barracudas.
?All right, let?s hear it for the Blue Barracudas!? Kirk shouts, and the audience cheers for a smiling Dylan and Brittany. ?And now the Green Monkeys??

The montage for the Green Monkeys? a white boy with brown hair, freckles and hazel eyes and a black girl with straightened hair in a ponytail? uses the main theme of the show as background music.
?I?m Mathew Castleberry, and I?m thirteen years old,? the boy says; the clip shown is of him crawling out of a tunnel of suspended inner tubes which serves as a bridge across the Moat; while the clip plays, his name appears at the bottom of the screen in a teal version of the credits font.
?Tamika Taylor, and I?m fourteen,? says the girl; her name appears onscreen as she emerges from the tunnel of inner tubes and runs over to light up the team gong.
?The episode we were in was ?The Torch of Fujiwara? no Nobuyori,? ? Mathew explains as the Torch is revealed to be in the Switch Inferno.
?I?m a music lover,? Tamika explains, shown answering the last question needed to get to the bottom of the Steps of Knowledge. ?I got a lot of CDs from my older sisters and I dance ballet.?
?I?m a coin collector,? Mathew says during a clip of him making his way through the bamboo forest in his individual Temple Game, ?but I?m on my school?s swim team.?
?We did pretty good,? comments Tamika as a clip plays of her jumping up and attaching flame symbols to the ceiling in her individual Temple Game.
?Well, it was kinda close,? Mathew admits during the team Temple Game, which involves Tamika shooting a ball which he has to catch and stick on each target. ?We were first up until the games, and we only won because the other team couldn?t aim.? He laughs.
?We made it though,? Tamika reminds during a clip of her running up into the Temple and immediately hitting the first Temple Guard in the Room of Temple Gongs. ?But I didn?t last that long,? she laughs as the clip segues to the second Temple Guard taking her out of the Laser Light Room with 2:30 remaining.
?I was kinda worried I was gonna be caught,? Mathew says as the clip played is him grabbing the Torch with 51 seconds on the clock. ?But we made it out.  I think we would?ve won if I went first, I think we made a good team.? The clip segues to Mathew running down the stairs and through the Temple Gate with the Torch with ten seconds to go.
?Then we got into the Tournament in ?The Jeweled Chalice of Nebu? Nebuchadnezzar,? ? continues Tamika; the camera makes a reveal of the Jeweled Calix in the Dungeon as she speaks.
?That was awesome that we got to come back,? Mathew remarks over a clip of himself sliding down the Pharaoh?s Secret Passage into the Dungeon with forty seconds to go. ?I mean, it started with my dad finding a thing about auditions in the newspaper and now I got four prizes and vacations to Canada AND Mexico.  That?s awesome.? Mathew grabs the Jeweled Calix off the shelf next to the mouth of the passage, then climbs up the Shrine ladder and starts heading back across the top floor.
?Hey, I helped too!? Tamika laughs as Mathew?s exit continues along. ?I think we got a good chance of being #1 here.  I mean, we got the vacations twice.  We won in the Temple twice.  How about a third time??
?Let?s do it!? Mathew concludes as he makes it out of the Temple with the Calix with only four seconds left in the flashback.  The camera then fades back to the present, changing from the middle of the post-Temple Run celebration to the bust shot of the Green Monkeys.
?Let?s hear it for the Green Monkeys!? shouts Kirk, and the audience cheers momentarily for Mathew and Tamika. ?And now let?s get to know the Purple Parrots??

