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Murder In Small Town X; The Return
« on: December 18, 2018, 11:49:40 AM »
I know we're had Legends fan fictions written here before, but now is time to change the game. So, I present to you all...

Murder in Small Town X

Join 10 amateur investigators as they trek into a world unknown to some; The life of a police investigator.

Frank-"I haven't been apart of a case since I retired from being an officer 3 years ago. It kinda feels good to be back at it."

Benjamin-"As a lawyer, you need to know the inside and out of both police and suspects."

The group must work together to figure out who in the town could commit murder, while at the same time, they must all fend for themselves.

Gary-"It is now time to play the Killer's Game."

The group will be forced to turn on one another and send 2 out to their possible demise.

Gary-"At one location will be an important clue. At the other, the Killer is going to be waiting, and one of you will not be coming back."

In the end, only one of them will have the chance to apprehend and arrest the Killer.

Who will die? Who will win? And, most importantly, who exactly is the Killer?

Find out as you are brought to the small town of Sunrise Ridge for Murder in Small Town X.

Coming soon to Phantom's Temple
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