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Legends of the Hidden Temple Live Ideas
« on: December 16, 2018, 10:01:46 AM »
Along with an actual reboot of Legends, Nickelodeon could also do live shows like they're doing for Double Dare. Teams will play for artifacts from the original show that those in the original run failed to reach or bring out of the temple.

01. Blackbeard's Treasure Map
02. The Golden Cup of Belshazzar
03. Wild Bill Hickok's Dead Man's Hand
04. John Henry's Lost Hammer
05. The Golden Cricket Cage of Khan
06. Elizabeth the First's Golden Ship
07. The Keys to the Alhambra
08. The Pendant of Kamehameha
09. The Lost Logbooks of Magellan
10. Henry the Eighth's Great Seal
11. The Lucky Pot-Bellied Pig of Amelia Earhart
12. Ponce de León's Water Bottle
13. The Treasure Map of Jean Lafitte
14. The Oracle Bowl of Delphi
15. The Paintbrush of Leonardo da Vinci
16. The Golden Chains of Zenobia
17. The Stolen Arm of Shiva
18. The Helmet of Joan of Arc
19. The Medal of Sir Edmund Hillary
20. The Golden Jaguar of Atahualpa
21. The Silver Saddle Horn of Hannibal
22. Alexander the Great's Gordian Knot
23. The Codebook of Mata Hari
24. Pecos Bill's Lost Lariat
25. The Treasure of Anne Bonny
26. The Secret Battle Plan of Nathan Hale
27. The Golden Stallion of Ali Baba
28. The Silver Cannonball of Grandy Nanny
29. The Walking Stick of Harriet Tubman
30. The Lost Love Letter of Captain John Smith
31. The Bone Necklace of the Blackfeet Chief
32. The Mush Pot Hat of Johnny Appleseed
33. The Imperial Purple Robe of Empress Theodora
34. The Stone Head of the Evil King
35. The Electrified Key of Benjamin Franklin
36. The Missing Eye of David
37. The Plumed Headdress of Cosa-Rara
38. The Jeweled Necklace of Montezuma
39. The Lost Lion Tail of Little John
40. The Two-Cornered Hat of Napoleon
41. The Leopard Skin Cloak of Annie Oakley
42. The Golden Earring of Henry Morgan
43. The Missing Weather Maps of Charles Lindbergh
44. The Broken Wing of Icarus
45. The Bonnet of Dolley Madison
46. The Bifocal Monocle of One-Eyed Jack
47. The Comet-Embroidered Battle Flag of William the Conqueror
48. The War Fan of the 47 Ronin
49. The Lion-Slashed Jacket of Sacagawea
50. The Thornwood Gavel of Judge Roy Bean
51. The Upside-Down Compass of Henry Hudson
52. The Bent Shaving Pan of Jedediah Smith
53. The Marble Armrest of Xerxes
54. The Smashed Printing Plate of Frederick Douglass
55. The Useless Map of the Chibcha Chieftain
56. The Golden Spider Web of Robert the Bruce
57. The Discarded Seal of Ivan the Terrible
58. The Mysterious Manuscript of Mary Shelley
59. The Dried Apple Half of William Tell
60. The Royal Torque of Queen Boadicea
61. The Enormous Feather of the Me Linh
62. The Broken Trident of Poseidon
63. The Melted Wax Head of Madame Tussaud
64. The Pearl Necklace of Gwalior
65. The Lost Whale Bone of Pytheas
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