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Title: Legends: Rebirth-The Golden Apple from the Edge of the World
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Episode 62: The Golden Apple from the Edge of the World

The camera winds and twists its way through a thick jungle of strange and exotic plants.  After a few wrong turns, it finally stops in front of an ancient Mayan temple.  At the base of the temple, a giant stone head sits.  Suddenly, a torch on either side of the head begins burning.  The head’s eyes light up, and it begins to speak:

“Legends of the Hidden Temple: Rebirth!”  The words appear on the screen, along with a picture of a Pendant of Life.  “With your guide, Kirk Fogg!  And here he is now!”

As the Pendant of Life shatters, the camera cuts to a middle-aged man wearing a denim shirt and blue jeans riding in on an ATV.  He dismounts the vehicle and runs up the Steps of Knowledge, microphone in hand.

“Thank you!  Thank you very much!  Nice to see everyone!  Nice to see you, Olmec!  Welcome to Legends of the Hidden Temple: Rebirth.  The rooms are filled with lost treasures protected by mysterious Mayan Temple Guards.  Only Olmec knows the legends behind each of these all-new treasures in his Temple…which one are we gonna hear about today?”

“The legend of the Golden Apple from the Edge of the World,” Olmec replies.

“Oh, the Golden Apple from the Edge of the World,” Kirk repeats.  “Well, the legend is set, and one of these teams will have the chance to retrieve the Golden Apple—will it be:

“The Red Jaguars?”  The camera zooms in on each team as they are introduced.
“The Blue Barracudas?
“The Green Monkeys?
“The Orange Iguanas?
“The Purple Parrots?
“Or the Silver Snakes?

“They’ll have to pass some tough physical and mental tests, but in the end, only one team will have the rights to enter Olmec’s Temple.  But first, they have to cross the Moat, and Olmec will tell us how they have to do that today…”

Olmec begins to explain the Moat Crossing:
“Before you are three rods which stretch the entire length of the Moat.  When Kirk gives the signal, one player from each team will jump into the water and wade out to the first rod.  Then, lean backwards and walk forward until you pass under the rod.  Once you’ve passed under the first rod, wade out to the second one and do the same.  Both players must cross in this way; but if you touch the rod with any part of your body, you must go back and start all over again.  Once both players reach the other side, run over and hit the gong.”  Kirk hits the Silver Snakes’ gong to demonstrate.  “The first four teams to hit their gongs will go on to the next round!”

“All right, time to get started,” Kirk says.  “Teams, are you ready?”
The six teams scream and cheer in response.
“Olmec, are you ready?” Kirk asks.
“Rock on, baby,” Olmec replies.
“Ha, ha—okay,” Kirk chuckles.  “On your mark, get set, GO!”

The six teams’ first members slide into the Moat and make their way toward the first rod.  “And there they go—how low can they go?” Kirk asks no one in particular.  Everyone makes it under the first rod and wades out to the second one.  They all bend over backwards and attempt to pass under the rod, and everyone makes it except the unlucky Purple Parrots’ boy, who touches the rod and is sent back by spotters.  The rest trudge toward the third and final rod, and slowly bend backward and inch under it.  “They have to go slow; they don’t wanna hit that rod and be sent back—oh, Orange Iguanas have to go back!” Kirk narrates as the Orange Iguanas’ boy touches his section of the rod and reluctantly heads back to try again.  The Silver Snakes’ boy bends back too far and falls in the water, and is also sent back as the Purple Parrots’ boy is now working to pass under the second rod.  The remaining three teams’ first members make it all the way across, and their partners now start to cross as well.  The Purple Parrots’ boy slowly but surely inches under the third and final rod and heads to the other side as the Red Jaguars, Green Monkeys and Blue Barracudas’ second team members wade into the water and bend under the first rod.  The Purple Parrots’ girl bends over forward to pass under the first rod, and the spotters send her back to do it correctly.  The Orange Iguanas’ boy slowly inches under his third rod, but ends up touching it when he’s almost halfway under, so he’s sent back as well.  The Silver Snakes’ boy makes it across as the Blue Barracudas’ girl and Green Monkeys’ boy are already trying to limbo under their third and final rod.  The Red Jaguars’ girl, however, has already made it to the other side, and she hits her gong first.  “There’s our first team—we’re looking for three more!” Kirk narrates as the Silver Snakes’ girl slips and falls into the water, prompting the spotters to send her back.  The Purple Parrots’ girl makes it under the second rod (the correct way this time) as the Green Monkeys’ boy and Blue Barracudas’ girl both pass under the third rod, scramble to the other side, and hit their gongs.  “Two more teams, that’s three—we need one more!” Kirk comments.  The Orange Iguanas’ boy is inching under the third rod as the Silver Snakes’ girl passes under the second rod.  However, the Purple Parrots’ girl manages to pass under the third and final rod first, and she is helped out of the water by a spotter before she rushes over and hits her team’s gong, ending the Moat Crossing.

