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Is it possible that the numbering of the episodes for Season One had to do with the order that they were edited, which was not necessarily in the same order as they were taped? That would explain the better editing quality of "Galileo's Cannonball" and "Dead Man's Hand" in relation to "Belshazzar," as well as the better quality of  "Belshazzar" to "Blackbeard."

Perhaps "Belshazzar" was the first episode, taped on the first day for 18 hours along with "Galileo's Cannonball" and "Dead Man's Hand." The "Belshazzar" run got postponed because it became too late by the time the run was supposed to happen, after "Galileo's Cannonball" and "Dead Man's Hand" were finished for the day. All of the other episodes got produced as planned, and the "Belshazzar" run was moved to the same day that "Blackbeard" was taped, in S1L5.

The production team chose to start editing, beginning with "Blackbeard" (for whatever reason...perhaps it was the most recently taped episode that was most accessible at the time, so they chose to use that one to get started). Since it was the first episode to be "edited," the team did not have any sort of guidelines on what to edit, how to edit, or how long the final product should be. For these reasons, the quality of the episode was not up to par with the following episodes, and it was named "Episode 01" because it was the first to be edited into a full episode, ready for television viewing. The next run that they chose to edit was "Belshazzar," using this episode to make more adjustments to the editing and finalizing what the quality standard should be. The reason that they would have chosen "Belshazzar" next was because they had to edit the two portions of the episode from the different production days together. After the team edited "Belshazzar" and liked the quality of the finished product, they had their second full episode completed and ready for viewing, making it "Episode 02." From there, the team went in the order that the episodes were taped, beginning with "Galileo's Cannonball" and then "Dead Man's Hand," since they already had the footage from that day started with "Belshazzar (Part 1)."

That kind of makes it sound like that "Blackbeard" was intended to be an S1L5 episode after all, not an episode that was originally suppose to be filmed under S1L1.

I was insinuating that "Blackbeard's Treasure Map" might have been originally intended to be part of the production day for S1L5. The reason for the sloppy camera work and the unusual editing would be explained by the fact that it was the first episode to be edited.

I don't know, perhaps "Blackbeard" was originally for S1L1 but then it was postponed for another day. When S1L5 came around, the producers might've decided to use the plot for "Blackbeard's Treasure Map" and tacked it onto the first episode of the production day for S1L5. The sloppy camerawork and longer-than-usual episode length could be a result of lack of preparation on the producers part and the episode was rushed in a way. That is why we have sloppy edits in the moat with the butt picking scene and the sloppy temple run camera work. And that is why there was no image during the legend or credits at the end because the episode was rushed.

And since "Blackbeard" was pushed to S1L5, they might've decided to tape the temple run for "Belshazzar" along with it. I mean it would make sense to just tape both together if "Blackbeard" and "Belshazzar" were meant to be taped back-to-back. And just look at the temple runs for both episodes - both of them contained some screwy layouts. I know that Sabrina might've not tried the actuator hard enough in the Wheel Room, but it is possible that the door was locked all along. Katherine in "Belshazzar" tried that room too, and she hit a deadend. So maybe that was a deadend for Sabrina after all?

If "Blackbeard" was scrunched into the S1L5 production day and was rushed through, wouldn't all of the episodes have had a similar rushed feeling? Completing five episodes in four episodes' space would probably mean shortchanging all of the episodes by a little bit, not disregarding one and leaving the other four to be normal. Sloppy camerawork would not have really been an issue, even if "Blackbeard" was rushed, since the camera crew would have already had experience doing filming for the Moat for all the production days prior. The sloppy camera work probably came down to an editing issue, which would be explained if this episode was the first to be edited, without any previous episodes' formatting guidelines or examples to go off of.

As far as the temple runs themselves: yes, both of the paths were pretty convoluted in the number of times that the contestants hit dead ends or had to backtrack. Plenty of Season One runs had dead ends and unusual layouts (though not to the extent in "Belshazzar" and "Blackbeard"). But the layouts and difficulties of other episodes varied from episode to episode, even in Season Three: "Bifocal Monocle" had a dead end, and that was a Season Three run too; Lacey and Asher won their run, while Lauren and Brett cleared the same rooms (and the Ledges in addition) but barely were halfway to the artifact; and the whole "Discarded Seal" day featured much more grueling paths than the "Jewel-Encrusted Egg" day, but it varied day-to-day. A similar scenario may have played out in the level of difficulty and the amount of backtracking featured in the "Blackbeard" and "Belshazzar" runs.

But regardless of whether "Blackbeard" and/or "Belshazzar" was intended to be in S1L1 or S1L5 or any other layout or season or anything, both runs ended up being in the S1L5 format. Given the unusual paths, I would guess that the two runs were taped back-to-back. That guess is not founded on, nor does it take into account or predict, the intended layouts or intended production days that the rest of the episode was on/meant to be on.
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I understand what you're trying to get at and it makes more sense now. If "Blackbeard" was the first episode that was edited, then that probably means that it was an S1L5 episode all along. And that means the order that Nick GaS gave us back in 2007 was the order of the edited episodes and not the order the episodes were produced in. So if we are taking that route, then "Belshazzar" was the first episode produced all along. I still think that there is more to "Blackbeard" than it being just a poorly edited episode. But the details behind why it was labeled as "Episode 1" and contained a poorer quality is out of our scope. I would love to get an interview with Sabrina ( :oops: ) in regards to this episode.

As for the temple runs, I was just pointing out how Blackbeard/Belshazzar had a more unusual path that the other temple runs that day. Then again, the "Jean Lafitte" team had a problem with the Gargoyle-Troubled Bridge door and the "Leonardo Da Vinci" path was pretty unusual also. But not to the same extent as Blackbeard/Belshazzar. I do agree that they were probably taped back-to-back. As for season three, I don't really compare them to the season one temple runs. Yeah, those temple runs varied in difficulty on different days. But season three had different producers compared to season one.
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As for season three, I don't really compare them to the season one temple runs. Yeah, those temple runs varied in difficulty on different days. But season three had different producers compared to season one.

I'm not asking you to compare Season One with Season Three. I just wanted to point out that there were other instances (over the whole series' existence) where runs went haywire from run to run and where the paths were different in complexity and difficulty from day to day.