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The Lava Lamp of Edward Craven Walker
« on: October 03, 2006, 03:40:05 PM »
The Lava Lamp of Edward Craven Walker (This is my first episode, please don't hurt me ok?)

(Theme begins and opening plays and after a few seconds jungle palms move away and show Olmec)


*Season 1 Legends of The Hidden Temple Pendant and Logo shows*

Olmec: And with your guide.. KIRK FOGG!  .......And here he is now!

*Kirk races down from the Crypt and runs down beside Olmec*

Kirk: Thank you. Thank you very much. Welcome and thank you Olmec. Welcome to Legends of The Hidden Temple. The rooms are filled with lost treasures that are protected by mysterious Mayan temple guards. Only Olmec knows the legend behind each of the treasures in this hidden temple. Which one are we going to hear about today?

Olmec: The Lava Lamp of Edward Craven Walker...

Kirk. Ooo! The Lava Lamp of EDWARD CRAVEN WALKER! Well, one of these six teams will have the chance to retrieve the Lamp. [Cheers throughout from the teams] Who will it be? Will it be The Red Jaguars? The Blue Barricudas? The Green Monkeys? The Silver Snakes? The Orange Iguanas? Or the Purple Parrots?

In the moat, the teams had to walk a slim balance beam across one at a time, if a player fell in they'd have to go back to the beginning. The moat was to show HOW good a team can balance.

The teams arrived in this order:

1. Silver Snakes (Neither fell in)
2. Green Monkeys (Neither fell in)
3. Red Jaguars (2nd player fell in at the beginning)
4. Purple Parrots (1st player fell in)
Xx Blue Barricudas (1st player fell in, 2nd player took A LONG time.)
Xx Orange Iguanas ( 1st and 2nd player fell in)

At the steps of knowledge..

Olmec read the legend of this (I know it's from Wikipedia and not added in very well:

Olmec: Born in Singapore in 1818, he is mainly remembered as being the inventor of the psychedelic Astro Lamp or Lava Lamp, as it is otherwise known in America. However Craven was also an accomplished pilot and during WWII flew a DeHavilland Mosquito over Germany taking photographs of enemy positions.

Despite the distinct danger of flying deep into enemy territory with no lights and armed only with a 3D camera, Craven successfully made it through the war. He met his first wife, Marjorie Bevan Jones, during WWII at one of the Air Force bases where she was serving with the WAAF. He continued flying fixed wing aircraft right the way through his life. After the end of the war Craven set about developing an idea he had had in a country pub.

The pub had on display a contraption that fascinated Craven and he vowed to expand on the concept. It had been made by one of the pubs old regulars who had since departed and was a one-off homemade device consisting of an egg-timer and a lightbulb. While the device itself was fairly rudimentary, Craven saw its potential and set about perfecting it. He set up a lab in a small shed where he mixed togethar various ingredients in bottles of different shapes and sizes, looking for the ideal solution. He discovered the best container for the job was a Lucozade bottle and it is that shape that has defined the shape of Astro Lamps up until the present day. The actual chemical mixture Craven kept a secret to his grave until this day.

Kirk: So, where can the Lamp be found?

Olmec: In the room of the secret password.

Kirk: Now teams, olmec will give you questions, first two teams to the bottom go on to the temple games.

Olmec, first question.. and so on and so forth.

1st Question: Green Monkeys incorrect, Silver Snakes correct
2nd Question: Purple Parrots correct
3rd Question: Red Jaguars correct
4th Question: Red Jaguars correct
5th Question: Silver Snakes correct
6th Question: Green Monkeys correct
7th Question: Red Jaguars correct (TEMPLE GAMES)
8th Question: Silver Snakes correct (TEMPLE GAMES)

Kirk: Bad news for the Purple Parrots and the Green Monkeys.. but you'll be going home with.. ::A PAIR OF Adidas shoes each!::

Kirk: When we come back to Legends to Red Jaguars and the Silver Snakes will face off for pendants and a chance to go into Olmec's Temple!