“And that’s it!” Kirk says as he runs over and stands beside the Purple Parrots.  “We’ve got our four teams, right there…Purple Parrots hit a little speed bump there at first, but they stuck it out, and going on to the Steps of Knowledge are the Purple Parrots…and the Green Monkeys…” Kirk pauses between each team’s name to allow for applause.  “…and the Blue Barracudas…and the Red Jaguars!  The Orange Iguanas and the Silver Snakes did great, too, and they’re not going home empty-handed.  We’ve got a great gift for ‘em, and here’s what it is!”  They receive a $50 gift certificate from Pacsun.
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Kirk and the remaining four teams are now standing atop the Steps of Knowledge.  “As the quest continues, it’s time now for Olmec to tell us about the Golden Apple from the Edge of the World.  But teams, pay attention, because your knowledge of this legend can bring you a step closer to Olmec’s Temple…”

Olmec begins to tell the story:
“One of the greatest heroes in ancient Greek mythology was Hercules, supposedly the strongest man ever to have lived.  The son of Zeus, the king of the Greek gods, Hercules gained fame by completing twelve seemingly impossible tasks, known as the Labors.  Among other things, Hercules did away with a nine-headed monster, tamed a savage wild bull, and drove off a flock of birds with beaks and claws made of bronze.  But perhaps Hercules’ most difficult task was retrieving the legendary golden apples from the garden at the edge of the world.  Because Hercules was half human, he could not touch the golden apples, so he enlisted the help of Atlas, an enormous giant who held up the heavens on his shoulders.
“‘So, that’s my story, Ats,’ Hercules explained.  ‘Think you can help me out?’
“‘Sure, kid, but there’s one problem—I have to hold up the stinkin’ sky!’
“‘I thought of that,’ replied Hercules.  ‘I’ll hold it up for you, while you go pick the apples.’
“Thrilled to have the world off his shoulders, Atlas went and picked the apples from the legendary tree.  But legend has it that on his way back to Hercules with a bag full of apples, Atlas said to himself:
“‘I bet I could get that silly kid to hold up the sky forever!  Then, I’d be free to do whatever I please!’
“When Atlas reached Hercules, he decided to set his plan into motion.
“‘Kid, I got the apples for you, but, uh—how’s about I go ahead and take ‘em to the palace for you?  It’d save you a lot of walking…’
“But Hercules saw through Atlas’s trick, and decided to give him a taste of his own medicine.
“‘Sure, but…could you hold this sky for just a second?  This darn toga itches…’
“As soon as Atlas put the heavens back on his shoulders, Hercules grabbed the bag of apples and ran.  One of the golden apples fell out of his bag, and has since found its way to the Temple.  Your goal is to find the Golden Apple from the Edge of the World and bring it back here.”

“Thanks, Olmec,” Kirk says.  “So tell us, where is the apple?”

“The Golden Apple from the Edge of the World can be found in the Chamber of the Four Elements,” Olmec replies.  The camera zooms in on a large gold-painted apple placed on the guardrail of the room before fading back to Kirk.

“Ooh,” Kirk replies.  “All right, teams, you’re now standing on the Steps of Knowledge.  In a moment, Olmec’s gonna ask you a question.  If you think you know the answer, stomp down on the ancient marking you see in front of you.  If you’re right, you can move down to the next level, but if you’re wrong or you run out of time, I’ll give the other teams a chance to answer.”  Kirk begins descending the Steps.  “The first two teams to make it to the bottom level will be one step closer to Olmec’s Temple.  Olmec—we’re now ready for your first question.”

