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Murder In Small Town X; The Return
« on: December 18, 2018, 11:49:40 AM »
I know we're had Legends fan fictions written here before, but now is time to change the game. So, I present to you all...

Murder in Small Town X

Join 10 amateur investigators as they trek into a world unknown to some; The life of a police investigator.

Frank-"I haven't been apart of a case since I retired from being an officer 3 years ago. It kinda feels good to be back at it."

Benjamin-"As a lawyer, you need to know the inside and out of both police and suspects."

The group must work together to figure out who in the town could commit murder, while at the same time, they must all fend for themselves.

Gary-"It is now time to play the Killer's Game."

The group will be forced to turn on one another and send 2 out to their possible demise.

Gary-"At one location will be an important clue. At the other, the Killer is going to be waiting, and one of you will not be coming back."

In the end, only one of them will have the chance to apprehend and arrest the Killer.

Who will die? Who will win? And, most importantly, who exactly is the Killer?

Find out as you are brought to the small town of Sunrise Ridge for Murder in Small Town X.

Coming soon to Phantom's Temple
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Re: Murder In Small Town X; The Return
« Reply #1 on: November 24, 2019, 07:57:45 PM »
So, before I start posting the story, I want to introduce the Investigators.

In order of age, they are;

Kristen Reynolds
24 years old
New York, New York

Harrison Adams
26 years old
Mixed Martial Artist
Providence, Rhode Island

Heidi Gillian
29 years old
Pharmaceutical Worker
Seattle, Washington

Chrissy Peters
30 years old
Aspiring Actress
Los Angeles, California

Deanna Landry
33 years old
Kayak Instructor
Tallahassee, Florida

Douglas “Doug” Graham
35 years old
Halifax, New Jersey

Mitchell Kennedy
40 years old
Youth Hockey Coach
Detroit, Michigan

Benjamin Sheffield
47 years old
Mobile, Alabama

Stacey Towers
55 years old
Elementary School Teacher
Victoria, Texas

Frank Williams
62 years old
Retired Police Officer
Phoenix, Arizona

One of these people will have the chance to solve the case and win the grand prize. Place your bets.
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Re: Murder In Small Town X; The Return
« Reply #2 on: November 29, 2019, 09:34:46 AM »
Now that we’ve met the contestants, let’s meet the suspects.

Out of the 15 names, 1 of them is the Sunrise Ridge Killer. Who is it?

In no particular order, they are;

Cooper Davis
27 years old
Local Musician

Brad Stokely
49 years old
Construction Worker/Owner of Stokely Works Inc.

Jennifer Harris
37 years old
Teacher at Sunrise Ridge High School

Sydney Shields
26 years old

Daniel McGee
52 years old
Mayor of Sunrise Ridge

Tiffany Shaw
38 years old
Owner of The Shaw Shack Diner

Spencer Stevens
38 years old
Cook at The Shaw Shack

Robbin Evans
37 years old

Rachel Neary
34 years old
Medical Examiner

Diane Pearlman
47 years old

Jack Faye
33 years old
Police Officer

Jeffery Ardis
44 years old
Worker at Stokely Works Inc.

Georgina Seeger
68 years old
Retired Widow

Tyrone Cribbs
39 years old
Owner of The Hot Spot Club & Bar

Walter DuChamps
40 years old
Post Office Worker
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Re: Murder In Small Town X; The Return
« Reply #3 on: November 30, 2019, 10:32:30 PM »
I will start posting the episodes on Monday and the season will run for 8 episodes from December 2 until January 20.

The Rules;
If you have never seen the show, the game follows the (almost) same concept used in the 2001 version.

10 amateur investigators from around the US are brought in to help solve the murder that had taken place in the town, with the Killer leaving a list of 15 suspects, one of which is them.

Each episode will see 1 investigator be immune by ways of being the Lead Investigator. This investigator will have the power to make teams for the day, as well as having the final decision for the Killer’s Question.

Over the course of their case, the Killer will leave 2 colored envelopes. A red and a black.

The red envelope is the Killer’s Question. Inside will be a question based on their investigation during that episode. If the group can answer the Killer Question correctly, they will clear one of the 15 suspects. If they get it wrong, then no one will be cleared.

In the black envelope are 2 maps. This portion is the Killer’s Game. Here, the group (minus the Lead Investigator) votes for who they wish to receive a map. After the vote, the Lead Investigator chooses who they wish to receive the other map. The 2 selected investigators will venture out into the night to find a vital clue left by the Killer at their marked location. At one location is the clue, at the other location will be a fake clue. The investigator who finds the fake clue will also find the Killer and be eliminated from the game.

Before each Killer’s Game, both chosen investigators will make a video of their Last Will and Testament. In the video, they will name their choice for the next Lead Investigator.

In the end, any investigators that make it to the end of the case will have a chance to confront their choice for the Killer, and whoever chooses correctly will find the Killer, and instead of being killed, they will instead capture them and win the bounty reward in the sum of $500,000.

And now, a few tributes and acknowledgments;
First, my fiancé, Stephanie. This story was a 10 year project (originally conceived as a movie that was gonna premiere on YouTube that she helped me write at one point, which changed into a version of the show through PowerPoint, then turned into this). Writing it took the last 3-4 years and she knew how badly I wanted to write this and put up with me when I got cranky when I had writers block.

My family because if it wasn’t for them getting me hooked to shows like The Mole and Survivor, then I would have never watched Murder in Small Town X and I never would of wanted to write this.

A HUGE tribute to Angle Juarbe, Jr. He was the winner of the original and only season. Tragically, less than a week after he was declared the winner, he was killed in the September 11th terrorist attacks. A true hero who tried to save the lives of other while representing Ladder 12 of the FDNY, he will be sorely missed by fans of the show, along with the lives of everyone else lost that terribly horrible day. (My story has a few subtle acknowledgements towards him. You’ll know them when you see them.)

Lastly, I want to dedicate this story to you all here at Phantom’s Temple. I loved the written Legends episodes and loved reading other fan fictions here on the site. This is my thank you to all who wrote their own stories and kept me entertained on nights I was sick or bored or couldn’t sleep cause of my insomnia, or played the games in the Temple Games section, and everything from the links in The Treasure Room to Soundstage 18 and everything else far and in between.

Thank you to you all and everyone else I mentioned. I hope you all enjoy this ride.
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Re: Murder In Small Town X; The Return
« Reply #4 on: December 02, 2019, 07:36:58 PM »
Here it is. The debut of Murder in Small Town X.

By all means, you may comment between episodes on what your guess is for the Killer and what not.

In the words of The Joker from The Dark Knight...

And. Here. We. Go
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Re: Murder In Small Town X; The Return
« Reply #5 on: December 02, 2019, 08:20:40 PM »
Killing is not nearly as easy as the innocent believe.
J.K. Rowling (Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince)

Episode 1; The Game Has Begun

It's 2:14 AM, the entire town of Sunrise Ridge slept peacefully in their beds. It was a cool spring night. The snow from the winter was just starting to melt and Day Light Savings meant the sun would start rising early again. However, before that sun could even poke up over the smallest hill in town, and before any resident would even start to stir from their peaceful sleep, one resident of the small town was moving quickly through the streets. In one hand, this resident was holding an infrared video camera, and just out of reach on the passenger seat was something sinister, something they wanted to use with evil intentions.

