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The Heart Room / Daily Episode Log - GaS/TurboNick
« on: August 25, 2006, 09:28:04 AM »
The Red Sash of Tokagawa Leyasu

One wrong turn costs the team here.  After completing the Shrine objective, the frontrunner starts up to the Bog, but changes her mind and instead goes into the Room of the Secret Password, where a Temple Guard ends her run.  Her partner ends up making the same mistake, and then took the Passage to the Bog, where the third Guard emerged.  In short, had it not been for the frontrunner's detour, this could've ended successfully.

The Heart Room / Daily Episode Log - GaS/TurboNick
« on: August 25, 2006, 09:18:11 AM »
DOUBLE POST.  Please ignore this post.

The Heart Room / Daily Episode Log - GaS/TurboNick
« on: August 25, 2006, 09:17:38 AM »
The Pendant of King Kamehameha

Two smart players here, but unfortunately they had the bad luck of having only 1 pendant, and having their run abruptly end because of it.  The frontruner was extremely fast, but gets taken out less than 30 seconds in.  His partner, while not quite as fast, has good planning, and actually gets within one room of the artifact, but a Temple Guard emerges from the Dungeon (possibly, as one reviewer in the Nicklegends site review points out, due to either a door malfunction or a missed cue) and ends all hope.  Had the team had that extra pendant, they would've no doubt made it to the Pendant, and maybe gotten out with the victory.

The Heart Room / Daily Episode Log - GaS/TurboNick
« on: August 23, 2006, 09:43:53 AM »
The Golden Cricket Cage of Khan

Worst. Run. Ever.  Neither player knew what they were doing, and stalled through all 4 (yes, four) rooms they traversed.  These numbskulls don't even make EYE contact with the artifact!  A classic episode, for all the wrong reasons.

The Dried Ear of Corn of Sojourner Truth

Average temple loss here.  Kirk refers to the frontrunner as "Fast Eddie", which he was... until he encounters his first Guard.  In fact, if the players hadn't gotten so distracted by those Temple Guards, this might've been a win.  So, Eddie is taken out in the Room of the Ancient Warriors, where Tess took over, and encountered many of the same problems other players had.  Her biggest problem was in the Forest.  She became horribly confused, and it only got worse when a Temple Spirit emerged.  She eventually makes it to the Jester's Court and the corn, but by the time she lays her hands on it, time has run out, making this officially a one-prize loss.

The Heart Room / Daily Episode Log - GaS/TurboNick
« on: August 22, 2006, 08:24:30 AM »
The Very Tall Turban of Ahmed Baba

An impressive solo win.  Shane managed to complete 9 room objectives, and still get the turban and get out successfully.  The only other episode that required the team to pass that many objectives was The Water Bottle (aka the Fountain of Youth) of Ponce De Leon.  Unlike that episode, this one ends in an excellent victory.  (NOTE: The third Temple Game is an ultra-rare no-time limit-first to complete the objective wins game)

The Good-Luck Watch of Empress Eugenie

The frontrunner here had average speed, and delayed a few times, especially in the Pit.  After getting taken out in the Shrine, Jay takes over and does a fairly nice job.  He gets stuck in the Jester's Court, but manages to grab the watch.  However, time runs out before he can go any further.

The Heart Room / Daily Episode Log - GaS/TurboNick
« on: August 21, 2006, 04:54:01 AM »
The Jeweled Scabbard of Sforza

Quite possibly one of the easiest designs in history, this one required the team to pass through only 5 room en route to the artifact.  Even so, this was a fun episode, featuring some extra energy from Kirk, some nice, tight Games (including a 0-0 tie in third game, but to be fair, they were using kickballs instead of the usual boulder shaped balls they normally use for that type of game), and the Green Monkeys answering the tiebreaking question in such detail that Olmec proclaims, "That is ABSOLUTELY correct!" Good stuff.

King Tut's Cobra Staff

The frontunner was slow and made some pretty big errors.  Just grabbing the artifact is considered a win in my books, and her partner did that despite her mistakes.  Unfortunately, he could only make it to the Holes before time ran out.  If not for the frontrunner's hesitation (coupled with a possible production error in the Observatory), a good 45 seconds would've been shaved, which might have given them the time needed to escape with the win.

The Heart Room / Daily Episode Log - GaS/TurboNick
« on: August 20, 2006, 09:41:28 AM »
The Mystical Spellbook of the Imperial Wizard

One of the more unique layouts in Legends, and because of this, this run posed quite the challenge.  There were more than a few dead ends and detours here, and the team only makes it as far as the Bog before time runs out.  A nice effort by the Monkeys, but a tricky layout did them in.  (NOTE: Listen for Kirk's rather odd segue to the Silver Snakes' consolation prize).

The Mush Pot Hat of Johnny Appleseed

Both players here were relatively fast, but it was the backrunner's Pit problems that cost the team here.  They did grab the artifact, but time runs out as the second player was escaping the Ledges.  If not for the Pit problems (or if the frontrunner had started in the Ledges instead of the Crypt), this would've been a close finish, probably even a win.

The Heart Room / Daily Episode Log - GaS/TurboNick
« on: August 19, 2006, 09:13:56 AM »
The Secret Battle Plan of Nathan Hale

One of the most confusing and heavily edited episodes of all-time.  The artifact is never seen in the room Olmec says it is, and the layout switched from Layout 1 in the Temple Games to Layout 5 when Olmec was describing the Temple.  As for the run itself, the biggest blunder here was bypassing the half-pendant.  If the backrunner had paid attention, he would've found it, and would've at least avoided the premature end.

