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Title: Blue's Clues & You! Remake Episode Predictions
Post by: Legends Explorer Alec on July 27, 2020, 06:27:26 PM
Here are my predictions for possible upcoming remake episodes in "Blue's Clues & You!".

Season 1 Remakes
Blue Goes to the Beach :arrow: "Beach Day with Blue"
Pretend Time :arrow: "Pretend Time with Blue"
Blue Wants to Play a Game :arrow: "Game Time with Blue"
Blue Wants to Play a Song Game :arrow: "Song Games with Blue"
What Story Does Blue Want to Play? :arrow: "Playing Stories with Blue"

Season 2 Remakes
What Does Blue Want to Build? :arrow: "Building with Blue"
Blue's Senses :arrow: "Senses with Blue"
What Does Blue Want to Make out of Recycled Things? :arrow: "Recycling with Blue"
What Was Blue's Dream About? :arrow: "Dreams with Blue"
What Does Blue Want to Do with Her Picture? :arrow: "Step by Step with Blue"
The Lost Episode :arrow: Same episode title
What Did Blue See? :arrow: "Seeing with Blue"
Nurture :arrow: "Taking Care with Blue"
Blue is Frustrated :arrow: "Frustration with Blue"
Mechanics :arrow: Fixing with Blue

Season 3 Remakes
Art Appreciation :arrow: "Art Show with Blue"
Weight and Balance :arrow: "Weighing with Blue"
What's That Sound? :arrow: "Hearing with Blue"
Animal Behavior :arrow: "Animals with Blue"
Draw Along with Blue :arrow: Same episode title
Pool Party :arrow: "Pool Party with Blue"
Signs :arrow: "Signs with Blue"
Geography :arrow: "Going Places with Blue"
Occupations :arrow: "Jobs with Blue"
Blue's Big Mystery :arrow: "Big Mystery with Blue"
Periwinkle Misses His Friend :arrow: "Periwinkle's Friend"
Inventions :arrow: "Inventions with Blue"
Blue's Play :arrow: "The Funny Farm"
The Wrong Shirt :arrow: "Opposites with Blue"
Words :arrow: "Words with Blue"
Environments :arrow: "Environments with Blue"
Stormy Weather :arrow: "Weather with Blue"
Blue's Collection :arrow: "Collections with Blue"

Season 4 Remakes
Adventure :arrow: "Adventure with Blue"
Bugs :arrow: "Bugs with Blue"
¡Un Día Con Plum! :arrow: "Visit from Plum"
What's Inside? :arrow: "Look Inside with Blue"
Blocks :arrow: "Blocks with Blue"
Blue's Backyard Ballgame Bonanza :arrow: Same episode title
Let's Plant :arrow: "Plant with Blue"
Rhyme Time :arrow: Same episode title
Puppets :arrow: "Puppets with Blue"
Blue's Book Nook :arrow: Same episode title
Blue's School :arrow: "School with Blue"

Season 5 Remakes
The Snack Chart :arrow: "Snack Chart with Blue"
The Big Book about Us :arrow: Same episode title
Playing Store :arrow: "Playing Store with Blue"
Patience :arrow: "Patience with Blue"
Joe's Surprise Party :arrow: "Surprise Party for Josh"
I'm So Happy! :arrow: Same episode title
The Boat Float :arrow: "Boat Float with Blue"
Shape Searchers :arrow: "Shapes with Blue"
Blue Goes to the Doctor :arrow: "Checkup with Blue"
Contraptions! :arrow: "Contraptions with Blue"
A Brand New Game :arrow: "Brand New Game with Blue"
A Surprise Guest :arrow: "Surprise Guest with Blue"
Dress Up Day :arrow: "Dress Up with Blue"
Up, Down, All Around! :arrow: Same episode title
Story Wall :arrow: "Story Wall with Blue"
The Alphabet Train :arrow: Same episode title
Numbers Everywhere! :arrow: "Numbers Everywhere with Blue"
Blue's Predictions :arrow: "Predictions with Blue"
The Scavenger Hunt :arrow: "Scavenger Hunt with Blue"
Magenta's Messages :arrow: "Messages from Magenta"
Body Language :arrow: "Body Language with Blue"
Blue's Big Car Trip :arrow: "Car Trip with Blue"
Look Carefully… :arrow: "Look Carefully with Blue"
I Did That! :arrow: Same episode title
Animals in Our House? :arrow: Same episode title
Morning Music :arrow: Morning Music with Blue

Season 6 Remakes
Blue's Wishes :arrow: "Wishes with Blue"
Joe's Clues :arrow: "Josh's Clues"
Playdates :arrow: "Playdates with Blue"
The Fairy Tale Ball :arrow: Same episode title
Soccer Practice :arrow: "Soccer with Blue"
Title: Re: Blue's Clues & You! Remake Episode Predictions
Post by: Legends Explorer Alec on September 26, 2020, 11:34:52 AM
Now here would be the order for remakes:
061. Art Show with Blue
062. Draw Along with Blue
063. Game Time with Blue
064. Playing Stories with Blue
065. Beach Day with Blue
066. Pool Party with Blue
067. Rhyme Time with Blue
068. Puppets with Blue
069. Snack Chart with Blue
070. Song Games with Blue
071. Signs with Blue
072. Geography with Blue
073. Snowy Day with Blue
074. Shapes with Blue
075. Wishes with Blue
076. Blocks with Blue
077. Rainy Day with Blue
078. Surprise Party for Josh
079. Opposites with Blue
080. Josh's Clues
081. Building with Blue
082. Senses with Blue
083. Recycling with Blue
084. Contraptions with Blue
085. Animals with Blue
086. Animals in Our House?
087. Fixing with Blue
088. Pretend Time with Blue
089. Environments with Blue
090. Weather with Blue
091. Weighing with Blue
092. Playing Stories with Blue
093. Seeing with Blue
094. Hearing with Blue
095. Signs with Blue
096. Going Places with Blue
097. Boat Float with Blue
098. Words with Blue
099. Jobs with Blue
100. Big Mystery with Blue
101. Periwinkle's Friend
102. Visit from Plum
103. Nature with Blue
104. Collections with Blue
105. Café Blue
106. The Funny Farm
107. Imagine with Blue
108. Adventure with Blue
109. Bugs with Blue
110. Playdates with Blue
111. The Alphabet Train
112. Numbers Everywhere with Blue
113. Blue's Book Nook
114. Playing Store with Blue
115. Contraptions with Blue
116. Look Inside with Blue
117. Plant with Blue
118. Predictions with Blue
119. Look Carefully with Blue
120. Blue's Backyard Ballgame Bonanza