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Downloading TurboNick Episodes
« Reply #15 on: August 14, 2008, 10:25:36 PM »
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Well that sucks. Hmmm...well this will be an interesting little challenge for us. I'll try to find some way around it.

By the way, If someone DOES find a way around it, DON'T POST IT HERE!!! Instead, send it via PM to everyone affected by the freeze of downloadhelper's special ability!!! This measure will keep the people at Viacom from using our forum AGAINST us.

(Now I know that this is a double-post, but I feel that it is warranted because I have an update to my previous post)

I just realized something. If you search for "Downloading from turbonick" on google, the first post of this thread (MY POST) is the 2nd link on the list. This leads me to believe that viacom HAS been using our forum against us!!! They've been engaging in espionage tactics (AKA Spying on us) by viewing the posts on our forum, then using that info to enact countermeasures.

I have 4 things to say about this revelation:

1. It is with this in mind that I request that this thread be LOCKED, and anyone with information on resuming download functions with regards to turbonick use the forum's Private Messaging system to spread the word to the other members of this forum. DO NOT POST SUCH INFO ANYWHERE THAT VIACOM MIGHT SEE IT!!!

2. PHANTOM, ED, AND RP, as a new idea to improve forum functionality, I suggest that a sort of "All Points Bulletin" messaging system be implemented. One where a member can send a single message to MULTIPLE forum members with a single click of the Submit button. This system would aid the transmission of top secret forum information, such as the info described in the last paragraph.

3. I am EGREGIOUSLY SORRY for posting information on this forum that lead to the downfall of our ability to download from turbonick!!! I will try to contain my laziness (which led to this thread's creation) in the future, so that viacom CANNOT USE OUR FORUM AGAINST US!!!

4. Finally, All forum members, PLEASE FORGIVE ME for my lapse in judgement!!!

Great.....on the anniversary of all days. Well, the mods and I will discuss this, but adressing your request for an "All Points Bulletin" system, that is out of my control.

Unless Forumer were to issue that as an upgrade, there would be no way to install a feature such as that.

Thank You for your response!

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Downloading TurboNick Episodes
« Reply #16 on: August 15, 2008, 12:18:12 AM »
Get the fuck over yourself, Bob.