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Title: Wild Jungle EP: The Last Letter of Mungo Park
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Legends: Wild Jungle

Season 1, Layout 2, Episode 4

(the camera zooms in on an ancient lush jungle, the palms are moving away as an elephant is heard. all the palms are gone, showing Olmec)

Olmec: Legends of the Hidden Temple: Wild Jungle

(The camera shifts to the Temple and its rooms)

Olmec: With your guide, Kirk Fogg! And here he is now.

(Kirk is seen coming down the steps of the temple)

Kirk: Thank you, thank you! It's nice to see you! Thank you, Olmec. Welcome to the Hidden Temple. The rooms are filled with lost treasures that are protected by mysterious Mayan Temple Guards. Only Olmec knows the legend behind each of the treasures in his temple. Which one are we going to hear about today?

Olmec: The legend of The Last Letter of Mungo Park.

Kirk: Ah, The Last Letter of Mungo Park. Well, the legend is set and one of these six teams will have the chance to retrieve the letter. Will it be The Red Jaguars? The Blue Barracudas? The Green Monkeys? The Orange Iguanas? The Purple Parrots? Or the Silver Snakes? They?re going to have to pass some tough mental and physical tests, and in the end, only one team will have the right to enter Olmec?s temple, but first they have to cross the moat, and here's how they're gonna have to do it today.

One memeber of each team is sitting on a floating block of ice and your partner is behind you. When I say "go", you will balance on the ice and your partner will push the block to the shore. If you fall, or if a knee touches the ice block, you must go back and start again. When you're done, run over and hit the gong! (Kirk hits the Red Jaguars' gong) The first four teams to hit their gongs go on to the next round...are you ready?

Teams: Yeeaaahhh!!!!

Kirk: Olmec are you ready?

Olmec: Let's rock!

Kirk: All right, on your marks, get Set, GO!!

(Event Occurs)

Kirk: That's it! We've got our four teams! Going on to the Steps of Knowledge are the Red Jaguars, along with the Blue Barracudas! And the Green Monkeys and the Silver Snakes! Orange Iguanas and Purple Parrots gave it a great effort too. They will not be going away empty handed though, here's what we have for them...

(Prizes are announced)
Title: Wild Jungle EP: The Last Letter of Mungo Park
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Please note: I've changed my fanfic format to make the SOK easier to read.

Kirk: As we continue our quest, it?s now time for Olmec to tell us about the Letter of Mungo Park. But, pay close attention because your knowledge of the legend can bring you a step closer to the Temple.

Olmec: A fantastic river rover was Mungo Park. In 1794 Park offered his services to the African Association, then looking out for a successor to Major Daniel Houghton, who had been sent out in 1790 to discover the course of the Niger and had died in the Sahara. Supported by Sir Joseph Banks, Park was selected. He was robbed many times and finally he stopped. However, his hobby never left him. In the autumn of 1803 he was invited by the government to lead another expedition to the Niger. Park, who chafed at the hardness and monotony of life at Peebles, accepted the offer. He was married to his wife, Allison, and never forgot her.

Mungo: I must write to Ally!

Olmec: And so he did, many times. He wrote his last letter at the end of his journey, but sadly, he was never seen again. Allison held on to his letter as long as she lived, and now it has found its way to the temple. Your quest is to bring it back here.

Kirk: Thank you Olmec, but where is the letter?

(Camera shows the letter, and zooms out to show its location)

Olmec: The letter can be found in the Vine Drop.

Kirk: Alright. Teams, you are standing on the Steps of Knowledge. In a minute, Olmec will ask you a question about the legend you just herd. If you think you know the answer, stomp down on the ancient marking in front of you. If you're first, your step will light up. Try it!

(Red stomps down first)

Now you answer the question. If you?re right, you?ll move down to the next level. If you?re wrong or run out of time, I?m going to give the other teams a chance to answer. The first two teams to make it to the bottom level will be one step closer to Olmec?s Temple. Olmec, we are now ready for your first question.