The Purple Parrots are made up of a blue-eyed boy with straight brown hair, and an brown-eyed girl with her slightly wavy dark hair up in a ponytail.  The one Temple Game theme used only in the first season of the original show is used for background music in the Purple Parrots? montage.
?I?m Curtis Galloway, and I?m thirteen years old,? the boy says over a clip of him crossing the Moat on the swinging steps; his full name appears onscreen in a purple version of the credits font.
?I?m Kendra Romanescu, and I?m thirteen,? says the girl, with a trace of a Southern accent; her name appears onscreen as she makes it to the other side of the Moat and hits the team?s gong.
?Our episode was ?Rolled Amunsten?s Final Telegram,? ? Curtis explains, mispronouncing the name ?Roald Amundsen? as a reveal of the artifact in the Junction of the Secret Shafts is made.
?It was the first episode,? Kendra adds over a clip of her answering the last correct answer to move on to the Temple Games from the Steps of Knowledge.
?I?m pretty big on football and basketball? really like the Lakers and the Vikings? and I wanna make movies,? Curtis explains over a shot of him swinging across the Great Chasm in the Temple with 1:43 on the clock.
?I was born in Canada? love to write, and I love horses,? Kendra says over a clip of her going around to collect water bottles in the rotating lever in her individual Temple Game. ?I think I wanna be a vet.?
?I felt kinda pressured since we were the first team in the Temple,? Curtis tells the audience over a shot of Kendra meeting her first Temple Guard in the Chamber of the Sacred Markers with 2:26 on the clock.
? ?Cause we had to show everyone after us how it?s done?? Kendra asks as she?s captured in the Tomb of the Headless Kings after putting the skull on the correct king with 2:03 left.
?Yeah, but we did good,? Curtis comments over a shot of him grabbing the Final Telegram with 27 seconds remaining.
?And we both had our own ideas of what we were gonna do,? Kendra laughs over a shot of Curtis emerging from the Ledges with time ticking down. ?Good thing we got it and we?re here!? Curtis makes it through the Temple Gate with seven seconds remaining.
?Then we came back in ?The Burnt Treasures of ?neas,? ? Curtis adds as a reveal of the artifact in the Lost Treasury is made.
?We didn?t win, but good thing we didn?t have to to make it to the finals,? Kendra says over a clip of Curtis leaving the Labyrinth with thirteen seconds on the clock, then grabbing the Lost Treasures with nine seconds to go. ?We got the treasure, yeah, but we?re totally gonna win this time!? After time runs out in the middle of the Great Chasm, the clock and indicators disappear, followed by a segue back to the present.
?All right, there?s our four teams! Let?s hear it for the Purple Parrots!? Kirk announces, and the audience cheers and applauds for Curtis and Kendra, who smile throughout the applause.

"All right, now that we know our teams," says Kirk, "it's time for Olmec to tell us about the Sheath of Excalibur.  Pay attention, teams, because your knowledge of the Legend can bring you a step closer to the Temple and the title of 'Champions of Champions.' "
Olmec begins to tell the legend:
" 'One of the greatest kings of all time was the legendary King Arthur.  He and his wife Guinevere ruled over ancient Britain from their castle at Camelot, and he came from a long line of royalty, which he was able to prove as a child.  When Arthur was young, a sword was found lodged in a stone, and legend had it only the future king could extract the sword.  Even the strongest men in the kingdom failed to pull the sword from the stone, but Arthur did it easily, and the Sword in the Stone became his weapon of choice from that day.  However?
"Legend has it that several years later, King Arthur was challenged to a duel on a bridge by a knight named Launcelot.
" 'I have battled scores of warriors before thee, and I have lost not once,' he said. 'King or no, if thou wantst to cross this bridge, thou hast to defeat me first.'
" 'I gladly accept,' replied Arthur.  The two dueled for quite a while before Arthur managed to deliver a blow that knocked Launcelot unconscious, but also broke Arthur's sword.  When Launcelot came to, he accepted defeat and even pledged loyalty to Arthur, but the Sword in the Stone needed to be replaced.
" 'If I may, my liege,' suggested Arthur's guardian, the wizard Merlin, 'I might have a solution to thy problem.' "
"Merlin showed Arthur a mystical lake, where he claimed Arthur could find a new sword.  The Lady of the Lake extended her arm above the surface of the water, and in her hand, an enchanted sword named Excalibur, which could also protect Arthur so long as he had its sheath with him.  However, the sheath was stolen by the evil Morgana le Fay.  When Arthur died, one of his knights returned Excalibur to the Lady of the Lake, but the sheath made its way to the Temple.  Your quest is to find the Sheath of Excalibur and bring it back here."

