Author Topic: The Dimension of the Bad temple runs  (Read 791 times)

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The Dimension of the Bad temple runs
« on: June 23, 2007, 10:35:18 AM »
This makes fun of how today they were showing bad episodes and tommorow's episodes are going to be worse.

The entrance-The Dead Man's Hand

One dark night, two children found an old temple. They decided to go in one in a time. The first one walked quietly into a cave that lead into the temple. The child then went into a pit. After that, the explorer found a throne. He/she decided to sit on it. Then a secret door leading upward opened. The child, however, did not know a hidden door had opened to a murky swamp. He/She climbed up a ladder into a room that seemed to be the center of the temple. Before the explorer could find out about anything, the child was thrown into a secret room and was stabbed with a pointed dagger.

Meanwhile, the second child was wondering what was taking so long, so the second explorer followed the first one's path by using the open passageways. When the child came to the room in the center of the temple, he/she did not see any open doors, so the explorer climbed up a ladder into an observatory. The person tried messing with the sundial, but had no luck. The child then went back to the throne, where she found another way out which lead into a swamp. She had no luck finding a hidden treasure that was suppost to be there, so she decided to leave the temple, thinking to come back again.