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Title: Rediscovery EP: The Holy Crucifix of Joan of Arc
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Author's Note: This is one of the episodes of my independent project, Legends: The Rediscovery.  More information on the project can be found by following this link. (

Episode 11: The Holy Crucifix of Joan of Arc

The camera pans through a thick jungle to stop in front of an ancient temple. The giant stone head at the base of the temple breaks the silence:
"LEGENDS OF THE HIDDEN TEMPLE! With your guide, Kirk Fogg!"

Kirk comes down swinging on a rope. "Thank you, Olmec! Welcome to Legends of the Hidden Temple. The rooms are filled with lost treasures that are protected by mysterious Mayan Temple Guards. Only Olmec knows the legend behind each of the treasures in his temple. Olmec, which legend are we going to hear about today?"

Olmec replies:
"The legend of the Holy Crucifix of Joan of Arc."

"Ah, the Holy Crucifix of Joan of Arc!" Kirk says in response. "Well the legend is set, and one of these six teams will have the chance to retrieve the Crucifix. Will it be:
"Raymundo and Randi of the Red Jaguars—" the camera pans to each team in order—
"Michael and Alexis of the Blue Barracudas,
"Nick and Kate of the Green Monkeys,
"William and Aminah of the Orange Iguanas,
"Kris and Alicia of the Purple Parrots,
"Or Jeremy and Keira of the Silver Snakes?"

"They'll have to pass some tough physical and mental tests," Kirk says, "but in the end, only one team will earn the right to enter Olmec's Temple. First, they must cross the moat, and here's how they'll have to do it today:
"In front of each team a giant web has fallen above the Moat. One player from each team is already holding onto a long rope, and when I say 'go,' they'll swing out to the web and climb over it, then swim the rest of the Moat. Then their partner will go out to grab the rope, then go across the same way, but be careful— if your knees touch the water before you climb over the web, you'll have to go back and start over.
"When both players are across, run over and hit your team's gong." He slams down on the Red Jaguars' gong to demonstrate. "The first four teams to hit their gongs will go on to the next round, so teams— are you ready?"
The players all cheer and shout in response.
"Olmec, are you ready?" asks Kirk.
"Let's do it," Olmec replies.
"Then let's get started!" shouts Kirk. "On your mark, get set, GO!"
The teams all take off at more or less the same rate— with the exception of the Purple Parrots, whose first player can't swing out to the web before the Red Jaguars and Silver Snakes' first players make it across. The Blue Barracuda girl is right behind them, followed by the girl on the Orange Iguanas. Meanwhile, the Purple Parrots are just catching up to the Green Monkeys, whose female player is having trouble climbing up and over the web.
The Green Monkeys' girl and the girl on the Purple Parrots jump off and land on the other side of the moat at almost the exact same time. A second later, the boy from the Blue Barracudas runs over and hits his team's gong. Not too long after the boy on the Silver Snakes slips off his net and into the Moat, letting the Red Jaguars and Orange Iguanas pass and gong in. The boy on the Silver Snakes is fast, however, and he zooms right past the Green Monkeys and Purple Parrots to claim the final position.
"That's it!" announces Kirk. "We've got our four teams: the Red Jaguars—" the camera pans to each qualifying team in order— "and the Blue Barracudas— and the Orange Iguanas— and the Silver Snakes! Green Monkeys and Purple Parrots gave it a great effort too. We've got a nice gift for them for playing and here's what it is." Nick, Kate, Kris and Alicia will each be receiving a prize package provided by Chef Boyardee.
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The four teams are now at the top of the Steps of Knowledge accompanied by Kirk. "As the quest continues, it's now time for Olmec to tell us about the Holy Crucifix of Joan of Arc.  But pay attention teams, because your knowledge of the legend can bring you one step closer to Olmec's Temple."

