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Social Rules I've Had to Deal With
« on: January 10, 2020, 02:46:11 AM »
Many people in my home state have seen hugging as socially inappropriate. What's definitely more socially inappropriate is not being thin. I've got a five-point scale on thinness.

General Five-Point Scale
5: Friendships come to an end, special opportunities are lost, you can get banned from a club or fired from your job.
4: Keeping friendships gets much harder, others are not feeling good about you and there are some negative consequences.
3: Others have weird thoughts and feel a bit uncomfortable around you.
2: There are not too many problems, everything is still good.
1: Everyone is happy to be with you.

BMI Five-Point Scale
5: BMI 30+
4: BMI 27-30
3: BMI 25-27
2: BMI 22-25
1: BMI <22

Weight for my height (5'8") Five-Point Scale:
5: 198 or greater
4: 178-197
3: 165-177
2: 145-164
1: 144 or less
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