Olmec begins:
“Is the story of Hercules: a Roman myth, a Greek myth, or a Norse myth?”
The Green Monkeys ring in.  “Greek myth.”
“That is correct,” Olmec replies.  The Green Monkeys proceed to the second step.
“Step down, Green Monkeys,” Kirk instructs.  “Next question, Olmec.”

“According to our legend, was Hercules said to be: the smartest man who ever lived, the strongest man who ever—”
The Purple Parrots ring in early.  “The, um…strongest man in the world?”
“That…is correct,” Olmec responds.  The Purple Parrots join the Green Monkeys on the second step.
“Purple Parrots are right behind,” Kirk comments.  “Long way to go, though—next question.”

“Which Greek god was Hercules’ father: Apollo, Zeus, or Hermes?”
The Blue Barracudas ring in this time.  “Zeus?”
“That is correct,” Olmec replies.  The Blue Barracudas now step down to the second level.
“Blue Barracudas can step down now,” Kirk says.  “This is heating up fast…next question, Olmec.”

“How many impossible tasks did Hercules complete: nine, twelve, or fifteen?”
After a few seconds, the Blue Barracudas ring in again.  “Twelve…?”
“That is correct,” Olmec affirms.  The Blue Barracudas trot down to the next-to-last step.
“Blue Barracudas are just one step away from the Temple Games,” Kirk comments.  “But remember, we need two teams…next question.”

“To retrieve the golden apples, did Hercules get help from: Odysseus, Atlas, or—”
The Red Jaguars ring in early.  “Atlas!”
“That is correct,” Olmec booms.  The Red Jaguars step down to the second level.
“Red Jaguars are on the board now!” Kirk exclaims.  “That’s what I like to see.  It’s still anyone’s game, though…next question, Olmec.”

“Why could Hercules not touch the golden apples: because he was a god, because he was half human, or—”
The Green Monkeys ring in.  “Um…he was a human?”
“That is not one of our three choices,” Olmec replies.  “The three choices are: because he was a god, because he was half human, or because he didn’t like fruit?”
The Purple Parrots ring in after Olmec gives the third answer.  “Because he was half human.”
“That is correct,” Olmec replies.  The Purple Parrots proceed to the penultimate step.
“Whoo—Purple Parrots are just one step away now,” Kirk observes.  “We are still looking for two teams…next question, Olmec.”

“According to our legend, what did Atlas hold on his shoulders—”
The Green Monkeys ring in early.  “The world?”
“That…is correct,” Olmec responds.  The Green Monkeys join the Blue Barracudas and the Purple Parrots on the next-to-last step.
“Step down, Green Monkeys,” Kirk instructs.  “Still time for the Red Jaguars to catch up…Olmec, please.”

“Was Atlas: a god, a giant, or a book of maps?”
The Purple Parrots ring in.  “A giant?”
That is correct!” Olmec exclaims, and the Purple Parrots step down to the bottom level.
“Purple Parrots are our first team for the Temple Games,” Kirk narrates.  “We need one more team…Olmec, let’s continue.”

“In Greek mythology, were giants descended from the gods known as: Olympians, Titans, or Trojans?”
The Green Monkeys ring in.  “Titans…?”
That is correct!” Olmec booms, and the Green Monkeys jump down to join the Purple Parrots on the bottom step.

“And we’ve got our two teams for the Temple Games!” Kirk shouts as he heads over to the bottom step.  “They are the Green Monkeys, and the Purple Parrots!  Good work, you guys!  Blue Barracudas, Red Jaguars, come on down here.  You guys were great, too, and you aren’t going home with nothing.  We’ve got a great gift for you, and here’s what it is!”  They receive a backpack from Outdoor Products.

Kirk is now seen standing between the Green Monkeys and Purple Parrots.  “These two teams will be playing for the right to enter Olmec’s Temple, right after this!”

