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Re: Murder In Small Town X; The Return
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My apologizes to the people that read this. I was unable to post the episode last night for personal reasons so I’m currently posting it right now. Just think about it as being preempted.
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Re: Murder In Small Town X; The Return
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Nobody owns life, but anyone who can pick up a frying pan owns death.
William S. Burroughs

Episode 6; Let's Just Throw the Rule Book Out

Last time on Murder in a Small Town X;

The Killer struck again, killing another suspect.
Lady-“Hello, I..... AHHHHH!”
Chrissy-“Diane is dead!?”

And at Diane’s house, Robbin’s news story didn’t sit well with the ex husband, Brad.

While a trip to the Town Hall helped out with more info about Tracey’s death.
Julia-“Well, you see, she was found dead in front of Stokely Works. The poor girl was hit and left for dead. That same night, the man whose body hasn't been found yet, Matthew Bundy, was arrested for a DWI and they pinned him as the one who ran her over. He was placed on trial but acquitted because there was no evidence and no witnesses came forward.”

The group found out about Tyrone’s former girlfriend.
Tyrone-“Found our that she developed cancer and passed away. This was roughly...... 10 years ago.”

And Rachel dropped a bombshell on the investigators.
Benjamin-“So wait....You’re..... Gay?”
Rachel-“Yes I am.”

And revealed she was in a relationship with Tracey just before she died.
Rachel-“I loved Tracey....”

Brad then confirmed what happened with Tracey, and he had a big surprise for the investigators.
Brad-“She’s still covering for me.....Some girl got ran down in front of my business..... Matthew and I are good friends. Hell, you could call us brothers. I couldn’t watch him go down like that. She understood, but she was pissed at me for it.”

And that wasn’t the end of his night, as he got in a bar fight with 3 other men
Mitchell-“They just went through the glass door!”

At the end of the day, they cleared the teacher, Jennifer Harris, and both Kristen and Harrison ventured out into the darkness to play the Killer’s Game.

While Harrison found another clue at Georgina’s house, Kristen met the end of the game for her at the same place it all began, at the Bundy’s house.

Now 8 Suspects and 5 Investigators Remain.

Its 3:37 in the morning. Once again, a van slowly pulls up to its destination with its head lights off. A flick of a switch, and a green, hazy glow illuminates the night for the Killer. They get out of the van and look around. No one will hear this kill and alert the police. It would be their easiest kill yet, but is it their last?

The Killer reached into the back of the truck and grabbed the body bag. They gave it a tug and couldn't pull it up to them. They looked into the van and noticed that the most recent loser of their Killer's Game was pinning the unused bag down. They freed it continued on their evil mission.

The camera walked down the dirt road and up a set of stairs. Sobbing could be heard through the door. Quietly, the Killer opened the door and found a man sitting at a table in the room. He was clearly drunk and still drinking as they walked in.

Man-"She's gone...... I can't believe it......"

The man looked up and saw the Killer. He was too drunk to comprehend that the Killer was in the room with him. He looked at them like they were just a shadow on the wall and then put his head down on the desk.

The Killer actually felt bad. Not for the fact that the man was depressed, but for the sole fact that this kill would put up no challenge to them at all.

They didn't rush the man, just simply walked forward, weapon pointed.



In the quiet town of Sunrise Ridge, a Killer is on the loose. A reward has been offered to 10 ordinary people;


They have been sent to Sunrise Ridge to play the Killer's twister game. Now, they must enter the mind of a Killer and solve the mystery, or else they will be eliminated, one by one.


the group woke up the next morning. Spencer and Tiffany had already dropped off the traditional breakfast to the group. Everyone sat down to eat at the table. Only 5 remain now; Benjamin, Chrissy, Deanna, Harrison, and Mitchell.

Harrison-"I came back last night. I know that Chrissy is still gunning for me to be eliminated, but I've made it this far in the game, and I wanna make it all the way."

Chrissy-"I'm now all alone in the house. Hopefully Deanna works with me to get rid of the rest of the boys in the house."

The group finished up their meals and walked upstairs to the Briefing Room. Gary was already in there waiting for them. Once again, he looked like he had a long morning.

Gary-"Good morning everyone. Before we begin, I have some business to go over. Last night, after you guys left The Hot Spot, the ambulance came by and took a man by the name of William Orton to the local hospital. He was questioned at the hospital and him and his 2 friends will be charged with disturbing the peace and inciting a riot. After talking to them and Tyrone, an arrest warrant is also out for Brad Stokely."

Every investigator basically said "WHAT!?" at the same time.

Deanna-"We were there! We saw the whole thing! Those 3 idiots provoked the fight!"

Mitchell-"Yeah, those idiots started a fight and got whipped!"

Everyone all thought the same thing; "Did we just defend Brad Stokely????"

Gary-"Unfortunately, we have no choice in the matter. Brad left the club before the police arrived. Technically, he fled the scene of a crime. Tyrone and the 3 other men all confirmed that Brad was involved in the fight and left. So, I'm arranging Officer Faye to come by and bring 2 of you to go pick up Brad. That will be Track 1. As for Track 2, you will be going on the Killer Clue track. Last night, Harrison survived his second Killer's Game. What did you find out there?"

Harrison-"I got into the basement, and somehow found my way through a lot of storage bins. Went through the house and up the stairs to Georgina's room. I found the clue on a desk in a shoe box."

Gary-"Congratulations on once again returning. This is what Harrison brought back last night."

Gary opened the shoe box and pulled out a gun. All the investigators were in awe at the sight of it.

Gary-"This is obviously a hand gun. It's unloaded and it's also a prop so it can't fire. Pretty sure that the Killer wants to keep the actual gun for the time being. Track 2's job today is simple; We got hold of a local gun club and they said that one of their experts will meet you at The Shaw Shack today to discuss the gun to more extent. As for who is going where today, we must look at the Last Will and Testament of Kristen."

Gary clicked open a folder and brought up a video on the TV above the table. Kristen appeared for the final time to the group. After Gary pressed play, he walked over and took the nameplate off of her desk and placed it on the board in his "In Memory Of" section. The names included Heidi Gilligan, Frank Williams, Stacey Towers, Doug Graham, and now Kristen Reynolds.

Kristen-"I don't want to be here. Both Chrissy and I were targeted after the last Killer's Game. If I don't come back, then it's time to remove the target from Chrissy and let the others go at each other for a bit. I name Chrissy as the next Lead Investigator."

Gary-"Congratulations, Chrissy, you are the Lead Investigator."

Chrissy gathered her items and made her way to the front.

Harrison-"I got this weird feeling that I'm going out again on another Killer's Game. I still don't think that she's happy with me calling her and the others out the other night."

Deanna-"I'm not surprised that Chrissy is Lead Investigator again. Whoever doesn't come back this time will most likely not name her for Lead Investigator next round and she'll be out on a Killer's Game very soon."

Gary-"Now, before you name who is going on what Track today, I want you and everyone else to keep this in mind; from here on out, the Lead Investigator will not remain here at Headquarters. They will join the Track of their choice and accompany them. As we are getting low in numbers, we need as many of you out there as we can. Regardless, the Lead Investigator will still remain immune at the vote. With that being said, Chrissy, can you please pick 2 people to go out with Officer Faye to go pick up Brad, and the other 3 will go to The Shaw Shack to speak with the gun expert."

Chrissy-"Well.... I want some strong men to go get Brad, in case he gets riled up. So let's send our MMA fighter and our hockey coach to get Brad, and I'll go with Benjamin and Deanna to meet the guns expert."

Gary-"Very well. Harrison and Mitchell, you are Track 1. You guys will go and assist Officer Faye with arresting Brad. Officer Faye drove past earlier and noticed his pick up truck on the road outside his business, so we'll be going there to arrest him. Also, Jeffery Ardis should be there as he is an employee, so you can talk to him as well, but remember, he's also still a suspect, so be careful what you say. Chrissy, Deanna, and Benjamin, you will be Track 2. Go get as much info as you can out of the gun expert, and since your there, Tiffany and Spencer should also be there so you could question them if you wish as well. Go get ready. You're dismissed."
Outside of HQ, Officer Faye was waiting with his patrol car for Harrison and Mitchell.

Jack-"Good morning, guys."

Harrison-"Hey! Good morning, Officer Faye."

Mitchell-"Good morning, Officer."

Jack-"As you know, we have to arrest Mr. Stokely today. I'll head in first and you 2 will wait by the door in case he runs. I'm hoping it'll go smoothly, but you never know with him."

Mitchell-"Trust me, I've seen him fight. As long as you got a taser, we might stand a chance if he fights back."

Jack-"Alright, let's get going."

The 3 men climbed into the squad car and took off to Stokely Works, Inc. It wasn't long before Harrison spoke up.

Harrison-"Hey, Officer Faye, I was wondering, have you ever heard of a lady that died here in town named Tracey Johnson?"

Jack-"Name sounds familiar. Is that the lady killed out front of Stokely's work place?"

Harrison-"Yeah, that's her. You don't happen to know anything else about her, do you?"

Jack-"Well, I was in the academy when she was killed, but it was big news in town. They tried pinning it on Matthew Bundy because he got pulled over for drunk driving a little bit after she was struck. They brought him to trial for the drunk driving charge and then set him up for a trial for the hit and run. They asked if anyone that witnessed it could please come forward. The day of the trial came, no one came forward as a witness. They had no way to place him at the crime scene, so they had to throw it out. He walked away a free man."

Mitchell-"Wow. That's crazy."

Jack-"You're telling me. And now, here we are with these murders. Just who's the Killer is what's alluding us."

Mitchell-"Don't worry, we're nearing the end of our investigation so hopefully someone will be arrested soon."

Jack-"Alright, this is the place coming up."
Deanna, Chrissy, and Benjamin all arrived at The Shaw Shack. They climbed out of the van and walked inside, with Benjamin holding onto the shoe box that contained the fake gun. The second they walked in, they immediately walked into Tiffany.

Tiffany-"Hey guys! How you doing today?"

Chrissy-"We're doing good. How about you?"

Tiffany-"I'm good. Can I get you guys anything?"

Chrissy-"Coffee with light milk please."

Deanna-"Coffee with cream please."

Benjamin-"Hot tea with a little milk please."

Tiffany-"Got it. Go grab a seat and I'll be right back with it."

The group thanked her and took a seat in an open booth. It wasn't long until. Tiffany came back with the drinks.

Tiffany-"Here you guys go. Like with the breakfast, it's all complementary."

Chrissy-"Tiff, you're the best!"

Tiffany-"Aw, thanks! Hey, what do you have in the shoe box?"

Benjamin-"Its something from our case. We're waiting on someone to show up to meet with us about it."

Tiffany-"That's so funny, I'm waiting on a group of people to come in as well."

Deanna-"Oh, what a coincidence. Anything special?"

Tiffany-"Not really, just something the gun club set up."

Deanna-"Wait, you said gun club?"


Deanna-"That's what we're here about."

Tiffany-"Oh, no kidding. Small world. So, what do you have for me?"
Harrison-"Hey, who's that over there in the truck?"

Jack pulled the cruiser over to a set of pick up trucks. Once they got close, they could make out who was sitting in one of the trucks. The guys all got out of the car and approached the truck. A man was sitting in it, half asleep. Jack knocked on it and scared the man.

Mitchell-"Its just Jeffery."

Jack-"Excuse me, sir, why are you sleeping in your truck?"

Jeffery-"Jesus! Nearly gave me a heart attack. I'm waiting for Brad. We have a meeting across town and I'm waiting for him to come out of his office. Guess I started falling asleep."

Jack-"Why don't you just go and get him?"

He let out a big yawn before talking.

Jeffery-"Trust me, Officer, the morning after he drinks, its better to wait for him then to go get him yourself. It's like going into a lion's cage wearing a steak necklace."

Jack-"Well, I'll take that chance. Come on guys."

With that, Officer Faye, Harrison, and Mitchell walked up to the office door. Jack reached out and knocked on it.

Jack-"Mr. Stokely, this is Officer Faye of the Sunrise Ridge Police Department. I have a warrant for your arrest."

There was no answer from Brad. Jack knocked again.

Jack-"Mr. Stokely, I am here with a warrant for your arrest. Please come outside and make this easy."

Again, their was no response.

Jack-"It looks like we're going in to get him."

Mitchell-"Hopefully he's still in there."

Jack turned the handle and opened the door.
Benjamin handed the shoebox over to Tiffany. She opened it and immediately closed it back up.

Tiffany-"Let's move this conversation to my office. I don't wanna take this out and a customer freaks out."

With complete agreement from all, the group got up from the table and relocated their meeting through the kitchen and into Tiffany's office. She sat down at her desk and opened the shoebox up.

Tiffany-"Where did you guys find this?"

