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The Original Ending of the Little Mermaid
« on: March 03, 2007, 01:01:32 PM »
Legends of the Hidden Temple:
The Original Ending of the Little Mermaid
Season: Five
Layout: Dr. Thinker
Episode: Three

We see two jungle trees move out of the way, as three temple guards walk into the temple. After all three temple guards enter the camera pans to Olmec.)

OLMEC: It is time for The Legends of the Hidden Temple!  (Pause) With you guide, Kirk Fogg.

(Pan to the Ancient Sewers in which Kirk Fogg is crawling out of. He runs down stairs beside Olmec?s familiar stone face.)

FOGG: (As Fogg is talking, Olmec is raising his wall) Thank you, Olmec.  Welcome to the Legends of the Hidden Temple: The rooms have many of lost treasures and mysterious Mayan temple guards. Only Olmec knows the legend behind each one.  Which one are we going to hear about today?

OLMEC: Today treasure is ?The Original Ending of the Little Mermaid?.

FOGG: Which team is going to hit the temple in attempt to get the Original Ending of The Little Mermaid, Gown of the Bamboo Princess: The Sliver Snakes, The Orange Iguanas, The Purple Parrots, The Blue Barracudas, The Red Jaguars, or The Green Monkeys? Anyway, they had to past some tough mental and physical test---and in only one team will their right to entrance Olmec?s temple?but all adventures had their first steps?and our begins with the moat?and Olmec is going to tell them how they going to do it.


OLMEC: When Kirk give you the signal?one you will start wading though the moat. Once the other side, that will be the signal for your partner to do some wading of her own. When the partner comes to the other side?hit the gong. (FOGG does it to Sliver Snakes gong.) The first four teams are going to the next around.

FOGG:  Teams are you ready!

(The teams nods and yelled, ?Ready!?)

FOGG: Olmec, are you ready?

OLMEC: Let us rock and roll!

FOGG:  On your mark, get set, and go!

(The first team members start wading though the moat. The moat?s usual fog fowls up and turns around two members of two teams?but most get to the other sides?allowing their partners to start wading. By the time, the first Parrot and Snake member got the other side the four gongs been pushed on by the Red Jaguars, Green Monkeys, Orange Iguanas, and Blue Barracudas)

FOGG: Stop, we got our four teams. Red Jaguars, Green Monkeys, Orange Iguanas, and blue Barracudas are going on to the Steps of Knowledge. Do not worry, Purple Parrots and Sliver Snake, you are not going home empty handed.

(The moat losers get a box of ?Tootsie Rolls? lollipops.)


FOGG: Red Jaguars, Green Monkey, Orange Iguanas, and Blue Barracudas, nice work on the moat?but we are only 1/3 done with our adventure. It is time when your knowledge of the legend can help you get a little closer to Olmec?s temple. Olmec, will you please tell us about the ?Original Ending of the Little Mermaid.?

OLMEC: In the late 1980s in Demark, the man known as Hans Christian Anderson wrote about a mermaid that becomes a human. He was about to publish his book with the original ending, when his girlfriend show up.

HANS: Lydia, you are looking awesome.

LYDIA: Usually, Flattery will get everything, but not today, Hans. I have been hearing some rumors that about that mermaid story! Stop writing it or pay the price!

HANS: No way, I expect to one of my most famous story?and if you cut off my hands, I just visit the graveyard for new ones.

OLMEC: Lydia asked for the story?and read it. Hans could not read her eyes?until she got the original ending---Hans raised that his girlfriend was a MERMAID! The original ending had the mermaid pushed back into the water by the princess. Hans know that this means trouble for Lydia?s race and he rewrote the ending for the story in which his version is the mermaid died. The mermaid kept the original ending, until it was lost in a hurricane. Some time later, it turned up in the temple. You mission is to get the Original Ending of the Little Mermaid out of the temple.

FOGG: So, where is the Original Ending of the Little Mermaid?

OLMEC: The Original Ending of the Little Mermaid is located in the Rainforest!

(Camera pans to the Rainforest and gives a close up to the Original Ending. The item is lying on the front railing.)

FOGG: Olmec is going to ask you question?if you know the answer. Step on the marking in front of you. (The Orange Iguanas does so.) Orange Iguanas?if you are correct?you will move down to the next step. Olmec, we are ready for your first question

SOK Questions:

1) Who wrote ?The Little Mermaid?? Hans Christian Anderson.
2) Where did Hans C. Anderson live? Denmark.
3) According to our legend, what has Hans?s girlfriend name? Lydia.
4) According to our legend, what species was Lydia? A mermaid
5) In ?The Little Mermaid? how old was the young princess mermaid? 15
6) Which animal is usually considered confused for a real mermaid by scientists? Orange Iguanas answered Sea cows. (Not a true answer?but allowed by Olmec. He was looking for manatees.)
7) Where in the world are mermaids will know as sirens? Greece.
8) In Hans?s story, which weapon did the mermaid use to kill herself? A sword

(Orange Iguanas and the Blue Barracudas reach the bottom.)