This person drove down the dark city as quickly and carefully as they could, avoiding the street lights as they moved. The person finally reached their destination; a dark house except for one light on, coming from the basement window. The resident turned on their camera, and a green glow of infrared illuminated the house for them. They got out of their van, walked up to the house and stared in the window. They did this with care, though, as a man was walking down the hall of the house and to a door. The person didn't want to get the man's attention, at least not yet. The man opened the door and disappeared down a set of stairs to the dimly lit basement. The person outside the house smiled menacingly, as they knew what was soon about to happen in this quiet town.

They walked up to the storm hatch to the basement, and ever so gently pulled on it, as so to not alert anyone. Thankfully, for this person, it opened no problem. They walked down the concrete steps, carefully picked the lock on the door separating them from the inside of the house, and entered into the basement. There they saw the man, sitting at his desk, going through his paperwork. Stacks of it just piled up on each side of him, but the person with the camera didn't care about paperwork, nor did they care for the man going through it.

The person stepped forward, but only got 3 steps ahead before they bumped into a table. The man quickly turned around and saw this person standing in his house.

Matthew-“What in the hell are you doing in my house?! It's 2 in the mor..."

He cut himself off. His face went pale as he saw what was in the person's hand, and not the hand holding the camera.

Matthew-“Oh my God! Stay away from me!"

The man yelled. But this person wouldn't listen if asked 1,000 times. They stepped closer and closer. The man threw the paperwork from the desk at them, and then threw the chair down to stop them from coming. It would only work for so long. The man took off up the stairs. Once half way up, the person jumped over the chair and raced after the man. He shouted out as he reached the top step of the basement staircase.

Matthew-“Ashley! Lock yourself in the room! Call the police!"

He took a sharp turn and made a bee line for the front door. The person was hot on their heels and chased after him. The man made it to the front door, but fumbled with the lock. It was his downfall.


Matthew Bundy fell to the floor. Dead.

Just then a lady appeared at the top of the stair case by the front door. She was in a white fuzzy robe and matching slippers.

Ashley-“What in the world is happ... MATTHEW! NOOOOO!"

She screamed at the top of her lungs. She then noticed the person standing next to Matthew's lifeless body.


She screamed as she took off on the second floor.

"This is just too perfect", the person thought to them self. They ran up the flight of stairs and saw the lady slam the master bedroom door shut. The person took a running start and rammed the door with their shoulder. The door went flying open and partially broke off the hinge. The impact flung the lady away from the door and she fell to the floor just shy of the bed. The person approached.

Ashley-“Please God! Please don't kill me!".....

At 8:39 AM, the sun was fully up. It was already a nice and warm day for this early, already at 60 degrees even though it was still early into spring. The roofs were already dripping from the melting snow, and said roofs where already missing half the snow. A police car slowly pulled up to a set of houses. Officer Jack Faye stepped out of his patrol car and looked around. The station got a call during the night from a neighbor saying they thought they heard someone screaming, but not sure which neighbor it was. Officer Faye thought it was a joke, thinking to himself that in such a quiet town that no one in their right mind would do anything at that time to have to place a call to the police. Yet still, Faye took an oath and decided to check it out.

Officer Faye knocked on a door of one of the houses. He only knocked twice before someone answered.

Jack-“Hello there. We received a call about a neighbor screaming during the night. The caller didn't know which neighbor it was though and we just wanted to check on everyone in the area."

Lady-“Oh my. Everything is ok here. I didn't hear anything last night at all. I had to take some medicine for my insomnia so I was asleep all night. Sorry I can't help."

Jack-“That's fine. Like I said, we just wanna check. Have a good day."

As Faye knocked on the next door, he wondered if something would happen in his town. He knocked several times on this door, but never got an answer. Faye was thinking that whoever lived here might have left for work for the day. He knocked again just to make sure and the door surprisingly popped open a bit. He was worried that the owner was still inside and would think that he was breaking in. Little did he know how wrong he was. He yelled into the house

Jack-“Hello. Police Department. Just checking on a call we received."

There was no answer in the house and Faye was about to leave when he just happened to look down. It was blood. A puddle of blood. Faye stopped dead in his tracks, then reentered the house. He stared at the puddle of blood. Faye got down low to it and realized that whoever, or whatever, left that couldn't have gone too far. He ran off to the kitchen, then the living room, the laundry room. He then saw the basement door was open. He walked down the stairs. Faye saw the mess of papers all around the downstairs office. Faye took off back upstairs, ran back for the front door, and ran upstairs. He barely made it to the top step when he saw the broken door leading to the master bedroom. He looked back downstairs at the blood, then back at the bedroom door.

"Hello! Police Department! Is anyone here?"

He never got an answer. Faye then radioed the station.

Jack-“Officer Faye reporting. I think we got a possible homicide."

They responded back immediately.

Dispatcher-“We think you're right. Come back to the station and we'll show you."


In the quiet town of Sunrise Ridge, a Killer is on the loose. A reward has been offered to 10 ordinary people;


They have been sent to Sunrise Ridge to play the Killer's twister game. Now, they must enter the mind of a Killer and solve the mystery, or else they will be eliminated, one by one.

Murder in Small Town X


A bus carrying 11 people was driving down the road passing the local farmer's market. At the front of the bus sat a man with slightly greying hair, but you can still see the dirty blonde clear as day. He had the look of a police officer, and a look to him that says he has been through this before. He looked at the camera.

Gary-"We are currently making our way to the town of Sunrise Ridge; a small, everyday town like you would read about on a "Best Places to Live" list, just miles south of Boston. However, the peace here has been broken, as a murder has taken place in this quiet town."

He stopped as the camera cut to the bus pulling up to what would be known to him and the other 10 people on the bus as their headquarters. The camera cut back to him.

Gary-“These 10 ordinary people have been invited to this town to play a game. A game of murder. But unlike your typical game of Clue, these 10 people are going to be playing for a lot longer than 45 minutes. Here, they will work 24/7 to solve the case. However, they must all be careful, as every few days 2 of them will have to leave the safety of the headquarters and play the Killer's Game. It is here where one of them will find a valuable clue to aid in the investigation. The other one, they will not be so lucky, as they will come face to face with the Sunrise Ridge Killer and be eliminated from the game."

The bus door opened, and each person started stepping off. The man's voice was heard as the camera watched each person step off the bus.

Gary-"The 10 people trying to solve the case and catch the Killer are;
-Doug Graham; a 35 year old landscaper from Halifax, New Jersey
-Kristen Reynolds; a 24 year old model from New York, New York
-Benjamin Sheffield; a 47 year old attorney from Mobile, Alabama
-Chrissy Peters; a 30 year old aspiring actress from Los Angles, California
-Harrison Adams; a 26 year old MMA fighter from Providence, Rhode Island
-Stacey Towers; a 55 year old grade school teacher from Victoria, Texas
-Mitchell Kennedy; a 40 year old youth hockey coach from Detroit, Michigan
-Heidi Gilligan; a 29 year old pharmacy worker from Seattle, Washington
-Frank Williams; a 62 year old former officer from Phoenix, Arizona
-and Deanna Landry; a 33 year old kayak instructor from Tallahassee, Florida.