"Thank you Olmec," Kirk says after Olmec finishes telling the legend. "So tell us, where is the Sheath of the Excalibur?"
Olmec replies:
"The Sheath of Excalibur can be found somewhere in the Labyrinth." The camera switches to a detail shot of an ivory sheath lying in the front of the Labyrinth, then segues back to Kirk.

"Teams," Kirk begins, walking down the steps, "as you know, in a minute, Olmec will ask you a question.  If you think you know the answer, I want you to stomp down on the ancient marking in front of you.  If you're right, you'll move down to the next level, but if you're wrong or out of time, I'll give the other teams a chance.  The first two teams to make it down to the bottom level will be the last two teams standing, and they're gonna be one step closer to the title of 'Legends Champion' and a third chance at Olmec's Temple.  Olmec, we're all ready for your first question."

Olmec begins:
?According to our legend, was Excalibur King Arthur?s: First sword, Second sword or Third sword??
Mathew hits the marking first: ?Second sword.?
?Correct,? replies Olmec.
?Nice job, Green Monkeys, step down,? says Kirk, and the Green Monkeys move down to the second step. ?Olmec, next question.?
Olmec asks:
?Did King Arthur receive Excalibur from the: Mistress of the Moon, Fairy of the Forest or Lady of the Lake??
Mathew rings in again: ?The? uh, the Lady of the Lake???
?That is correct,? says Olmec in response.
?Whoo! Just like that, the Green Monkeys are now just one step away from the Temple Games,? declares Kirk as the Green Monkeys move onto the third step. ?We?re looking for two teams.  Next question.?
Olmec now asks:
?Was King Arthur?s first sword: Extracted from a stone, Hidden in a cave or???
A stomp from Curtis interrupts Olmec: ?Pulled from a stone.?
?All right, Purple Parrots, step down!? Kirk encourages, and the Purple Parrots walk down to the second level. ?Next question, Olmec!?
Olmec asks:
?Was the Sheath of Excalibur stolen by: Sir Galahad, Morgana le Fay???
Dylan buzzes in: ?Morgan-a le Fay.?
?Correct,? answers Olmec.
?Blue Barracudas on the board!? shouts Kirk, and the Blue Barracudas join the Purple Parrots on the second step. ?It?s a stomping match! Olmec, next question!?
Olmec then asks:
?In our legend, was the Sword in the Stone broken in a duel against: The Black Knight, Sir Launcelot or King Uther??
Dylan steps in again: ?Lancelot???
?That is correct.?
?Next correct response and the Blue Barracudas are going to the Temple Games!? Kirk explains as the Blue Barracudas move down to the third step. ?Red Jaguars can still get in this.  Next question!?
Olmec asks:
?According to the legend, was the lake where the Lady of the Lake lived shown to King Arthur by: Sir Kay, Merlin or Sir Ector??
Mathew gongs in: ?Merlin.?
?That is correct!? Olmec shouts, and the Green Monkeys hop down onto the bottommost step.
?We got our first team going on to the Temple Games! It?s the Green Monkeys!? Kirk announces as Mathew and Tamika start celebrating on the bottom step and the audience bursts into applause. ?We?re still looking for one more team, and will it be the Red Jaguars, the Blue Barracudas or the Purple Parrots? Olmec, next question!?
Olmec continues:
?Did Sir Launcelot challenge King Arthur: In a forest, At a bridge or In the t???
Taylor C cuts Olmec off: ?At a bridge.?