1. In what year did Mungo start his first expidition.

2. What river did Mungo explore?

3. Why did Mungo give up his first expidition?

4. What is the name of Park's wife?

5. When did Mungo write his last letter?
At the start of his journey
At the end of his journey
In the middle of his journey

6. Where did Daniel Houghton die?
In the River Niger
In the Sahara Desert
In the Arctic

Kirk: These two teams are going the Temple Games! They are the Green Monkeys and the Red Jaguars. The Blue Baracudas and the Silver Sankes gave it a great effort, and they are not going home empty handed. We got a prize for both of them, and here it is.

(Prizes are announced)

Kirk: These two teams will play for the right to enter Olmec?s Temple, and they're gonna do it right after this!

(Pendant joins)

(Comercial Break)
Title: Wild Jungle EP: The Last Letter of Mungo Park
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(Pendant Splits)

Kirk: Welcome back to Legends! Now the glory goes to the fastest and the strongest. But before we get started, let?s get to know our team players. On the Red Jaguars, we have Chris. He likes football and he plays wants to be a artsist. And his partner Ashley likes soccer and many other sports. Let's hear it for the Red Jaguars!


Kirk: And on the Green Monkeys we have Josh. He likes basketball and wants to be a doctor. And his partner Olivia likes reading and wants to be an actress. Let's hear it for the Green Monkeys!


Kirk: Okay teams, go set up for your games, and I?ll tell you what?s going to happen. In the temple games, teams are competing to win Pendants of Life. (Kirk holds up a pendant)They need those pendants to protect themselves from the dreaded temple guards as they make their way through the temple. There are three temple games. And this is temple game number one:

Repairing a boat is the hardest thing to do. Before you stands a labyrinth of trampolines. On the top is a broken picture of a ship. Jump all the way up, grab the broken piece, and replace it with the new one. Then climb all the way back down. The first player to land, or the team that's further along at the end of 60 seconds wins!

Alright, we need to fix that ship. Let's put sixty seconds on the clock!

(Clock bangs down)

Kirk: On your marks, get set, go!

(Event Occurs)

Kirk: Well, the time is up! Let's check it out over here. The Grren Monkeys got to the second level down. The Red Jaguars only got to the third level, the Green Monkeys get the half pendant of life! The next game is also worth a half pendant, and here it is!

Mungo Park had a dangerous voyage to tackle. No you must do the same. When I say 'go', race your boat down the ramp and down across the line. When you crossed the line, grab the lifesaver and pull yourself back. The first player to dock or the player that's further along at the ned of 60 seconds wins!

Alright. Let's put sixty seconds on the clock!

(Clock bangs down)

Kirk: On your marks, get set, GO!

(Event Occurs)

Kirk: Okay, the Red managed to get back first, so that gives the Red Jaguars the half pendant! The final game will give you a full pendant and so let's check it out!

Mungo Park had to cover many stages of the Niger river. Now you have to do the same. When I say 'go', one of you is going to load their slingshot with a spear and shoot it to their partner. He will then place it on the stages: 1, 2, 3, and 4. The first team to get to all the stages, or the team that covers the most stages wins.

Let's put sixty seconds on the clock. On your marks, get set, GO!!

(Event Occurs)

Kirk: Okay, let's see. They both got to Stage 2, so it's a tie. They each get the full pendant. They each have one and a half pendants. It's a tie, let's bring out the tiebreaker pedestal!

Alright. In a moment, I'm going to ask a question. If you think you know the answer, hit the gong in front of you. If you are right, you and your partner will go into the temple in saerch of the Letter, but if you're wrong or run out of time, the other team get's to go. All clear? (The teams reply)Alright put your hands round the gong. Here's the question:

When was Mungo's second expidition starting year? 1803, 1830, or 1900?

(Green gongs in)

Kirk: Green Monkeys!

Green monkeys: The..uh...1803!

Kirk: That is correct! (audience cheers) Alright Green Monkeys, congratulations, you too Red Jaguras, but we've got a great gift for them, don't we? here's what it is!

(Prizes are announced)

The Green Monkeys are going to Olmec's temple, they're gonna retriev that letter, right after this!

