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S1 Temple Games...
« on: June 05, 2016, 06:13:28 PM »
I think about the temple games from S1 and S2/3, and it gets me thinking: There were a lot more game styles starting in the second season. Quite a number of first season games involved the suds, which wasn't bad... Until the show beat them to death. Any reason why there were more than enough slippery-surface games?

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Re: S1 Temple Games...
« Reply #1 on: June 06, 2016, 09:19:46 PM »
Yeah, Season 1 lacked variety in a lot of departments. The temple games were by far the most lacking department for this season. It felt like almost all the S1 temple games were either "climbing up the slippery slope" or "climbing the wall" temple games. One possible reason for the repetitive temple games were that there were a different set of producers in Season 1. Season 1 was also pretty rushed too according to some interviews, so it was probably easy for them to reuse the same temple games over and over again. Not to mention, the entire S1 was taped before it was aired on TV. I am kind of surprised that Legends got a second season sometimes with how sloppy S1 was made. Luckily it was a unique game show and the contestants and producers pulled it off very well despite the lack of direction. Season 2 and 3 was definitely higher quality where it offered more competitive and creative games. ;) But Season 1 did have some gems for temple games too:

- "Bamboo maze" temple game used in Great Seal/Amelia Earhart
- "Mummy wrapping" game used in Blue Pearl/Cobra Staff
- "Mountain climbing" game used in Silver Saddle Horn/Gordian Knot

These temple games were used only in the episodes above, but they were pretty good even if they were rare.