Olmec begins to tell the story:
"In the early 1400's, the biggest problem for France was the Hundred Years' War against England.  The French king Charles VII did the best he could to keep the English from taking over France, but with new weapons like the longbow and the cannon, the English would be tough to defeat.
"One day a young peasant woman came to Charles's palace hoping to help in the war.  Her name was Joan of Arc.
" 'Send me in to fight at Orléans,' she said to the king. 'I want to go win back our land.'
" 'Mademoiselle, I cannot,' replied Charles. 'Such a beautiful young lady should stay at home.'
" 'I was told to come here by God himself,' Joan said. 'Please trust me.' She firmly held a crucifix, which was her family heirloom.
" 'Eh, why not,' Charles gave in. 'Okay, I'll send you to Orléans immediately.'
"And so Joan of Arc put on a suit of armor and rode out into the battlefield at Orléans, keeping her crucifix with her.  Rather than follow the French army's carefully thought out strategy, she rushed right into battle head-on.  It worked— the French began to recover land from the English.
"Eventually, however, Joan was captured, accused of being a witch, and was burned at the stake.  Her crucifix was left behind at the battlefield, and it soon disappeared… until now.  Your quest is to retrieve the Holy Crucifix of Joan of Arc and bring it back here."

"Thanks Olmec," Kirk says after Olmec finishes telling the story. "So tell us, where is the Cross?"
Olmec replies:
"The Holy Crucifix of Joan of Arc can be found in the Room of the Secret Password."

"Teams," Kirk begins, walking down the steps, "you are now standing on the Steps of Knowledge, and in a minute, Olmec will ask you a question about the legend.  If you think you know the answer, stomp down on the ancient marking in front of you.  If you're first, your step will light up, and you'll have three seconds to answer.  If you're right, you can move down to the next level, but if you're wrong or run out of time, one of the other teams will get a chance to answer.  The first two teams to make it to the bottom level will be one step closer to Olmec's Temple.  Olmec, we're now ready for your first question."

Olmec begins:
"Did Joan of Arc live in: England, France, or—?"
Aminah rings in: "France…?"
"Correct," replies Olmec, and so the Orange Iguanas get to move down one level.

Olmec then asks:
"What war did Joan fight in: The War of 1812, The Hundred Years' War, or The Seven Years' War?"
No one stomps down for a second, but then Aminah buzzes in: "The Seven Years' War…?"
"Incorrect," replies Olmec, and so Randi gets a chance to guess:
"The Hundred Years' War…?"
"Correct," answers Olmec, and so the Red Jaguars can move down a step.

Olmec now asks:
"Why did Joan of Arc want to fight in the war: She saw visions of God—?"
Raymundo rings in: "True." Then his partner Randi tries to repeat the choice: "She saw visions of God."
"That is correct," replies Olmec, allowing the Red Jaguars to step down again.
"One more right answer and the Red Jaguars are going to the next round," narrates Kirk. "We're looking for two teams.  Next question, Olmec."

Olmec now asks:
"What king did Joan talk to for permission to fight in the war: Louis XIV, Charles VII, or Charlemagne?"
William buzzes in: "Charles VII."
"That is correct," replies Olmec, allowing the Orange Iguanas to step down again.
"One more correct response from the Orange Iguanas, and they're going to the next round," explains Kirk. "Next question, Olmec."

Olmec asks:
"What happened to the Holy Crucifix: Joan left it on the battlefield, It was burned along with her, or—?"
Keira stomps down first: "Um… um… It disappeared on the battlefield…?"
"Correct," replies Olmec, allowing the Silver Snakes to move down one level.

Olmec then asks:
"Where did Joan of Arc's first battle take place: Nice, Rouen, or Orléans?"
Alexis rings in, but has trouble pronouncing the answer accurately. "Or-lay-on?" she guesses.
"Correct," replies Olmec, allowing the Blue Barracudas to move down one step.

Olmec asks:
"Of the following weapons, which was NOT introduced during the Hundred Years' War: The bayonet, The longbow, or The cannon?"
Nobody gongs in for a second, but then Jeremy rings in: "The longbow…?"
"Incorrect," replies Olmec, so then William rings in:
"That is correct!" shouts Olmec, allowing the Orange Iguanas to go down to the bottom step.
"We've got our first team going on to the Temple Games," announces Kirk, "but who's gonna join them: the Silver Snakes, the Blue Barracudas or the Red Jaguars? Olmec, continue."

Olmec does so by asking:
"When did Joan of Arc live: the 1200's, the 1400's, or the 1600's?"
Alexis buzzes in: "The 1400's…?"
"That is correct," says Olmec, allowing the Blue Barracudas to step down another level.
"We've got a two-way tie on the second step," narrates Kirk. "Silver Snakes can still catch up.  Olmec, next question."