(camera pans to letter)

(Pendant joins)

(Comercial break)
Title: Wild Jungle EP: The Last Letter of Mungo Park
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Pendant Splits)

Kirk: Welcome back to Legends. The Green Monkeys have proven themselves worthy, and now have earned the right to enter Olmec's Temple. But before we get started, Olmec will give us some information on how to retrieve the Letter of Mungo Park.

Olmec: You could start by running through the Mining Chamber and climbing down into the Pit of Despair. Crawl through the pit, then race into the Chameleon Chamber. Change the color of the right chameleon and you could choose to go up the Lion's Lair, or into the Spider's Lair. If you escape, you may have a chance to enter the Sacred Safari. Find the right key to go upstairs, or plough through the wall and into the Lion Cage. Ride the cage up into the Viper's Nest and pull the snakes from the jars to open the doors to the Shrine of the Silver Monkey. Assemble the statue and you may be headed for the Vine Drop. Next, race up to the Mouth of the Jaguar. Put the fangs in the mouth and jump back into the Pit. Pass through the Room of the Three Gargoyles, race down the stairs and back through the temple gates. The choices are yours and yours alone. Good luck!

Kirk: Okay, you guys won one and a half pendants in the temple games, and here they are. Now, who's going first?

Josh: I am!

Kirk: Okay Josh, when I say go, you will race through the gates into the temple and make your way into the Vine Drop....hopefully. But be careful ? the Temple has many locked doors and dead ends. Also hidden in the Temple there are also Temple Guards assigned to protect three specific rooms. If you enter one of those rooms, a Temple Guard will jump out and grab you. You can trade your Pendant for an extra life and go on, but if you're caught without a Pendant, you'll be taken out of the Temple? and it'll be Olivia's turn to enter and try her luck. Hidden in the temple is another half pendant. If you find it and you're carrying the other half, you will earn an extra life. If you can reach the letter, all the doors of the Temple will instantly unlock, and the Temple Guards will vanish. You?ll have three minutes, and for your efforts you will both be handsomely rewarded? and here's how!

(Prizes announced)

Kirk: Okay. Josh, here let's get in position! Put your mouthpieces in 'cause you never know when you're gonna run. Let's set the clock for three minutes....

(Clock bangs down)

Kirk: On your marks, get set, GOO!!!

(Josh races up to the Room of Three Gargoyles, where a temple guard gets him)

(He enters the Pit of Despair with 2: 48 left)

(After some 15 seconds he climbs up to the Mouth of the Jaguar, where he is taken out)

(Olivia retraces his steps and puts together the jaguar's mouth with about 2:00 left)

(Olivia gets forced down the central shaft, and when she finally completes the Chameeon Chamber it is 1:02)

(After going through the Spider's Lair, she finds the half-pendant in the actuator, then finds the key and goes up)

(40 seconds are left as she assembles the monkey, and she grabs the letter with 10 seconds left)

(She trips in the Mouth of the Jaguar, and she landed at the door ust as time ran out)

Kirk: Oh, too bad, she got the letter and she got all the way to the Mouth of the Jaguar, but they didn't get out, oh, oh! We gotta get out of here; check us out next time for another great Legend of the Hidden Temple: Wild Jungle style! Buh-bye!

(Credits scroll as the camera pans to the Green gong at the moat)

Olmec: Hmmmmmm....

(Stone Stanley logo)

Dee Baker: Legends of the Hidden Temple was recorded....
Title: Wild Jungle EP: The Last Letter of Mungo Park
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Diagram coming soon....
Title: Wild Jungle EP: The Last Letter of Mungo Park
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Diagram coming soon....

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Title: Wild Jungle EP: The Last Letter of Mungo Park
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Woah, that's a tough path they had to take, I just couldn't visualize it! Reminds me of The Bullet-Riddled Handbag of Belle Boyd mixed with The Golden Goblet of Attila the Hun.
Title: Wild Jungle EP: The Last Letter of Mungo Park
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Well, the front runner was caught extremely early, so it wasn't as brutal as if he was caught in the Spider's Lair.