Chrissy-"Uhh.... Its a long, boring story. But what type is it?"

Tiffany rolled the prop gun over in her hands a few times and held it as if she was looking down a scope of a rifle instead of a hand gun.

Tiffany-"This is a prop gun of a M1911, nickname of 'Government'. Single action, semi automatic, fires a .45. Ironically created in 1911, it's the former standard issue sidearm of the United States Armed Forces, but does remain in service with multiple law enforcement agencies in the US."

Deanna-"Wow. You know all that just by looking at a fake?"

Tiffany-"Its a gift. What can I say?"

Chrissy-"That's really impressive."

Benjamin-"How do you know so much about guns?"
Jack-"Mr. Stokely, I have a warrant for...."

He stopped dead in his tracks. Harrison and Mitchell were standing behind him but could not see what Officer Faye was looking at. Jack finally snapped out of his trance and came back to reality. He shut the door and went straight to Jeffery's truck.


Harrison and Mitchell shot a glance at each other.

Harrison-"What the hell is going on?"

They immediately followed Officer Faye to Jeffery's truck, who looked as confused as ever. Jack stared daggers at him and reached for his taser.


Mitchell-"Officer Faye, what's wrong?"

Terrified, Jeffery stumbled out of the truck, fell on the ground, and placed his hands on his head.


Jeffery-"I swear, I don't know what you're talking about!"

Harrison-"Jack, what's wrong?"

Jack-"It's another damn murder! Brad's desk is covered in blood, his body isn't in there, and Jeffery is asleep in his car when we show up. You better tell me what is going on right now, Jeffery! I've arrested you before, and damnit, I'll arrest you again!"

Mumbling from the ground, Jeffery spoke to them.

Jeffery-"Officer, I swear to you, I don't have any idea what's going on. I showed up and I've been waiting for him since I got here. I never go into his office until he calls for me. If you've ever seen him drunk or hungover, it is not a pretty site at all. I swear I don't know anything Officer."

Enraged and frustrated, Officer Jack lowered his taser, placed it back in its holster, and walked back to Brad's office while grabbing his radio.

Jack-"Officer Faye here, we got another one."
Tiffany-"My dad loves sports and hunting. I'm an only child and I know he wanted a son to play football with and fish and hunt with, so when I was like 4 I started playing football. I was the only girl on the city team. Then he started taking me to his gun club just after I graduated high school. I really don't care for them, but I do have a place in my heart for them. Plus, I run a business. I don't wanna take any chances going from here to the bank and back to make a deposit and get jumped, so I have a conceal and carry permit."

Chrissy-"Really. Can we see it?"

Tiffany-"Just one second."

Tiffany then pulled her necklace out from her shirt, and attached to it was a key. She placed it on her desk, then opened the bottom drawer and pulled out a small silver briefcase. She used the key to unlocked it and pulled out her permit and a sleek silver hand gun.

Tiffany-"This right here is kinda like what you brought me, just a little bit more up to date. And don't worry, it's unloaded. I always keep it unloaded in the diner. Heck, I've only ever fired it at the range."

Chrissy-"So you've never had to shoot someone?"

Tiffany-"Thank God no. I don't think I would have the heart to. I mean, if my life was in serious jeopardy then most likely."

Just then, Spencer came walking into the office.

Spencer-"Hey, sorry to bother you, but... WHOA!"

He then dropped to the ground and covered his head.

Tiffany-"Are you OK?"
Harrison and Mitchell grabbed some caution tape from Officer Faye's patrol car and went over and taped off Brad's office. Once they were done, they grabbed the detective kit and went inside.

Mitchell and Harrison-"Oh my GOD!"

Their was Brad's desk, completely cover with what looked like an explosion of red paint. However, they wished it was paint. His chair was on its side, a 6 pack of beer was crushed, spilled, and coated in the blood on the side of the desk, and a stain of blood trailed across the floor and ended just before the door.

Mitchell-"I can see why Jack paused when he opened the door."

Harrison-"Let's get a sample of that blood and see if we can find a .45 casing."

Mitchell-"I have a good idea where that casing is. It's gotta be at his desk."

Harrison-"It makes sense. I'll collect the blood, you find the casing."

Harrison grabbed a swab and collected a sample from off of the desk. It wasn't long after he put it away that Mitchell emerged from under the desk with the casing.

Mitchell-"It's a .45."

Harrison-"You're the man. Hey, idea. Should we dust for prints?"

Mitchell-"We may as well. You never know."

Mitchell stored the casing and the 2 men started dusting. Mitchell dusted the desk and Harrison started dusting the door to the office.

Mitchell-"Hey, I have a few prints."

Harrison-"I have some too."

The 2 men collected the fingerprints they found, and then decided to pack it up for the day. As they walked out, Officer Faye was talking with Jeffery.

Jeffery-"Listen, I know it looks wired Officer, but I swear I have absolutely no idea about what happened. We had a meeting across town for a construction contract with a company and I was gonna drive him over because last night was his drinking night. I got here and saw his truck parked. I figured he was inside sleeping it off or cleaning himself up for the meeting."

Jack-"What time did you get here?"

Jeffery-"From when you guys pulled up, about half an hour."

Jack wrote everything Jeffery said down on his note pad. He rubbed his tired eyes and let out a deep sigh.

Jack-"Listen, I apologize for the whole taser thing. We found you at a crime scene and after everything else going on in this town, we're all on edge."

Jeffery-"Can't say that wasn't the first time I had a taser pulled on me. It's all good. I completely understand where you were coming from."

Jack-"Thanks. Listen, go home, relax, and start looking for another job. I got a big hunch that Stokely Works is gonna go under if Brad really is dead. Just don't leave town until their investigation is officially over."

Jeffery-"Got it. Take care."

The 2 men shook hands and Jeffery got in his pick up and left the job site. Jack turned around and saw Harrison and Mitchell.

Jack-"Are you guys all set?"

Mitchell-"Yes we are."

Jack-"Alright. Let me get you guys back to your headquarters."

The 3 men got into the squad car and left.
Spencer-"You have a gun?!"

Tiffany-"Shhh! Don't scare everyone out there. It's only in this room, in this case at all times."

Spencer got up from the floor very slowly.

Spencer-"Sorry. I just hate guns. No offense at all, I think people can own them, I just personally don't like them."

Tiffany-"I can respect that, and don't worry, this is unloaded and the safety is on."

Tiffany placed the gun back in the box and locked it back up.

Chrissy-"You don't like guns, Spencer?"

Spencer-"I just don't understand how people could own a device made for killing."

Benjamin-"Yeah, but the same could be said for a knife set. Hell, same could be said with a car. It's all down to the person who owns it."

Spencer-"True, but you never think of a car as a murder weapon. You see a gun as a murder weapon, and while I don't mind them personally, being around them kinda freaks me out."

Deanna-"Trust me, I get the same way."

Tiffany-"So, is their anything else you need to know?"

Deanna-"How bad would this be at point blank range?"

Tiffany-"Well, this model was for the Armed Forces, and certain police departments still use a variation of this, so it is a strong weapon. It can kill someone at point blank range pretty easily. Even at a longer distance it will cause a good amount of damage or even kill them."

Chrissy-"Damn, that's a powerful gun."

Tiffany-"Its probably one of the best sidearms ever."

Chrissy-"Listen, we’re gonna head out. If we have any more questions we'll give you a call. Is that OK?"

Tiffany-"Oh that's more than OK. By all means, come in or call anytime."

Chrissy-"Thanks, bye guys."

The 3 investigators and the 2 diner workers big farewell to each other and Chrissy, Deanna, and Benjamin left the Shaw Shack and returned to their waiting car.
The 2 teams arrived back at Headquarters and filed into the Briefing Room. As usual, Gary was waiting behind his table.

Gary-"Welcome back everyone. Let's get right to it. Track 1, I got the call from Officer Faye, why don't you explain it to the others."

Chrissy, Deanna, and Benjamin looked utterly confused at what Gary said, but their confusion turned to shock relatively quickly.

Harrison-"We got to Stokely Works, and we found Jeffery in his truck asleep. Brad's truck was next to his and they're supposed to go to a meeting across town. We go into Brad's office and there is blood everywhere. We think he's been killed by the Killer."

The other 3 investigators gasped at this information.

Deanna-"Are you kidding?"

Mitchell-"It was a complete mess when we walked in there. Jack pulled his taser on Jeffery cause he was there and thought he did it. There was blood all over his office. We collected a sample of it to confirm the blood to be Brad's, we also were able to collect a few sets of fingerprints and we also found the .45 casing under the desk."

Gary-"Excellent job guys. I won't cross Brad off from our suspects list until we get the lab results back to confirm it was him. Until then, he's still up there. Track 2, what did you find out?"

Chrissy-"Well, we got to the diner and, as it turns out, Tiffany was the gun expert. She told us about the gun Harrison found. It's a M1911 and was used as a sidearm for the Armed Forces and that it's still used in various police departments. She also said she doesn't care for guns but it made her dad happy and that she developed a soft spot for them and that she's never fired her own gun except at the gun range."

Benjamin-"Spencer came in to ask her something and saw her gun and dropped to the floor. He looked petrified. He said he can't stand guns but doesn't mind if someone owns one."

Gary-"You guys did a tremendous job out there today. Go get some rest and we'll join back up tomorrow. You're dismissed."

The group filed out and left for the kitchen. Deanna grabbed a head of lettuce from the refrigerator and started on a salad for the evening. Mitchell grabbed the chicken cutlets and some barbecue sauce.

Mitchell-"I'm gonna grill up some chicken for dinner. Any request beside barbecue sauce?"

Chrissy-"Oh, can you grill up some in some Italian dressing?"

Mitchell-"You got it."

Mitchell grabbed the bottle of Italian dressing and 2 bowls. He threw half the chicken in a bowl with the barbecue sauce and the other half in the other bowl with the Italian dressing. He mixed both up and went out to the grill.

Mitchell-"I love cooking on the grill. It's a way for me to detox myself from this case and keep me sane for a bit. I know that the envelopes for the next Killer's Game are coming soon, and I just hope that everyone loves my cooking so that they'll keep me around."

In the kitchen, Deanna and Chrissy worked on a salad.

Chrissy-"Listen, its only us 2 women left. We need to knock a man out and soon."

Deanna-"Who are you sending out?"

Chrissy-"Harrison, but unless he gets voted in, then probably Benjamin."

Deanna-"I know it's me that's gonna get voted in. I just hope I pick the right map."

Chrissy-"Then it's definitely Harrison I'll be putting in."

Deanna-"Chrissy's vendetta with Harrison is ridiculous. They got caught and now she wants his head on a platter. I don't think she'll ever get over it."

Harrison and Benjamin were busy setting the table when Harrison looked up.

Harrison-"I have an idea. You're teamed with Deanna right now. If you could convince her to vote for Mitchell, the 3 of us can vote her out."

Benjamin-"You sure that's gonna work?"

Harrison-"Think about it like this; if you convince her that Mitchell is too smart, I mean, he did get a few of the Killer Questions right on his own. If he stays in, we could all be done for. She votes for him and we got her sent out again."

Benjamin-"I'll get on Chrissy's good side. I'll tell them that you and I are targeting Mitchell, and since Chrissy is most likely sending you out, it can throw them off."

Harrison-"I like it. I really like it. If anyone can convince them, it's a lawyer."

Benjamin-"I know Harrison and I didn't get along when this first started, but I gotta admit, he's got this game down. He knows he'll be going out again, and he knows how to turn the game to still be in his favor. I gotta give him his props."

Harrison-"The way I see it, Deanna is already fed up with Chrissy. Deanna has gone out already and Chrissy has sat back and never as so much as lifted a finger. So if I don't come back, one of the guys get the Lead Investigator role and Chrissy will have a date with a map. If Deanna doesn't come back, then I hope that she doesn't pick Chrissy for a third time."
Deanna-"This has been tough. With the Killer's Game aspect, it takes a toll on you. I've played twice and I've had a hard time sleeping afterwards. It really drains you."

Benjamin-"We're almost at the end of this case. It's hard to zero in on a culprit right now, but if I had to, I'd say Jeffery was the one to do it. He was found asleep at a crime scene, even though he works there and he knows all the victims. I wouldn't be surprised if he started dating Ashely just to gain trust with them."

Chrissy-"Its been rough. I haven't been out on a Killer's Game yet, and honestly I rather not go out on one at all. I wanna make it to the end of this case, and with us finding out that Rachel was dating Tracey, I think that puts her at the front of the list as a prime suspect."

It's 2:02 in the morning. A green, hazy glow is illuminating the Sunrise Ridge Shipping Company. Inside the building were the 5 living investigators, sound asleep in the makeshift Headquarters. The green hazy glow didn't stay for long, however. They just waited there long enough for the show to start.


