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Potential Interview Possibility!!!
« on: June 07, 2010, 01:24:09 PM »
Hey all. I have BIG news to inform you all of.

I've been digging through the Legends credits and following a bunch of dead-ends in search of another person from Legends to interview, and I think that I may have hit pay dirt.

Now, if you forum veterans can remember, I said I was going to look for Glen Matisoff (The Sound re-recording Mixer from Legends) in a previous thread. Well, about a year ago, I was able to find a work listing for a Glen Matisoff in Studio City, Ca.

Well, I just for shits and giggles searched for him on Skype by name. And guess what happened? I got a hit on a Glen Matisoff in North Hollywood, Ca. The exciting thing is that Studio City and North Hollywood are, according to MapQuest, less than 4 miles apart by car.

This could mean that I may have finally found him. I may have finally found Glen Matisoff.

I will attempt to contact the Glen Matisoff that I found on Skype and ask him if:
A) He's the Glen Matisoff from Legends; and
B) Would he be willing to do an Interview via email or Skype. (Preferably Skype so I can Record it)

Now, I'm personally calling dibs on this Interview possibility. However, if you want to submit any questions for me to ask him in case the above 2 conditions are true, then please feel free to post them here, and I will try to ask him as many of them as possible.

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