They all walked inside as the man from the bus stands outside the bus with the camera on him.

Gary-"If you want to know just what these people are about to go through, do this; pick up a murder mystery novel, read the first page of it, set it down and close your eyes, then open your eyes, and you're there."

The 10 contestants all walked into the house. They greeted each other with hugs, hand shakes, and talk about their families and favorite things. The good moment didn't last long though, as the man from the bus walked in and asked for their attention.

Gary-“Good afternoon. I hope you all enjoyed the bus ride. My name is Sgt. Gary Fredo. I'm a California Police Officer with over 30 years of experience. Now, back in 2001, I assisted in a case eerily similar to what we look like we will be doing here. I will explain more about it in just a bit, but right now, I want you all to bring your bags upstairs and get settled in. Men's room is upstairs and to the left, women's is to the right. In 30 minutes, I want everyone in the briefing room and we'll go over what's going on."

Chrissy-"We just walked in and we are already going to go straight into a murder investigation. This is insane!"

Frank-"As a retired police officer, I've seen a lot. I've spent long nights at work, early mornings in patrol cars, and countless hours on cases. God how I enjoy being back in it."

They all filed into the upstairs Briefing Room. 2 rows of desks sat at the back of the room, 5 desk in each row. Each one with its own lamp so the user can do their work at night without disturbing the others. On the other side was a long table with a computer on it. Above the table to the left was a television set; flat screen and at least 50 inches wide. To the right of the table, sitting in the corner was an evidence locker. It had a big black bag-like envelope in it. Everyone walked in and took a seat. Gary walked in and started speaking.

Gary-“Hello again everyone. So, the other night a call was place to the Sunrise Ridge Police Department at roughly 2:30 AM, with a neighbor by the name of Penelope Rivers saying she was up to take care of her child and she heard a loud scream come from a neighbor's house, but she wasn't able to tell which one it was. At just after 8:30 AM, Officer Jack Faye arrived at the house of Matthew Bundy and his wife, Ashley. Now, when Officer Faye entered the house, he discovered blood on the carpet and a broken door to the master bedroom. When he radioed to the Police Department, they told him to come back, and when he did, they showed him this."

Gary then proceeded to take the big plastic black bag from the evidence locker and put it on the table in front of him. He continued to speak.

Gary-"Now, they opened the envelope shortly after Officer Faye returned to the station. Inside where 10 invitations, all addressed to you. Each one bore the words 'Coming Out To Play?'. Also inside was a DVD, and we would like to play that for you all now. Please bare in mind though, we have already watched it, and some of you might find it a little disturbing."

Gary placed the DVD into the computer, clicked on the play button, and it appeared on the TV. A green glow of infrared from the camera showed the darken house. The person holding the camera headed to a cellar hatch, walked down the stairs, picked a lock, and startled Matthew in his basement office. The camera chased after Matthew and caught him by the front door.


The camera chased Ashely up the stairs and slammed through the door to the master bedroom. Several of the investigators cringed as they saw Ashley land hard on the floor by the bed. The sound of Ashley scream for her life made all the investigators uncomfortable.

Just then the DVD jump and cut straight to Ashley. She was now tied to a chair around the waist. Harrison pointed out that the bed was bare and it looks like she was tied up with the sheet. Just after he said that, Ashley spoke to the camera.

Ashley-“Please. Please don't make me do this. Please let me go."

Her voice shaking through her sobs, the tears shining in the night vision. The camera moved off of her to the corner of the room. A loud CRACK was heard. The camera operator slapped her. The audio died for a brief second, but quickly came back on as Ashley wailed. Heidi said that they must of cut the audio to hide their voice. She was right as Ashley voice came back again.

Ashley-“OK! OK! I'll read it!"

The camera cut again, and was back to being on Ashley. She was slightly calmer now, but was still speaking in a shaking voice.

Ashley-"Hello, and welcome to the town of Sunrise Ridge. On this night, I have claimed Matthew Bundy for my own. He is dead and now belongs to me. Ashley, on the other hand, I have no use for, and she will be returned shortly."

She started to break down when she read that part, but then continued.

Ashley-"I have a proposition for you all; it's time for a game. I hope you will come out to play."

The camera cut out, but the audio of Ashley Bundy continued. As she spoke, 15 pictures flashed on the screen.

Ashley-"These 15 people all line in the town of Sunrise Ridge. I am one of the 15. If you wish to find me, you must answer this question; Why? I would wish you good luck... but you will need more than that. I will speak to you soon."

The DVD video died. Gary addressed the group again.

Gary-"I apologize if that was too much for you. Now, we did forensics on the blood at the house, and it matches the DNA of Matthew, so we are more than certain he is no longer with us. However, his body was not found, and Ashley has been missing ever since, and she is being considered missing and presumed kidnapped. Now, other than the invites and the DVD, we found a small red envelope."

He showed the red bag to the group. On it was several words that were made from a label maker. It read 'FOR THE LEAD INVESTIGATOR TO READ' on the front. Gary spoke again.

Gary-"As you can see, only the Lead Investigator is to read what's inside. In order to decide who will be Lead Investigator, we will take a vote. I know you don't all know each other well yet, so it will be a first impression vote. At the front of each of your desks is a blank card. What I want you to do is write the name of the person you wish to be the Lead Investigator, and you can not vote for yourself. Please do so now."

Each person thought about it. Deanna was shown to write Harrison's name. Kristen was seen writing Heidi's name. Stacey placed her pen to her lips as she thought it over, and eventually wrote a name down. Benjamin folded his paper up and placed it in a bowl held by Gary. The other nine followed suit and placed their vote in the bowl. Gary brought it to the front and counted each vote.

Gary-"Ladies and gentlemen, I have the results of the vote, and by a 5-4-1 vote, the first Lead Investigator is..."

 He paused. Then he turned a vote around displaying a name.

Gary-“Harrison. Congratulations!"

The group applauded him as he went to stand next to Gary.

Harrison- "You know, you see the muscles and the tattoos and you think 'He's a moron!', and 'He's a big, dumb jock!'. But I think when I pointed out something in the Killer's video, that must of made them think I was actually smart and trust me."

Gary spoke again.

Gary-"Harrison, this is for you."

He handed a pair of scissors to Harrison to open the envelope.

Gary-"Please open it and tell us what's inside."

Harrison cut the edge of the bag open carefully. He turned it upside down and a brown, folded paper fell out and onto the table. Harrison unfolded it and noticed the same label maker words on it. He cleared his throat and read.


The investigators shot a worried glance to each other. Harrison then continued.


The investigators gasped at this rule.


Gary then addressed the group.

Gary-"Right. Well, like I said, I handled a case just like this back in 2001. Sadly, this is the only lead we had then, and it's the only lead we have now. It's our only option. Now, you all have the rest of the day to get to know each other, so enjoy your time. We will start in the morning."

Just then a siren started blaring outside of the headquarters. It was shortly followed by several loud thuds on the front door. Gary and the investigators raced out of the room and down the stairs to the door. Gary opened it and found Officer Jack Faye on the other side.