Everyone inside HQ jumped awake.

Chrissy-"What in the living hell was that?"

Deanna-"Did a truck just crash?"

The group sleepily met up in the hallway.

Harrison-"Did you all hear that?"

Deanna-"Yeah, but what was it?"

Just then, the sounds of sirens in the distance could be heard. A blur of red and orange flew past Headquarters and darted towards the emergency. Mitchell walked over to the window and looked out.

Mitchell-"That was a fire truck, and it looks like its heading over to that fire out there!"

The group looked outside and saw what looked to them like a 2 AM sunrise. They hurried off and got dressed then rushed outside to see what was happening. Jack Faye happened to noticed the group running in the fire's direction. He pulled over and jumped out.

Jack-"You guys heading over there?"

The group gave a tired yet adrenaline filled 'Yes'.

Jack-"I'm heading over as well. Everyone squeeze in to the car."

With that, the group and Officer Faye crammed into the 4 door patrol car and took off with the siren blaring. Within seconds, they were at the scene of the explosion.

Deanna-"Oh my God! That's the diner!"

The Shaw Shack was completely engulfed in flames. Firefighters rushed to put out whatever remained of it as fast as they could.

Harrison-"Holy crap! How the hell did this happen?"

Just then a scream and a cry echoed out.

Tiffany-"MY DINER!! NOOOOOOO!!!"

The group turned and saw that Tiffany had arrived at the scene. She was a uncontrollable mess of tears. The hard work she put into it, all the years she slaved to make it what is was, all of it was gone.

Tiffany-"How did this happen?!?"

She was a complete mess. Hair all over and tears flowing like a water faucet. She was immediately consoled by Officer Faye. Walter showed up in his Mail uniform, as did Mayor McGee, who was still in his pajamas. Spencer arrived and dropped because, he too, just lost his job. As the group looked over, they saw Robbin Evans and a bandaged up crew recording the fire for a News segment.

Chrissy, having dealt with Walter before, approached him.

Chrissy-"You heard the explosion as well?"

Walter-"H-h-heard it. Felt it. S-s-saw the fire t-t-trucks. I had to w-w-wake up any way to o-o-open the post office. It's a l-l-little earlier than I wanted t-t-to be up though."

They looked over and saw Tiffany still crying.

Walter-"That p-p-poor woman. I'm g-g-gonna do it."

Chrissy-"Do what?"

Walter-"I'm g-g-gonna ask her out."

Chrissy-"Oh my God! Really?"

Walter-"I know it's n-n-not the best time t-t-to ask, but I f-f-figure that I can h-h-help her through al t-t-this."

Chrissy didn't say anything, she just gave Walter a hug. Meanwhile, Benjamin and Mitchell were talking to Spencer. Spencer was on the verge of tears when they got to him.

Spencer-"Its gone..... I lost my job..... Just like that.... This has to be a bad dream. The murders happen and now this."

Mitchell-"Its gonna be OK, Spencer. Don't worry about it."

Benjamin-"You're gonna be fine, Spencer. Keep your head up."

Spencer-"No offense guys, but you don't get it. This is all I had. I was just scrapping by and now I'm gonna be back to square one."

Mitchell-"Trust me, we understand. I lost my first job because of almost the same thing. The building went up in flames and when they redistricted our staff to other sites, I wasn't picked up."

Benjamin-"Hopefully Tiffany has insurance and this place will be back up before you know it."

Deanna and Harrison just stared at the burning building.

Deanna-"This is just awful. How could this happen?"

Harrison-"Maybe their was a short in the wiring. Could of set of some grease or something."

Deanna-"How long do you think it'll take to find out what happened?"

Harrison-"Something is telling me the Killer has something to do with it."

Deanna-"What makes you think that?"

Instead of answering, Harrison just pointed to the big Shaw Shack Diner sign that stood in the parking lot. Deanna looked at it and saw what he was pointing at.

2 envelopes. One red. One black. The calling card of the Killer once again arrived, this time with an even bigger impact than ever.

Harrison-"I'm gonna ask one of the firefighters to get those for us."

Deanna-"The Killer had to of lit this fire. Why else would the envelopes be there? And if they can blow the diner up, they could blow up HQ. This is terrifying."

Harrison brought the envelopes back to Deanna, and the rest of the group joined back up.

Benjamin-"Where did you find those?"

Harrison-"They were hanging on the diner sign."

Mitchell-"You think the Killer did this?"

Deanna-"I wouldn't put it past them."

Chrissy-"Let's get home and get some sleep."

The group agreed and Officer Faye drove them back to their Headquarters.

Benjamin-"The Killer loves to mess with us. First Brad goes missing and now the diner goes up in flames and the envelopes are found there. It just doesn't stop."

Chrissy-"I just wanna go back to sleep. The Killer is loving this game their playing with us and hopefully we can end it soon."
The group woke up late the following morning at roughly 10 AM. Unfortunately for them, their was no breakfast waiting for them. No pancakes, waffles, sausage, bacon, fruit salad, coffee, anything. Chrissy walked into the kitchen and started a pot of coffee for the group.

Chrissy-"It was rough trying to sleep last night, and with the diner being gone, we gotta fend for ourselves right now. The only problem is we're exhausted. We barely slept last night and we've been woken up before by the Killer before. The breakfast from The Shaw Shack has kept us going, but now it's gone and we're all running on empty after last night."

Tired and hungry, the rest of the group made their way to the kitchen to grab a cup of coffee and made their way to the Briefing Room. Gary had already arrived and had breakfast sandwiches on his table.

Gary-"Figured you guys could use the pick me up after last night."

Each investigator grabbed a sandwich and gave Gary a hug and a handshake before taking their seats to get started.

Gary-"Alright, now I got a call from Rachel Neary. The blood from the crime scene at Stokely Works has come back, and it's a match with Brad's, which means he is no longer with us."

He paused and grabbed a red marker and crossed out Brad's picture on the wall behind his desk. With that, the construction work was cleared of the crime and also brought the Killer's death count up to 5 townspeople and 5 investigators for 10 in total. The other 5 living investigators now had only 7 suspects left and were one step closer to the reward money. Gary turned back to address the group.

Gary-"Now, I also got the results of the fingerprints back from the lab. Some prints were smudged or couldn’t give a conclusive reading, but we were able to get a few. Robbin Evans, Tyrone Cribbs, Spencer Stevens, and Jeffery Ardis were all collected."

Harrison-"Damn, we found that many?"

Gary-"You guys did a good job with that, and that leads us into today. Track 1, I'm gonna send you to what's left of The Shaw Shack. Tiffany and Spencer are gonna be there to talk to her insurance agent about the fire so we can chat with them. Track 2, You're gonna go see Robbin Evans. She has been found at almost every scene so let's find out why she was at Brad's office. Obviously, we have Jeffery as an employee and Tyrone had to see him about a door, so these 2 are the odd ones out. Find out what you can and I'll see you back here for later for the Killer's Game. You're dismissed."
Harrison and Mitchell's ride arrived at the remains of The Shaw Shack. All that was left standing was the sign in the parking lot and parts of the walls. Everything else was a complete loss. They got out and saw Tiffany and her insurance agent, Johnathan Kemper, were talking by her car, with Spencer walking through what was left of the diner.

Johnathan-"Well, you're definitely covered for fire, but we have to still run the investigation into if you burnt down the place yourself."

Tiffany-"I understand, but that's still ridiculous. I keep copies of our financial records at home, and we've never been close to bankrupt."

Johnathan-"I completely believe you, I really do. It's the whole Killer thing in the town right now that's throwing out the red flag.

Tiffany-"And what do you mean by that?"

The insurance agent took an anxiety filled breathe.

Johnathan-"The office is under the impression that you purposely burned down your restaurant and made it look like that Killer did it."

Tiffany-"That's outrageous! Are you kidding me!?"

Johnathan-"Please understand me, I am completely on your side with this."

It's was no use talking, Tiffany looked like she was about to drop to the ground in a horrible, crying mess. Harrison and Mitchell started walking over.

Mitchell-"Excuse me, is everything ok?"
Chrissy, Deanna, and Benjamin arrived at the news station. Having been there before, Deanna knew exactly where to go to find the door with "ROBBIN EVANS" emblazoned on it. They knocked on the door and were quickly welcomed in.

Robbin-"Oh, hello. Sorry, I was expecting the boss, not you guys."

Chrissy-"Sorry to bother you, but we just have a couple of questions."

Robbin-"Well I'm sorry, but I don't speak to the public like that."

Deanna-"Actually, we are with the murder investigation."

Robbin-"Oh, I thought you looked familiar. So what do you need?"

Chrissy-"For starters, how is your camera crew after what happened with Brad?"

Robbin-"They're all doing good. The guy that was knocked out, Kevin, was kept for an over night stay just to be sure he was OK. Greg was kept for a few hours and released, and Carl's nose was reset and he was sent on his way about an hour later."

Benjamin-"Well, that's good to know."

Robbin-"Yeah, I thought it was gonna be a lot worse."

Benjamin-"Oh trust us, we thought so too."

Chrissy-"So, have you spoken to Brad since then?"

Robbin-"No, I have not. Why would you ask?"
Johnathan-"May I help you?"

Mitchell-"My name is Mitchell Kennedy and my partner, Harrison Adams, and I are with the murder investigation here in town. We know Tiffany and we happened to overhear what is happening."

Harrison-"We know it might not mean much, but we have strong reason to believe that the Killer in town is the one who did this."

Johnathan-"What makes you say that?"

Mitchell-"We really can't say as it ties into our investigation technically, but if you wanna call our Commanding Officer, Sgt. Gary Fredo, he will be able to talk more about it and explain. Can I borrow your pen and some paper?"

Johnathan shook his head yes and handed his clipboard over to Mitchell who quickly wrote down the phone number to their HQ and handed it back to him.

Mitchell-"When your done here, just call over. Gary will most likely be there all day today."

Johnathan-"I will gladly call, thank you. I'm actually all set and I'll going to head out. You folks have a nice day."

Everyone said their goodbyes and Johnathan left for his car.

Harrison-"Are you OK, Tiffany?"

Tiffany-"I'll be fine eventually. If I can't get the restaurant repaired though, I'll be done."

Tiffany started crying again at the thought of losing her entire business she worked for years at. Spencer finished sifting through the remains of the diner, looking as distraught as Tiffany. He had a metal briefcase in his hands as was walking up to the group.

Spencer-"Here Tiff. I found your gun."

Tiffany used the key on her necklace to unlock the briefcase and opened it. The certification was slightly burnt and the foam holder was a bit warped, but everything was still intact.

Tiffany-"Of course, this damn thing survives the fire."

She slammed the case shut in her anger.

Spencer-"Tiff, don't worry. We can rebuild it."

Tiffany-"What's the point?! They think I did this!"

Deanna-"I hate to tell you this, but we have evidence to suggest that you did try to see Brad."

Robbin-"I never spoke to him."

Benjamin-"Ma'am, we have your fingerprints at his office."

Robbin-"So you found a few prints. I was there a month ago for a repair job on my house. It could have been from then."

Benjamin-"Can you prove that's why you were there? Any receipts? Maybe something in his books to confirm that you're telling the truth?"

Robbin-"I don't need to answer to you. You're just some nobody they dragged in to town to solve a case that has nothing to do with me!"

Benjamin started turning red. Not in embarrassment, but in anger.

Chrissy-"We've all seen Benjamin get mad, but I thought he was gonna rip Robbin's head clear off her shoulders."

Benjamin leaned in close to Robbin. He didn't yell or raise his voice at all. All he did was give a calm, almost Hannibal Lecter like speech.
Benjamin-"Do you even know what I do for a living?"

Robbin-"No I do not."

Benjamin-"I'm a lawyer. I'm the last line of defense from keeping someone from going to jail. At the same time, I'm the guy that can also fight and look for any evidence they can, from a fingerprint to a footprint and even a hair from when you scratched your head or even a fingernail that happened to break off, just to put someone away for the rest of their life. Just saying you went there for a repair job a month ago is not gonna cut it without documents to back it up."

Robbin-"This is my personal business! Why does it matter so much that I need to tell you what's going on?!"

Benjamin-"Because Brad Stokely is dead and we have your prints at the scene, lady! So you better talk about why you were there and you better tell us the truth, because trust me, if I crack this case and find out you did it, you'll bet you ass I'll see you again in a court room to testify against you!"

Deanna turned to Chrissy and just quietly whispered "Oh crap!".
Tiffany-"The insurance company thinks I burnt down my restaurant! I worked so hard on this place and now it's gone!"

Tiffany started crying heavily. The 3 men consoled her as best they could.