*Off to commercial*

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« Reply #1 on: October 03, 2006, 03:41:30 PM »
::logo shows as show returns as music plays::

Kirk: Welcome back to Legends of The Hidden Temple.

Before we get to the Temple Games, we'll get to know our teams a little.

On the Silver Snakes we have Robin (Girl) and Jack (Boy). Robin loves music, dancing, and loves to run track. Jack loves rock n' roll and love to play the guitar, he also plays football as a Wide Reciever.

On the Red Jaguars we have Allen (Boy) and Mary (Girl). Allen loves to skateboard, plays baseball and wants to be like Ken Griffey Jr when he grows up. Mary loves volleyball, arts and crafts, and wants to be a hair stylist some day. (Maybe she could do the Temple Guards hair!?.. Nah.)

In the first temple game, Allen and Jack faced off. They had to climb a wall and find footholds or handholds, they had to climb to the top and turn on the lava lamp and come back down OR the one along at the end of sixty seconds WINS!

Allen easily climbed up the wall, while Jack struggled, but Allen DIDN'T turn the lamp on and CAME down! D'oh! There was only :07 seconds left, and he tried to go back up, but Jack was farther along at the end. And the Silver Snakes won the half pendant of life.

In the second temple game, Robin and Mary faced off. They had to go get water out of a pool and into there bucket and climb up a padded slide thing, and dump the water into a bucket. The first one to get to the red line on the bucket first wins, or the first one farther along at the end of :60 seconds.

Robin went up the slide first but accdently spilled all of her water over herself, this was a hard challenge for girls. Mary got hardly any water in her's but was in the lead with :39 seconds left. Robin went up, with a half of a bucket, but got it all in the bucket below. :17 seconds left and Mary got 2/3s of a bucket in. She was almost to the line. And Robin coldn't make it to the top with her last bucketfull. Time ran out and Mary for the Red Jaguars won a half pendant.

The standings were a .5 pendant a piece.

The teams for the final challenge had to hang on a roll thingy that spins around and around like in the Applewood Amulet of Emilio Zappata. The team that had the most members still on wins at the end of :60 seconds. If both members on both teams stayed on, they would both have 1.5 Pendants and would go to a tiebreaker.

Within the first 9 seconds Mary fell off.

After 37 seconds Allen also fell off!

That means the Silver Snakes won and would get an extra pendant of life giving them 1.5 Pendants and they're going to the temple!

Kirk: The Silver Snakes are going to the temple. Nice try Red Jaguars.. but you're leaving with.. :: $70 dollars each!::

When we come back the Silver Snakes will try to make it through Olmec's Temple.


*logo is shown as music plays as commercial starts*

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The Temple Run!
« Reply #2 on: October 03, 2006, 03:43:21 PM »
*return to show*

Kirk: Welcome back to Legends.. The Silver Snakes have proven themselves worthy to enter Olmec's temple. But first, Olmec will give you some help to find the Lamp.

Olmec: You could start by climbing through the Cave (new room) make your way through and you could be headed into the Wall Climb, find a open door and you could head into the Throne Room! Sit on the throne and wait for it to spin around and you could go up to Medusa's Lair or into the Swamp, manuver through and then make your way up or into the Dark Forest, reach into the trees to find the key, BUT BEWARE there could be Temple Spirits in the trees OR break through the wall to the Dugenon. Climb up the ladder that could lead you into the Room of the Secret Password. Where you can grab the Lamp, say the correct password from the tablets to open the door to The Shriiiiiiiine of Sillllver Monkey.. assemble the statue and you could be headed into the Treasure Room you could be headed down from there or race into the Observatory.. Align the stones to reveal a picture which could open a door to Medusa's Lair place the snakes in the correct holes. Race across the Troubled Bridge and through the Crypt where you need to pull the books from the skeletons.. race out of the temple and through the temple gates! The choices are yours and yours alone. You won 1 and a half pendants in the temple games. Who's going in first?

Robin: I am!

