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Episode 1:
The Golden Bracelet Chain of Goliath

*Scurrying through the trees and leaves while hearing exotic birds and mysterious music. Reaching the end reveals Olmec*


*Logo shows*

Olmec: And with your guide.. KIRK FOGG! .......And here he is now!

*Kirk swings on a rope in, and lands*

Kirk: Thank you very much. Thank you. Good to see you again Olmec. Welcome to Legends of The Hidden Temple. The rooms are filled with lost treasures which are protected by mysterious Mayan temple guards. Only Olmec knows the legend behind each of the treasures in the temple. Which legend will we hear about today?

Olmec: The legend of The Golden Bracelet Chain of Goliath.

Kirk: Ah! The Golden Bracelet Chain of Goliath well, one of our six teams will have the chance to retrieve that Golden Chain. Will it be The Red Jaguars? The Blue Barracudas? The Green Monkeys? The Orange Iguanas?  The Purple Parrots? Or The Silver Snakes? (Cheers through out all the teams) They?re going to have to pass many tests; some physical, some mental and in the end only one team will prove themselves worthy and make it to Olmec?s Temple, but first they have to cross the moat and Olmec will tell them how to do it today.

Olmec: Before you stand 8 stepping stones, some which may sink and some which may not. When Kirk gives the signal, one player will jump onto a stone. If it doesn?t sink, step to another one. If you sink you must go back and start again. Once the first player makes it across, it?s your partner?s turn cross as well. As soon as the second player is across, run over and hit the gong.
*Kirk hit?s the Silver Snakes gong*
Olmec: The first 4 teams to hit their gongs will go on to the next round.

Kirk: Alright teams are you ready?

*All of them cheer*

Kirk: Olmec, are you ready?
Olmec: Let's Rock!

Kirk: On your marks, get set, GO!
The Path of the Stones (Every teams is the same)
|   X   ^            |

|   ^   X            |

|   X   ^            |

|   X   ^            |
Red -  X
Blue -  X
Green - (2)
Orange - (1)
Purple - (4)
Sliver -  (3)

Kirk: Whoa! Great race, that was a unpredictable moat crossing and moving on to the Steps of Knowledge are the Silver Snakes, and the Purple Parrots, and the Oranges Iguanas, and the Green Monkeys. The Red Jaguars and the Blue Barracudas gave a great effort, it was a great moat crossing. They?re not going to leave empty handed we got a great gift for them, and here?s what it is.

Announcer: A $50 gift card for? Nerds Rope from Wonka. As much fun to play with as it is to eat. Nerds Rope. Now that?s a lot of Nerds!

Kirk: As the quest continues, It is now time for Olmec to tell us about the Golden Bracelet Chain of Goliath. But teams pay attention, because your knowledge of the legend, can bring you a step closer to Olmec's Temple.

Olmec: In 400 A.D., one of the mightiest men of all time was a giant by the name of Goliath. Goliath was a 9 foot tall solider from Gath would battle many of Israelite Soldiers. After countless victory after another the giant grew more bold and cocky by the day.

?Goliath?: Which fool thou wish to face me next?

Olmec:  The Giant said hoisting his arms high, with a golden chained bracelet around each of his massive hands. Soon a young shepherd boy named David came from the crowd, but Goliath was all but impressed.

?Goliath?: You are a foolish child to believe you can defeat me boy.

Olmec: But the young boy did not back down.

?David?: I come against you in the name of the Lord Almighty, whom you have defied."

Olmec: With that said, David hurled a stone with the use of a sling and hit Goliath in the head and Goliath fell face first to the ground. Legend has it, that when the giant hit the ground, one of his golden bracelets broke upon the great impact. One of the golden bracelet chain links went flying out of sight and disappeared for centuries, until it found its way to the temple. Your quest is to find The Golden Bracelet Chain of Goliath and bring it back here.

Kirk: Thank you, Olmec. Tell us, where is this Golden Bracelet Chain?

Olmec: The Golden Bracelet Chain of Goliath can be found in The Dark Forest.

Kirk: Okay. Teams your now standing on the Steps of Knowledge, in a minute Olmec will ask you a question regarding the legend with 3 multiple choice answers. If you think you know which one is the correct answer, stomp down on the ancient marking in front of you. If your right, you go down to the next level, but if your wrong or run out of time, the other teams will have a chance to answer. The first 2 teams to reach the bottom level, will be one step closer to Olmec?s Temple. Olmec, we?re now ready for your first question.

Olmec: Was Goliath?
: 8 feet tall
: 9 feet tall *
: 10 feet tall
O. I. - Correct

Olmec: Was Goliath from?
: Nineveh
: Jerusalem
: Gath *
P. P. - Correct

Olmec: According to our legend, was David?
: A shepherd *
: A carpenter
: A cobbler

O.I. - Correct

Olmec: What did David use to hit Goliath with?
S.S. - N 1 of 3 choices
: A crossbow
: A sling *
: A pistol
G.M. - Correct

Olmec: Which of these major seas does Israel border?
: The Red Sea X
: The Mediterranean Sea *
: The Black Sea
P.P. - Incorrect
O.I. - Correct (1)

Olmec: According to our legend, when did these events take place?
: 1000 A.D.
: 400 B.C.
: 400 A.D. *
P.P. - Correct

The word ?Giant? is originated from which language?
: English *
: Arabic
: Greek
P.P. - Correct

Green Monkeys -  X
Orange Iguanas -  (1)
Purple Parrots -  (2)
Silver Snakes -  X

Kirk: We?ve got our 2 teams it?s the Orange Iguanas and the Purple Parrots. Green Monkeys, Silver Snakes come on down. These two teams gave a great effort, they won?t leave empty handed, we?ve got a great gift for them, and here?s what it is.

Announcer: Alvin & the Chipmunks on DVD. Enjoy this full length CGI movie with Alvin, Simon, Theodore, and all your favorite characters. Alvin & the Chipmunks: Get you squeak on!

Kirk: These two teams will play for the right to enter Olmec?s temple! And they?re gonna do it, right after THIS!

(Camera shows the animals in front of Olmec)
*Logo Appears*

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