Olmec then asks:
"Today, what is the capital of France—?"
Raymundo rings in, and then he and Randi shout in unison: "Paris!"
"That is correct!" Olmec yells in response, allowing the Red Jaguars to move down to the bottom step.
"That's it! We've got our two teams right here!" Kirk announces to the cheering audience. "And they are the Red Jaguars and the Orange Iguanas!  Blue Barracudas and Silver Snakes also gave it a great effort.  They won't be leaving empty-handed, we've got a great gift for them." Michael, Alexis, Jeremy and Keira will each be receiving a $50 U.S. Savings Bond provided by Nike.
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"Now," says Kirk, "the glory goes to the fastest and the strongest, so let's get to know our teams a little better. On the Red Jaguars, we have Randi. How old are you?"
"Thirteen," replies Randi.
"And you write short stories but your friends call you weird," reads Kirk. "Do you have some strange ideas for stories?"
"No, actually it has nothing to do with that," answers Randi. "I like to fish with my dad, they think that's just too much of a boy thing."
"And your partner here is Raymundo," says Kirk. "And how old are you?"
"Twelve," replies Raymundo.
"And you like to play basketball, but you're really into LEGOs," reads Kirk. "Tell me about that."
"I've been collecting them and playing with them since I was what, two or three," Raymundo explains. "I've got all these cool playsets I keep collecting and I've built a big enough thing to cover the whole floor in my room."
"And your favorite playset?" asks Kirk.
"Anything Bionicle-based," answers Raymundo.
"I think we've got a good team here, but we're about to find out," says Kirk. "Let's hear it for the Red Jaguars!" The audience applauds for a moment. "And on the Orange Iguanas, we have… uh… Aminah. And how old are you?"
"Thirteen," Aminah replies.
"And you're into hip-hop— Ludacris, Akon, Jay-Z— and you also study tae kwon do," Kirk reads. "What color belt do you have?"
"I've almost won a red belt," says Aminah. "I've been studying for a little more than two years now. And this is my partner, Wild Will."
"Hmm, Wild Will!" says Kirk. "And how old are ya?"
"Fourteen," William replies.
"And you're a big soccer player," says Kirk, reading his index card. "Tell me, what position do you play?"
"I switch between goalkeeper and offense," William explains. "Not sure which one I'm better in, though."
"Well you're gonna have to score some goals in these Temple Games," comments Kirk. "Let's hear it for the Orange Iguanas!" The audience applauds again.

"Why don't you go get ready for the Temple Games," Kirk says, "while I tell you guys what's gonna happen here. Now, in the Temple Games, these teams will be competing to win Pendants of Life. The winning team will need the Pendants to protect themselves from the dreaded Temple Guards when they go to Olmec's Temple. There are three Temple Games, and Olmec… tell us about Temple Game #1."

Olmec begins:
"Joan of Arc had to put on a suit of armor before she rode out into battle. However, it seems she had misplaced the parts of her extra suits of armor… and you'll have to go retrieve them. When Kirk gives the signal, crawl from one cube to the next to retrieve the first part of the suit of armor, then crawl back with it and place it in your bin. Then go back to retrieve the next part. Along the way you must avoid the swinging obstacles.
"The first player to retrieve all four parts of their suit of armor— or the one that's gathered the most pieces of armor after 60 seconds— wins."
The camera fades to Kirk. "Time to suit up," he says. "Let's put 60 seconds on the clock. On your mark, get set, GO!"
Raymundo and "Wild Will" both take off at a good pace, and grab the swords of their respective suits of armor and also making it back with them at almost the exact same time. On the second time up, however, Raymundo slows down a little to avoid being hit by the obstacles. Unfortunately, this instead makes him an easier target and he gets hit by a sandbag on his way to get the breastplates.
William grabs the breastplates for his suit of armor and returns with them as Raymundo goes back to get his second piece of armor. Both get to the boots for their respective suits of armor, but William brings back the helmet before Raymundo can lay hands on his, ending the Temple Game with 7 seconds left.
"Okay, time's up!" announces Kirk. "Not time's up, that's it. Orange Iguanas got all four suits of armor in time. Orange Iguanas win a half Pendant of Life!" The audience applauds for a moment. "Red Jaguars can catch up in the next game, cause it's worth a half Pendant. Olmec, tell us about it."