?Red Jaguars on the board!? Kirk declares as the Red Jaguars move down to the second step. ?This is anybody?s game now.  Olmec, continue.?
Olmec does so by asking:
?King Arthur was the brother of which of these figures: Morgana le Fay, Guinevere or Merlin??
Taylor K stomps down and answers: ?Morgana le Fay???
?That is correct.?
?Whoo! They?re making a comeback, and now the Red Jaguars are just one step away from the Temple Games!? Kirk announces as the Red Jaguars move down to the third step. ?Next question!?
Olmec asks:
?Which of these treasures did King Arthur and his knights search for: The Golden Fleece, the Holy Grail or the Fountain of Youth??
Kendra buzzes in: ?Holy Grail.?
?That is correct,? Olmec answers, and the Purple Parrots join the Red Jaguars and Blue Barracudas on the penultimate step.
?It?s all tied up on the second-to-last step!? Kirk announces. ?Next correct response is moving on to the Temple Games! Next question!?
Olmec continues:
?According to legend, did Morgana le Fay hide the Sheath of Excalibur: In a sealed cave, In the ground or In a lake??
Dylan just barely beats Taylor K to the buzzer: ?Um? In a lake???
?THAT IS CORRECT!? Olmec bellows, and the Blue Barracudas jump down beside the Green Monkeys on the bottom step.
?We got our two teams right here!? Kirk announces, running up the middle of the bottommost step.  Once he?s behind the two teams, he turns to face the camera and the qualifying players continue to celebrate with each other. ?The Blue Barracudas and the Green Monkeys! These are the top two teams, and they?re gonna face off in the Temple Games! Red Jaguars, Purple Parrots, you guys gave it a great effort, and we still got another great gift for you, and here?s what it is.? In addition to the prizes from their last appearances, Taylor K, Taylor C, Curtis and Kendra will each be receiving a Nintendo video game chair.
The camera cuts back to Kirk and the two winning teams at the bottom of the Steps of Knowledge. ?These two teams are gonna be playing for #1 and the right to enter Olmec?s Temple one last time,? he says, ?right after this!? The camera pans out over the audience before fading to commercial.
Title: Rediscovery EP: The Sheath of Excalibur
Post by: The Ancient Warrior on January 13, 2010, 06:06:08 PM
Kirk is standing between the Blue Barracudas and Green Monkeys in front of the Great Chasm. ?Welcome back to Legends: Tournament of Champions!? he says. ?Now is the time where the glory goes to the fastest and the strongest, so let?s hear it again for Dylan and Brittany of the Blue Barracudas!? Dylan and Brittany clap along with the cheering audience. ?And Mathew and Tamika of the Green Monkeys!? Mathew and Tamika also clap along when the audience applauds for them. ?They?re the last two teams standing and they?re gonna go head-to-head for #1 right now.  All right, you guys ready to play??
?YEAH!? the four players shout.
?All right, now go get ready for the Temple Games!? Kirk says, and the players walk offscreen in different directions. ?In the Temple Games, each team is competing for?? he opens his pocket and pulls out a small gold medallion to show to the camera? ?these Pendants of Life.  The winning team? the Grand Champions? will need those Pendants to protect themselves from the dreaded Temple Guards as they make their way through the Temple.  There are three Temple Games, and Olmec? tell us about Temple Game #1.?

