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Temple Room Elimination Game
« on: March 04, 2007, 11:49:06 PM »
Here is a small "game" for you. I'm going to write down all the rooms of the temple, and you tell me to get rid of the room you hate the most. The last room remaining wins. Ready? Here's the list!

The Room of 3 Gargoyles
The Room of the Royal Gongs
The Crypt

The Wall Climb (1 and 2, please state)
The Troubled Bridge
(The Wheel Room)
The Pit of Despair
The Rock Quarry
The Pit
The Pit of the Pendulum

The Observatory 1
The Observatory 2
The Observatory 3
The King?s Store Room 2

The Heart Room
The Room of Fallen Columns
Medusa?s Lair
The Room of the Mandarin Hand
The Chamber of the Sacred Markers

The Room of the Golden Idols
The Treasure Room
The Treasury of Golden Orbs
The King?s Store Room 1
The Room of the Ancient Warriors

The Shrine of the Silver Monkey

The Torch Room/Room of 3 Torches
The Pirate?s Cove
The Viper?s Nest
The Lightning Room
The Room of the Secret Password

(Not really rooms, but please eliminate them too)

The Elevator
The Dungeon Ladder
The Bucket
The Pharaoh?s Secret Passage

The Mine Shaft
The Dungeon
The Well
The Quicksand Bog

The Tomb of the Ancient Kings
The Dark Forest

The Swamp (S1)
The Spider?s Lair
The Bamboo Forest
The (Treacherous) Holes of Python
The (Treacherous) Swamp (S2)
The Jester?s Court
The Jester?s Court (No ladders)

The Throne Room (press-able throne)
The Room of Harmonic Convergence
The Throne Room (spinning throne)
The Laser Light Room
The Tomb of the Headless Kings

The Cave of Sighs
The Ledges

Remember these rules:

~Do not get upset if your favorite room is eliminated, applies to everyone including me
~Try to vote at most, twice

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Temple Room Elimination Game
« Reply #1 on: March 05, 2007, 05:41:10 AM »
I understand that you had this idea first, but I'm going to lock this thread so it can be merged to the one created in the Jesters' Court, where it seems other similar games have already been played.

Ed's mysterious other:
I concur with him on this point. I hereby decree that this thread be locked and merged with the one created in the Jesters' Court.  :P