The camera zooms out, cuts to the left, and zooms in on the back wall of the Bottomless Pit before the title appears onscreen, and we fade to a commercial.
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We return from the break to find Kirk standing in front of the Temple with the two remaining teams.

“Welcome back to Legends: Rebirth,” he says.  “These two teams have made it this far, but now the glory goes to the fastest and the strongest…”

“So let’s hear it for Jenny and Chris of the Green Monkeys!”  The audience applauds for the tall green-eyed girl with shoulder-length brown hair and the slightly shorter blue-eyed boy with a blond crew cut.

“And Carrie and David of the Purple Parrots!”  The audience applauds for the cute brown-eyed girl with short brown hair and freckles and the slightly taller brown-eyed boy with wavy black hair and tanned skin.

“All right, are you guys ready to play?” Kirk asks the teams.

“Yeah!” they reply.

“Okay, go get ready for the Temple Games,” he suggests.  “Now, in the Temple Games, the teams will be competing for…”  Kirk retrieves a Pendant of Life from a pouch at his side and holds it up to the camera.  “Pendants of Life.  The winning team will need those Pendants to protect them from those dreaded Temple Guards as they make their way through Olmec’s Temple.  There are three Temple Games—Olmec, tell us about the first one, please…”

The black lights and torches under Olmec come on as he begins to explain the first Game:
“In addition to retrieving the golden apples, Hercules also had to complete eleven more extremely difficult tasks, for a grand total of twelve, which came to be called the Labors.  In this game, we’ll see how many Labors you can complete.  When Kirk gives the signal, adjust your weight and begin running to make your wheel spin.  For each rotation you make, it symbolizes one Labor that’s been completed.  If you fall off, we’ll stop the wheel, and you’ll have to get back on again.  The first player to complete twelve Labors, or…the player that completes the most Labors at the end of thirty seconds…wins.”

“I’m glad I don’t have to do these Labors,” Kirk comments.  “Let’s put thirty seconds on the clock!”  The lock slams down in the bottom right-hand corner with a loud gong, set for thirty seconds.  “On your mark, get set, GO!”

Jenny and Carrie both adjust their weight and start running on the giant Pendant-shaped wheel.  They both reach one rotation within about seven seconds, and the spotters turn the cards where they both say “1: Slay the Nemean Lion”.  Jenny falls slightly behind, and Carrie pulls ahead to “2: Slay the Lernaean Hydra” with 19 seconds to go.  Jenny eventually makes it to two rotations, but she slips to the edges of the wheel as Carrie makes it to “3: Capture the Golden Deer of Artemis” before Jenny.  Carrie pulls one Labor ahead of Jenny as she reaches “4: Capture the Erymanthian Boar” with 9 seconds left, when Jenny falls off the wheel completely.  She scrambles to get back on and makes it to her fourth Labor, but by this time, Carrie has reached “5: Clean the Augean Stables”.  Time expires soon afterward.

“Okay, that’s it!” Kirk shouts as he rushes back onscreen.  “Come down here, girls—whoa, be careful!  They both did a great job, let’s count it up…it looks like the Green Monkeys made it to the fourth Labor, and…the Purple Parrots made it to five Labors!  The Purple Parrots get the half Pendant of Life!”  The audience applauds for a few seconds.  “Green Monkeys can still catch up in this next Temple Game.  It’s worth a half Pendant—Olmec, tell us about Temple Game #2…”

Olmec begins:
“Hercules was half human, so he couldn’t pick the golden apples from the tree at the edge of the world himself.  Fortunately for you, these aren’t the golden apples.  When Kirk gives the signal, run around, jump up, grab an apple from your tree, come back around and place it in your basket.  Then run around, grab another apple and do it again.  The first team to pick all the apples from their tree, or…the player with the most apples at the end of sixty seconds…wins.”

“All right…we may be making some apple pie later, depending on how these guys do,” Kirk says to the camera.  “Let’s set the clock for sixty seconds!”  The clock slams down in the bottom corner with the usual sound effect.  “On your mark, get set, GO!”

