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Title: Legends: Evolution
Post by: Red Jaguars Fan on August 09, 2013, 11:04:18 AM
Yeah, I know, I had that other thread. But I'm thinking of redoing all this mainly because my first pieces of work.... Well, they were sh**. (I let a team win while entering all rooms. Like, what?) I'm gonna make Season 4 first, then do the new and improved Seasons.

In case you need to know how my rules for the "Evolution" version works out, with certain changes:
There are 17 rooms, including a shaft at the left and another 2 rooms at the extreme left.
There will be 2 to 4 pendants.
There will be an extra game between the Steps and the Temple Games.
3 will go into the Temple Games.
There is an extra Team Temple Game.
In the individual games, 1st receives 1 pendant, 2nd receives half, 3rd gets none. Ties are included. If it's a furthest along thing, see who was further along in the games. Team with the lowest pendant score after the individual games leave the show, then it's a break. Same scoring system for Team Games.
There will be 5 minutes and 5 temple guards.
There will be 8 teams, including the Golden Eagles and the Black Pirahnas.
For those with 3 pendants or less, full pendants will be provided in the temple.