Jack-"Hello everyone. Sorry to barge in on you all, but they found her. Ashley Bundy. She was found just outside the woods near Harper Park. I have 3 police vans outside. Please guys, get ready in 5 and lets go!"

The investigators grabbed their coats and raced out the door. 4 jumped in the first 2 vans and the last 2 and Gary jumped in the third. 10 minutes later, they arrived at Harper Park. A scene of people have already descended on the area. Several officers tried their hardest to keep them back. One yelled out.

Officer-“Alright, I'm gonna say this one time and one time only! You don't move away right now, I'll cuff you and you'll have a cell to yourself tonight!"

Gary and Officer Faye were able to help the other officers disperse of the crowd. While they did that, the 10 investigators walked with the person who called the police. A retired widow by the name of Georgina Seeger.

Georgina-"Oh this is just a terrible thing! I was out for my evening walk and I saw the red snow and next thing I know I'm looking at this poor girl lying there!"

Kristen-"Did you happen to notice anyone near the area that looked suspicious?"

Georgina-"No honey, I'm sorry. I was just walking down the path like I said. I gotta walk because my doctor recommends it's for my diabetes. Wants me to get in at least a 60 minute walk a day to keep the blood circulating after my insulin shots. I walk through this area every time I go for my walk cause once I hit the end of the park I know I've hit the half way point. I got just shy of the park and I noticed the red color of the snow. I walked over and the poor girl was lying there. I went to see if she was ok, then I saw her head and knew nothing could be done. That's the moment I called the police."

Doug, Mitchell, and Stacey walked away to the red snow. They looked at the body of Ashley Bundy. She was still in the PJ's and her white fuzzy robe. Of course, it wasn't white anymore. What was worse was that it was painfully obvious she was no longer with us.

Doug-"Hey, look at this guys. Do you see the size of that hole?"

Doug pointed at bloody hole in the side of Ashley head. At least an inch wide.

Stacey-"Hey, do you guys notice this? Look at her hand."

Her ring finger on her left hand was broken. The ring that sat on it was missing.

Mitchell-" You guys think that the killer wants jewelry? Just to pawn and get rich and then run for it?"

Stacey-"I doubt it. Cause why did the killer give her back and we haven't seen Matthew returned? He wants jewelry AND a body?"

Stacey- "I mean, Mitchell seems nice, but that was a stupid idea. Murder for just a ring? There's obviously more to it all. We just need to figure it all out."

A man was going ballistic by Gary. He was screaming, crying, and by the looks of the officers, the man looked like he was gonna stay in one of the aforementioned holding cells tonight. Chrissy walked away from the group and tried to help calm him down.

Chrissy- "Sir! Please calm down!"


Chrissy-"Its ok sir. We're going to catch whoever did it."

Man-"You better before I catch them first!"

Just then an officer approached them.

Officer-"Alright pal, leave before you get locked up for the night! This is your one and only chance!"

The man walked away, telling the officer that he was “number one", but with the wrong finger.

Chrissy-"Wow. That was intense. I thought for a brief moment that he might have taken a swing at me. That guy scared me."

Frank-"Excuse me, ma'am, just wanna ask. Do you live around here?"

Georgina-"Yes I do. I live just about 30 minutes from here. Like I said, when I hit the end of the park, I know I'm about half way done."

Frank-"Alright, and do you know the victim?"

Georgina- "No, I can say that I do. I'm sorry."

Frank-"Ok, and can we just get your name, please?"

Georgina-"Yes, my name is Georgina Seeger."

Frank-"Alright, and your address?"

Georgina-"192 Mustard Mill Drive."

Frank-"Perfect, thank you very much ma'am"

Kristen-"Frank really took control of questioning Georgina on what she saw. He's very smart. Maybe I'll work with him to get to the finals."

The ambulance arrived. The investigators saw all they needed and took their pictures in case their memories faded. Unlikely, as this was a day no one would forget anytime soon. A lady got out of the ambulance and spoke with the group.

Lady-"Alright guys, thank you for your help. We will take it from here. We'll notify you when the autopsy is done."

Harrison-"Thank you ma'am."

The group got back into their vans and arrived back at the headquarters. Deanna's van arrived first, and she looked out the window of the van and noticed something. There was something hanging on the door by the headquarters.

Deanna-"Oh my God! What is that?"

Benjamin, Doug and Stacey all shot their glances at the the Shipping Company building, also known as their Headquarters. They each looked at the building as the van pulled up, and finally noticed it. Attached to the door was a noose. Their was some bloody flowers in the shape of an X just underneath it leaning against the door, with an angel attached to it. However, the thing the group noticed more was what was attached to noose...

Envelopes. One red, one black. Just like the Killer promised.

The group of them jumped out as the other vans pulled up. Gary came up to the door and looked at the X, the noose, and of course, the envelopes. He sighed.

Gary-"Back at it again. Luckily, though, these won't be used until tomorrow."

He showed the X to the group, the angel attached to it had the label maker words on it from the Killer. These words were simple, they said "FOR TOMORROW NIGHT".

Gary-"Tomorrow will be the last day for one of you. Right now, Harrison, bring these upstairs and we'll go over what happened."

Kristen-"The killer knows where we are! I'm so scared! And now one of us is not gonna be here much longer!"

Deanna-"This is insane! Not even a full day on the case and already the Killer is calling us out!"

The group walked upstairs. Gary spoke once everyone sat down at their desk.

Gary-"Right. Now then, what have you guys learned?"

Stacey-"We viewed the body before the medical examiner took her away. She was still wearing her robe and PJs from the video. Their was a lot of blood on her robe, and we found a hole on the side of her head, which may indicate a gun might have been used. She also had a broken ring finger and her ring was missing."

Stacey finished. Just then, Frank stood up.

Frank-"I spoke with the lady who found her, Ms. Georgina Seeger. She was out on her daily hour walk that takes her through the park and she located the body roughly 30 minutes into her walk. She did not see anything out of the ordinary and no people of witness. Her address is 192 Mustard Mill Drive."

Upon hearing this, Gary walked to the computer. He typed in the location of Harper Park and Georgina's address.

Gary-"Ok, so I typed in the location of the Park and her address. She lives just over half a mile away. So it is likely she walked in about half an hour and found Ashley's body. We can confirm that, but does that little bit of info help us?"

The group collectively gave him a "No."

Gary-"Anything else?"

Chrissy raised her hand. She then stood and spoke.

Chrissy-"There was a guy there. He was screaming and crying and broke down. I tried to calm him but he was really angry. One of the police officers came over to help me and told him to leave or he'd be arrested. The guy then flipped the officer off while leaving."

Several investigators snickered and laughed at this info.

Gary-"Perfect. You guys all did a great job out their today. I'm very proud of you all. Now, before I dismiss you all for the night, I want to go over the list of suspects we have. These are the 15 people that the Killer named in the video they left us."

Gary opened a file on the computer, and the images of 15 people were displayed on the TV screen.