Chris and David are both fairly consistent about jumping high enough with their rotating lever to pluck fake apples off their “tree”, but Chris has trouble getting his first apple in the basket, allowing David to take first blood in the game.  On his next go-round, though, Chris manages to get an apple in his basket, but unfortunately, so does David.  Chris gets a bit of a break when David doesn’t jump high enough to retrieve another apple, allowing him to tie up the game with 40 seconds left.  However, Chris doesn’t jump high enough to grab another apple, so David re-takes the lead with 33 seconds left.  A back-and-forth battle continues throughout the game, with one boy missing one jump to get an apple and the other either tying the game or pulling ahead.  However, with four seconds left, David puts an apple in his basket, pulling him one ahead of Chris just before time expires.

“Okay, that’s it!” Kirk says as he rushes back onscreen.  “Stop spinning, you guys…come down here and we’ll count it up.”  A spotter brings Kirk the baskets, and he kneels beside them.  “Let’s start with the Green Monkeys; they got one, two, three, four, five, six…seven apples.  And the Purple Parrots got one, two, three, four, five, six, seven…eight apples!  The Purple Parrots get the half Pendant of Life!”  The audience applauds briefly.  “The Purple Parrots are ahead, one to nothing, but the Green Monkeys can still tie it up in our third and final Temple Game.  It’s worth a full Pendant—Olmec, tell us about it, please…”

Olmec begins to explain the final Temple Game:
“After outsmarting Atlas, Hercules delivered the golden apples to the palace of the Greek king Eurystheus, who wanted them retrieved.  In this game, you’ll be taking the apples you delivered earlier and delivering them to four different locations.  When Kirk gives the signal, load your slingshot and shoot an apple to your teammate on the wall, who will then catch the apple and place it on the spot there.  Then climb up to the next spot.  The first team to deliver apples to all four places, or…the team that’s further along at the end of sixty seconds wins!”

“This is for the Temple,” Kirk remarks.  “So let’s put sixty seconds on the clock!”  The clock appears in the corner, ready to go.  “On your mark, get set, GO!”

Both girls shoot one of the fake apples that were used in the second Temple Game up to their male partners on the wall, but the apples are smaller than cannonballs and prove harder to grab for the boys.  The second shot sees Chris miss a second time, but David manages to catch his apple and place it on the first space ten seconds into the game.  The Green Monkeys even up the score about six seconds later, though, when Chris catches an apple and places it.  However, the Purple Parrots score a lucky shot and get their second apple placed with 44 seconds left.  The Green Monkeys tie it up again about ten seconds later, and from then on, apples go flying around the stage.  With about ten seconds left, though, Carrie shoots an apple just high enough for David to catch, pulling the Purple Parrots ahead 3-2.  The Green Monkeys try to score again, but Chris can’t catch any more apples, and time expires.

“That’s it!” Kirk shouts as he appears back onscreen.  “Bring the guys down, and we’ll count it all up…well, the Green Monkeys got two apples delivered, and the Purple Parrots got…three apples delivered!  That gives the Purple Parrots the full Pendant, giving them two Pendants; the Green Monkeys didn’t score—the Purple Parrots are goin’ to the Temple!”  David and Carrie applaud and cheer.  “Green Monkeys, you guys did a great job, too—you’re not goin’ home empty-handed.  We’ve got a great gift for you, and here’s what it is!”  They receive Rio on DVD.

As the prize disappears off-screen, we see Kirk standing between Carrie and David.  “Now we’ll see if the Purple Parrots can make it through Olmec’s Temple; retrieve the Golden Apple from the Edge of the World—right after this!”

The camera pans in on the Temple and zooms in on the Golden Apple before the title appears onscreen, and we go to a commercial.
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We return from the break to find Kirk standing in front of the Temple with the winning team.