Olmec begins:
?King Arthur and all his knights rode on horseback to get from place to place.  In this game, you must prove your horsemanship.  Hold on tight, because when Kirk gives the signal, the horse below you will begin to spin.
?The player who?s still on after 60 seconds? or the player who stays on the longest? wiiins!?
?Giddy up!? Kirk remarks, standing in front of the horse machine. ?Let?s put 60 seconds on the clock!? The clock appears in the corner of the screen as Kirk runs off to the right side of the screen. ?On your mark, get set, GO!?
Dylan and Tamika hang on as the horse machine starts to turn clockwise, and for a while, neither of them ends up moving.  The horse is turned counterclockwise starting around :45, cranked a bit more vigorously with each turn.  Tamika starts to lose her grip after the direction is changed again at the halfway mark; Dylan?s legs start to slip a little later, but Tamika completely falls off the horse with 21 seconds left.
?That?s it!? Kirk declares, running over.  Dylan drops off the horse and relaxes. ?Green Monkeys fell off first, so that gets the Blue Barracudas a half a Pendant of Life!? The audience applauds briefly. ?Green Monkeys can catch up in this next game, it?s worth a half Pendant.  Olmec, tell us about Temple Game #2.?

Olmec continues:
?When King Arthur?s original sword broke, he went to retrieve Excalibur from the Lady of the Lake.  In this game, you will need to bring a sword back from the middle of the lake.  When Kirk gives the signal, sail out to the island, get out and take the sword.  Then, turn around and use the rope to pull yourself back to the dock.
?The first player to grab the sword and return with both feet on the dock? or the player that?s further along after 30 seconds? wins.?
?I hope the water won?t be too rough on our teams,? Kirk chuckles, standing in the middle of the dock. ?Let?s put 30 seconds on the clock.? The countdown clock appears onscreen. ?On your mark, get set, GO!?
Both Brittany and Mathew make great time getting to the islands; they land with about twenty seconds remaining, grab their swords and turn around their boats at the :15 mark.  However, Brittany manages to pull herself back toward the dock a tad faster than Mathew; she makes it back with four seconds left, while Mathew steps back on the dock with only two seconds remaining.
?All right, time?s up? I mean, that?s the end of the game!? Kirk announces. ?Blue Barracudas made it back first, so they get another half Pendant of Life!? The audience applauds again. ?So now Blue Barracudas have a full Pendant, Green Monkeys still haven?t scored, but they can catch up in the next game, it?s worth a full Pendant.  Olmec, tell us about Temple Game #3.?

Olmec narrates:
?King Arthur fought many armies and enemy soldiers as a king and a general.  In this game, you must only take down four soldiers, but since we don?t have swords, you?ll have to use these slingshot.  When Kirk gives the signal, lob a cannonball at one of the soldiers on the wall.  Then you partner will place a cannonball in the slingshot and fire at the soldiers.
?The first team to knock down all four soldiers? or the team that knocks over the most soldiers in 60 seconds? wins.?
?This is for the Champions? Seat and that last Temple Run,? Kirk reminds the audience. ?Green Monkeys need it to tie.  Let?s put 60 seconds on the clock.? The clock then appears in the corner of the screen, and Kirk steps to the side. ?On your marks, get set, GO!?
?Bombs away!? The game starts with the girls taking aim.  Neither hit the targets, but when the boys take over for the first time, Dylan knocks over the rightmost target for the Blue Barracudas with :54 left.  It?s evident that it might?ve just been a lucky shot, however, since the players come close several times but don?t make another hit for a while; with :41 left on the clock, Mathew knocks down the leftmost target on his third try for the Green Monkeys.  However, Tamika scores again on the very next attempt.
?These teams are tough, it looks pretty even,? Kirk comments as the Temple Game approaches its latter half.  With :31 remaining, Brittany knocks down the second-from-left target for the Blue Barracudas on her fifth attempt, but Tamika gets another target for the Green Monkeys only about six seconds later.  With :12 on the clock, Dylan strikes the second-from-right Barracuda target; Brittany aims at the last target on her next try, but doesn?t shoot with enough force to knock the target over.  With three seconds left, however, Tamika knocks over the rightmost Green Monkey target, ending the game.
?All right, that?s it, let?s check it out!? Kirk announces. ?Green Monkeys finished just before time ended.  They get the full Pendant, so it?s a Pendant apiece, we go to a tiebreaker! Bring out the tiebreaker pedestals!?

The players run over to the tiebreaker pedestals and stand behind their gongs as directed by Kirk. ?Here?s the tiebreaker rules.  In a second, Olmec will ask you a question.  If you think you know the answer, hit the gong in front of you.  You?ll have three seconds to answer and I must accept your first response.  If you?re right, you and your partner will be going inside the Temple in search of the Great Seal, but if you?re wrong or run out of time, I'll give the other teams a chance.  All clear?"
The players nod in response.
"Olmec!" Kirk shouts. "What is the final question??