Harrison-"Tiffany, I assure you that this restaurant will be rebuilt. I have no doubt in my mind the Killer did this to send a message."

Spencer-"I hope you guys catch that psychopath and throw them away for life.

Mitchell-"Trust us, we will. But that is also why we're here today. We wanna talk to you about something we found the other day."

Tiffany got herself calm enough to speak.

Tiffany-"Sure, what do you need? More info about the gun?"

Mitchell-"Actually, its Spencer we need to talk to."

Spencer-"Me? What did I do?"

Harrison-"I'm going to be straight forward with you; We found your fingerprints at Brad Stokely's work site."

Spencer-"That's not too bad, is it? I just went there to see if I could find a little extra work, especially with the diner being burned down."

Harrison-"Unfortunately, it gets a little more complicated."

Spencer-"How complicated?"
Robbin-"Ok, fine, I wasn't there for a repair. After he assaulted my crew and broke my equipment, I went down there later that day to personally talk to him about the damages and have him try and pay them. I knocked several times and he never answered. I came back here and went through my video files to get ready for the news and found a clip of him breaking it. He somehow turned the camera on when he grabbed it. I took the video to a lawyer and he immediately got hold of a sherif to serve him. I went back there the other day with the sherif to serve him and we knocked and he never answered."

Chrissy-"What was the sherif's name?"

Robbin-"Sherif Clark Monroe of the Massachusetts State Police."

Chrissy-"We'll give them a call later to see if that comes out true."

Robbin-"Trust me, its true."

She proceeded to pull a piece of paper out of her desk and handed it to the group.

Robbin-"This is my copy of the lawsuit that I filed against him.

The group read it over. It stated that Sherif Clark Monroe, accompanied by one Robbin Evans, also on behalf of ones Carl Levy, Kevin Austin, and Gregory Sanders, arrived at Stokely Works Inc. to serve one Brad Stokely for damages of video equipment and assault. Upon arrival and for 1 hour, Mr. Stokely could not be located. Papers are to be withheld and attempts to serve Mr. Stokely will resume the following day.

Deanna-"Well, Benjamin, you're the lawyer. Is this all correct?"

Benjamin-"It looks all good to me. But you said you were there later that same day as well. What time did you go there?"

Robbin-"Around 8:00 that night."

Chrissy-"Ok, thank you. We're gonna head out now. If we have any other questions, we'll give you a call. Have a nice day."

Robbin-"You as well."

It was eerily silent as the group said farewell to Robbin and left back for their van. The silence was broken quickly by Benjamin by the time they got to the front door.

Benjamin-"Listen, I shouldn't really say this, but we gotta take out one of the other two guys tonight."

Deanna-"What do you have in mind?"
Mitchell-"You see, we went there with a warrant for his arrest, and when we got there, he was nowhere to be found."

Spencer-"So he ran for it?"

Mitchell-"No. We have a strong feeling that Brad was killed."

Tiffany's tiny sobs immediately froze and stopped which were followed by a shocked gasp by both her and Spencer.

Spencer-"Wait, you don't think I did it, do you?"

Harrison-"No, no, no. we're not saying that at all. We found multiple fingerprints at Brad's. We just wanna get info on when and why you were there."

Spencer-"Like I said, I was there looking for a second job. I know he's a bit of a prick, but I heard he pays nicely. I wanted to pick up some work there to go along side of working here at the diner."

Mitchell-"What day and time did you go there?"

Spencer-"I went there 2 days ago around 4:00 in the afternoon."

Mitchell-"Was anyone with you that could confirm that?"

Spencer-".... Unfortunately, no. No one was there with me."

Harrison-"Ok, that's all."

Spencer-"Listen, I know it looks bad, but you gotta believe me, I swear I didn't kill him."

Spencer started to turn pale and was nearly about to start hyperventilating. It was as if him and Tiffany switched roles in a heartbeat.

Mitchell-"Spencer, calm down man. It's ok. We aren't going to arrest you or anything. We've questioned everyone whose fingerprints we found as well. As far as I know, one of them could have done it and you're completely innocent. Relax and take a breathe."

While shaking, Spencer took a long breathe and tried to settle down.

Spencer-"I swear, I had no idea he was dead."

Harrison-"Listen, we believe you. Relax, man."

Spencer-"I'm sorry. I'm just thinking of the worse case scenario. What if the Killer goes free and I'm stuck as the only suspect? My life could be ruined."

Mitchell-"Its ok, Spencer we have the prints of others that are more out of place than you. You'll be fine."

Mitchell-"Spencer is a nice guy. He's really worked up about this. He could be the Killer and could be putting on an act, or he could be innocent. Tiffany could be the Killer and did this to cover her tracks, make herself look more of a victim, or she could also be innocent. It's tough. It really is."

Tiffany-"Hey, what did you tell my insurance agent?"

Harrison-"We really can't explain, but let's just say we found evidence here last night that points to the Killer."

Tiffany-"Oh my God! Really?"

Harrison-"Yeah. Listen, we've taken up enough of your time. We need to head out."

Tiffany-"Ok, thanks for your help. Bye guys."

Mitchell and Harrison-"Bye. Take care."

They hugged and shook Spencer's still trembling hand. They made their way to the van and left for HQ.
Benjamin-"I know that the 2 of them are starting to hate each other. They both convinced me to vote for the other 1 for the Killer's Game. If I vote Harrison and you vote Mitchell, they'll tie and Chrissy can send them both out."

Deanna-"How is that gonna happen?"

Benjamin-"Remember when I was Lead Investigator? You tied with Frank and I was able to choose who went out."

Deanna-"That's right. I forgot that happened. I've been trying to block out all the Killer's Game votes out. Especially the ones I got sent out on."

Chrissy-"Wait, how do we know you're telling the truth?"

Benjamin extended out his hands to the 2 girls.

Benjamin-"I'm a lawyer, I'm paid to lie and tell the truth depending on the case. Our case right now is getting through to the end.  Right now, as God as my witness, you have my word that my vote is for Harrison tonight."

The 2 women looked at each other. He said it point blank; he's paid to lie and tell the truth. Their questing was obvious; is he telling the truth?

Deanna-"Let's do it."

Deanna and Chrissy shook Benjamin's hands.

Chrissy-"I know Benjamin had his vendetta at Harrison, so it's understanding he wants to try and get him out still. I hope it works.

The group walked away from the news station and into their waiting van to go back to HQ.

Benjamin-"I'm not lying, I am gonna vote for Harrison. Our plan is set, and if I make it look like they decided to flip at vote time, then if she gets eliminated, I could be in line for Lead Investigator, I can send out whoever I want and I can be one step closer to solving this case and winning."
Everyone arrived back at HQ and filed into the Briefing Room and to their seats. Gary was standing behind his table, like usual, waiting for them to get settled.

Gary-"Welcome back. I'm sure we all got a little info to help us along. Before we start, I got a call from Tyrone a little bit ago. He called to see if he could get a police report for what happened at his club. I asked him if he went to Brad's office and he did confirm he went at 7:30 that morning. It's possible he did go at that time, but it’s also possible that he is making this story up. Regardless, it puts him at our scene and at this moment, that’s big. Now then, Track 1; what do you have?”

Mitchell-“Well, when we got here, Tiffany was talking with an insurance agent about the fire. He said that they believed she purposely set it. We have them the number for here to talk to you about it.”

Gary-“I did happen to get a phone call from someone named Johnathan Kemper.”

Mitchell-“That was him!”

Gary-“I couldn’t get into details with him about the actual case, but I told him that we had evidence that it was the Killer that did this. Anything else?”

Harrison-“We spoke to Spencer about him being at Stokely Works. He told us that he wanted another job to go with the diner. He knows full well that Brad is an ass but the pay is good. He then started freaking out and was about to cry when he found out Brad is dead. He say he’s afraid that he’ll be arrested for something he didn’t do. We had to assure him that other evidence was found that pointed to other people just to calm him down.”

Gary-“Very nicely done. Track 2?”

Chrissy-“We walked in and Robbin gave us an attitude when we asked if she was there. When we told her that we knew she was lying, she got defensive. After Benjamin talked to her she told us she went down there to talk to him about smashing the camera and assaulting her crew. When she didn’t get to see him, she went back to the station and was able to recover the footage of Brad breaking the camera and brought it to the police. She went back later that day to serve him but couldn’t find him again.”

Gary-“Again, great job. We learned more about our suspects today, and now let’s try and clear one of them.”

Gary then walked over to the evidence locker and grabbed the slightly singed red envelope and brought it back to his table. He grabbed the scissors and carefully cut the top of the envelope open and removed the brown paper and unfolded it to find the label maker words.


Gary then typed in the anonymous email address on his computer and the TV screen above his table flashed in the matrix like grid until a single lime green line appeared.

Chrissy-“That was us. I don’t remember at all.”

Benjamin-“I think it was something involving the military.”

Deanna-“That sounds right. But what word?”

Chrissy-“Maybe Militant?”

Deanna-“I don’t think that was it. That sounds more violent. I swear it was more of a government style name.”

Scaring everyone, Benjamin slammed his hands on his desk.

Benjamin-“That was it! It’s Government!”

Chrissy-“Are you sure?”

Benjamin-“I’m positive.”

Gary-“Should I take that as your answer?”

Benjamin-“Yes. Send it.”

Gary typed ‘GOVERNMENT’ and hit send. The flash of letters and numbers flew around the screen. Finally, after what felt like an eternity, they received their answer.


The group clapped and cheered and high fives Benjamin for his answer. The group stared at the screen to see the newest cleared suspect.


Gary-“Excellent job! We can clear the Mayor from our list!"

With that, Gary grabbed the red marker from his desk and crossed out Daniel McGee's picture, effectively clearing the Mayor of murder. The group watched him cross out the Mayor's photo and saw the list of suspect dwindle down. Jack Faye, Sydney Shields, Georgina Seeger, Cooper Davis, Diane Pearlman, Jennifer Harris, Brad Stokely, and now Daniel McGee. With his clearing, their were left with 7. Gary finished crossing out the photo and turned back to the group.

Gary-"Now, unfortunately, we have to play the Killer's Game. One by one, I'll ask you to enter the Voting Booth and cast your vote for the first person to play the Killer's Game. Remember, Chrissy is the Lead Investigator and can not be voted for. Benjamin, start us off."

Benjamin left the room and down to the Voting Booth. He entered, closed the door, and grabbed Harrison's picture.

Benjamin-"This is all part of the plan."

He placed his vote in the box and went back in the Briefing Room. Harrison entered next and grabbed Deanna's picture.

Harrison-"I know I'm going out, and I'm sorry, but you're coming out with me. We have 3 strong and we're staying 3 strong."

He placed his vote in the box and left. Deanna walked in and grabbed Mitchell's photo.

Deanna-"If what Benjamin says is true, a major threat will be eliminated tonight."

She placed it in the box and walked out. Mitchell was the last person to enter and quickly made his choice.

Mitchell-"I'm sorry, but it's my only option."

He walked out, placed his vote in the box, and returned to his desk in the Briefing Room.

Gary-"What I need for everyone to do is turn around and do not turn back until you are instructed to."

All 5 investigators turned around and Gary left and retrieved the votes. He came back in and counted the 4 votes and placed a picture against his chest.

Gary-"You may all turn back around."

With the command, the group turned back to see Gary with the picture of the losing participant.

Gary-"The group has voted, and in a 2-1-1 vote, the first person playing the Killer's Game is..... Deanna."
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Re: Murder In Small Town X; The Return
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He turned the picture around and revealed Deanna's face. Meanwhile, Deanna's real face was left with an expression of disbelief. Stunned, she stood up.

Gary-"What I now need is for the Lead Investigator to come up and name their choice for who they want to play the Killer's Game and why."

Chrissy got up and made her way to the table and faced the group.

Chrissy-"My choice is simple tonight. I pick Harrison to go out. I have a feeling that you set up Benjamin to give us bad information and you are the reason 2 solid investigators didn't come back. Deanna, good luck. Harrison, don't come back."

Harrison tried his hardest to contain his anger for Chrissy's comment as he stood up.

Gary-"Harrison, you will play the Killer's Game alongside Deanna."

Gary went back to the evidence locker and grabbed the black envelope. He bought it back to the table and started cutting it open.

Gary-"The Killer has stated that the black envelope contains 2 maps to 2 different locations. At 1 location will be an important clue. At the other, the Killer is going to be waiting, and 1 of you will not be coming back. What I need you to do, Chrissy, is hand a map to the group's choice, Deanna, and hand the other map to your choice, Harrison."

Chrissy thought about her decision. Which map lead to a return, and which lead to the end of the line? She handed Deanna one map and dropped Harrison's onto his desk.

Gary-"Please open you maps and tell us where you'll be going."

