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Hidden Temple Park / Not actually a spin-off, but....
« on: December 09, 2019, 07:02:21 PM »

A kids game show called Jedi Temple Challenge is in the works for fall 2020. The Hollywood Reporter suggests it could be similar to Nickelodeon's Legends of the Hidden Temple, a 1990s basic cable game show fondly remembered by nerdy old people.

The Star Wars game show will test contestants' connection to the Force in three different settings: a forest planet, on a starship, and in a Jedi Temple. There is no word on the nature of these challenges and tests as of now, but it’ll probably involve finding stuff in cluttered rooms in order to move on to the next cluttered room.

Now, I’m not a Star Wars fan, but this seems like a pretty cool idea.

If you are a die-hard Legends of the Hidden Temple that doesn’t want to see it ruined, don’t worry the name won’t be tarnished; but if you want something new to watch that is LOTHT-esc, this is for you!

Plus, I’m sure there are a few LOTHT & SW fans that love the idea of a crossover. Should be interesting to watch.

As we’ve seen in videos like the Season wrap-up, while the Temple Runs were taking place, the actual temple run music was being played.

Throughout the run, however, there are other familiar actuator cues and production elements that take place when something is done in the run, though it’s clear that some cues are added in post-production, while others play in real-time.

One example of something that is added in post-production would be the “smashing the pots” sound during S2 of The King’s Storeroom. If you listen to it, the sound is identical every single time, even if the smash is weak or incomplete, it still sounds like it smashed and hit the ground. In S3, when it was moved up-top, you can hear that it’s natural, as it goes into the triangle of broken clay.

Another example of something that (might) be added in post-production is the Dark Forest to Shrine passageway opening cue. considering these doors can be forced open (unlike the shrine doors) and you don’t hear it when “all the doors unlock” I feel like that might be artificial post production.

Then however, there are many things that I feel did play out in real time, like the Crypt skeleton, the Jester’s Court laugh and Medusa’s shriek, all because they are in-consistent, and echo or don’t play at all at times.

Anyone else have any cues that you suspect might have been added afterwords and not played during the actual run?

The Heart Room / The Unused Door
« on: May 28, 2015, 07:22:16 PM »

I was re-watching a lot of LOTHT episodes the other day, and was truly stumped as to why the right door leading from the Shrine to the Forest/Golden Doors never opened (well, except once, by mistake...).

It wasn't un-common for there to be multiple passageways to get from one room to the other. The Ledges and the Pit had two, the Swamp to the Golden Doors had two, and the Swamp up to the Green Door/Treasure Room had three ( we see those side doors open in a few episodes, and while I can't remember which episodes specifically, it told us that those doors were "active").

The only door that never opened in 119 episodes was that right Shrine/Golden Doors passage. Here is what we know:

1) There are three doors from the Golden Doors that, by just looking at an image, appear to go up. The one on the left was the one that would connect that space with the Shrine, the Center door lead to the back of the temple, and was used to hold temple guards in Season 1, and the right door, was, well, a passage that as we all know was never used.

2) That passage was originally intended to be used, as you can see it from the Shine, but it never opens after the artifact is acquired.

However upon review of the episodes, there was one early Season 1 production error in which that door does open, it was during The Keys to the Alhambra and while there isn't clear and convincing evidence, I'm about 90% it opened. Here is why. If you re-watch that episode, you will see that the moment the Temple Guard jumps out, all of the doors (with the exception of the rock wall) instantly open. Also notice how those fake doors that lead in the direction of the Swamp don't open, while the right Shrine door does. This proves that our "Unused Door" was a real passageway. My thought is that the moment the Temple Guard jumps out, a production error unlocks all the doors in that room. So when Lisa, the trail runner, attempts to put in the key for the ALREADY UNLOCKED doors, no sound effect plays, as if this step had already been done. If Lisa had been a smart runner, she would have at least made it up to the Shrine using the passageway you are supposed to use, and then we would have closure, as we would be able to see if the Shine door opened. But I'm almost positive they were both open by mistake. Of course the credits avoided the Shrine one this episode, would have provided us with the answer! Now we will never know...

Anyway, do you think this door opened during that episode, and, why was that passageway never used? I'm intrigued to hear your thoughts!

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