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Title: Hello
Post by: Olmec on June 25, 2006, 04:58:13 AM
Hi guys. I'm new here. I live in the USA & I <3 Legends! I used to watch it all the time in like 1997 & 1998 during reruns, then they stopped showing it. I still have some of those ones on tape. Than, when I finally got iO Digital Cable, I found NickGAS & saw they show Legends 10 times a day! I was ecstatic. Since February of this year, I've kept an episode log, showing which episodes were on which days. I've been a minor viewer before than, but since the log, I've been crazy & must watch the episodes at least once a day.
Title: Hello
Post by: PhantomBPR on June 25, 2006, 07:13:06 AM
Ah, hello fellow Olmec. (although I guess I'm a Phantom Olmec, let's not go there) Thank you for joining our forum, we are slowly growing into a large forum, hope you enjoy yourself here, and tell everybody on the internet what a kickass forum I have!

(You don't really hafta do that)