Author Topic: What I've noticed about Legends fansites...  (Read 1124 times)

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What I've noticed about Legends fansites...
« on: August 15, 2006, 04:33:27 PM »
Kinda long post, but bear with me as I'm going to type this similar to the way the thought process worked in my head...

I loved Legends when it was first back on Nick in the 90s (I would have been like 6-8 years old during the initial run, I'm 19 now), and just finding all these fansites along with getting Nick GAS really caused me to get into the show again since the beginning of the year. One thing I noticed however (and there's nothing wrong with this, just an observation) is that I think every fansite I've found is hosted with some kind of free host. While these hosts are perfectly suited for fansites (I used to have a few that I had with Tripod), the slightly "non-personal" address and the ads are what ultimately led me to register a domain and get paid hosting for my blog a little over two years ago. Yeah, it costs money (but not a whole lot), and to me the benefits are denitiely worth it (your own domain name, no ads being served, lots more freedom in what to do with the site). As I started to record Legends every day with my Tivo and get the episodes onto my computer, I started thinking about actually buying a domain and starting my own fansite, but I needed to do something that wouldn't just make it feel like a "me too" site and actually give me a reason to spend money on the domain/hosting.

Every day since I've started recording the shows (which as of this writing is 10, so 20 episodes), I've been putting different stats about each episode into a database on one of my existing sites. One of the things I thought of doing would be to have not only an episode list (as every fansite should), but also have a page where people could pull up different (maybe somewhat obscure) stats on demand (for example: how often a team made it to the Temple Games with certain other teams on the Steps, total number of pendants won when up against other teams, etc.). By just running searches against this database, the stats don't have to be hard coded into a page and people really can find out some weird percentages that probably no one would ever take the time to do by hand. Ok, so there's one thing I could do that's unique (to my knowledge), but what about other stuff? If I had started this earlier in the summer I could have tackled episode descriptions, screenshots, temple run diagrams, and lots more stuff, but I start school on Thursday (as in, day after tomorrow *gulp*) so December would be the earliest I could really dedicate any time to that. Assuming Nick GAS runs all the episodes without too many repeats, I should have all 120 done by early October, and once I'm close to being done with that, I'll at least have enough to launch a semi-worthwhile site.

As I was thinking about other options and I came back to the fact that all the fansites I know of are done with free hosts, I figured I would make everyone an offer: once I get my site set up (probably late September/early October-ish), would any of the fansite owners (or this forum owner) be interested in using my hosting (for free, of course) instead of your current providers?? I'm going to be paying for a package that's entirely overkill for my purposes, but it's the cheapest plan the host I use offers, and until I'm willing to go up to a certain level, there's a one domain per plan limit. Yes, this would mean changing your current address which some people may not want to do (and that's fine, this is just an open offer, but FYI you would be able to set up an automatic redirect from your existing address to the new one), but you would just have a subdomain on whatever domain I end up purchasing (so something in the pattern of, and I'm going to get a domain name somehow related to Legends). Again, absolutely no pressure for anyone to take me up on this, but I'm going to have it available to provide if anyone is interested.

Wow, long post. If anyone actually reads it, post and let me know if you're interested in this offer or not.

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What I've noticed about Legends fansites...
« Reply #1 on: August 15, 2006, 07:24:07 PM »
Wow, what a post! :wink:

My Nicklegends site started just as a little piece of work I'd put some of my free time into, with the goal to provide a very similar website to Chris Reynolds' lotht2001, but actively updated and with a complete episode list. Obviously, it has grown much more than that, and to the point where it has arguably outgrown its free website provider. I didn't want to fiddle with the financial aspects of a domain, so your proposal, from what I understand, is perfect for what I'd need.

Please keep me updated on the situation. I've been planning on a move from Geocities for a long time now, and this may be my first cleared path. Thanks!

EDIT: In simple words, "count me in!"

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What I've noticed about Legends fansites...
« Reply #2 on: August 16, 2006, 11:26:28 AM »
I agree with nicklegends.. WHAT A POST!

My site actually somewhat built off of NickLegends' site with having only 5 sections: Home/Index (it woudl have stats on how me taping all 120 episodes would be going like eg: 95/120 episodes then the episodes I needed, Episode Guide, Links. Contact. Then after about eh a week or so i added: Legends Pics (now known as X-Clusive Pics) and provided random screen shots of episodes and what do you know but, my site has GROWN (just like nicklegends' has) to now having 8 sections including Interviews, Downloads and More!. My original intention of the site was to get lots of contestant interviews but, after a while I figured not all would want to share their Legends story so I kept that on the back burner but, focused more on episode downloads and xclusive pics. I would like to make known here (as some may know) that I was the first site on the web to offer not only Legends downloads but, most of the GaS shows. The only site that had GaS episodes before me was with 2 episodes of Double Dare. Anyway, Who would have thought that my site would be what it is today?? Certainly not me!

After all that babble Ill get to the point, I've been planning on a move to a 'domain' for a long time now, as well, so keep me updated on this as well :)

-- JOn