Deanna-"I'm going to the Library on Hawthorne Ave."

Harrison-"I get to go to Sunrise Ridge High School."

Gary-"I will arrange for a cab to pick you up later tonight. What I need for you to do is to go into the Voting Booth and record your Last Will and Testament. If you do not return, you will name our next Lead Investigator."
Harrison was busy packing his bag with Mitchell close by.

Mitchell-"She is relentless with you."

Harrison-"You don't gotta tell me twice."

Mitchell-"Let's hope you come back."

Harrison-"Definitely. Either way, I think Chrissy is going out next as long as Benjamin convinced Deanna."

Harrison-"Chrissy had a lot of nerve the way she said 'don't come back'. I've gone out on the Killer Clue twice already, I've come back twice and now I'm hoping to go 3 for 3 tonight. She's been mad ever since I busted her group and sent Doug out and she'll stop at nothing till I'm gone. Well, guess what Chrissy? I'm not going anywhere."

In the girl's room, Deanna was just finishing up packing her bag when a knock was on the door.

Benjamin-"Hey, can I come in?"

Deanna walked over and opened the bedroom door. Benjamin stepped and and saw Chrissy sitting on her bed and Deanna's suitcase on hers.

Benjamin-"Listen, I swear to you I voted Harrison. They must of worked something out on their track and went for you. They tricked me as well."

Deanna-"Its OK, Benjamin. You don't need to apologize."

Chrissy-"We got set up by them and now it's the 3 of us versus the 2 of them, and hopefully that piece of crap Harrison doesn't return."

Benjamin-"Chrissy really has it out for Harrison and it's kinda pathetic. I had my issues with him but she really wants him dead."

Deanna-"Let's just get this over with."

Chrissy-"Yeah. Good luck girl!"

Deanna-"You know, as I think of it, if I were to be eliminated tonight, I honestly wouldn't mind it. I wouldn't have to see Chrissy's smug face when it comes to getting rid of Harrison and I might actually sleep well once it's all said and done."

At 10:25 PM, 2 taxis pulled up to the Headquarters. Harrison grabbed his stuff and Deanna's and placed it in their respective cabs. They said their goodbyes to the group, gave each other a hug, and climbed in their cab.

Deanna-"Can you take me to the Library, please?"

Harrison-"Can you please bring me to Sunrise Ridge High? "

The 2 cabs took off into the night.

At 10:45 PM, Deanna arrived at Library.

4 minutes later, Harrison arrived at the High School.

Deanna walked up to the door and saw the noose with the key. She unlocked it and walked inside.

Harrison found the noose and keys attached to the door. He took a breathe and went in.

Deanna went and straight to the librarian's desk. She found nothing.

Harrison checked the main office. The door was locked and he moved on.

Deanna saw a statue with a piece of paper attached.

Harrison saw what looked like a note attached to the trophy case.

Deanna read the familiar label maker words. It said "FIND THE KIDS SECTION".

Harrison read his note. It said "FIND CLASS B112" with a map attached.

Deanna, easily, found the children's section.

Harrison started walking towards the location of B112.

Deanna saw a second sign. This one read "GO UPSTAIRS TO THE NON FICTION TO FIND YOUR CLUE".

Harrison arrived at room B112 and found another note that said "FIND THE CAFE TO FIND YOUR CLUE".

Deanna walked around to the flight of stairs. She pointed her flashlight up to the top.

Harrison started walking in the direction of a flight of stairs to the cafe.

Deanna got to the top and shined her light around looking for her clue.

Harrison arrived at the flight of stairs and started heading up.

Deanna walked down the isles of books, looking for her X.

Harrison arrived at the next floor and immediately saw the cafeteria.

Deanna did a double take at the end of the last isle. She saw the X.

Harrison walked through the cafe doors and instantly saw the X at the back of the room.

Silently, a green glow watched the investigator approaching the decoy clue.

Deanna walked up to her clue; it was a set of pictures. She flipped through them, hoping to notice someone she knew.

Harrison arrived at his clue; a bell. He rolled it over and saw an engraving that puzzled him.

As one investigator went to walk away, the green hazy glow quickly ran out and caught the investigator off guard. Startled, they yelled and tried to run. It was no use.


The surviving investigator looked over each shoulder, smiled, and quickly retraced their steps back to their cab.
At HQ, everyone was waiting on who would walk back though the door.

Chrissy-"Listen, all I'm saying is that Harrison isn't a team player."

Mitchell-"What makes you say that?"

Chrissy-"He sent out Doug for no reason. He was a strong asset to the group and Harrison didn't care."

Mitchell-"True, or is it because you, him, and Kristen were acting as a 3 person team to try and control the house and you got caught?"

Chrissy-"Its a game of life and death. Picture Hunger Games, 'May the odds ever be in your favor.' He wanted to play that game, so now he is playing the Killer's Game."

Benjamin-"Well it's just down to you and Deanna. That poor girl keeps getting sent out."

Chrissy-"She better come back."

Just then, the door to the HQ opened and closed. The footsteps could be heard coming up the stairs. Everyone stared at the door, waiting to see who survived.

-"I'm starting to hate this game. But, damn, do I love coming back."

Harrison set his clue down on the table and winked at Chrissy.

7 Suspects and 4 Investigators Remain

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Re: Murder In Small Town X; The Return
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I did it again. Sorry again to those that read this. Hopefully, with the finale next week, I’ll remember to post it on time.

With that, please enjoy the episode.
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Re: Murder In Small Town X; The Return
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“As you know, madness is like gravity...all it takes is a little push.“
The Joker (The Dark Knight)

Episode 7;The Game Takes a Shocking Turn

Last time on Murder in Small Town X;

Brad is murdered in the middle of the night.
Brad-“She’s gone..... I can’t believe it.”

Jeffery Ardis is found at the scene of the crime the following morning, but claims innocence.
Jeffery-“Officer, I swear, I don’t have any idea what’s going on.”

Tiffany is found out to have a gun almost identical to the one Harrison found as the Killer’s Clue.
Tiffany-“I don't wanna take any chances going from here to the bank and back to make a deposit and get jumped, so I have a conceal and carry permit."

And the Killer decided to create an early morning walk up call, in the form of The Shaw Shack Diner.
Deanna-“Oh my God! That’s the diner!”

Forensics revealed Spencer, Tyrone, Jeffery, and Robbin at Brad’s office before the crime scene was found. Tyrone needed a door, Robbin tried serving a lawsuit, and Spencer was looking for work.

And Tiffany had her own issues with the Shaw Shack.
Tiffany-“What’s the point?! They think I did this! The insurance company thinks I burnt down my restaurant!”

Not to mention Spencer’s near nervous breakdown when asked why he was at Brad’s business.
Spencer-“Listen, I know it looks bad, but you gotta believe me, I swear I didn't kill him."

The group was then able to clear Mayor Daniel McGee by ways of the Killer Question.

As for the Killer’s Game, Harrison and Deanna, the 2 investigators sent out the most so far, competed to return with Deanna being voted in after being double crossed by the alliance of Benjamin, Harrison, and Mitchell, while Harrison earned Chrissy’s pick after she started gunning for him after sending her alliance partner, Doug, out. Harrison found his clue at the High School, but Deanna read into her clue the wrong way at the Library and instead found the Killer and was eliminated.

Now only 7 Suspects and 4 Investigators Remain.


In the quiet town of Sunrise Ridge, a Killer is on the loose. A reward has been offered to 10 ordinary people;


They have been sent to Sunrise Ridge to play the Killer's twister game. Now, they must enter the mind of a Killer and solve the mystery, or else they will be eliminated, one by one.


The remaining 4 investigators woke up ?at 8:00 AM? the following morning. Harrison was the first awake after his night out and decided to start making breakfast for the rest of the group.

Harrison-"Its always rough going out on the Killer's Game. You're in the dark by yourself. Nothing but a flashlight. You turn and look over your shoulder because you hear something after every step. It sucks. Deanna and me went out last night and I know that poor girl was probably terrified when the Killer got her, and I probably would be as well. I'm upset we had to send her out, and I'm sorry she's gone, but we had no other choice last night."

Harrison made the group scrambled eggs and pancakes with coffee as the rest of the group got ready for the day. Chrissy was just starting to walk down stairs and could smell the coffee.

Chrissy-"Deanna didn't return last night and now I'm on my own. I hope she named me Lead Investigator so they don't send me out. I think we had a good enough bond that she would try and keep me safe."

The rest of the group converged down stairs and started eating.

Benjamin-"When did you get up, Harrison?"

Harrison-"About ?6:30?. Hard to sleep after the Killer's Game."

Benjamin-"I hear you. It's tough."

Benjamin-"Harrison and I have both been out on a Killer's Game before, but I've only gone out once. This kid has gone out a few times. It was defiantly hard to sleep after mine, but I don't wanna know how he feels going out all those times."

The group finished eating and thanked Harrison for cooking for them and promised to return the favor the following morning. They cleaned up and quickly made their way upstairs and waited in the Briefing Room for Gary's arrival. It didn't take long, as Gary arrived just minutes later.

Gary-"You guys are ready to go. That’s great because we got a lot to do today. Before we start anything, I want to go over the clue that Harrison brought back last night from the Killer’s Game. Harrison, tell us what you found.”

Harrison-“I got to the High School and on the trophy case it said to go to room B112.  I get there and it tells me to go find the cafeteria. I walk in and there’s the X at the back of the cafe.”

Gary-“You did great out there, and you were able to bring this back.”

He held the small golden bell up for the group to see.

Gary-“This golden bell had the inscription that says “L.B. & T.J. 7/27/07”. Any ideas?”

Benjamin-“If I remember correctly, Tracey died almost a week before that.”

Mitchell-“Yeah, and obviously T.J must be Tracey Johnson.... But L.B? Who the hell is that?”

Gary-“That’s what we’re gonna try and find out. Today’s tracks are as follows; Track 1, I want you to go to the church and talk to Reverend Wayne Connors. Try to see if this was a gift from the church and to see if he has any info on Tracey as well. As for Track 2, I want you to go see Walter DuChamps. We got those envelopes from him twice and I wanna see if he has any other info. You all know that all 4 of you are going out on the tracks, but who will be making those tracks will belong to whoever Deanna names as Lead Investigator. Let us find out who she has picked.”

Gary clicked a folder on his computer and Deanna appeared for the final time on the TV above the table. With another click she spoke to them for the last time as well through tiny sobs as he grabbed her name plate from her desk.

Deanna-“I d-d-don’t understand why I keep getting p-p-put into this.”

She took a stuttered breathe and tried to regain herself.

Deanna-“I tried t-t-to do everything I could to m-m-make it to the end, but every time it f-f-felt like I was a target for no r-r-reason. I don’t wanna come back again. I hope I p-p-picked the wrong map, and I wanna choose someone who I’ve grown to t-t-trust the last few day.”

Chrissy smiled brightly as Deanna said that.

Deanna-“My choice for Lead Investigator..... is Benjamin.”

Chrissy’s smile instantly turned into a dropped jaw as Harrison tried his hardest to contain his laughter.

Deanna-“He saved me earlier from going out for a possible fifth time and he just tried to save me again, but Harrison and Mitchell must of patched things up. Thank you for caring.”

She wiped her face of the drying tears and the video ended there. Harrison and Mitchell shook hands and Chrissy caught sight of this.

Chrissy-“Don’t tell me, you guys are working together?”

Harrison-“I guess you could say that.”

Chrissy-“He gave that whole speech about not wanting coalitions in the house and he’s been apart of one?! The nerve of him! The 2 of them can kiss my ass!”

Gary-“Benjamin, congratulations, you are the Lead Investigator.”

Benjamin grabbed his stuff and moved to the table with Gary as he placed Deanna’s name with the other departed investigators. Heidi Gillian, Frank Williams, Stacey Towers, Doug Graham, Kristen Reynolds, and now Deanna Landry.

Gary-“Remember, you’re going out on a Track as well, so I need 2 of you to talk to Wayne Connors about the wedding bell, and 2 to go see Walter DuChamps.”

Benjamin-“Well, to save Harrison and Mitchell the earful, I’ll go with Chrissy to see Wayne Connors, cause then she also can’t swear in a church, and that leaves them to see Walter.”

Gary-“Very well. Remember, keep on your toes out there. We’re hopefully at the end of our investigation, so the Killer will go to any and all cost to get away. Get all the info you can so we can lock this psycho away for good. Go get ready. You’re dismissed.”
Mitchell-“It’s surreal that we are all this close to unmasking the Killer and claiming that reward. If I had to guess right now... Jeez.... I’d probably name Jeffery as my leading suspect. He was seeing Ashley behind Matt’s back but that could just be his cover, but we’ll see.”