The Jewel-Encrusted Egg of Catherine the Great

Fantastic episode, made famous for the nifty camera work.  The post-Temple Game commercial lead-in is the best in the series, as Kirk is "chased" into the Pit.  Great stuff.  The run itself isn't too bad, either.  Kris (with a K) gets taken out rather briskly, leaving Kristan to clean up, which she does nicely.  She makes the smart move of using the Forest-Shrine entrance, and, after having minor difficulties assembling the monkey, grabs the egg and dashes out through the top floor with 21 seconds to spare.

The Heart Room / Daily Episode Log - GaS/TurboNick
« on: August 18, 2006, 01:24:33 PM »
Just encountered something interesting while watching the 7:00 replay of the first ep.  I do believe the music used in the first temple game is reused in the third temple game.  Odd.

The Heart Room / The Best and Worst Temple Prizes
« on: August 18, 2006, 01:14:34 PM »
Best: I remember one team got a game chair for their efforts.  I thought that was pretty cool.  And of course, the grand prize trips are always awesome.

Worst: Probably the RC cars.

The Heart Room / Daily Episode Log - GaS/TurboNick
« on: August 18, 2006, 09:39:57 AM »
The Applewood Amulet of Emiliano Zapata

Undoubtedly the all-time classic last-second Temple win.  Robert gets taken out fairly quickly on two consecutive Temple Guards.  Olivia-Emma takes over, and makes it up to the Viper's Nest.  It takes a bit to make it to the amulet, but when she does, she makes a mad dash out of the Temple.  She jumps into the Pit and starts climbing the ledges with 10 seconds to go.  After making it out of the Ledges with 4 seconds to go, she dashes to the gates, and the camera switches to a wide-angle view as Olivia-Emma jumps from the entrance and lands on the ground just before the time runs out.  (NOTE: The third Temple Game is my all-time favorite.  Both teams were on a spinning horse and had to stay on for as long as they could.  Well, it was obvious that both teams wanted the Temple.  Neither team budged and all four players managed to stay on their horses for the duration of the game.  Just an unbelievable show of strength and courage.  Those four could've gone on GUTS the way they were hanging on for dear life.)

The Golden Jaguar of Atahualpa

A pretty average episode, with a couple funny moments.  One being Kirk's "From the looks of things, you look a bit soapy" comment after the second Temple Game, and the other being Chris's entering the Cave the wrong way.  The team successfully grabs the artifact, but due to Chris's detours, have no chance of making it out successfully.

The Heart Room / Daily Episode Log - GaS/TurboNick
« on: August 16, 2006, 09:42:05 AM »
The Lost Hornpipe of the Pirate Captain

Great Temple Run here, featuring two smart and fast kids.  Jarrid almost takes a detour from the Shrine into the Room of the Secret Password, but immediately realizes his mistake and corrects it, taking the Shrine/Bog passage to the hornpipe with 35 seconds left.  He then decides to get out the way he came in, and continues up the top floor on his way out 21 seconds later.  (NOTES: This episode contains a clever ad-lib by Olmec when one of the Jaguars gives a confusing, yet correct, answer in the Steps.  Also, watch Kirk's hand movements during his celebration at the end.)

The Golden Chains of Zenobia

This run starts out well, until Jessica gets taken out in the Treasure Room.  Her partner, Justin, was slow and not too smart (instead of going up into the Gargoyle room, he decides to follow Jessica's path by entering the Cave), and his slow-wittedness dooms the team.  (NOTES: Watch Olmec's pre-Run summary.  The well bucket doesn't ascend like it normally does.  Second, listen to the music heard in the third Temple Game: it is exclusive to the first season.  Finally, this is one of only 5 episodes that includes the Bamboo Forest.)

The Dark Forest / Figure It Out
« on: August 15, 2006, 12:41:16 PM »
Man, Summer's got a wicked-cool flowery hairdo in today's second episode.

The first episode today was the Mike-Josh-Danny-Lori Beth combo, my favorite set of panelists on the show.  Josh's slimings are always great, because of his hilarious poses.

The Dark Forest / Re: What's the name of that show?
« on: August 15, 2006, 10:01:48 AM »
OK TV junkies, help me out here.

I remember this kids game show from the early 90's. It was on one of the four basic channels (NBC, CBS, ABC or FOX), and aired on Saturday Mornings.

The final round involved kids running around a maze/obstacle course wearing a Velcro suit, and lining the walls were tons of video games. Any video game the kid stuck to his suit he got to keep, assuming he crossed the finish line before time expired.

I don't remember anything but that, but it's been driving me crazy for a while. Can anyone help?[/quote:]

I believe the show you're referring to is "Video Power".  This was in the show's second season (the first had video game tips mixed with various video game themed cartoons.  Season 2 turned it into a part game show, and is the season most remembered.)

The Heart Room / Daily Episode Log - GaS/TurboNick
« on: August 15, 2006, 09:56:16 AM »
The Mummified Hand of the Egyptian King

The only episode where the backrunner enters the temple with his partner's pendant.  This is because the frontrunner literally drops her pendant, and encounters a Guard a few seconds later, leaving her partner to pick up.  Unfortunately, he ends up taking an alternate route, and runs into the Guards that ultimately end the run.

The Golden Cup of Belshazzar

A rather difficult design here, as the team encountered several detours that tripped them up.  The second runner found the Treasure Room/Shrine entrance was locked, which forced him to go down into the Swamp, where time runs out.  (NOTE: Listen to Kirk's emphatic kicking off in the moat.  This episode was taped through the Games as Layout 1, which makes it one of the first, if not the very first. episode taped.)

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