FOGG: It seems like we doing to have a reptile vs. a fish in the Temple Guards as we see whether the Orange Iguanas or the Blue Barracudas will be entering Olmec?s temple. I am sorry to see you go, Red Jaguars and Green Monkeys, but you are going home with this.

(The Red Jaguars and The Green Monkey get Disney?s ?The Little Mermaid? on DVD.)

FOGG: We seem which team is going to go to the temple right after this!


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The Original Ending of the Little Mermaid
« Reply #1 on: March 03, 2007, 01:04:57 PM »

FOGG: On the Orange Iguanas, we have Linda and Clark. On the Blue Barracudas, we have Thomas and Kimberly.  Girls, get ready for Temple Game #1, Boys, get ready for the Temple Game #2. I explain what is going on here. Hidden in three rooms are mysterious temple guards. They need these (Fogg holds up a Pendent of Life) to protect themselves from those guards. Olmec, tell us about the first team game.


OLMEC: In the story of The Little Mermaid, the mermaid traded her voice and her tail for legs. On top is the mermaid herself, when Kirk gives the signal, crawl up the slide knees-wise, and take the tongue and tail off?slide down, and get the legs. The first team to remove the tongue and tail from the mermaid, and place the legs on the mermaid or the team that is farther along at the end of 60 seconds wins.

FOGG: Let us change a mermaid into a human! Set the clock for 60 seconds. On you mark, get set and go!

(Linda and Kimberly are able to get the tail?but the water surprise them?forcing them go down again. Linda and Kimberly are able to get back up?and take off the tongue around the 30 seconds-mark. Linda and Kimberly both get the legs?but Linda kept slipping downwards on the slide?as Kimberly puts legs on it.)

FOGG: Good work, Kimberly. The Blue Barracudas has ? of a Pendent of Life to the Orange Iguanas? zero Pendent of Life. Iguanas, you could tie in the next game.


OLMEC: Hans Christian Anderson was famous storyteller?and you about to the same thing. In front of you, is ancient wheel?when Kirk give you the signal?jump and sign it?one full turn of the wheel earns you one story. The team that spins the most stories in 60 seconds wins a ? Pendent of Life.

FOGG: On you mark, get set, and go!

(Clark and Thomas start out pretty equal?but around the 10 mark, Clark gets a speed?and get 11 stories by the end of the 60 seconds to Thomas?s eight stories.)

FOGG: Let us see how you did. Thomas, you got eight stories?but Clark was a speedwriter and did 11 stories. It is a tie game with each team having a ? Pendent of Life. We break that tie in the next Temple Game?Olmec tell us about it?


OLMEC: According to many legends, mermaids come from Atlantis, a famous city that was flooded during an earthquake. In this game, you be going to it. You and your partner are at the top of a giant maze. At the bottom is the entrance to Atlantis. You and your partner most work together to past thought trails on the maze?one on the other side, past thought the Atlantis?s entrance and join your partner on the other-size. The first team to done that or the one farther along in 60 seconds or less wins the full pendent of life.

FOGG: This is for the temple!

(Despite a ten-second early start by the Orange Iguanas, Blue Barracudas come back with to final head of them.)

FOGG: Despite a 10-second head start by the Orange Iguanas, Blue Barracudas won the Pendent of Life--That means the Blue Barracudas are going to the Temple with one and ? Pendents of Life! You will not go home empty hand either, Orange Iguanas?and her is your prize!

(The Orange Iguanas get ?Sonic and the Secret Rings? for the Wii)

FOGG: We be back to see if the Blue Barracudas can get the Original Ending of the Little Mermaid out the temple in the Temple Run!

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The Original Ending of the Little Mermaid
« Reply #2 on: March 03, 2007, 01:09:48 PM »

FOGG:  The Blue Barracudas has proof themselves to worth of entrance to the temple. Olmec can you explain your temple, please?

OLMEC: Of course, I can. You could start out by crawling though the Ancient Sewer (1) or running into and ringing one of the three bells in The Bell Tower (12). If you lucky, you may enter the Mysterious Hallway of Stairs (2). You could head up into the Mirror Room. (3) Spin the mirror, which might open the path to the Witch Lair (4). Toss the two snakes into the pot and you may land in the Skeleton?s Room (5). Put the head and the two hands on the skeleton?and you may be heading the Shrine of the Golden Monkey (6). Put together the golden monkey and you may be entering the Temple Bank (7). Spin the right safe?s wheel to go up or smash the wall protecting the Room of Power (8). Connect the cords to the Power Orb and you may be entering the Room of the Four Moons (9). Push down on the right phrase of the Moon and you may be entering the Rain Forrest (10). Look for the keys to the door in the tree?but beware a Temple Spirit might be a tree. Get out of that room and you will be King?s Storeroom (11). Smash the clay pots to find the keys. Find the correct key that lead you back to the Mirror Room or Witch Lairs, jump across the stairs, either run across the Bell Tower or re-crawl though the Ancient Sewer back to the gates. The choices are you and you are alone. You had won 1 and 1/2 Pendents of Life? in the Temple Games. Who is going first?