Harrison-“Right now, my money would have to be on Walter. He’s seems to out there and the way he stutters is almost the worst kinda poker face ever. He has to be hiding something more.”

The 2 men arrived at the post office and walked inside to see Walter behind the counter with a line waiting to see him.

Harrison-“Maybe we can jump the line to talk to him?”

Mitchell-“We can try.”

The 2 men walked past the line and straight to the front counter to Walter. Obviously, this did not sit well with the people in line.

Man-“Hey, I’m waiting here! What the hell do you think you’re doing!?”

Woman-“I’m running late for work! Get in line like the rest of us!”

Harrison-“Please, everyone, please understand, we need to talk to Mr. DuChamps.”

Man-“Is it this important that we are gonna be later then we already are?!”

Mitchell-“Everybody, please understand, we are here on behalf of the murder investigation and we need to speak to Mr. DuChamps.”

Walter-“W-w-what? Why do you n-n-need to talk to me?”

Harrison-“Can we speak in private? Nothing major but we rather it be behind closed doors.”

Walter-“Sure, hold o-o-on one second.”

He turned around and called out to the back room.

Walter-“Hey J-J-Jane, could you t-t-take care of the front f-f-for me real q-q-quick?”

Another post office attendant quickly came out to handle the group of people and Walter gave a wave to Harrison and Mitchell to follow him to the back room. They walked into a break room and they each took a seat at one of the tables.
Chrissy-“We’re right at the end and I’m so close to winning. At this time, I’d have to say Rachel is or has something to do with this. She dated Tracey and she could of been driven crazy from her past and Tracey’s death.”

Benjamin-“I’m sure that Jeffery Ardis did it. The drunken tears and sob story are a good cover for him to hide behind, and hopefully the next Killer Clue will shine a little more light on the situation.”

Chrissy and Benjamin arrived at the First Church of Sunrise Ridge. They entered and found Reverend Wayne Connors standing at the front altar, going over his verses for the next mass. He looked up and removed his reading glasses.

Wayne-“Good morning, my children. How are you today?”

Chrissy-“We’re doing ok, thank you. We have an odd question for you.”

She pulled the bell out of the bag and handed it to the Reverend.

Chrissy-“We discovered this on our investigation. Could you explain this to us?”

The Reverend took the bell and rolled it over in his hand. He smiled and nodded.

Wayne-“It is custom here at our church. When a couple are to be married, we have a wedding bell made with the couple’s initials and wedding date inscribed on it. A little keep sake from the church.”

Chrissy-“That’s so sweet.”

Benjamin-“Were you here when these were given out about 10 years ago?”

Wayne-“My child, I started the tradition when I started here in 1979.”

Benjamin-“That’s incredible!”

Wayne-“Indeed. I’ve been doing what I love for 40 years. I’ve seen the good, the bad, and everything in between.”

Chrissy-“Could you possibly tell us who these 2 people are?”
Walter-“H-h-how are you d-d-doing?”

Mitchell-“We’re good, how about you?”

Walter-“N-n-no complaints h-h-here.”

Mitchell-“We wanted to come by and ask about the envelopes that you gave to us.”

Walter-“Y-y-yeah. What are t-t-they for?”

Harrison-“We really can’t explain that. We just need to know where you got them from.”

Walter-“I have n-n-no idea where they c-c-came from.”

Mitchell-“You had to of seen something. Or even someone.”

Walter-“N-n-no. Not a single p-p-person when I get t-t-them.”

Harrison-“Walter, I don’t wanna sound mean at all, but it doesn’t look good for you. I shouldn’t tell you this, but these envelopes you gave us are very critical in our investigation. They literally could mean life and death for us and for people in this town. You saying that you haven’t seen anybody is cause for us to arrest you.”

Walter-“W-W-WHAT!? I swear I d-d-didn’t do anything!”

Harrison and Mitchell could see the fear in his face. The greying mustache looked as if several more grey hairs formed from Harrison’s announcement.

Walter-“I h-h-have an idea.”
Wayne Connors rolled the bell in his hand and looked at the engraving on it, “L.B & T.J 7/27/07”.

Wayne-“Hmmm.... You do realize that we’re going back over 10 years ago?

Chrissy-“We understand.”

Wayne-“We’ve done this a lot. Any info you could help me with about them?”

Benjamin-“This involves that girl that was killed here in the hit and run.”

The Reverend took his free hand and slapped himself on the forehead and gave a small chuckle.

Wayne-“Forgive me, my children. I obviously didn’t put 2 and 2 together on that. I can remember meeting with the young lady just weeks before. The church was rented and they even paid for the hall downstairs. And just 1 day before the wedding, she came in in a casket. This beautiful soul was so happy to be married, and she was gone. I was given the briefing on her, and when they brought her in, I couldn’t believe it was the same person.”

Chrissy-“Oh my God, that is so upsetting. Did anyone come in to get a refund?”

Wayne-“Not a single soul. Only phone numbers that were put down were hers. I tried to find someone that knew her, but I couldn’t. I took the money and donated it to a non profit for cancer research.”

Benjamin-“Did you ever happen to meet the fiancé?”

Wayne-“Not once. Couldn’t tell you if it was a man or a woman.”

Chrissy-“Wait, you do same sex marriages?”

Wayne-“Yes. I actually married 2 men last month.”

Chrissy-“You don’t find that wrong at all?”

Wayne-“Times have changed, my child. At first, I though it was immoral and wrong to marry 2 men or 2 women in a house of God. But, one night, I had a dream. Jesus came to me and told me He loved all his children, no matter what sex, race, or religion. Over the darkened sky in my dream, He waved his hand, and a rainbow appeared across it. He told me not to discriminate against His children, not to hate or spread bigotry, but to accept and love them for they were in His likeness. He then clapped his hands, and a thunderbolt appeared and woke me up. I fell asleep and when I woke again, His message appeared to me again, this time in reality. The rainbow flag of my neighbors house blew in the breeze of a thunderstorm. It appeared just like my dream.”

Benjamin-“That is absolutely amazing. Might send my brother up here when he finds his love.”

Wayne-“By all means. I mean, love is love, no matter what.”

Chrissy-“Aren’t you afraid of what others might think?”
Walter got up from his seat and beckoned the 2 investigators to follow him. Harrison and Mitchell got up and followed him.

Harrison-“If you don’t mind me asking, where are we going?”

Walter-“I f-f-figure we can c-c-check the security t-t-tapes.”

Harrison-“Good idea.”

They took a trip from the break room to a tiny room in the back of the post office where the security camera’s main computer was located. Walter took a seat and typed in the date he received the first envelopes. The 3 men watched as Walter walked in to the post office with a coffee in his hands. He proceeded to the back, out of sight of the cameras. A few moments later, the front door of the post office swung open and a mysterious person, dressed completely in black, ran in and dropped the red and black envelopes on the counter and ran back out just as fast as they entered. Seconds later, Walter re-emerged and saw the envelopes. He then grabs a phone and makes a call.

Walter-“See, s-s-someone was in h-h-here. I’m c-c-calling your b-b-boss Gary on the t-t-tape, just like I s-s-said.”

Mitchell and Harrison both looked at each other. They both knew the same thing, and Mitchell spoke up first.

Mitchell-“Walter, you were nowhere to be seen until after the person left.”

Walter-“But I s-s-swear it wasn’t m-m-me.”

Mitchell-“Well, you still have the other day when they left the package.”

Walter-“T-t-that’s right!”

Walter typed in the date of the second set of envelopes given to the post office. The video popped up and the 3 men watched Walter standing at the counter. He then picks up the phone at the front desk and starts looking through his desk drawer. When he can’t find what he’s looking for, he placed the phone down on the counter and retreated to the back. A few moments later, the person dressed in black came in with a box with the familiar light brown paper flailing on the top attached to the box by just a single piece of tape. They quickly dropped the box on the counter and ran back out the door. A minute later Walter re-entered the front of the post office, grabbed the phone, and make a double take at the sight of the package on the counter. He then continued the conversation and hung up moments later. Walter hit pause and put his head down. He mumbled from his new position on the table.

Walter-“I know t-t-this looks bad, b-b-but I swear I d-d-didn’t do it.”

Mitchell-“It’s ok, Walter. Yes, it does look bad, but trust us, weirder things have happened on this case for us so far.”

Harrison-“Hey, what did they call for?”

Walter-“The c-c-commemorative stamps. They a-a-asked about what w-w-we had in s-s-stock and I went in b-b-back to check.”

Harrison-“And no one else was here with you when you opened?”

Walter-“No. I o-o-open every d-d-day by myself.”

Walter took a deep breathe and sat back up.

Walter-“I f-f-finally get the courage t-t-to ask Tiffany out, and n-n-now it looks like I’m g-g-going to jail.”

Harrison-“You were gonna ask Tiffany Shaw out?”

Walter-“Yeah. I b-b-bought a card and was g-g-gonna give it to her t-t-tomorrow.”

Harrison-“Bro, awesome! I hope everything goes well when you give it to her.”

Walter-“I h-h-hope so, t-t-too.”

Mitchell-“I wish you all the luck, Walter.”

Walter-“You g-g-guys are too n-n-nice. Thank y-y-you.”

Harrison-“We’ve gotten what we needed. You have a good day. Take care and good luck.”

Walter-“T-t-thanks. You 2 t-t-take care as w-w-well.”

The 2 men shook hands with the slightly trembling Walter and walked back out the front door of the post office and back to their waiting van.
Wayne-“My child, I’m 84 years old. I have seen The Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. become a leader for civil rights, and be murdered before my eyes. I remember watching gay couples get beaten by horrible people just because their lifestyle was different. I remember the moment that same sex marriage was made legal, and this lady outright refused to give out marriage licenses because she said it was against her religious beliefs and people agreeing that she didn’t have to follow the law because of it, but yet those same people tell a Muslim lady to take off her hijab even though it’s part of her religious beliefs. It all goes into people wanting their freedom and beliefs without looking at someone else’s. That’s why their is the separation of church and state, and that’s why I will gladly stand here and officiate any wedding for any person until the Lord calls me home.”

Chrissy-“That’s incredible. God bless you.”

Wayne-“The Lord has already blessed me by allowing me to do His bidding for Him.”

Benjamin-“I’m definitely sending my brother to you.”

Wayne-“By all means, my child.”

Benjamin-“But back to this bell. You honestly don’t know Tracey’s fiancé?”

Wayne-“No, I unfortunately never met them. All I did know was that Tracey was bisexual. When they gave me the run down on her for the funeral it was brought up that she has dated both men and women.”

Chrissy-“Ah crap.”

Then, as quickly as she said ‘crap’, her eyes bugged out and she quickly made the sign of the Holy Cross. Benjamin couldn’t help but laugh at Chrissy’s mess up. Even Reverend Connors laughed at it.

Chrissy-“I am so sorry sir!”

Wayne-“It happens, my child. God does forgive. If you don’t mind me asking, why is it so important that her fiancé is found?”

Chrissy-“We’re more than certain that the fiancé is the Killer in the town”

The reverend’s eyes opened wide.

Wayne-“That’s crazy. I pray that you find and stop this person.”

Benjamin-“We’re working around the clock to stop them. We’ve taken up enough of your time sir. Thank you for your help.”

Wayne-“No problem at all my children. You have a great day.”

Benjamin and Chrissy shook hands with the Reverend and retreated back to their van outside.
The 2 groups arrived back to HQ and met back up in the Briefing Room. Gary had just walked in and greeted the group.

Gary-“Alright, I hope we can close the gap on catching the Killer right now. Track 1, what did you get out of Walter?”

Mitchell-“Well, aside from clients in the post office wanting our heads on posts for line cutting, Walter showed us the security tape footage from the 2 days he got the envelopes. In both videos, he is not visible at all when a person wearing all black runs in and drops the stuff off on the front desk. He opens by himself everyday and no one was around to give him his alibi. Someone did make a call when the envelopes where delivered in a box but that’s probably no help at all either.”

Harrison-“It’s probably nothing much, but he also said he was gonna ask Tiffany out. He bought her a card to give her.”

Chrissy-“Yeah, the other night when the diner blew up, he mentioned to me he was gonna do it.”

Gary-“Alright, you guys did get useful evidence out of him. If he’s nowhere to be seen, and then minutes later the person drops the envelopes off, runs, and then Walter reappears minutes later, it could look like he’s trying to pull a fast one on us. Good job. Track 2?”

Chrissy-“We talked to the Reverend and he told us that he’s been making these bells when he started at the church years ago. When we asked about Tracey, he told us that no one else was placed down as a contact for the wedding arrangements. It was all just her.”

Benjamin-“Yeah, and come to find out, he allows gay marriages in the church as well. We definitely can’t rule out anyone, especially Rachel yet. She was in a relationship with Tracey.”