Gary-"The 15 suspects are;
-27 year old Cooper Davis, a musician.
-49 year old Brad Stokely, owner of Stokely Works Inc.
-37 year old Jennifer Harris, a teacher at the local High School.
-26 year old Sydney Shields, a singer/song writer.
-52 year old Daniel McGee, he's the Mayor of Sunrise Ridge.
-34 year old Tiffany Shaw, owner of the Shaw Shack, a diner.
-38 year old Spencer Stevens, a cook at Shaw Shack.
-37 year old Robbin Evans, a reporter.
-34 year old Rachel Neary, the medical examiner.
-47 year old Diane Pearlman, hairdresser and the ex wife of Brad Stokely.
-33 year old Jack Faye, police officer.
-44 year old Jeffery Ardis, employee at Stokely Works Inc.
-68 year old Georgina Seeger, retired and a widow.
-39 year old Tyrone Cribbs, owner and operator of the club The Hot Spot.
-And 40 year old Walter DuChamps, postal worker."

He finished and then tacked each photo on a board just above his head. The pictures lined the length of the dry erase board. He turned back and spoke.

Gary-"Now, did anyone of you notice any one of them at the crime scene besides Georgina?"

Chrissy raised her hand.

Chrissy-"Jeffery! That's the man that was screaming and crying!"

Harrison spoke up.

Harrison-"Rachel Neary was the lady that came to pick up the body."

Gary-"Good job. And as you know, Jake Faye was the officer that picked us up to bring us to the crime scene. Great job today. Go rest now everyone, I'll see you in the morning at 9:00 AM. Goodnight."
Kristen was in the kitchen starting to prepare dinner, Doug joined her to help her, with Mitchell coming in soon after.

Doug-"So, who do you guys think is the first person to go?"

Kristen-"Well, I know for one thing, it isn't gonna be Harrison. He's exempt being Lead Investigator."

Mitchell-"Well, here's the thing, their is technically 9 of us voting tomorrow night. 5 votes is going to seal someone's fate. We are 3. 2 more and we'll have the say on who goes."

Doug-"That's great, but here's the other factor; Harrison gets to pick anyone he wants. He could send you, or me!"

Kristen-"Why don't we talk to Frank? We were working together at the park and he's really smart."

Mitchell-"I don't know, him being that smart in this game, being a former officer. That's more of a threat than a good idea.

Doug-"Lets just figure it out later. I'm hungry."
After the group ate, Harrison made his way back to the men's bedroom. He dropped on his bed, exhausted from the long day, but still had enough energy to go through the notes he took from the day. Just then, Benjamin walked in.

Benjamin-"Hey, you got a second?"

Harrison-"Sure, what's up?"

Benjamin-"I wanted to talk about the vote tomorrow night. I think you should pick Mitchell."

Harrison-"Mitchell? Why Mitchell?"

Benjamin-"I was standing around at Ashley's crime scene earlier. He made a stupid accusation about the murder and he's just not helpful."

Harrison-"What did he say?"

Benjamin-"He said that the Killer is doing it just for Ashley's ring. If that's the case, why is Matthew missing? Why did she die as well then? It just won't add up in the end. All these days for here for just a ring?"

Harrison-"Good point. I'll take that into consideration. I'm gonna turn in though. I wanna get a fresh start for the morning."

Benjamin-"That's fine. Goodnight."

Benjamin-"I want to make sure I'm here till the very last moment, then solve this crime and win this game. If I have to throw people under the bus, I will."
The next morning at 9:00 AM, the group was settled into the Briefing Room. Gary walked in just seconds after the clock in the room hit 9:00. He took his place behind the table. He was just about to start speaking to the group when a knock on the door stopped him in his tracks.

Gary-"Excuse me, everyone."

He walked out, down the stairs, and answered the door. The investigators were quiet and listened to what was being said, but could not make out who it was or what was said. They then heard footsteps on the staircase. Gary walked it first, and behind him was a dark gray haired man. His hair was parted to the left, held nicely in place. His face showed the strain of his job, but he physically hid it well.

He is Mayor Daniel McGee.

Gary spoke to the group.

Gary-"This is a surprise, ladies and gentlemen. Please welcome Mayor Daniel McGee. He wants to speak to you all quickly. Mayor, please."

Mayor McGee stood in front of the table. He wore a light gray suit, a polar opposite of his hair, with a nice red tie and white shirt. He started speaking.

Daniel McGee-"Good morning everyone. I am Mayor Daniel McGee. First off, I want to thank you all for helping us solve this horrendous murder. Now, I am here for 2 reasons. Number 1; Later today at noon, we will be having a meeting at Town Hall about what happened over the last few days. I invite you all to attend. Number 2, and you all might enjoy this; There is a reward on the Killer's head. To the one of you who catches the Killer, the city of Sunrise Ridge is willing to give you a reward of $500,000."

At this moment, every investigators' jaw dropped open. Smiles were formed and gasps of excitement were heard.

Daniel McGee-"That is all, I hope to see you there, and again, thank you and good luck."

The group applauded the Mayor. He shook the hand of each Investigator before he turned and walked out of the room. Gary then took his place behind the table again.

Gary-"Ok guys, you heard the Mayor. There is a reward for catching the killer. But until even one of you is able to try to claim that reward, we need to get to the bottom of this case. Now, like the Mayor said, their is a meeting at Town Hall at noon today, and 3 of you are going to check it out. Why 3? Because their are 2 more tracks I want the group to do. Track 1 is going to the meeting at Town Hall. While there, talk to any suspect you see and get as much info from the meeting as you can. Track 2 is going to have 3 of you go to the Bundy household. I want you to look for any evidence you can find. Track 3 will have 2 of you go speak with Rachel Neary. Your job is simple; I got a call just before I walked in today, the autopsy is done. I want you to go collect what she has. Remember, she is also a suspect, so question her as well. Harrison, please come up here."

Harrison stood up from his desk and moved to where Gary was standing.

Gary-"As the Lead Investigator, Harrison gets to choose which one of you goes on which tracks. Harrison, I need you to select 3 people to go to the meeting, 3 to go to the Bundy household, and 2 to speak with Rachel Neary. Please pick now."

Harrison thought it over for a second, then gave his decision.

Harrison-"I'll send Deanna... Benjamin.... and Frank to the meeting. Chrissy... Doug.... and Kristen to the crime scene. That's leaves Stacey and Heidi to speak with Rachel Neary."

Gary-"That's perfect. Go out there guys and do a great job today. However, remember the Killer's Rules; if you are alone, you are at risk from the Killer."

The groups got ready and headed out. 3 vans waited outside for them. Deanna, Benjamin, and Frank got in one and headed to the Town Hall. Chrissy, Doug, and Kristen left for the Bundy's house. Stacey and Heidi took off to meet Rachel Neary.

Deanna, Benjamin, and Frank got out at the Town Hall and walked in. They passed a blonde lady in a red dress suit, looking over her notes and making sure her tape recorder was all set for the meeting. Her name is Robbin Evans.
Chrissy, Doug, and Kristen all got out of their van and walked up to the house. They noticed the door was already open.

