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Title: Make Your Own Episode - Season 1
Post by: The Viper on May 14, 2014, 05:06:43 PM
Here's a new game I thought we could try. This is essentially the same as the regular Make Your Own Episode thread, but instead of 1 person doing a whole episode, everyone will take turns during a round. Before doing a round, make a post saying that you will be doing said round. For example, I post saying I'm doing the moat. The person who posts next will do the Steps of Knowledge. Once I have done the Moat, I will edit my post with the Moat results and then the episode will progress based of off those results. The round "reservation" posts should be in order so that everything is organized. Also, I request that people refrain from using the team icons, and use text instead as it makes the posts more compact looking and easy to read.

The Moat:
Put all 6 team names into the Random List Generator (, and the first 4 teams will move onto the next round.

The Steps of Knowledge:
Things will be a little different from the other thread. First, determine the winning teams by re-rolling the random list generator with the 2 teams that lost at the moat removed. The first 2 teams will move onto the Temple Games. Also, determine  location of the artifact by inputting the numbers 1-9 into the Random Number Generator ( Determine which room that would be based on the layout of the episode. Also determine how many questions the losing teams got right using the Random Number Generator.

The Temple Games:
Roll the Random Dice Roller ( 3 times with 2 dice to determine the winner of the Temple Games. The first 2 rolls are the 1/2 pendant games, and the last is the full pendant game.

The Temple Run:
Use the Random Number Generator for the following.

Guards: 3 integers - Numbers 1-10 (Keep re rolling until all 3 numbers are different.
Half Pendant Location: 1-12 (If required)
Half Pendant Found: 1(Yes) or 2(No) (If required)
Outcome: 1 (Win) 2(Grabbed) 3(Out of time) and if applicable 4(captured).

Temple Diagram (


Season 1

Season 1 layouts will be determined by the episode's number. Episodes 1-4 will be S1L1, Episodes 5-8 will be S1L2. And it will continue on like that.
I hope this turns out great~  :mrred:  :mrblue:  :mrgreen:  :mrorange:  :mrpurple:  :mrsilver:
Title: Re: Make Your Own Episode - Season 1
Post by: The Viper on May 14, 2014, 05:07:03 PM
I will start by doing the Moat of Episode 1.

The Moat

1. Green Monkeys
2. Orange Iguanas
3. Red Jaguars
4. Purple Parrots
Title: Re: Make Your Own Episode - Season 1
Post by: Purple Parrots Fan on May 14, 2014, 09:23:25 PM
I'll do the Steps of Knowledge then.

Steps of Knowledge:
1st: Green Monkeys
2nd: Purple Parrots
Orange Iguanas: 1 Correct
Red Jaguars: 2 Correct

Artifact location: The Torch Room

I hope I did that right. ;)