“Welcome back to Legends: Rebirth,” he says.  “The Purple Parrots have stuck it out, and now they’ve got the right to enter Olmec’s Temple.  But listen up, because Olmec’s about to give them some information to help them retrieve the Golden Apple from the Edge of the World…”

Olmec begins to explain the Temple layout as the camera gives us a first-person tour of the Temple:
“You could start…by running up the stairs to the Crypt!  Grab the book from the skeletons, and pass into the Bottomless Pit.  Swing across the gap, and climb into the Lookout Tower.  Focus the telescope to read the ancient print on the far wall, and a door may open into the Geographer’s Study.  Find the missing pieces of the map and correctly place them, and pass into the Shaolin Dojo.  Place the yin-yang on the correct suit of armor, and open the door to the SHRIIIINE of the Silver Monkey!  Assemble the statue and you may be headed toward the Lightning Ball Room!  Connect the power cords to create your own lightning, which will blast open the door to the Pharaoh’s Secret Passage.  Slide down the tunnel to the Dungeon, where you could smash through the wall into the Dark Forest…but beware of the Temple Guards that may inhabit the trees!  Find the key in the tree, and you’ll enter the Chamber…of the Four Elements.  Place the elements in the correct order, and you’ll gain entry to the Jewel Mine!  Place all the jewels into the mine cart, then…race through the Pit, climb through the Ledges, rrrrace down the stairs and back through the Temple Gate!  The choices are yours and yours alone!”  Olmec pauses.  “You won 2 Pendants in the Temple Games.  Who’s going first?”

“I am,” says Carrie.

“Very well, Carrie,” Olmec replies.  “When Kirk gives the signal, you’ll race through the Gates into the Temple and make your way toward the Golden Apple.  Hidden inside the Temple are Temple Guards assigned to protect three specific rooms.  You can trade your Pendant for an extra life and go on, but…if you’re caught without a Pendant, you’ll be taken out of the Temple, and it’ll be David’s turn to enter and try his luck.  If you can reach the Golden Apple, all the doors of the Temple will instantly unlock, and the Temple Guards will vanish.  Return through the Gates with the Golden Apple in three minutes, and you will both be handsomely rewarded…and here’s how!”

• Just for making it to the Temple, they’ll get a bicycle from Mongoose.
• If they can reach the Golden Apple within three minutes, they’ll also receive a Nintendo Wii, complete with two new games.
• And if they can bring the Golden Apple out of the Temple before three minutes expires, they’ll win a trip to Cedar Points amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio.

“All right, sounds like a great prack—package of prizes,” Kirk says.  “Let’s see if they can win it—now, David, you’re going in second.  Do you and Carrie have any kind of strategy to get to the Golden Apples?”

“Um…I think we’re just gonna take the high road,” David says.  “Maybe double back and get the Apple when we find an open door…”

“All right, that’s worked before,” Kirk assures.  “We’ll see if it’ll work this time.  Both of you, mouthpieces in…let’s set the clock for three minutes!”  The clock slams down in the bottom corner, ready to go.

“Olmec, lower your gate, if you please.”  Olmec moans gutturally as the gate is lowered, and the black lights and torches under him are turned off.

“On your mark,” Kirk tells Carrie, “get set, GO!”

Carrie darts up the stairs, clutching her Pendant.  She enters the Crypt (2:53), where she pulls all three books from the skeletons.  However, the only door that opens is the door to the Ledges, so she heads downward, where she clambers through the room, soon encountering the first TEMPLE GUARD (2:40).  “Whoa, Temple Guard got her!” Kirk narrates as Carrie hands her Pendant to the Guard.  “She’s got a Pendant, so she can keep going!”  Carrie does this, searching for an actuator, which she quickly finds and pushes, opening the door to the Bottomless Pit (2:28).  She heads into the room, practically swims through the dark-colored balls lining the bottom part, and hits the actuator for the door to the Jewel Mine, which opens.  “She’s making good time so far,” Kirk narrates as Carrie enters the room.  “But if she’s caught by another Temple Guard, it’ll be time for David!”  As Carrie grabs a jewel from the ladder and places it in the mine cart, the camera cuts to David, clapping his hands slowly.  The camera cuts back to Carrie a few seconds later, and she’s gathered up about five jewels, which she dumps in the mine cart.  She finds two more on the back wall (2:10), and three more on the left-hand wall, and when she places them all in the cart, the door leading up to the Geographer’s Study opens (2:03).  “All right—up into the Geographer’s Room!” Kirk narrates as Carrie starts to climb the ladder.  “She’s doing great so far!”  Carrie enters the room, where she finds two pieces of the map on the floor, and correctly places them where India and Alaska should be on the map (1:50).  She looks around for a second before finding the last piece—Saudi Arabia—and places it on the map, opening the doors to both the Shaolin Dojo and the Lookout Tower.  Unfortunately, lurking behind the latter is the second TEMPLE GUARD (1:40)!

