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The Heart Room / Re: The Unused Door
« on: May 30, 2015, 10:52:53 AM »
I actually don't think there were two doors from the Shrine leading to the Dark Forest area. There were two cabinets in the room, but I think the one on the left was the one that acted as a passageway. The other cabinet in the room is most likely empty and not an actual route. ;) You can sort of see a contestant open the other cabinet door in "Henry VIII's Great Seal" and it looks empty inside. But if there was another ladder there, it would seem completely pointless. It is like how there are three ladders in the Swamp and Jesters Court but only the middle one worked when they were active.

As for the "Alhambra" run, Lisa probably encountered a production error in the Tomb of the Ancient Kings. When Steve entered the room, the doors were all shut. But when Lisa entered the room, all of the doors were already open! As horrible of a player she was, she actually did try the key to the Shrine. For some reason though the door did not open even though it seems like the team was suppose to go up. I guess when the temple guard captured Steve it somehow messed up the door mechanism? But with 2:30+ minutes to herself, it's inexcusable for Lisa to not try a different route.

I don't even think she needed to use the key. I believe some error happened after the frontrunner was taken out, opening all of the doors. I watched the Great Seal episode, and while, yes it does look dark, so does the "Active" cabinet. It's something we will never know, as Lisa never went up (like anyone else would.)

Also, weren't the side Jester's Court doors heading up to the King's Storeroom active? We see the girl in "The Bonnet of Dolly Madison" climb up the right one during the last seconds of her run, and then we see it open during the credits.

Either way, we will never know if that right Shrine cabinet was a "real" passage, all thanks to good old Lisa, the "Cool Customer". 

The Heart Room / The Unused Door
« on: May 28, 2015, 07:22:16 PM »

I was re-watching a lot of LOTHT episodes the other day, and was truly stumped as to why the right door leading from the Shrine to the Forest/Golden Doors never opened (well, except once, by mistake...).

It wasn't un-common for there to be multiple passageways to get from one room to the other. The Ledges and the Pit had two, the Swamp to the Golden Doors had two, and the Swamp up to the Green Door/Treasure Room had three ( we see those side doors open in a few episodes, and while I can't remember which episodes specifically, it told us that those doors were "active").

The only door that never opened in 119 episodes was that right Shrine/Golden Doors passage. Here is what we know:

1) There are three doors from the Golden Doors that, by just looking at an image, appear to go up. The one on the left was the one that would connect that space with the Shrine, the Center door lead to the back of the temple, and was used to hold temple guards in Season 1, and the right door, was, well, a passage that as we all know was never used.

2) That passage was originally intended to be used, as you can see it from the Shine, but it never opens after the artifact is acquired.

However upon review of the episodes, there was one early Season 1 production error in which that door does open, it was during The Keys to the Alhambra and while there isn't clear and convincing evidence, I'm about 90% it opened. Here is why. If you re-watch that episode, you will see that the moment the Temple Guard jumps out, all of the doors (with the exception of the rock wall) instantly open. Also notice how those fake doors that lead in the direction of the Swamp don't open, while the right Shrine door does. This proves that our "Unused Door" was a real passageway. My thought is that the moment the Temple Guard jumps out, a production error unlocks all the doors in that room. So when Lisa, the trail runner, attempts to put in the key for the ALREADY UNLOCKED doors, no sound effect plays, as if this step had already been done. If Lisa had been a smart runner, she would have at least made it up to the Shrine using the passageway you are supposed to use, and then we would have closure, as we would be able to see if the Shine door opened. But I'm almost positive they were both open by mistake. Of course the credits avoided the Shrine one this episode, would have provided us with the answer! Now we will never know...

Anyway, do you think this door opened during that episode, and, why was that passageway never used? I'm intrigued to hear your thoughts!

The Heart Room / Re: Temple Room Rankings Thread
« on: May 14, 2015, 03:48:49 PM »
This was a great idea. I was really excited to see the room reviews. It's too bad to see that there hasn't been a room review in a while now, will there be? Would hate to see this die. I could write a review if no one is able to do one, I'm a professional baseball blogger, so I've written a review or two...

Anyway, great Forum.

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