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Soundstage 18 / Any nickgas game shows still showing new episodes?
« on: April 11, 2007, 02:22:32 PM »
I want to know if there is any game shows on nick gas still making new episodes.

The Pit / LotHT Show Downloads
« on: March 24, 2007, 03:43:48 AM »
I think legends of the hidden temple is here to stay for generations and centuries to come, so I think what they are airing now will be the only stuff you can watch on station, but at youtube, i watched double dare, make the grade, and other game shows. I really wish that they could put on legends of the not so hidden temple, because I want to see what the temple looks like, and see what the talking rock looks like, stadium, and everything. I hope they put it on local tv, but it may never happen.

The Pit / Legends is ......(replacing FINDERS KEEPERS!)
« on: March 23, 2007, 07:51:29 AM »
If they do run only legends of the hidden temple, then I will be able to record all the runs. I will love it, because it's the only kids game show I watch ever. I will be able to see the episodes I haven't watched before.

The Heart Room / What was the first episode of Legends you saw?
« on: March 23, 2007, 07:42:25 AM »
The 1st episode I saw was the lost lion tailed jacket. I saw the path that the team went through, they had to get to the secret password, so the 1st player went into the crypt, pit, headless kings, chamber, kings storeroom, room of the ancient warriors, and the silver monkey. The 2nd player had only 0:13 left to get to the password room, and I do think if they did manage to get the monkey on in time, they'd have to go into the quicksand bog, or the dark forest, and i do think they would get caught by a temple guard, I don't remember though. I watched another episode, and I think it was the golden ship of elizabeth the 1st. The red jaguars went into the cave of size, and got caught by a temple guard, went into the wall climb, and tried the throne room where the ship was, and had to go to the heart room, and got caught by another temple guard, so the 2nd person went into the cave, the wall climb, the heart room, once again tried the throne room by pressing the actuator where the ladder was, had to go into the golden idols, where they got caught again with 1:30 left. I wonder where they put the other 1/2 pendant. If you know, please tell me, because I think they put it in the wall climb, and I just wanna know. Thank you. If I were on legends of the hidden temple on that episode, I would go to the gargoyle room, wall climb, observatory, golden idols, silver monkey, pirate room, dungeon, tomb of the ancient kings, spiders lair, and the throne room, get the ship, go into the wall climb, the cave, and gates.

The Pit / YouTube and Viacom -- A Warning
« on: March 23, 2007, 07:28:13 AM »
not including youtube and searchtv, where can i watch legends of the hidden temple? Only the temple runs, like those clips, you watch only the 3 minute run, please tell me, I only have basic cable, and i'm dieing to watch legends of the hidden temple, i haven't saw it for like 2 months.

The Pit / Where did they move all of the legends videos?
« on: March 05, 2007, 10:38:58 AM »
Wher'd all my posts go? Why was I banned?[/quote:]

I think I talked too much, and cluttered up the chat board/forum board. Sorry. :D

The Pit / Where did they move all of the legends videos?
« on: March 05, 2007, 10:38:12 AM »
Wher'd all my posts go? Why was I banned?

The Pit / Where did they move all of the legends videos?
« on: March 05, 2007, 10:37:28 AM »
Why did they take off the videos of the temple runs of legends of the hidden temple? I loved those videos. I had a favorite episode too:

The lion tail (season 2)

I laughed when the person got caught by a temple spirit when kirk fogg said: oooooooohhhhhh, temple spirit!

:lol: Sorry for taking so long to respond, I had 0 internet for 1 whole month, our power got turned off because we didn't pay the bill on time.