Gary-“That’s great work you 2, but we still have one grey area; who is L.B.?”

The 4 investigators all thought hard.

Benjamin-“Maybe the Killer is not who we think it is.”

Mitchell-“Come again?”

Benjamin-“Think about it. Yes, 1 of those faces up there is the Killer, but the name might be fake. Rachel could be Leslie. Walter could be Larry. The Killer could have changed their name after Tracey’s death. That could be why the Reverend couldn’t tell us if they were a man or woman.”

Gary-“I think you just turned this case directly on its head. You might be absolutely right. Our L.B. might just be the Killer’s real name. Great thinking. You guys have the afternoon to yourselves. You’re dismissed.”

Across town, the First Church of Sunrise Ridge was holding their evening mass. Wayne Connors stood at the front altar giving his sermon, with remaining suspects Tyrone, Tiffany, Spencer, Rachel, Walter, Robbin, and Jeffery all in attendance along side cleared suspects Mayor Daniel McGee, Jennifer, Officer Faye, Cooper, and Sydney. Aside from Cooper and Sydney sitting together, everyone else was spread out amongst the sea of churchgoers.

Wayne-“My children, before we depart this evening, I wanted to talk about the recent events of our town. As you must all know by now, an evil, horrible human being has been claiming the innocent lives of our fellow townspeople. I ask you all; what is so wrong that you must kill 5 other human beings? What is the death of innocent people going to fix? Time is not going to rewind and fix the issues of the past. We must look deep down inside of ourselves and and find the love that has been lost for one another.”

Suddenly, someone stood up and shouted.


Officer Faye stood up, along with other members of the church to try and calm Jeffery down.


With the service in an uproar, Officer Faye walked up to stop and calm Jeffery down. Several towns people started getting flustered and concerned at Jeffery’s claims. The majority of them thought the same thing; is he right?

Wayne-“It is talk like that, straight from the mouth of the devil, that will divide a community and spread fear throughout the land! We must stop letting the devil enter our lives and embrace God and His Holy wisdom!”

Jeffery-“I agree, but something bad has happened with Ashley’s death and it will not end!”

The townspeople started getting more worried at Jeffery’s outburst. The cleared and remaining suspects started leaving, with only Jeffery, Officer Faye, and a few townspeople still inside.

Jack-“Jeffery, calm down. I do not want to arrest you again.”

Jeffery-“But it needs to be known, Officer Faye. It needs to be known. The Killer here will strike again. Who, I don’t know, but they will.”
At 6:40 AM, a van parked outback of a building waited patiently. Sitting quietly, a green, hazy glow didn’t have to wait long before their target arrived and entered the building. The quickly reached in the back of their van and grabbed a black bag from behind their seat. Slowly, they crept out and looked though the window and saw a man holding a coffee and a card in hand. When the man turned around, the green hazy glow quickly looked around and then quickly opened the door and ran at the man. He spun around and was frozen in fear.

Man-“W-w-what the...?”

At 9 AM, the investigators gathered in the Briefing Room for the days activities.

Chrissy-“Yesterday, we cleared a lot of ground. I feel like today is gonna be our best day yet.”

The group sat at their desks waiting for Gary’s arrival. However, Gary was running late.

Benjamin-“Where is Gary? He’s never late.”

Benjamin-“Gary is always on time. 9 AM every morning. This is weird.”

Chrissy-“Maybe he’s stuck in traffic?”

Harrison-“Yeah, but you think he’d call.”

Mitchell-“This doesn’t seem good. Maybe something happened?”

As if almost on cue, the front door opened and immediately slammed shut. Footsteps were heard coming up the staircase and Gary arrived with a bitter expression carved into his face.

Gary-“I apologize for being late, and the reason will tie into your investigation. The Killer struck again just a little while ago.”

The group gasped at the startling information.

Harrison-“Who got killed? Another suspect?”

Gary-“Unfortunately yes, the Killer cleared another suspect for us.”

He grabbed his red marker and turned to the board where the row of suspect picture’s where placed just above it. He looked down the list and found the picture he was looking for and started crossing it out.


Gary-“Yes, I’m afraid. Officer Faye got a call at 7:20 from 1 of his coworkers and he called me. We’ve been talking about that an he mentioned an incident at the church last night. It appeared that Jeffery Ardis was there and he made a mention of more murders.”

Benjamin-“That just moves him to the top of the suspect list.”

Gary-“Indeed, now, instead of going on different tracks today, all 4 of you are going to the Post Office to gather as much evidence as you can.”

Mitchell-“This case took a unexpected turn today with Walter being axed by the Killer. Who knows what’s gonna happen next.”

Gary-“Get ready, get out there, and catch the Killer. You’re dismissed.”
Chrissy-“This is awful. He was just about to ask Tiffany out and now the poor guy is dead.”

She paused as she wiped away a few tears in her eyes.

Chrissy-“I mean, he obviously had it hard growing up and just when he was feeling good and about to turn it around, he’s killed. The Killer is a cold hearted piece of crap and we need to catch them immediately.”

The 4 investigators arrived at the Post Office. When they stepped out of the van, they immediately noticed Robbin Evans with her camera crew doing her report.

Robbin-“This is Robbin Evans. I’m here at the Post Office here on Brennan Avenue, where the 6th murder has taken place in this short time. It is believed that postal worker Walter DuChamps was targeted and killed inside this very building, and just like the previous murders, no body have been discovered, only a pool of blood. Oh, and with me now are the investigators that have been brought in to solve the case.”

She quickly ran over to the group as they tried to go into the Post Office, with her camera crew following close behind.

Robbin-“Please, tell us what you know about Mr. DuChamps.”

The group looked at each other, with anxiety quickly setting in.

Harrison-“Unfortunately, an attack has happen, but as to who we do not know at this time.”

Robbin-“Is it clear if Mr. DuChamps had any enemies?”

Harrison-“I can not answer that question at this time.”

Robbin-“Well, it’s clear from the amount of blood present that he is dead, correct?”

Mitchell-“Listen, we would love to talk, really, but we have a job to do that you’re currently interfering in, so please kindly step to the side and out of our way.”

Mitchell quickly rushed the group away from Robbin.

Mitchell-“Good lord, she is annoying. If we were gonna do anything, we needed to get away from her.”

She tried following them inside, but Officer Faye and his crew stopped them in their tracks. Benjamin pulled Officer Faye in close and whispered to him.

Benjamin-“Has she seen inside here or been given any information about what happened?

Officer Faye quickly shook his head no. Benjamin patted him on the back and gave him a nod before joining the rest of the group inside.

Mitchell-“Where do you wanna start?”

Chrissy-“How about swabbing the blood first?”

They agreed and took the forensics kit over to the front desk where a puddle of blood laid before them like in the murders of Matthew Bundy, Georgina Seeger, Diane Pearlman, and Brad Stokely. Just like their murders, no body as well.

Harrison-“Hey, keep an eye out for a .45 casing.”

Benjamin put his hand under the desk and swept it across and from out underneath it shot a few dust bunnies, 72 cents, and a .45 casing.

Benjamin-“Well, that didn’t take long now, did it? What else?”

Chrissy-“Maybe his coworker saw something?”

Mitchell-“Yeah, where are they?”

Chrissy-“Break Room?”

They walked through to the back and found an officer comforting Walter’s coworker, Jane Kauffman. She had her black hair up in a very tight bun, but you could tell if it wasn’t like that then it would be standing up on its ends.

Benjamin-“Excuse me, ma’am, could we have a word?”

She took a sip of her tea, trying not to spill it in her trembling hands and nodded to the group. They all took a seat near her.

Benjamin-“I know this is very hard for you right now. Did you happen to see anybody or  anything out of the ordinary?”

Jane-“Besides the pool of blood? Not much. Actually, when my bus pulled up, I did notice a white van pulling out of the parking lot here. Couldn’t tell you the plates, it was so far away. Looked like they dropped off mail, but the speed it left the parking lot, I think they clipped the curb on the way out. I walked in and usually there’s Walter standing behind the desk with a coffee and his usual greeting. Really was a nice guy, even with the stuttering being annoying.”

Benjamin-“So, you think that van was apart of it?”

Jane-“I’m not sure. Like I said, they sped off just as we were pulling up. We have the mail box out back that you can just drive up to and drop your mail off into and leave, but they pulled out of the parking lot so quickly though. I couldn’t tell you what they were doing here.”

Benjamin-“I have a huge feeling that the van she’s talking about might belong to the Killer. We haven’t found any bodies at any scene, they moved Ashley’s body from her home and brought her to the park. Now here’s the crime scene here and Walter is missing. That van must of had Walter in the back of it.”

Harrison-“Is there anything else?”

Jane-“I really don’t know. If you want, you can check the security tapes in the back.”

Harrison-“We will, and what time did you arrive here?


Harrison-“Thank you so much. Take care.”

Knowing exactly where it was after the day before, Harrison and Mitchell led the group to the back room where the main computer was located. Mitchell typed in the date and the video feed from the morning popped up. He clicked it and the group watched as Walter entered the Post Office for his final time at 6:45. He took a sip of his coffee and searched though a bin on the counter behind the desk. The front door started to open when suddenly the video glitches out. It comes back on a second later with nothing but a blood puddle on screen in the lobby.

Chrissy-“What the hell happened? Did you hit a button or something?”

Mitchell-“I didn’t touch a damn thing!”

He rewound the video file and the same thing happened.

Benjamin-“Crap, the Killer must of altered the video.”

They watched the clip again and again, just to be sure it wasn’t a computer error. After the 6th viewing, a quick flash of the Killer left them one extra message. A piece of brown paper with the label maker words appeared briefly for them hung from the ceiling directly in front of the camera and disappeared again as quickly as it first showed up.

Harrison-“Pause it there. What did that say?”

Mitchell hit pause and looked at the clip. It read “P.O. BOX 727”.

Chrissy-“P.O. Box 727? The hell is that mean?”

Harrison-“I think I know.”

He got up and left the back room, with Benjamin, Chrissy, and Mitchell getting the idea and following close behind. Harrison arrived back to the P.O. Boxes inside the Post Office. They counted out the number of boxes and found 727.

Benjamin-“Let me get the key.”

Benjamin went over to the front desk and located the key to the P.O. Box. He returned to the group and unlocked it. Inside was a familiar site.

A red envelope and a black envelope attached to the noose.

Chrissy-“Sure enough, the damn envelopes are in the friggin mail box. This is crazy. This Killer is a psycho and needs to be locked in a looney bin for the rest of their life.”

Mitchell collected the envelopes from the mail box and the group retreated to the parking lot. Robbin Evans was outside, working with her crew to get their equipment back into their van. She noticed the investigators and ran over to them.

Robbin-“Hey, one second. Listen, I know we have our differences with me and the case, but I can assure you I mean no harm with your case.”

Benjamin-“Robbin, I can understand that, but you showing up when you shouldn’t be there is grounds for us to not trust you.”

Robbin-“And I understand that, but listen, I know that the people that have died have a connection.”

Chrissy-“How do you know?”

Robbin-“I work side by side with the police department. I know what’s going on in your case.”

Benjamin-“If you do, then why are you talking about Walter having enemies and thinking Brad killed his wife?”

Robbin-“It’s today’s news unfortunately. You gotta run with something. You could report with researched facts, but then you get told you’re ‘fake news’ and your name gets dragged through the dirt. It sucks. I don’t wanna be mean or anything to anyone, but this all comes with the territory, you know what I mean?”

Harrison-“Actually, I do.”

Benjamin-“You do?”

Harrison-“I’m an MMA fighter. I gotta train, eat right, I have all these tattoos on my arms, and I get paid to punch people in the face. Everyone looks at me and thinks I do steroids and I’m always mean and pissed off, when in reality I’ve never once taken steroids unless it was doctor prescribed for illness and I honestly can’t be mean outside of the ring. I have nieces and nephews that look up to me and I don’t want them to see me as an evil person and grow up thinking that’s ok.”

Robbin-“I’m glad to know you see what I’m talking about. Please, if you need help, you know where to find me.”

Harrison-“Good to know. Thank you, have a good day.”

Robbin-“You too.”

Robbin left back to her news van and the investigators returned to their van.
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Re: Murder In Small Town X; The Return
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Back at HQ, the investigators entered the Briefing Room where Gary was already waiting for them at his table. Benjamin placed the red and black envelopes on his table and took a seat with the group.

Gary-“I take it you found more than just evidence. We’ll get to the red envelope in a second, but what did you find at the Post Office?”

Benjamin-“Robbin Evans was doing her news taping at the same time and tried getting us on camera. We didn’t answer any of the questions she gave us and went straight inside. We swabbed the blood at the crime scene and found a .45 casing at the front desk there.”