FOGG: Ouch, that was loud!

OLMEC: Thomas, you are very lucky that I a rock head. When Kirk gets the signal, run into the temple, and make your away to the Original Ending. They are three Temple Guards assigned to protect three rooms. If you meet up with them?you must give up a Pendent of Life. If you caught with out a pendent, it will be your partner?s turn in the temple. Kimberly, hidden somewhere in the temple is the other half of your Pendent of Life?if you find it, you get an extra life.  If you get the Original Ending, all the door will mysterious unlock?and the temple guards will vanish! If you can bring out the Original Ending in 3 minutes or less, you will be handsome rewarded?and here is how!

[Just for betting everyone else to the Temple = A skateboard]
[Getting the Original Ending of the Little Mermaid = A Portable DVD Player]
[Getting the Original Ending of The Little Mermaid out of the Temple = A trip to Hawaii!]

FOGG: Olmec, lower your gates. (Olmec does so.) Set the clock for three minutes. On you mark, get set, and go!

(Thomas rushes in?and takes the slide into the Ancient Sewers at 2:54.)

(Thomas crawls to the Ancient Sewer/Stairs door?and opens it at 2:48.)

(Thomas jumps to the bottom of the Stair room?and lands at the 2:42.)

(Thomas opens up the Stairs/Skeleton path at 2:40.)

(Thomas entrance the Skeleton?s Room at 2:35. He quickly grabs the head and the two hands of the Skeleton?and put them on the skeleton. He notices the skeleton Kimberly?s half Pendent of Life on his neck-and shows off his Pendent of Life to the Cameras! Fogg remarks, ?I think he found the other ?  of your pendent!?)

(Thomas enters the Golden Monkey room at 2:30 mark. He gets the Golden Monkey together and into its? altar?and pushes ultra-hard down on the monkey?opening the Bank/Monkey path and the Temple Guard Door. Thomas gives up a Pendent of Life to the shock Temple Guard. Fog states, ?This is the first time I saw a player shock a Temple Guard!? Kimberly laughs. He gets the Temple Bank at 1:50 mark. He spins the Temple Bank?s safe doors?but none goes up. He smashes the Bank/Power wall in 1:20 mark?and gets his second temple guard. Kimberly gets to go in.)

(Kimberly gets to the Room of Power at 0:55 with her other half of her Pendent of Life.)

(Kimberly connects the Power Cores to the Power Core?opening up the Moon Slide at

(Kimberly enters the Room of The Four Moons?and starts spinning Moons?when a temple guard shows up. She tosses the Pendents on the slide?and the temple guard slides down after just at the 0:00 mark.)

FOGG: Too bad, Kimberly was just one room away from the Original TLM ending.  We see you for another Great Legend of the Hidden Temple!

(Roll Credits)


Artifact = Original Ending of the Little Mermaid
Season = Five
Layout = Dr. Thinker
Results =: Run of Out Time (Team)
Time Remaining = N/A
Team = Blue Barracudas.
Pendents Won = 1.5
Location of the Artifact = Rain Forrest


This is a temple run showing case a bit of irony?in my not-so-humble opinion.

Irony = Noun meaning incongruity between what actually happens and what might be expected to happen, especially when this seems absurd or laughable.

The ironic is that the Blue Barracudas--a sea animal ? a fish--were just one room away from getting the Original Ending of the Little Mermaid--a story about fictional sea creature--a mermaid of course--out of the temple. Thought Kimberly did throw her Pendent of Life on the top of the Moon Slide. (The Moon Slide connects The Room of the Four Moons & the Room of Power), sending a Temple Guard sliding just as time run out.


?Legends of the Hidden Temple? has been a production of Nickelodeon and Stone Stanley Productions copyrighted from 1995-2010. All rights reserved. The summary based on Nicklegends? ?Episodes Summaries? at the ?The King?s Storeroom.?

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The Original Ending of the Little Mermaid
« Reply #3 on: March 15, 2007, 04:18:20 PM »
Haha, I love the finish to the Temple Run! I mean, Temple Guards often chase after Pendants thrown clear across the room, but that's something to have the Guard leave the room to get the Pendant. Keep up the good work.
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