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And the Titans pull off the upset! I'm not even upset though. This loss was mostly on the coach for going for it twice on fourth down, which lead to 2 of the Titans touchdowns. It will suck hearing other teams making fun of the Ravens for this loss, but hopefully this is a hard lesson learned.  :afro:

Titans are now in the Championship game! Who would've thought they would be in the AFCCG earlier in the season?? Especially when they were 3-4 with a shutout loss to Denver earlier in the season! They made a bold move switching to Tannehill at QB and it paid off for them. I definitely think they have a chance to win in the AFCCG. They already beat the Chiefs in KC before and the Texans aren't that great of a team.

The Super Bowl will definitely be interesting this year.

First of all, this is my first post on here with this username.  I used to be on here with a different username which was "The Jesters Court", but I deleted my old account a while back.  Anyway, I came back because of the upcoming revival which I'm looking forward to. 

But anyway, like you TRJ, I'm a Ravens fan, and I'd like to share with you about a conflict that arose between myself and other Ravens fans following the playoff loss.  There were several fans that straight up said that everyone on the squad was to blame for that loss, yet when I would then ask them why they thought that Justin Tucker (my favorite Raven) deserved blame even, they wouldn't even respond at all.  I hate that this conflict happened because it was a salt in the wound given how the game itself was just as upsetting to me as it was to every fan.  I'm curious to know what your thoughts are on that?

I agree with you that the coaching staff deserved most of the blame for the loss, not just because of the 4th down calls, but because they completely abandoned running the ball despite that being the biggest reason going 14-2.  A lot of players deserved blame as well, but not every single one of them.  Of the two dumb 4th down calls, the second one upset me more, because had we kicked the field goal, Tucker would of had at least three field goals that night, and he would have probably been excluded from blame more had we still lost regardless.