Very well robin.. When Kirk gives the signal... race through the temple gate into the temple and make your way towards the The Lava Lamp of Edward Craven Walker.. Hidden inside the temple are temple guards assigned to protect three specific rooms, you can trade your pendant for an extra life and go on.. BUT if your caught without a pendant you will be taken out it will be Jack's turn to go in. Hidden somewhere in the temple is an extra half of a pendant.. if you can find it and you have the other half, you'll have an extra life. If you can reach the Lamp, all the doors in the temple will be open, and the 3 temple guards will vanish. Return through the gates with the Lamp within three minutes and you'll be faboulusly rewarded.. and here's how!

For making it in the temple you'll win this X-Box 360 Gaming System Package.
For reaching the artifact within the 3 Minutes, you'll recieve this 32' inch flat-screen TV.
If you make it out of the temple with the Lamp within 3 minutes you'll both be going to Jamaica!

Kirk: Wow! Jamaica. Here we go.. Robin get ready.

Let's put three minutes on the clock..




Robin races into the temple and slides down to the Cave, she manuevers her way through and is into the Wall Climb with 2:42 left!
Robin goes up to the Observatory.. and finds a temple guard waiting for her.
She hands over her pendant to the Guard and stutters for 4 seconds.
She alligns the stone collumn and heads down to Medusa's Lair with 2:17 left.
She is confused and wastes time getting the snakes into the hole. She finally completes it and sees that the door to the Throne Room opens BUT DOESN'T NOTICE that the door to the Treasure Room OPENS!
She is now in the Throne Room with 1:49 left and sits on the throne and the throne turns around and a Temple Guard is there. She is taken out with 1:39 left.
Kirk: Go Jack Go!
Jack makes up alot of time going down from the Observatory and to the Throne Room BUT ALSO doesn't notice the TREASURE ROOM door is open!
Jack sees that a door to the swamp is open, but misses the half pendant on the Throne Room ladder.
Jack heads into the Swamp with 1:02 left.
Jack trys the door to the Dark Forest, but it doesn't open and he climbs into the Treasure Room with only :30 seconds left.
Jack is confused in the Treasure Room and stumbles around for a few seconds and finally hits the actuator into the Shrine of The Silver Monkey with :13 seconds left and runs in, grabs the base and finds a temple guard in the Shrine with :06 seconds, but only has a half a pendant.. it's all over..

Kirk: OH NO! That's 3 temple guards..and they were only ONE room away.. but they still get the X-Box 360 Gaming System.. oh well.. Nice try Silver Snakes! That's all for Legends of The Hidden Temple today.


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The Lava Lamp of Edward Craven Walker
« Reply #3 on: October 03, 2006, 03:45:32 PM »
Fan Summary:
The Lava Lamp of Edward Craven Walker

Name of Artifact: The Lava Lamp of Edward Craven Walker
Season: 5
Layout: Number Not Known
Result: Caught By Three Temple Guards
Time Remaining: :06
Team: Silver Snakes
Pendants Won: 1.5
Location of Artifact: The Room of The Secret Password

Temple Diagram:

Run Summary: Both players weren't the fastest.. but surely NOT the slowest.. Both missed the open door to the treasure room though while in Medusa's Lair. That could have saved them alot of time. If they hadn't stumbled around in a couple rooms this could have been a CLOSE finish. But, not finding the half pendant in the Throne Room also got Jack taken out with a little time left. This could have been tough at the end as the Shrine/Forest door would have opened only and the wall would have bashed through and the ladder wouldn't be so hard to climb.. Oh well.

Temple diagram in the style of Nicklegends.

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The Lava Lamp of Edward Craven Walker
« Reply #4 on: October 03, 2006, 05:06:22 PM »
Interesting choice for a Legends subject, but I'm not complaining.

My only critique is a lack of Legend and Steps of Knowledge. You should at least copy a brief synopsis from Wikipedia.

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The Lava Lamp of Edward Craven Walker
« Reply #5 on: October 04, 2006, 10:22:07 AM »
I have added a legend w/o the (as an example)

Olmec: And then she thought..

Katherine Kaldo: You can't do that!

etc thing.

Just from wikipedia.

Any more comments on this Legend?