Doug-"Hello! Is anybody in here? Special investigators! If anyone is in here we will have to arrest you!"
Stacey and Heidi walked into the hospital. They asked the receptionist which way it was to Rachel Neary's Office. She pointed them down the hall, to the elevator, floor 3, to the right, 5 doors down. They arrived at the door to the medical examiner's office. Once they entered, an attractive lady with her long brunette hair in a tight bun greeted them. It was the same lady from the other day. It was Rachel Neary.
The meeting at the Town Hall was just about to begin. Deanna, Benjamin, and Frank spotted the gray haired walker from the day before, Georgina Seeger. She did not seem to have any trauma in her face that would tell the story of what she found a little under 24 hours ago. They also spotted a man with a near crew cut. His had very short, peppering grey hair and stubble on his face. He wore his construction boots, blue jeans, and a black, gray, and red checkered shirt. He also had a look to him that showed his displeasure of having to have to be there. The investigators knew that man is Brad Stokely. 3 rows in front of him were a man and woman. The lady was blonde and skinny, and man was dark haired and was thin as well but still had a build to him. They sat holding hands. Deanna noted that they must be a couple. They are Cooper Davis and Sydney Shields. The dark haired Diane Pearlman sat just a few seats away. She wore a purple top, and stared daggers at her ex husband Brad, just like he was to her. Standing at the front by the podium was officer Jack Faye, wearing his navy blue uniform, the letters SRPD emblazoned on a badge that he wore with pride.

A door opened to the right of the stage, and Mayor Daniel McGee walked in and up to the podium. Cameras flashed and Robbin Evans, as well as other journalists started getting ready for what the Mayor had to say.
Chrissy-"Do you think anyone is here?", she asked the group.

Kristen-"I don't think so."

Doug-"Let's go in, but stay with me. Remember what the Killer said; 'If you wander off by yourself, you might meet me face to face'. I don't want either one of you leaving the group until we're back at that van."

Kristen-"Doug took charge, and made sure that both Chrissy and I were safe since we found the door open to the house in case the Killer is her. He really is a nice guy."

The group pushed the door the rest of the way open and walked in. The first thing they saw was the blood, mostly dried but still somewhat wet, by the front door.

Chrissy-"Remember the Killer's video? They were in the basement, right here where we're standing by the door, and then the master bedroom."

Doug-"We should dust for prints on the door, see who was here."

The group broke out the dusting powder and the brush and coated the front and back of the door. Chrissy gasped when she looked at the handle.

Chrissy-"Oh my! I got a couple of prints here!"
Rachel Neary-"Hello ladies, I'm Rachel Neary. I believe your hear for the results of Ashley Bundy's autopsy?"

Stacey-"Yes we are."

Rachel Neary-"Very well, lets see. Bundy, Ashley. Caucasian female. C.O.D was a wound to the side of the head. Slight burn marks to the tissue show it was a firearm of some type. What was also found was her left hand ring finger was broke in 3 different places, but this was post mortem, after she was already dead."

Heidi-"Wow, did you happen to retrieve whatever was in her head that caused that wound?"

Rachel Neary-"We checked, and unfortunately we were unable to find a bullet, so we can't identify what type of firearm she was shot with."

Rachel handed the folder over to the two ladies containing all the info they went over.

Rachel-"If you ladies have any other questions, please call me."

Heidi-"Well, actually, we do have some questions for you."
Daniel McGee-"Thank you all for coming out here this afternoon. I'm sure by now you've all heard about the horrible, horrible tragedy that has befallen our community in these last few days. For those that have not heard; a few nights ago, a married couple, Matthew and Ashley Bundy, were murdered in their home. Unfortunately, however, Matthew's body has not been found."

Gasps could be heard from the people in attendance. Comments about Matthew being the killer and running for it were whispered. Deanna, Benjamin, and Frank all knew for a fact, from the Killer's video, that Matthew was dead.

Daniel McGee-"Quiet please. Now, a group of investigators have been brought in to help solve the case, and..."

He was cut off.

Brad Stokely-"Yeah! You paying them with your big bonus, you crook!"

Daniel McGee-"No sir, and quiet frankly this has nothing to do with me or what I make, but about our community."

Brad Stokely-"Yeah, our community.... Bull crap! You belong in a jail cell, bunking with this 'Killer' you're talking about!"

Shock and awe rang out from these comments.
Chrissy, Doug, and Kristen took the prints from the door, and walked down the hall and to the basement door. Doug went down first, Chrissy second, and Kristen, with her back to them, walked backwards down the stairs after them, acting as a lookout.

Doug-"Good Lord, look at this mess!"

The majority of the papers that adorn Matthew's desk were now lying in bunches all over the floor of the downstairs office. The group sifted through that paperwork, looking for any sign of a clue. It did not take long though before Chrissy shot up from the ground.

Chrissy-"Hey, look at this letter! It's for Ashley, signed by Jeffery Ardis. I remember him being the guy screaming at the park yesterday."

Doug-"Hey, put that in the bag, and put this next to it."

He handed a check made out to Matthew, in the amount of $2,500, from Jennifer Harris.

Chrissy-"Why in the world is she paying him all that money?"

Kristen-"I don't know, but here is something else as well. He's got paperwork on the Mayor and the election."
Stacey-"We want to ask you about the murders. Where were you the night of the murders?"

Rachel-"I was home. I had a double shift the day before. I was exhausted and went out to get a drink and then... Well, never mind."

Stacey-"No, please, continue."

Rachel-"No, I can't. It's far too personal."

Heidi-"Well you need to tell us now or you'll be arrested for the murders!"

Rachel-"Excuse me! I haven't committed any murders. This job is the closest I'll ever come to being a part a murder investigation! How dare you! Leave my office NOW!"

The 2 ladies walked out. They got in the elevator and talked about what happened.

Stacey-"How could you just come out at her like that? That was extremely rude."

Heidi-"Nothing is 'personal' in a case like this. It's either you're guilty or innocent."

Stacey-"But you can't be rude like that! That will shut them out and then we’ll be with no answers."

Heidi-"Stacey really doesn't understand how it works. You can't be friendly to these people. That's where our worlds are different. She works with kids, I work with adults. You can't baby adults."
Daniel-"Excuse me sir, but your comments are border line unacceptable! Please take your seat and....."

Brad-"Or what? Have me arrested? Then what? Rig my trial to get a fine and slap on the wrist turned into 25 years to life? Rig another thing just like you rigged the election!"

The shock and awe on the faces of everyone were priceless.

Daniel-"Leave here at once or you WILL be arrested!"

Brad-"Yeah, yeah, I'll leave, you crooked idiot."

Brad left the meeting, with Jack Faye following behind, just in case he tried to do anything drastic.

Diane-"Why in the hell did I marry him in the first place?"

Diane then buried her face in her hands, utterly embarrassed for herself and Brad combined.

Robbin-"Excuse me, Mayor? So are these rumors true that you rigged the towns election this past November?"

Daniel-"I did not! This meeting was to bring together a community, not try to trash me with this garbage! This meeting is over!"

The mayor walked away from the podium and out the door, while the shouts of the reporters questions seemingly the sounds of the wind to him.

Benjamin-"Well that was something. I've heard of corruption in politics, but never seen it up close and personal."
Doug, Chrissy, and Kristen walked upstairs into the master bedroom. A large blood puddle was right in front of the bed. The bed sheets were thrown about the room, and the bathroom water was running.

Kristen-"Wow. Well, let's get a sample from in here and look around."