Olmec continues:
"France and England had been at war for almost a hundred years before Joan of Arc stepped in. Here you must face off in a much shorter war. A giant boulder rest between your territories, and soon a second one will be brought into play. When Kirk gives the signal, push the boulders back and forth to knock over your opponent's city markers while defending your own. Remember, you may not cross the boundary between the two territories.
"The first player to knock over all five of her opponent's city markers— or the player that knocks over the most in 90 seconds— wins."
"This… means… war," comments Kirk. "Let's put 90 seconds on the clock. Ready, get set, GO!"
Randi and Aminah are more or less evenly matched. Each one takes a number of unique shots at the other's markers, and both slip a few times and fail to push the boulders back at the opponent. Having the second boulder roll in after 30 seconds did help, however— it was in the last 45 or 50 seconds that all the scoring took place. After a little while the ceiling lights flash to put an end to the second Temple Game.
"That's it!" shouts Kirk. "It looks like Aminah knocked down one, but Randi knocked down two. Red Jaguars get the half Pendant of Life!" The audience applauds again. "So it's all tied up, a half Pendant apiece, but this next game is worth a full Pendant. Olmec, tell us about it."

Olmec narrates:
"In the war, England took over many cities in France. Before you is a wall with four targets representing four of the captured cities: Gascony, Aquitaine, Rouen, and Orléans. In this game you are going to win these cities back. When Kirk gives the signal, load the slingshot and fire a cannonball, which your partner will catch and stick on the first target. Once you've covered a target, reclaiming the city, your partner will climb up and you can aim for the next one.
"The team to reclaim all four of their cities first— or the team who's furthest along in 60 seconds— wins."
"This one's for the Temple!" Kirk says. "Let's put 60 seconds on the clock. Ready, aim, FIRE!"
Randi and Aminah have terrible aim at first— the cannonballs even fall right out of the slingshots several times. Raymundo finally catches one after about 15 seconds, but it take Aminah a little longer to fire one that William can catch to place on Gascony.
Raymundo covers up Aquitaine, and then gets Rouen another 15 seconds later. However, Randi has trouble firing to get the last target, allowing the Orange Iguanas to catch up. William covers Aquitaine as the game draws to a close, but also gets past Rouen just before the ceiling lights flash.
"Time's up!" shouts Kirk, running over to decide a winner. "Red Jaguars got to Ruin, Orange Iguanas covered up to Rune. It's a tie— the teams both get the full Pendant!" The audience applauds. "So Red Jaguars and Orange Iguanas have a Pendant and a half each. We go to Sudden Death. Bring out the tiebreaker pedestals!"

The players run over to the tiebreaker pedestals and stand behind their gongs as directed by Kirk. "Okay, here's the tiebreaker rules. In a minute, Olmec is gonna ask you a question. If you think you know the answer, hit the gong in front of you. You'll have three seconds to answer and I must accept your first response. If you're right, you and your partner will be going to the Temple in search of the Cross of Joan of Arc. But if you're wrong or run out of time, your opponents automatically win. Olmec! What is your final question?"
Olmec asks:
"How was Joan of Arc executed: Was she Beheaded, Burned at the stake, or—?"
Orange Iguanas ring in, and Aminah guesses: "Beheaded…?"
"That… is… WRONG!" replies Olmec. "Joan of Arc was burned at the stake. The Red Jaguars win." Randi hugs Raymundo, and then the two high-five each other.
"It was a close one— a real close one— but Olmec's made his decision!" comments Kirk. "The Red Jaguars are goin' to the Temple! Would you've gotten that one right?" He holds his microphone out for the Red Jaguars to answer.
"No," Raymundo and Randi reply in unison.
"And as for the Orange Iguanas, they gave it a gallant effort too. They won't be going away empty-handed, here's what we've got for them." William and Aminah will each be receiving a Regent sports package worth about $100.
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"Olmec!" calls Kirk. "The Red Jaguars have proven themselves worthy and earned the right to enter your Temple. But before they go, do you think you can give them any hints to help them retrieve the Holy Cross of Joan of Arc?"
Olmec begins to give the rundown:
"You could start by running up the stairs to the Vault. Turn the wheel to open a door which may take you into the Great Chasm. Here you could choose to swing across the gap and climb up into the King's Storeroom. Smash the clay pots to find the key that will lead you into the Chamber of the Sacred Markers. Match the symbols on the right to those on the left and pass into the Room of the Ancient Warriors. Place yourself in the correct armor to open the door to the Shrine of the Silver Monkey. Assemble the statue there and you may be headed toward the Room of the Secret Password, where you can grab the Holy Crucifix of Joan of Arc. Find the tablet with the correct inscription, and shout it out to open the door to the Pharaoh's Secret Passage.
"Slide down the tunnel to the Quicksand Bog, where you could plow through the stone wall and into the Dungeon of the Lone Column. Reach into the column to find the key, or knock it over and you'll enter the Junction of the Secret Shafts. Race across the room and you'll gain entry to the Tomb of the Headless Kings. Attach the skull on the altar to its proper king to release the doors. Then, pass through the Great Chasm, climb through the Ledges, race down the stairs and back through the Temple Gate. The choices are yours and yours alone." Olmec pauses for a second here. "You won 1½ Pendants in the Temple Games. Who's going first?"
"I am!" shouts Raymundo eagerly.
"Very WELL, Raymundo!" replies Olmec. "Good luck to both of you."