Olmec asks:
?Was King Arthur descended from a king named: Ector, Uther or Proctor??
Mathew hits the gong first: ?King Uther???
Olmec replies:
?That? is? correct.?
Tamika lets out a scream of joy and jumps up and down, then hugs Mathew as the audience cheers. ?The Green Monkeys are correct!? announces Kirk. ?The Green Monkeys are goin? to the Temple, and they?re the Top Legends Champions! Gimme some five!? Tamika and Mathew each high-five Kirk, then celebrate with Dylan and Brittany as Kirk walks over to the Blue Barracudas. ?These guys gave it a gallant effort too, and it was great having ?em.  I wish we could send all of them to the Temple, but we got a great gift for them.  Here?s what we?ve got for them.? Dylan and Brittany will each be receiving an XBOX 360 game package, complete with two new games.
The camera cuts away from the consolation prize and back to Kirk standing behind the Green Monkeys at the tiebreaker pedestal. ?We have our Grand Champions, and now we?ll see if the Green Monkeys can make it through Olmec?s Temple a third time and retrieve the Sheath of Excalibur? right after this!? The camera zooms in on the Sheath in the front of the Labyrinth, then fades to commercial.
Title: Rediscovery EP: The Sheath of Excalibur
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Kirk stands in front of the Temple's stairs to the camera-right of Mathew and Tamika. "Welcome back to Legends," he says to the camera before turning to the Green Monkeys. "You two have proven themselves worthy and now have earned the right to enter the Temple for the third time.  Now, you've already made the top spot in the Tournament of Champions? let's hear it for them one more time!" The audience bursts into loud cheering and applause for a few seconds. "That's all out of the way now, so Olmec?" he turns to Olmec? "can you offer the Green Monkeys any clues about your Temple to help them retrieve the Sheath of Excalibur?"
Olmec begins to give the rundown:
"You could start by climbing through the Crevasse and climbing down into the Great Chasm.  Then, race into the Lost Treasury.  Put the correct artifact on the altar, and you could choose to go up into the Cathedral, or into the Labyrinth, where you can grab the Sheath of Excalibur.  If you escape, you might have a chance to enter the Switch Inferno.  Hit the right actuator to go upstairs, or plow through the wall and into the Dungeon.
"Next, climb up the Pharaoh's Secret Passage into the Geographer?s Study.  Take the correct book off the bookshelf to open the door to the SHRIIIIIIIIIIIiine of the Silver Monkey!  Assemble the statue, and you may be headed for the Knights' Barracks.  Place the sword in the correct sheath, and you could advance into the Laser Light Room.  Find the right combination to unleash the power of the laser, and swing on the rope back across the Great Chasm.  Then, pass through the Arctic Antechamber, race down the stairs and back through the Temple Gates.  The choices are yours and yours alone!" Olmec pauses for a second. "You won 1 Pendant in the Temple Games.  Who's going first??
"I am," says Tamika.
"Very well, Tamika!" replies Olmec as Kirk hands out the Pendants of Life. "Hidden inside the Temple are three ventilation shafts which may lead you into the Labyrinth, as well as Temple Guards assigned to protect three specific rooms.  You can trade your Pendant for an extra life and go on BUT if you're caught without a Pendant, you'll be taken out of the Temple? and it'll be Mathew's turn to enter and try his luck.  Hidden inside the Temple are the two halves of your Pendant.  If you can find both of them, you will get an extra life.  If you reach the Sheath, all the doors of the Temple will instantly unlock and the Temple Guards will vanish.  Return through the gates with the Sheath of Excalibur in three minutes, and you will both be handsomely rewarded? and here's how!"
?   For just making it into the Temple, they?re both going to get a 19? TV provided by Magnavox.
?   If they can grab the Sheath in three minutes, they?re both going to get an Epiphone Les Paul 100 electric guitar.
?   And if they can get the Sheath out of the Temple before 3 minutes is up, they?ll both be cruising to the Caribbean! A four-day cruise aboard Norwegian Cruise Line, with two pools, volleyball and basketball courts, from Norwegian Cruise Line.  It?s different out there.  Altogether, a prize package totaling $15,220!

"They've already won in the Temple twice? Can the third time be the charm? Let's try to get these Green Monkeys on that cruise!" Kirk says to the camera before turning to Mathew. "Now, Mathew, what?s your strategy?"
"Um, they wanted us to start going down last time," Mathew begins, "so we're starting down in the Ledges and we're gonna? get there the shortest way we can."
"All right! Well, let's see if that gets you guys on the cruise," Kirk says. "Tamika, get into position.  Put your mouthpieces in.  Let's put three minutes on the clock." The countdown clock appears onscreen. "Olmec, will you lower your gate?"
Olmec groans gutturally as he lowers the gate; the blue lights under him are turned off.
"All right, this is it.  On your mark, get set, GO!"