Kristen dropped down and swabbed the blood and put the evidence away. Chrissy looked under the bed, but only found a pair of slippers. Doug checked the bathroom and turned the water off to the sink. He looked in the mirror and let out a tiny scream.

Doug-"Ah! Oh crap, look at this!"

The ladies ran into the bathroom and saw the blood in the tub. It wasn't much, but it was enough to be noticeable.

Kristen-"Wow. Do you think the Killer killed her in here?"

Doug-"Then were did the blood in the bedroom come from?"

The group thought about it. Doug finally thought of something.

Doug-"Maybe he went to remove the bodies and cleaned himself off?"

Chrissy-"Lets take a sample and bring it to the lab. We'll figure it out there."

They swabbed the blood, placed it in a bag, and left the house. They shuttered at the though of what went down here just a few nights ago as they climbed into the van.
The groups all arrived back at Headquarters and relaxed. At 3:00 PM, they all met up in the Briefing Room. Gary walked into the room at 3:05 PM and took his place behind the table.

Gary-"Ok, you guys have completed your first track of inquiry. Track 1, what did you learn out there?"

The former police officer, Frank, stood up.

Frank-"The Mayor confirmed to everyone about what happened to the Bundy's. We met several suspects, Cooper Davis, Sydney Shields, Diane Pearlman, Robbin Evans, and Brad Stokely. Mr. Stokely interrupted the meeting by yelling out that Daniel McGee rigged the election for money. He was kicked out and the meeting dispersed shortly after he left."

Gary-"Perfect. Track 2?"

Chrissy-"We wanted to check the blood again at the front door because we found blood in the master bedroom and master bathroom. We dusted for fingerprints on the front door and found several prints. In the basement we found a love letter from Jeffery Ardis to Ashley, a check for $2,500 from Jennifer Harris to Matthew, and some papers about the Mayoral election."

Gary-"Great job guys. We have the blood and prints in the lab right now. We'll have the results of them in a little while. Track 3?"

Stacey-"We got the info from Rachel. She believes Ashley was shot with a gun of some type, but they looked for a bullet and didn't find one. We then asked where she was the night it all happened, and she told us she worked a double shift and went to get a drink, but she stopped there and.... Well.... she became offended by our questioning and kicked us out."

Gary-"The thing is though you girls got a little something out of her. So you did some good work out there. Ok everyone, take a break, meet back up in here at 6:00 and we'll open the envelopes."
Stacey walked into the women's bedroom and found Kristen sitting there going over notes.

Stacey-"Ugh. That was completely awkward."

Kristen-"Was it bad?"

Stacey-"Heidi completely caused us to not get info from Rachel. She snapped at her because Rachel said that what she was doing was 'too personal'. Heidi told her to tell us or she'd would be arrested for the murders."

Kristen-"What?! You're kidding?!"

Stacey-"I know we need to be strict in the investigation, but its still too early to start screaming our heads off at suspects."

Kristen-"Let's vote for her tonight. If she's gonna act like this then later down the line she might really lose her cool."

Stacey-"Yeah, lets do it."

Stacey-"I do feel bad, I really do, but we lost information because she couldn't keep her anger under control. If she goes out tonight and comes back, hopefully it'll be her wake up call."
Mitchell sat at the table in the kitchen, his hands folded together and sitting quietly in thought. Heidi walked into the kitchen and he shot his eyes up to look at her.

Heidi-"Hey, who are you voting for tonight?"

Mitchell-"I have no idea. I was just trying to figure it out. Who are you voting for?"

Heidi-"Stacey. She was useless meeting Rachel today."


Heidi-"Yeah, she was pointless out there."

Mitchell-"I'll tell you what, I'll talk with some others and I'll tell them to vote her."


Heidi-"Stacey put herself in this place. She can't handle it."
Mitchell walked to the downstairs lounge and found Kristen and Doug talking. He joined them on the couch.

Mitchell-"So what are we doing?"

Kristen-"We decided that Heidi is gonna get our vote. Stacey told us that her temper got them kicked out of Rachel's office."

Mitchell-"Really, cause I just talked to Heidi and she said Stacey was useless at their meeting."

Doug-"Oh damn. Well, should we just wing it?"

Kristen-"You know what, its the first vote. You wanna play it safe with anger or with messing up?"

Kristen-"Its a toss up for us right now. Was it Stacey at fault, or Heidi at fault. The way it sounded to me, it was Heidi."

Doug-"I have no idea who's getting voted now, I don't know who the Killer is, hell, is my name Doug anymore or is it Homer Simpson?"
The group joined back up in the Briefing Room at 6:00 that night. Gary was already standing behind the table. On the table we're the red and black envelopes. Gary stared at them before shifting his focus on the group.

Gary-"This is the part I like, and the part I don't. At this moment, we will open the red envelope. Inside, the Killer has left us a question. They said if we answer correctly, they will clear one of the 15 suspects. I will read it now."

Gary careful cut the red envelope open, making sure not to turn the question into a jigsaw puzzle. He finished cutting it, and poured the brown paper onto the table, he unfolded it and the label maker worded question appeared in front of him.

Gary-"'WHAT AILMENT DOES GEORGINA HAVE?' We have an anonymous email address at the bottom of the page. Hang on."

Gary clicked and typed on the computer, and the TV screen became a dark, murky green color with several Matrix style letters and numbers flashing across the screen quickly before a single lime green line flashed in the top left corner. This is where the answer the group gave would go.

The group all looked around at each other, while also looking for the answer.

Chrissy-"Did anyone talk to her about it?"

Kristen-"I know I talked to her, but I don't recall her saying anything about it."

She quickly flipped to the first page of her notebook.

Kristen-"Crap no, all I got was her statement on Ashely's body."

Mitchell-"Wait! I think I know!"

The group all turned to the back row and looked at the youth hockey coach.

Mitchell-"I was walking passed her to check the body, and I swear I heard her mentioned something about insulin. I think she has diabetes. Never thought I'd be happy to say something like that, but I believe that's it."

Gary typed in 'DIABETES' into the answer section in the email link.

Gary-"Before I hit send, I want to make sure that this is the answer the group agrees to."

The group nodding in solidarity to each other. Harrison spoke up.

Harrison-"If it's wrong, we are wrong as a group, not just Mitchell. We are a team. Send it, Gary."

Gary hit enter, and a flash of Matrix lettering flew across the screen. Fingers were crossed, prayers were said, and the 10 seconds between the answer being sent and the message they received seemed like an eternity. The message appeared to the investigators....


Cheers and claps rang up from the group. Harrison darted from his desk to shake Mitchell's hand and hug him. High fives and pats on the back continued as the eliminated suspect's picture appeared on the TV with a message.


Gary-"Mitchell, tremendous work! Thanks to you, we can cross Officer Faye off the list!"

Gary proceeded to take a red sharpie and draw a big red X over Officer Faye's picture, effectively clearing the cop of the crime. Gary then turned back to the group, the smile slowly fading.

Gary-"Now, ladies and gentleman, comes the bad part. We must now vote for one of you to play the Killer's Game. One at a time, you'll go into the voting booth. It is completely sound proof, so please speak your mind. You will hold up the picture of the investigator you're voting for, say you peace, and place it in the box outside of the room. Mitchell, you answered the question, so please start us off."

