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The Heart Room / Re: Where were the temple guards?
« on: May 30, 2011, 03:00:19 PM »
I have found it helpful that you guys have analyzed the temple runs and layouts to narrow it down, but I mostly ask that you kinda slow down so that we're not covering so many episodes at once.

Anyway, these are my notes on those episodes RJF covered:

MOCASSINS OF GERONIMO: I'm pretty sure the Shrine would have been one of them because that allows for the possibility of the frontrunner getting captured late into the run, making the retrieval more difficult.  I'm not sure where out of the other rooms the other one would be.

THE LUCKY PIG OF AMELIA EARHART:  I do agree, it was more than likely in the Heart Room because it would make close to no sense to put guards in both entrance rooms.  However, we can't be absolutely sure.  I'm going to look back at the episode and see if I can sneak a peek into the Cave of Sighs to get proof or disproof that the guard was there.

PONCE DE' LEON AND THE LOST FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH: Yeah, there is no doubt it had to be in the Cave of Sighs.

THE TREASURE MAP OF JEAN LAFITTE:  It really could be in any of the three rooms.  However, comparing this temple layout to that of LAWRENCE OF ARABIA'S HEADDRESS, I'm fairly sure the path downward from the Shrine to the Tomb would have opened, so I'm thinking the other was in the Tomb, because that makes it a capture situation, but the capture is still avoidable.

ORACLE BOWL OF DELPHI:  Considering they had two pendants, it seems perfectly plausible for them to have put the other guard in either the Shrine or the Treasure Room.  I really think that since loss by triple capture wasn't even possible, they wouldn't have put the last temple guard in a dead-end or a useless detour, so I'm not going to consider the Heart Room.

THE PAINTBRUSH OF LEONARDO DA VINCI: I think the other guard would have been in the Treasure Room or the Shrine.  Based on the opened doors and where the other temple guards were, I'm very sure the door from the Shrine to the Tomb would have opened, so putting the guard in the Pirate's Cove or the Dungeon would have been pointless.

Also, TRJ, I noticed that sound too in "the Golden Cup of Belshazzar", but the second runner seems to be confused and unable to go down.  I do think that was the intended path, but either the second runner was WAY too hesitant or a production error didn't open the door.

The Temple Games / Re: Legends of the Hidden Temple Trivia
« on: May 30, 2011, 03:52:56 AM »
That's tough to think about.  I went back and watched almost every season 1 run yesterday and I still have no clue.  I'll continue to think about that one, but here's an easier question as well:

What was the temple run where a player encounters a guard in the Laser Light Room and proceeds to throw two blocks at the guard before giving him the pendant?

The Heart Room / Re: Where were the temple guards?
« on: May 30, 2011, 01:44:12 AM »
Yeah, that's pretty much what I have for those episodes right now.  Like I said, it's hard in the first season because often we don't even know which doors would have been locked or unlocked.

Some notes I have about those:
THE GOLDEN CRICKET CAGE OF KHAN: Really, they did not make it far enough to really even be able to guess.

STAR OF SULTAN SALADIN:  The only other room the third one could have been was The Pirate's Cove, but the Heart Room does seem a little more likely (considering how often one is in there).  Either way, it would have been either a dead end or a useless detour.

KEYS TO THE ALHAMBRA: Same as Golden Cricket Cage of Khan.  The second runner was absolutely stupid and made no progress, which makes it extremely hard to guess where the third one was.  Something we have to consider, though, is that since they only won 1 pendant, one of the guards had to be avoidable.  :?:

THE HELMET OF GENGHIS KHAN:  This one is hard simply because we don't know which doors were unlocked.  The only thing I can say that might indicate something is that going back and watching it, I saw that in the Shrine of the Silver Monkey, the door to the Dungeon opens, indicating that it could have been in there.

THE TROJAN HORSESHOE: I also noticed the headpiece, which is conclusive evidence that the temple guard was there.

The Heart Room / Where were the temple guards?
« on: May 29, 2011, 06:54:42 PM »
I'm trying to compile a comprehensive list of where all the temple guards were, including the ones that were not encountered as best as I can.  For most temple runs, it is fairly easy to figure out where the other temple guards were, or at least narrow them down to a few possibilities.

What I hope to accomplish from this thread is to get some input from other people to help narrow down the possibilities for where the temple guards were.

The way I'll do this is to do them 5 at a time.  First, I'll share what I think of them and then I'll open the floor for discussion.  After there is a consensus, we'll go on to the next 5.  PLEASE GO BACK AND WATCH THE TEMPLE RUNS BEFORE COMMENTING ON THEM.

To start with:

Wow, not much we can do about this one.  Sabrina didn't make it very far at all.  The only one she encountered was in the CAVE OF SIGHS. In the temple description, there seems to be a large pile-up of packing peanuts in the swamp (to me, they look like packing peanuts, but I'm not sure what they are), which would indicate there was probably a temple guard in THE SWAMP.  Neither of the doors to the left in the Observatory or the Heart Room opened, so we can only assume the path would have taken her along the bottom, and if so, the other temple guard was probably in the ROOM OF HARMONIC CONVERGENCE or the TOMB OF THE ANCIENT KINGS.

The players encountered temple guards in the CAVE OF SIGHS and in the TREASURE ROOM.  The problem with this run is that, probably due to a production error, every route was a dead end, so it is anybody's guess where the other one was.  For the same reason as in Blackbeard's Treasure Map, my guess is that it was in the SWAMP.

The players encountered temple guards in the THRONE ROOM and in the SHRINE OF THE SLIVER MONKEY.  The only other rooms that even available to them were the ROOM OF THE THREE GARGOYLES and the OBSERVATORY, so it was probably in one of those.  The only potential conflict with this is that Jon takes something out of the treasure chest in the Shrine that many people believe to be the half-pendant.  There are two possibilities.  One: The other temple guard was in the Observatory or Gargoyle Room and the production crew actually expected the team to find the half-pendant at almost the exact same time the temple guard emerged from the Shrine if they needed the half-pendant.  Two: That wasn't the half-pendant he took out.

All three guards were encountered in the CAVE OF SIGHS, the HEART ROOM, and the SWAMP.  Nothing to discuss here.

Temple guards were encountered in the HEART ROOM and the THRONE ROOM. At this point, I have no indication where the other one might have been except that there are only four rooms the team did not enter: THE TORCH ROOM, THE SHRINE OF THE SILVER MONKEY, THE OBSERVATORY, AND THE CAVE OF SIZE.

Okay, so if you have any information to contribute please do so, and hopefully we can figure this out.

Note: It's difficult in the first season but it gets much easier in later layouts.

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