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The Return of Guts
« Reply #15 on: September 24, 2008, 09:42:56 PM »
I have come to the conclusion that Ben is a tool who is only hosting this show for a paycheck. He made at least three references to Australia last night. OK, man, we get it. Asha is Australian. You don't have to tell us more than once. Saying so when introducing her is fine, but you don't have to hark about the Land Down Under every chance you get. Mike hardly ever mentioned England, from what I recall.

And did anyone notice that during both Formula GUTS runs (BTW, that accident was pretty scary upon further review; they don't strap them down in that thing?), Ben asked Asha what the keys to the event were? Well, let's see, Ben, pedal as fast as you can, stay on the course, and don't crash the pod car. And get in and out of the pits as fast as you can. Just stick to calling the race, dude. You can ask Asha for her thoughts during the pit stop. The event lasts, at most, in-between 50 and 90 seconds. Focus on that.

From what I have read, they have taped a second tournament to air in January. I hope Ben's improved by that time. 8 episodes in, and he's annoyed me to no end. He's better-looking than Mike, and has better hair, but he's no Mike, in the end. It's too bad they didn't ask Mike to come back. I think he'd work just as well with Asha as he did with Mo.

I like the show, and Asha, but that's because I'm very partial to Australian women, I just cannot stand Ben. Of course, he probably needs the paycheck; I don't think At the Movies will last much longer with him and that other Ben guy who took over from Ebert and Roeper (and Phillips).