?There she goes! Up into the Temple!? announces Kirk as Tamika runs up the stairs and slides down into the Crevasse.  She makes her way down to the lower crawl tube, then hits the actuator for the tube, opening the door.  Tamika progresses on into the Great Chasm with 2:44 remaining, then makes her way across the room and hits the actuator for the Lost Treasury door, which opens (2:39).  She scrambles through the tunnel into the room and pulls a mirror and a log book out of the treasure box behind the ladder; the door leading upwards opens as soon as she puts the mirror on the altar in the front of the room (2:31), and Tamika starts to climb up the ladder.  A few rungs up, however, she turns to Matthew and points at the half Pendant on one of the rungs.
?Oh, she?s signaling back to Mathew, for the half Pendant!? Kirk remarks as Tamika climbs up into the Cathedral. ?There?s one more in there somewhere! Can she find it? Will they need the other Pendant?? Tamika sets foot in the Cathedral with 2:24 remaining, then starts looking around for the missing pieces of stained glass to complete the window in the center of the room.  She finds the first piece with 2:15 on the clock, then finds the second with 2:07 left and the final piece with 2:03 to go.  Tamika doesn?t put any of the pieces in the window until she has all three, however; when she completes the window with 1:59 on the clock, the mystic black pattern on the walls glows a bright violet and the sheet-door in the back of the room shoots upward, revealing the ladder up into the Laser Light Room as well as the first TEMPLE GUARD!
?Oh, Temple Guard!? Kirk remarks as Tamika hands over her Pendant of Life. ?There?s the only Pendant, they?re all out now! Unless Mathew finds the other Pendant?? Tamika climbs up into the Laser Light Room with 1:48 on the clock and gets to work on the laser generator in the front of the room, aligning the glass LEDs on the column part of the generator.  When she completes the puzzle with 1:34 remaining, the dome part of the generator emits a bright white laser, and the door leading into the Knights? Barracks opens; Tamika goes down the stairs into that room, entering with 1:31 to go.
?Next time a Temple Guard gets her, it?ll be time for Mathew to go in.  Minute two? er, twenty!? Tamika pauses for a second, then grabs the sword from the railing in the front of the room and inserts it in the middle sheath, opening the door leading into the Shrine of the Silver Monkey (1:23). ?She?s gotta get the three parts of the monkey and put the monkey together now!? Tamika climbs up onto the shelves to grab all three pieces of the statue in one sweep, then takes them to the front of the room.  Delayed a bit trying to avoid dropping any pieces over the edge, Tamika places the base with 1:13 to go, then takes a few moments to properly position the middle (1:07) before inserting the head and jamming it down with 1:04 remaining.  She almost goes through the open door into the Geographer?s Study, but changes her mind and instead climbs down into the Dungeon with 1:01 to go.  However, as soon as she touches the ladder, out jumps the second TEMPLE GUARD!
?There, another Temple Guard! Mathew, go!? Kirk announces, sending Mathew into the Temple with 59 seconds left.  He slides down into the Crevasse, then enters the Great Chasm with 49 on the clock before going on into the Lost Treasury.  He grabs the half Pendant off the ladder, and then climbs up into the Cathedral with forty seconds remaining.  Mathew continues up into the Laser Light Room with 33 seconds to go, then rushes across the top until the Shrine of the Silver Monkey (0:24).
?He?s gotta hurry! Twenty seconds, he?s just two rooms away!? Kirk declares as Mathew enters the Dungeon with 21 seconds remaining.  He then jumps down the ladder, busts through the wall and enters the Switch Inferno with seventeen seconds left. ?Hit a button to move on! Hurry!? Mathew goes to the far wall and hits two of the actuators before the doors open with eleven seconds to go, allowing him to crawl through into the Labyrinth (0:09!!).
?He?s in the room, he?s just gotta grab it! Hurry!? Kirk shouts as the audience starts counting down and Tamika screams in excitement.  Mathew moves toward the front of the room, passing the boarded-up ramp, and jumps down off the ledge (0:06!!).  He runs across the front part of the room and grabs the SHEATH! With two seconds left, he continues across the room? but we?re out of time!
?Yes! He got it!? confirms Kirk; beside him, Tamika squeals and jumps up and down. ?They got to the Sheath in time, that was down to the wire! They got it, they get the TV?s and the guitars, and all the other prizes from the last times they were on.  They did a great job, I love this Green Monkey team, this Ultimate Champion team? But we gotta get outta here.  I don?t wanna, but we gotta.  Check us again next time for more Legends of the Hidden Temple! Buh-bye!? The camera shows rooms such as the Switch Inferno and the Shrine of the Silver Monkey, along with a first-person run through all the hallways in the Labyrinth, while the credits roll.
Title: Rediscovery EP: The Sheath of Excalibur
Post by: The Ancient Warrior on January 13, 2010, 08:35:27 PM
Temple Run Summary
Episode 85px]