"All right then, Raymundo," Kirk says, beginning to explain the rules. "When I say 'go,' you're gonna race through the gates into the Temple and make your way toward the Cross. Be careful though— inside the Temple are many locked doors and dead ends. But to make up for this, there are three old shafts somewhere in the Temple. If you can find one and it's open, you can jump in and slide down to the Junction of the Secret Shafts. Also beware, because there are Temple Guards assigned to protect three specific rooms. If you enter one of those rooms, the Temple Guard will jump out and grab you. You can trade your Pendant for an extra life and go on, but if you're caught without a Pendant, you'll be taken out of the Temple— and it'll be Randi's turn to enter and try her luck. Now, you have a Pendant and a half. Hidden in the Temple somewhere is the other half of your Pendant. If you can find it and you're carrying the other half, you will get an extra life. If you can reach the Holy Crucifix, all the doors of the Temple will instantly unlock, and the Temple Guards will vanish. Return through the gates with the Holy Crucifix of Joan of Arc in three minutes, and you will both be handsomely rewarded— and here's how!"
• No matter what happens, Raymundo and Randi are each guaranteed a $500 prize package from AND 1.
• If they get to the Crucifix with time still on the clock, they'll also win $1,000 Toys 'R' Us gift cards.
• If they can bring the Holy Crucifix of Joan of Arc out of the Temple before three minutes is up, they'll each win four tickets for a seven-day Caribbean cruise!

"You don't want to go to the Caribbean or anything, do you?" Kirk asks Randi jokingly.
"Yeah we do!" Randi answers excitedly.
"Tell me, what's your strategy?" asks Kirk. "What path are you going to take to get to the Cross?"
"We're just gonna cut through the top floor as fast as we can," Randi explains. "And if we can't just go left from a room, we're gonna see if we can go up or down and head on left from there."
"So you're just gonna try and go whichever way the path will lead you," Kirk says. "I wonder if that'll work out. Let's lower the gate, Olmec!"
As the Temple Gate drops, Raymundo and Randi put in their mouthpieces.
"And let's set the clock for three minutes. On your mark Raymundo, get set, GO!"

Raymundo races up the stairs but trips before he can get past the gate. After recovering he runs up into the Vault and quickly turns the safe wheel, then goes into the Great Chasm and reaches for the rope. He grabs it and swings across, then hits the actuator to open the door into the Chamber of the Sacred Markers. (2:41) He finds the missing tiles fairly quickly, and once they're all in the correct positions the room lights up, and the door in the back of the room flies open to reveal the first TEMPLE GUARD!
Raymundo has a Pendant of Life, and he trades it in for an extra life to keep going. Raymundo seems to think that was a Temple Guard door, however, since he does not take it and instead climbs down the ladder and into the Tomb of the Headless Kings— finding the other half of Randi's Pendant on one of the ladder rungs.
"You can go up!" Kirk shouts. "Up from the Center of the Room!" Raymundo hears this and heads back up the ladder into the Chamber, then sees the ladder up into the King's Storeroom in the back of the room. (2:13) He then climbs up, punches holes in the pots and finds the key in the second pot. The first keyhole he tries opens the door into the Room of the Ancient Warriors, and he races right in. (1:56) Raymundo first tries the camera-right suit of armor and pulls down the levers, and it opens the door, so he can enter the Shrine of the Silver Monkey where he meets the second TEMPLE GUARD!
Randi heads up the stairs with a good 1:44 remaining, and follows Raymundo's path into the Chamber of the Sacred Markers. She then climbs up into the King's Storeroom— thus completely avoiding the other half Pendant— and jogs through the Room of the Ancient Warriors and into the Shrine of the Silver Monkey. (1:12) She makes a nice move of grabbing all three pieces of the monkey statue in one sweep, but takes a bit of time put them all in place. After jamming the head down, she walks into the Room of the Secret Password. She doesn't notice the artifact right away, but she does manage to grab the HOLY CRUCIFIX with 0:46 remaining.
"She's got the Cross! All the doors are open!" shouts Kirk as Randi turns right around and slowly heads back with the Crucifix. She makes into the King's Storeroom with 32 seconds left and then goes right into the Great Chasm and jumps into the gap. She crawls into the Ledges, but then realizes she probably should've tried to swing across the gap and pass through the Vault. So she climbs up the Ledges to try to head up, but keeps slipping. She does get to the ladder up after a couple tries, however, and leaves the Vault and jumps down the stairs with 12 seconds left!
"They did it! They won it all!" Kirk shouts as Randi hands him the Holy Crucifix. "They got the AND 1 prize packages, they both got the Toys 'R' Us gift cards— they're going to the Caribbean! They're out of breath, but Raymundo did a great job, Randi did a great job. We had a great time here today— I know they did, I hope you did too. Join us next time for another great legend of the Hidden Temple!" Randi high-fives Raymundo and then hugs Kirk as the credits roll.
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Episode Summary
Episode 11: The Holy Crucifix of Joan of Arc