“Whoa, Temple Guard!  Go, David!” Kirk shouts, and David takes off.  David darts up the stairs, following Carrie’s path exactly.  “This guy runs track—he’s fast, he knows what to do!” Kirk narrates as David makes his way through the Ledges and into the Pit (1:26).  He makes it to the Geographer’s Study, where he chooses to enter the Shaolin Dojo (1:10).  He takes the yin-yang symbol from the front of the room and brings it to the middle suit of armor at the back of the room, placing it in the indentation on the armor.  Nothing happens, so he tries the left-hand armor, which turns out to be the correct one, and the door to the Shrine opens (0:55).  “All right, he’s in the Shriiiiine of the Siiiiiiilver Monkey,” Kirk comments as David enters the room.  He rushes to the back and grabs the base of the statue, which he brings back to the front and places on the podium (0:38).  David heads back to get the middle and head, which he brings back up front and completes the statue, opening the door to the Lightning Ball Room (0:22).  “Into the Lightning Ball Room—twenty seconds left!” Kirk narrates as David sets foot in the room.  He takes the cords and places them in the slots, eventually finding all four and opening the door to the Pharaoh’s Secret Passage (0:10).  “All right—slide down, quick!” Kirk narrates, and David frantically slides down the passage and into the Dungeon, where he tries to break down the wall and enter the Dark Forest, but time expires before he can do so.

“No, he ran out of time!” Kirk laments as Carrie looks very disappointed.  “He made a great path, but he had to go all the way around!  Too bad, they were really close…but that’s okay; I know they had a good time, and they’ve still got the bikes for comin’ all this way.  But now, we gotta get out of here.  We’ll see you next time, and remember: it’s not just Legends, it’s Legends: Rebirth!  Buh-bye!”

Kirk and Carrie wave to the crowd as the credits start to roll.  The camera shows various shots of rooms that David entered, including the Shaolin Dojo and the Shrine.  David eventually exits the Temple, and he, Kirk and Carrie talk and wave to the audience until the credits finish, and the Stone Stanley logo appears onscreen.
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The Golden Apple from the Edge of the World
Season 2, Layout 3
Artifact Location
: The Chamber of the Four Elements
Team: Purple Parrots (David Terechenok & Carrie Ziegler)
Pendants: 2
Result: Ran out of time

This episode certainly stands out as one of both Legends: Rebirth’s and the Purple Parrots’ shining moments.  From start to finish, this episode was really, really good.  After a very close Moat Crossing and Steps of Knowledge round (which also incorporated a very accurate legend), the Purple Parrots shut out the Green Monkeys 2-0 in the Temple Games, meaning they were off to Olmec’s Temple.

Carrie was a pretty fast contestant, and she knew what to do in every room.  Unfortunately, she was short-changed with her path.  After completing the Crypt, she was forced down to the Ledges, where she met her first Temple Guard.  She blazed through the Pit and completed the Jewel Mine’s and Geographer’s Study’s objectives in relatively fast time before being removed by a Temple Guard with 1:53 left.

David was an even faster contestant than Carrie.  He had a blip in judgment when he started in the Crypt instead of the Ledges, but other than that, he blazed through most of the rooms.  However, he found absolutely no shortcuts during his tenure in the Temple, and was not helped by the fact that he had to complete two time-consuming room objectives in the Shrine and the Lightning Ball Room.  Time ran out on him just as he was about to enter the Dark Forest—where he would have been one room away from the Golden Apple.

Unfortunately, this above-average team was done in by a very, very tough layout that required them to go through almost every room in the Temple before even reaching the artifact.  On any other day, David and Carrie would have done very well in the Temple, but today, the producers must have felt like they did in “The Missing Portrait of Hans Holbein”…

Rating: 7 out of 10

Notes and Trivia: This episode has the longest Moat Crossing of all the “Limbo Bar” episodes (2 minutes, 50 seconds).