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Roland the Headless LOTHT Episode
« on: November 23, 2006, 02:44:02 PM »
Here is a song about the Ivory Hunting Horn of Roland.  Some info about it might be sketchy, since all I've seen of it is the Temple Run.  It's based on "Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner".

Roland had an Ivory Hunting Horn that was lost in the Shriiiiiiiiine
With Temple Guards protecting it, it would keep contestants in line
The deal was made in 1995 on a probably sunny day
So the Red Jaguars were sent to the Temple to join the bloody fray

They had 3 minutes to retrieve the artifact
Yakera went in first, not knowing if she'd come back
The layout was so easy, she grabbed the horn with 1:35
With the horn, she ran out of the Temple, and made it out alive

Roland the succesful LOTHT episode...

It was in the hall of fame- with Saladin and all the rest
But of all the Legends episodes, Roland was the 2nd fastest
So Nick GaS decided they wanted Roland dead
Those insane people at Nick GaS blew off Roland's head

Roland the headless LOTHT episode...
Seaspn 3's quickest
Time, time, time
For people who taped it to watch it
But there's little hope for those with it on their want list
Til they even up the score
They can still see the Temple Run stalking through the night
On YouTube and lots of other sites
On YouTube and losts of oher sites

Roland searched the continent for the company who'd done him in
He found the episode selector in a barroom drinking gin
Roland aimed his Hunting Horn- he didn't say a word
But he blew the episode selector's body from there to Johannesburg

Roland the headless LOTHT episode...
The eternal LOTHT episode
still wandering through the night
Now it's 11 years later but he still keeps up the fight
A lot of people wanna see something besides Grandy Nanny
Renegade Pancake saw the Temple Run of the Ivory Hunting Horn
And bought it