The Pit / When are you going to make the season 1, and season 3 game?
« on: January 05, 2007, 07:44:53 AM »
When are you going to make season 3, and season 1 temple runner? For season 1, you can make the part, where you have to go into the wheel room, and you can click on the 1st button at the left of the wheel, and at the bottom, and the right, and the top, and go into the throne room, you click on the throne, and go into the heart room (make the door at the right availiable, it's the wall climb, what do you expect?!) or into the holes of python, climb up the ladder, or go into the tomb of the ancient kings, click on the coffin, click the part to get the key, and click on the door(s) to the shrine of the silver monkey, or plow through the wall, and go into the well room, rise up into the torch room, you click on the bucket. click on a torch, and click on one of the 3 torch holders, and go into the silver monkey, click on the statue pieces, like in season 2, and place in the statue holder, and go into the treasure room, click on the treasure chest to go into the python room, or click the actuator to go into the observatory, and spin the sundial, and go across the bridge, click on the actoator to go into the 3 gargoyles, race down the stairs, and back through the temple gates. Also make availiable the part, where you can find a 1/2 pendant in the temple, you click on the 1/2 pendant button in the room, and go on with an extra life.

Season 3:

Crypt, like season 2, you click on a skeleton, you go into the pendulem room, click on the rope, and click the column, and show the rooms avaliable. Kings storeroom, like season 2, you click on the pots, and show the buttons for the pedestals, and after activating the right pedestal, show the buttons to go into the ancient warriors, or the chamber of the sacred markers. Go down, and click on the markers, and place them on the wall at the right, with the marker holders, and show the doors open. Go into the ancient warriors, when you enter from the chamber, click on one of the armors, and open one of the doors, if you enter from the chamber, or the storeroom, don't open the other door, keep it locked, so in case if someone goes into the next room, you have to complete that objective, and go back into that room. Then go into th shrine of the silver monkey. Like season 2, click on each part of the statues, and place them on the statue holder, and go into the password room, like season 2, you click on the tablets, and find the right password, and open the slide to the pharohs passge, then go into the quick sand bog, and go up the ladder, or blast through the wall into the dark forest, like season 2, click on a tree, and get the key, and go into the court jesters, and like season 2, you press one of the bottons to the correct paintings, and go into the tomb of the headless kings. Click on the vines, and show the button to the head aftterwards, and click on it, and show the buttons to the heads, and the correct one will go into the pit, then climb through the ledges, and like season 2, you click the temple gates button.

And place the button of the artifact, and put into the room of your choice. Also make availiable the 1/2 pendant challenge.

The Pit / Re: Legends Dreams
« on: January 05, 2007, 07:28:24 AM »
Quote from: ""The Ancient Warrior""
Not to bring back a months-old thread, but I have some stories to share.

Actually I had two? within a week, I think. First one was me experiencing The Royal Torque of Queen Boadicea in first person. A few things were different, thou: I was the frontrunner (instead of Lissy going first, she was gonna go in second,) instead of Olmec's gate I started at a stone platform on the end of two identical wooden bridges leading to the Temple, and the second prize was a pair of vacation packages. (Then again, since the Royal Torque was still in the Tomb of the Headless Kings I guess that might've been fair.)

The other was me watching as Kirk made a single new episode which he told me planned to post on YouTube. The Temple was a few stories taller and had several direct entrances from the floor of the incredibly big studio, and it was taller than it was long. I heard the artifact was the Priceless Portrait of the Polynesian Girl, and I came in when they were filming the third Temple Game (one of those collection-type games.) So Purple Parrots were on the left of me as I watched from up close, and I turned to the right to see how the Silver Snakes were doing? and suddenly the Orange Iguanas are on my left when I turn to the left again! I asked Kirk what was going on and he said he was letting all the teams play through to the end.

And so the Temple Run came and the frontrunners from each team all went into the Temple at the same time. (And although there were six times as many teams as there should be, there were only three Temple Guards which stayed in the same room to catch each team once. I don't remember too many rooms, but the first floor was mostly ladders except for one room which looked like a blend of the Tomb of the Headless Kings and the Crypt. And on the second floor was a small room like a mix between the Crypt and the Treasure Room, and next to it a longer version of the Room of the Ancient Warriors (there were three pairs of suits of armor.) Above the second floor I don't remember that much. I asked where the Portrait was, Kirk pointed to a room up on the third or fourth floor. He didn't give a name to the room, so I asked if there were any rooms with names. Kirk said he didn't bother naming them, besides he wouldn't remember their names. Then we laughed talking about some of his Fogg-Ups like "The Room of the Silver Monkeys" and "Demoosa's Lair." I think I woke up right after that. Oh well.
I had a dream, where I was on season 2, and the artifact:

The lion cloak of medusa, was in medusas layer.