Name of Artifact: The Holy Crucifix of Joan of Arc
Season: 1
Layout: 2
Result: Made it!
Time Remaining: 0:12
Team: Red Jaguars
Pendants Won: 1 ½
Location of Artifact: The Room of the Secret Password

Average players + average layout = average win. The Red Jaguars, Raymundo and Randi, weren't outstanding players, but they did manage to tie with the Orange Iguanas for one-and-a-half Pendants in the Temple Games. But in the tiebreaker, Aminah, the girl on the Orange Iguanas, rang in first but answered incorrectly, so the Red Jaguars won by default.

The only really peculiar thing about this Temple design was the choice of paths from the Chamber of the Sacred Markers: not left, but either up or down, and while the King's Storeroom was the next step on the proper path, the hidden half-Pendant in the Tomb of the Headless Kings seemed to suggest a longer dead-end on the bottom floor that involved meeting the third Temple Guard. Anyway, Raymundo blazed into the Temple and almost fell into the potential dead-end trap, but retreated from the Tomb after only a few seconds and instead went up. Eventually, he was taken out of the Shrine of the Silver Monkey with 1:49 remaining.

Randi wasn't very fast, but she only had to complete one room objective on her own before she could grab the Holy Crucifix. She had a little trouble figuring out where in the room the Crucifix was, but she did pick it up with 45 seconds remaining. Randi also made a bit of a wrong turn coming out— jumping into the Great Chasm, entering the Ledges and then climbing up into the Vault, when she could've just swung across the gap to get there. Regardless, the Red Jaguars recorded the win with twelve seconds to go.

Trivia and Records:
This is the only episode in which a team automatically loses at the tiebreaker after the Temple Games.  A few teams in later seasons would ring in only to answer incorrectly, but by then the rule was modified so that the second team would still need to answer correctly to advance to the Temple Run.
Title: Rediscovery EP: The Holy Crucifix of Joan of Arc
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The run path looks like a cross bettween the paths of the episodes "The Applewood Amulet of Emilinao Zapata" and "The Much-Hearlded Helmet of Sir Gawain" EXCELLENT LEGEND!!! I give this fanfic a 4 out of 5.
Title: Rediscovery EP: The Holy Crucifix of Joan of Arc
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This Randi sounds a bit like a girl named Randi that appeared on the show... you know, jumped down into the pit and then going into the Ledges and climbing back up. :P
Title: Rediscovery EP: The Holy Crucifix of Joan of Arc
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The path reminds me of the path taken in King Tut's Cobra Staff.

Also, isn't it ironic that the Red Jaguars went to the temple in this and The Helmet of Joan of Arc?
Title: Rediscovery EP: The Holy Crucifix of Joan of Arc
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I never noticed that stuff.  It just rolls like that, I don't plan it, I swear! That little issue asside, IMO the path to the artifact seems a little like the one in The Snake Bracelet of Cleopatra.

But anyways, thanks for the comments, it's more than I usually get in a fanfic episode.