The hockey coach walked into the booth, closed the door, and sat on a stool in the silver painted room. He looked through all the pictures and found 2. He looked back and forth between the 2 before deciding on Stacey's.

Mitchell-"I'm sorry, it was a toss up. You're really nice, and this is not personal at all. I wish you luck."

Kristen walked in, and after a quick thought, she grabbed the pictures, skimmed through them, and found Heidi's.

Kristen-"You yelling at the townspeople is not going to help the case. I'm sorry, but here is your wake up call."

Doug walked in, quickly placed his vote, and walked out. Following was Chrissy, who placed Benjamin's picture.

Chrissy-"I have no clue who to vote. It was a completely random choice and I hope you won't be mad."

Benjamin walked in and grabbed Mitchell's photo.

Benjamin-"I don't care if you answered the question, you are giving stupid reasons for the crime and you need to go to let the actual investigators work.

Frank walked in and put a picture up, and walked out. Stacey walked in, and went straight for Heidi's picture.

Stacey-"To think I voted for you to be the first Lead Investigator. You yell at a suspect and think it's ok? Bye bye!"

Heidi walked in and grabbed the picture of the grade school teacher. She waved to the camera, as if to say goodbye, and placed her vote in the box. Deanna was the last one in the booth. From the stories she overheard from the day, she had her choice of 3 people. That 3 turned into 2 as she put a photo away. As she stared between the 2, she through of the implications of what should happen if each person did return. She finally decided that one was more important to the investigation and placed the other photo in the voting box. Deanna then left the booth and returned to the Briefing Room. Gary stood at his table and addressed the group once Deanna was situated at her desk.

Gary-"I would like to commend each of you on a great investigation so far. Right now, though, I must ask you to please turn around so I may count the votes. Do not turn around until you are instructed."

The entire group turned their backs to the table as Gary walked out of the room and to the voting box. He took it and brought it back to the Briefing Room and placed it on the table. He opened it and looked at each photo, placing it in its appropriate pile. A vote here, and a vote there. Finally, all 9 votes were counted. He held a picture to his chest, facing the wrong way to not give it away. The group was told to turn back around.

Gary-"I have counted the votes, and by a vote of 4-3-1-1, the group has chosen...."

The picture in his hands was flipped over, and 8 collective breathes sighed in relief. The one left did not.

Gary-"... Heidi. Please stand.”

She bit her lip and stood up.

Gary-"Now, the Lead Investigator must also pick one member of the group to play the game. Harrison, if you please, step up and announce your choice."

Harrison stood up and walked to the front of the table and faced the nervous group.

Harrison-"Now, before I make this decision, please do not hate me or take it personally. My choice tonight, after looking back on the last few days, was going to be Mitchell for reasons involving him not contributing to the group. However, after being the one to single handedly answer the Killer's Question, my choice tonight will be the one who said he wasn't contributing, and that is Benjamin."

The anger in Benjamin's face was obviously noticeable as he stood.

Gary-"Benjamin, you will play the Killer's Game along with Heidi. Now, the Killer has stated that the black envelope will contain 2 maps, with each leading to a different location."

Gary cut the bag open, and took 2 small black envelopes out and handed them to Harrison.

Gary-"Harrison, please hand a map to the group's choice, Heidi, and please hand the other map to your choice, Benjamin."

Harrison held both bags up in each hand, in a way of telling Heidi 'choose your fate'. She grabbed one, and he handed Benjamin the other.

Gary-"Please tell us where you are going."

They opened the bags, unfolded the maps, and read the location of their possible final destination.

Heidi-"I'm going to the Abandoned House on Newton St."

Benjamin-"The Dry Cleaners on Herman Rd."

Gary-"2 cars will be arranged to come and pick you up tonight. Before you both go pack, I want both of you to go into the voting booth and record your Last Will and Testament. In case you don't return, you are responsible to name the next Lead Investigator. I wish you both the very best of luck.”
Benjamin angrily packed his bag, throwing his shirts into the bag with no care.

Benjamin-"How in the hell does he think this is OK. That punk doesn't deserve to be here, and now this idiot sends me out because of a freaking question?! This is utter crap."

Heidi, on the other hand, was angry, but not as much. She spoke to Deanna as she packed.

Heidi-"Did you vote for me tonight?"


Deanna-"I did. I heard the stories and thought what was best for the house."

Heidi-"Ugh! I shouldn't be going out tonight! You play nice and it'll get you nowhere. You play hard and it gets you almost sent home. Damnit!"

Heidi-“This is crap! I can’t wait to come back and send Stacey out and watch her meet the Killer!”
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Re: Murder In Small Town X; The Return
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2 taxi cabs pulled up out front of the headquarters at 10:20 PM, Benjamin and Heidi said their goodbyes to the group and to each other, knowing that this was the last few moments being with them. They walked out and placed their bags in their respective taxi, and hopped in the back seat, and instructed their drivers.

Benjamin-"I'm going to the Dry Cleaners on Herman Rd."

Heidi-"You know the abandoned house on Newton St.?"

The driver nodded.

Heidi-"That's where I'm going."

Benjamin stepped out of his cab at 10:44 PM.

Heidi stepped out of hers 2 minutes later.

Benjamin tried the front door. It was locked.

Heidi walked up to the front door. It too was locked.

Benjamin walked around to the back of the building and saw the noose hanging on the door with the key attached.

Heidi walked around the back and saw a noose on the back door with the key attached as well.

Benjamin walked in and shined his flashlight above the top of the dryers.

Heidi walked into the kitchen. The floor creaked as she stepped.

Benjamin walked down a line of washers to the back of the building. He found a door.

Heidi walked through to the living room, shining her flashlight toward the staircase. She climbed up.

Benjamin walked through the door to find a bathroom. He turned around.

Heidi got half way to the top and noticed the last 5 stairs missing. She went back down.

Benjamin saw a second door, he opened this one and saw a room with dry cleaning equipment.

Heidi saw a door. She opened it and saw basement stairs. She headed down.

Benjamin walked down passed the steam press, and saw the X.

Heidi walked down, and an X was placed on top of an old desk.

A green, hazy glow watched an investigator walk up to their fake clue. Silently, they stood still and watched.

Benjamin saw the X with the angel. Attached was a small ceramic heart. He picked it up and noticed the cracks on it.

Heidi saw the X with the angel. On the desk was a sterling silver necklace, with a heart medallion attached.

Slowly, the Killer stepped out of their secret hiding place, watching the investigator look over their clue. The unfortunate investigator went to leave when the Killer ran up to them. The investigator let out a blood curdling scream. It was too late.


The investigator that survived looked around, and when they were sure they were OK, they started walking, quickly, to the waiting cab. A smile formed as they started pulling away.
Back at HQ, the 9 other investigators sat in the Briefing Room, waiting patiently as the survivor would be back very soon. A car door slammed, and the door to the Head Quarters opened and closed. The footsteps were heard. The anticipation was killing them, even though only 1 was killed on this night. The survivor walked in and sat their clue down in a fit of anger.

"I’m back, and you’re screwed! You sent me out, and now I’m gonna make sure you go out next!”

Benjamin yelled at Harrison.

14 Suspects and 9 Investigators Remain

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