Here's the dream:

My partner went into the crypt, pulled the 1st skeleton, and went into the pit. Went to the throne, didn't open, tried medusas layer, went into the observatory, aligned the puzzle, temple guard came up, gave up her pendant. Went into the king's storeroom, got caught again, I took off, with only a 1/2 pendant. I went into the crypt, pit, observatory, I went into the kings storeroom with 2:20 left, smashed every pot in 2 seconds, got the key, put it in every pedestal in 1 second, went into the shrine of the silver monkey, kirk fogg said " oh, that could come back to haunt him, he passed up the 1/2 pendant in the kings storeroom. " Got all 3 pieces, and assembled it in 4 seconds, went into the dark forest, I got the key in the 1st tree, and i thought " oh cool, on my 1st try, the other tree might've had a temple spirit. " I went into the swamp, went into the throne room. With 1:43 left. I tred to go up, and at 1:23, I sat down, tried to go up, with 1:10 left, the throne turned around, I got stuck in the opening (finally it opened), and a temple guard came out on the other side, and caught me. The game ended with 1:07 left. I came real close to getting the lion cloak of medusa. Curse that throne! By the way, I didn't hear kirk fogg saying " oh, could come back to haunt him, he passed up the 1/2 pendant. " I was concentrating so hard, I didn't here even the music. By the way, we were the orange iguanas. Going against the red jaguars in round 3. The 1st round, the red jaguars won the round, where we had to climb the wall to get 4 snakes, and put into the basket. I was ahead, and there was 8 seconds left, and I fell down, and the red jaguar named " Kirk6ty " got the 4th snake with 1 second left. By a finger, I lost. Then my partner " Pattyuio " Went against " Gyro567 " and won. She had to slide down, and get all the gold treasure into the basket at the end, and got it all in with 14 seconds left. Then in round 3, we had to throw all the pillows in the basket. We got all 12 in with 3 seconds left, and the red jaguars only had 7. I watched the episode, where the girl goes into the silver monkey, and gets caught by a temple guard with only a 1/2 pendant. The red jaguars missed the 1/2 pendant in the kings storeroom at the actuator to the silver monkey. Thanks for your time.

The Treasure Room / What website can I go to, to buy the silver monkey?
« on: December 31, 2006, 04:18:14 PM »
I want to know which website I can go to, to buy the silver monkey. I want to buy it, because I want to assemble the statue. I really want to assemble it. Also, like on the game show, instead of having trouble opening the door with the door knob, I can assemble the statue on the statue holder, and the door opens. I have alot of trouble opening my door the old fashion way. One time, it took 5 minutes. So please tell me where to buy this product. It would be cool!

The Pit / How do I make an avatar?
« on: December 15, 2006, 12:39:37 PM »
Quote from: ""PhantomBPR""
UPDATE: Sorry about jumping to conclusions, this thread doesn't have to be locked. Now what's your question again? You want to know how to "Make" an avatar?


The Pit / How do I make an avatar?
« on: December 14, 2006, 10:01:08 AM »
How do I make an Avatar?

I need to know how to make an avatar!

The Pit / Re: Live Kirk Fogg Interview
« on: December 14, 2006, 09:50:32 AM »
Quote from: ""nicklegends""
Tomorrow, 9/29/06, 6:00PDT. This site. No guarantees whether the head of the website told me the truth or not, bit if all goes well, he'll be interviewing Kirk fogg live.
Is he still alive?

The Pit / Re: heres wat i think :?:
« on: December 14, 2006, 09:44:56 AM »
Quote from: ""lotht-lover""
i think all nick shows will go off the air in 10 yrs :(
(Gasp) Take that back! Legends of the hidden temple is too popular to go off!

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