Mitchell-“We also spoke to the coworker that found the blood. Jane Kauffman said that she saw a van pulling out of the post office parking lot when she was arriving on her bus. She said she couldn’t make out the plates but figured it was apart of either the murder or was in a rush dropping off mail.”

Chrissy-“She allowed us to look at the security camera footage, and we saw Walter walk in and then something happened with the video and it cut straight to just the lobby with the puddle of blood by the desk. A few seconds later the video acted up again and showed us the location of the envelopes. We’re more than certain that the Killer tampered with the security footage.”

Harrison-“Not much else, but Robbin talked to us again when we left and told us that the only reason she puts out the stories she does is because of the changing times with journalists being labeled as fake news and that she doesn’t want to do those stories but it’s the only way to be relevant at this time.”

Gary-“You guys did get a good amount of evidence. Great job. Now, I figure we can try and clear 1 of the remaining suspects.”

With that, Gary untied the red envelope from the noose, grabbed a pair of scissors, and started carefully cutting the red envelope open across the top. He then pulled the brown paper out and unfolded it to reveal the label maker worded question for the day.


He put the question down and typed the Killer’s anonymous email address into the computer. A flash of Matrix style letters and numbers flew across the screen until the single lime green line appeared against the dark background of the screen. Benjamin turned and looked at Chrissy.

Benjamin-“Do you remember?”

Chrissy-“I think it was the 70’s. Does that sound right?”

Benjamin-“I remember him saying 40 years.”

Chrissy-“Well, that puts us at about 1979. Should we go with that?”

Benjamin-“I think that’s our best bet.”

With that, Gary typed in 1979 to the Killer’s as the group’s answer.

Gary-“Should I send your answer?”

With a deep breath, Benjamin replied.

Benjamin-“1979. That’s our answer. Send it.”

Gary hit send and the flash of matrix let’s and numbers flew across the screen. The group waited with crossed fingers, hoping that they got another answer correct.

After what felt like an hour, the Killer responded.


The 4 investigators stood up and cheered and joined in a group hug. They quickly turned their attention back to the monitor as the cleared suspect came in.


Gary-“Fantastic job guys. We can clear Tiffany from our suspects.”

With marker in hand, Gary turned and drew an X over Tiffany’s face, effectively clearing the diner owner of the recent deaths. He turned back and addressed the group.

Gary-“Now, you know what comes next. It’s still early so go take the afternoon to yourselves. We will meet back here at 7 PM to open the black envelope. You’re dismissed.”

The group left the Briefing Room and went straight for the kitchen to prepare someone’s last meal.

Mitchell-“What does everyone want?”

Harrison-“I could go for some burgers. Anyone got a better idea?”

Chrissy-“No, burgers sound good.”

They grabbed the chopped meat out of the fridge and Mitchell got to work on seasoning them and making burger patties. He took the stack out to the grill and Harrison followed.

Harrison-“We’re still voting Chrissy tonight?”

Mitchell-“Without a doubt. The only thing we need to know is who Benjamin is picking to go out.”

Harrison-“Either way, she won’t be in control tomorrow.”

Mitchell-“That’s true.”

Inside, Chrissy was chopping onions and lettuce up while Benjamin was slicing potatoes to make homemade french fries.

Chrissy-“I know I’m going out, but you need to send Harrison out as well.”

Benjamin-“You really want him gone, huh?”

Chrissy-“He’s horrible to work with. He got Kristen and Doug sent out and eliminated.”

Benjamin-“But you know why, right?”

Chrissy-“Because he’s a horrible person. They did their jobs perfectly and he just didn’t care.”

Benjamin-“Chrissy, I hate to say it, but do you know how crazy you sound right now? You and them had the alliance and tried to get rid of everybody and you guys got caught red handed.”

Chrissy-“You see it as targeting, I see it as playing with numbers.”

Harrison-“But you’re saying Harrison has been a horrible person ever since he sent Doug out.”

Chrissy-“If he never sent Doug and Kristen out, we’d be cool. But because he did he can kiss my ass.”

Benjamin-“She’s lost it. She really, truly thinks that her group getting caught and busted makes it ok to act like a bitch to him. I’ve never even seen this in courts. Dear God, she’s crazy.”

Chrissy-“I’m going out, I know it, and I better bring Harrison out with me. He brought down my group, and if I’m gonna meet the Killer, then he’s meeting them with me!”
At 7 PM, the investigators regrouped in the Briefing Room, where Gary waited with the black envelope sitting on his desk. He waited for the investigators to take their seats.

Gary-“Welcome back everyone. It is now time to play the Killer’s Game. In just a moment, you will go down the hall to the Voting Booth and cast your vote for who you wish to play the Killer’s Game tonight. Remember, Benjamin is the Lead Investigator and can not be voted for. Chrissy, start us off tonight.”

Chrissy left the and walked down to the Voting Booth. She entered, closed the door, and grabbed Harrison’s picture.

Chrissy-“You’re going to pay.”

She left the Booth and placed her vote in the box outside. The next to enter was Mitchell. In no time he found Chrissy’s picture.

Mitchell-“As far as I see, even if you come back tonight, you won’t win this game.”

He left the Booth and placed his vote in the box. The last to enter was Harrison. He quickly grabbed Chrissy’s picture.

Harrison-“See you out there tonight.”

He winked and left the Voting Booth. He placed his vote in the box and returned to the group in the Briefing Room.

Gary-“What I need now if for everyone to turn around do not turn back until I tell you to.”

With that, Gary left the Briefing a Room to collect the votes as the group turned to face the wall behind them. When Gary returned, he opened the box and was able to quickly tally the 3 votes.

Gary-“Please turn around.”

The group obliged and turned back to face him.

Gary-“The group has voted, and in a 2-1 vote, the first person playing the Killer’s Game is.... Chrissy.”

He turned the picture around and Chrissy, not surprised at all, stood up.

Gary-“And now, Benjamin, as Lead Investigator, you must choose the second participant to play the Killer’s Game tonight. Please come up here and tell us who and why.”

Benjamin got up and walked to the front of Gary’s table.

Benjamin-“Wow.... This one is actually tough to make..... I got to make the decision, though.... and my pick is Harrison.”

Harrison gave a nod, shook hands with Mitchell, and stood up.

Benjamin-“My only reasoning is the hatred that Chrissy has for him, so this will obviously benefit the group.”

Harrison-“I completely understand, man.”

Gary-“Harrison, you will be playing the Killer’s Game along side Chrissy tonight.”

Gary then grabbed the pair of scissors from off his desk and carefully cut open the large black bag like envelope across the top. He turned the envelope over and 2 folded pieces of brown paper fell out onto the table.

Gary-“Benjamin please pick a map to go to the group’s choice, Chrissy. Then please give the other back to your choice, Harrison.”

Benjamin reached down and picked up both maps from the table. He looked at them in each hand and then looked up at Chrissy and Harrison. He thought hard about his decision. He started to hand one map to Chrissy, then paused, switched the maps around, and then handed that one to her instead and handed the other to Harrison.

Gary-“Please open your maps, and tell us where you will be going.”

Both them opened their maps and looked for their X on them.

Chrissy-“ It looks like I’m going to the abandoned train station off of Blake St.”

Harrison-“Oh, great. The map says I am going to Resting Oaks Cemetery on Myers Ave. I smell foreshadowing.”

Gary-“ I will arrange for your rides to come and pick you up later tonight. What I need you both to do is go back to the Voting Booth and record your Last Will and Testament. In case you do not return, you are responsible for naming the next Lead Investigator. After that, go back and get ready. I wish you both the best of luck.”
Chrissy was in the Girl’s Room packing her bag when Benjamin entered.

Benjamin-“Hey, good luck tonight.”

Chrissy-“Thanks. What’s it like out there?”

Benjamin-“Pretty dark. Just a flashlight.”

Chrissy-“Ugh. Just as long as Harrison is eliminated I’ll be fine.”

Benjamin-“Man, I hope Harrison does come back so I don’t have to hear her go on about eliminating him.”

Chrissy-“I lost my entire team because of Harrison. Not because of the Killer. Because of Harrison. I need to come back. I have to come back. It’s the only thing that’ll make this right.”

In the Men’s Room, Harrison was already set because he never unpacked from his last time out. Mitchell joined him.

Mitchell-“That was quick.”

Harrison-“I didn’t unpack from last time. Figured I’d go out again so I didn’t unpack.”

Mitchell-“I’m praying for your return tonight.”

Harrison-“You and me both. Chrissy won’t win if I don’t come back so it’s a win-win tonight as well for you and Benjamin.”

Mitchell-“Well, lets just hope she doesn’t and saves us the extra time.”


Harrison-“This is literally the hardest one tonight so far. I either knock out someone that’s been gunning for me, and probably get scarred for life, or I’m out completely. It’s a double edged sword but I’m a fighter and I’m not quitting. I’ll go down swinging with everything I have left.”

At 10:32 PM, 2 taxis pulled up to the Head Quarters. The 4 investigators met in the doorway and said their goodbyes. Harrison, still being a gentlemen, offered to put Chrissy’s bag in her cab for her. The 2 chosen investigators said fair well and got into their cabs.

Chrissy-“I need to go to that Abandoned Train station please.”

Harrison-“Hey, can you bring me to Resting Oaks Cemetery on Myers, please?”

The 2 cabs left into the night in 2 separate directions.

At 10:52, Chrissy arrived at the abandoned train station.

1 minute later, Harrison arrived at the cemetery.

Chrissy walked through the entrance into the station.

Harrison entered through the gate.

Chrissy checked the ticket booth and found nothing.

Harrison walked down an aisle of headstones and couldn’t find anything.

Chrissy started walking towards the exit to the train platform.

Harrison walked up to a Jesus statue.

Chrissy saw a note attached to the door. “MAKE YOUR WAY TO THE OLD BOX CARS IN THE BACK”.

Harrison noticed a note stuck to the Jesus statue. “FOLLOW THE FLOWERS TO YOUR CLUE”.

Chrissy shined her flashlight on the ground as she made her way to the set of box cars.

Harrison illuminated the path and noticed several flowers going down a path and followed.

Chrissy checked a box car. She found nothing.

Harrison followed the trail to the back of the cemetery.

Chrissy checked another box car. She saw a sign. “YOU’RE GETTING CLOSER”.

Harrison looked down the rows of tombstones.

Chrissy saw 1 final box car. She walked towards it.

Harrison kept walking to the back of the cemetery.

Chrissy’s flashlight lit up her X attached to the last box car.

Harrison noticed his X, which was attached to a tombstone.

Chrissy approached the box car and walked up to her clue.

Harrison nearly tripped as he arrived at his clue.

In silence, a green hazy glow sat back and waited for their victim to claim the bait.

Chrissy picked up her clue; a journal that looked like it went through the a fire. She flipped it over and gasped at the name on it.

Harrison looked at his clue; a torn up piece of paper with red writing on it. He then read the name on the tombstone and was in shock.

As 1 investigator started to walk away, the green hazy glow slowly crept out. Thinking they heard a noise, the investigator shined their flashlight to look, but in wrong direction. The green hazy glow ran at the unfortunate investigator, and when they turned to check the noise from that direction, they screamed as it was too late for them.


The surviving investigator looked high and low at their surroundings. When they thought that they were in the clear, they started their journey back to the waiting car.
At HQ, Benjamin and Mitchell waited patiently for the surviving investigator to walk in.

Gary-“So, now that we’re down to 3, who would you like to see walk back in tonight?”

Mitchell-“Definitely Harrison. We’ve been working together early on and if he comes back then we keep the team together.”

Benjamin-“I’d say Harrison as well. I know him and I didn’t get along in the beginning but he has shown how to work hard.”

Gary-“Are either of you worried about Chrissy coming back?”

Benjamin-“Yes and no. I have a feeling I might be Lead Investigator again if she doesn’t come back. If Harrison doesn’t come back then it’s Mitchell as Lead Investigator. We won’t know until 1 person walks through the door and we find out who the eliminated person chose.”

Mitchell-“He’s got a point. It all comes down to who picks which map at the end of it. That’s where the whole story for us changes.”

Suddenly, the front door opened and closed. The conversation was put on hold as Mitchell, Benjamin, and Gary waited to find out whose footsteps were being heard climbing up the stairs to the Briefing Room.

But suddenly, the footsteps stopped. The silence was deafening inside of HQ. Nervously waiting, Gary called out.

Gary-“Who’s out there?”

Still silence....

Then suddenly.....

Investigator-“WE DID IT, BOYS!”

Harrison came bursting into the room with his clue in hand. Benjamin and Mitchell jumped up and applauded and shook Harrison’s hand as he placed his clue on the table.

Harrison-“Gary, do I have a clue for you!”

5 Suspects and 3 Investigators Remain

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