Name of Artifact: The Sheath of Excalibur
Season: 2
Layout: 6 (10 overall; Tournament of Champions)
Result: Did not escape in time
Time Remaining: N/A
Team: Green Monkeys
Pendants Won: 1
Location of Artifact: The Labyrinth


And so we've reached the finale.  The last teams standing from the four episodes before this came back to face off, and all four gave it a great effort at the Steps of Knowledge.  After a close competition, the Blue Barracudas joined the Green Monkeys at the bottom of the steps.  The Monkeys also came back at the Temple Games, tying for one Pendant and then winning the tiebreaker outright.

The Temple Run was extremely difficult, but then again, given that this was the last team standing, the producers would obviously expect a lot.  Unlike the other two episodes, Tamika lasted a very long time in the Temple, getting taken out in her eighth room with a minute left.  Mathew did an impressive job of making up for lost time, and a stroke of luck in the Switch Inferno meant that he made it to the Sheath with just two seconds left.  I honestly can't think of anything else the Green Monkeys could've done in order to win for the third time, but hey, 2 out of 3 ain't bad, and going to the Temple more than once was an accomplishment in its own right.  That said, this was a great episode to finish out on.

Trivia and Records:
This is the only time an artifact is hidden in the Labyrinth.  Mathew and Tamika have won the most prizes out of any champion team, at a total 8.
Title: Rediscovery EP: The Sheath of Excalibur
Post by: The Bandit King on January 14, 2010, 10:41:30 AM
Nice finale. Too bad it wasn't a win - I really wish this series could've gone out with a bang. But when you have to take a route as difficult as this team did, reaching the artifact is an achievement in and of itself.

Awesome work on the entire series, and I hope to see more stuff like this, regardless of whether or not you decide to continue this series.
Title: Rediscovery EP: The Sheath of Excalibur
Post by: The Court Jester on January 14, 2010, 07:29:17 PM
Great finale. And it was a very exciting episode too. Close steps round, tying at the temple games, and getting the sheath with only a couple seconds left. 10/10!

Great work on the entire series and maybe you might continue on the series? But if not, that's okay.
Title: Rediscovery EP: The Sheath of Excalibur
Post by: The Bamboo Forest on January 20, 2010, 02:18:33 AM
There's something I've always forgot to mention... the prize totals  have always been a little unrealistic. I remember DD2K giving away HDTVs (which were worth a lot in 2000) and the prize package totaled up to less than $10K. I do research to do the prize totals for Clockwork, and even a trampoline is worth only about a thousand dollars. ^^
Title: Rediscovery EP: The Sheath of Excalibur
Post by: The Ancient Warrior on January 20, 2010, 12:12:26 PM
Eh, I'm a horrible estimator, I admit it. :P
Title: Rediscovery EP: The Sheath of Excalibur
Post by: The Bandit King on January 20, 2010, 12:17:59 PM
This is one of the reasons I never announce prices in my episodes. :P
Title: Rediscovery EP: The Sheath of Excalibur
Post by: The Ancient Warrior on January 20, 2010, 12:20:59 PM
In thinking, my series probably departs enough from the original even without that, too. :lol:
Title: Rediscovery EP: The Sheath of Excalibur
Post by: lothtfan on January 20, 2010, 04:22:08 PM
PLEASE MAKE A SEASON 3!!!!!! I love the Rediscovery and I'm just not ready for it to end.  :lol: