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Title: Where In Time Is Carmen Sandiego?: Episode 1
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As the camera fades in from black, we see a picture of a rotating globe with a red outline around it.  The two halves of a red letter ‘V’ come together in the middle of the globe, before the logo sparks with electricity and shatters into pieces.  We now see a large chair behind a computer in a dark room, where a woman in a red trench coat and fedora sits.
“Geez…” she says.  “Those ACME Time Pilots are always so cheerful—and it makes me sick!  Maybe if I deprive them of a major form of recreation…”
With this, the woman turns around in her chair, revealing all of her face except her eyes to the viewers.  “I’ve got it!  Soon, the history of sports will be changed forever—thanks to me!  I summon Sir Vile!”
Just then, a green hologram from in front of Carmen fades away, and a knight in a rusty black suit of armor materializes before her.
“I await thy bidding, my lady,” Sir Vile says.
“I’m sending you through the time portal to ancient Greece in the year 700 BC,” Carmen instructs.  “There’s something very special I want you to steal.”
“Hahaha…so my lady commands it, so it shall be done!” the dark knight replies.
“Good,” says Carmen.  “Bring it back to me in this Cybersphere when you have it.  Now get going!”
Carmen presses three buttons on her computer, and we then see Sir Vile inside the time portal, where he disappears a few seconds later.

The camera now cuts to the inside of an office with a map in the background.  An African-American lady sits behind a desk as she turns to the camera, an intense look on her face.
“Time Pilots, Sir Vile just stole something from the past.  You’ve got…28 minutes to get it back, or history will change forever!  Initiate Chronoskimmer launch sequence!  Boot up the ChronoComputer!”
The camera cuts to a group of men and women in a small room, surrounded by futuristic-looking equipment.  A woman seated at a large computer flips a switch, and lights light up all over the room.
“Power up the engines!”
Two men turn a large wheel, generating what looks like steam in the room.
“Launch the Time Probes!”
One of the men stuffs a small probe into a slot in the wall, and a shot of the probes floating outside the Chronoskimmer is seen next.
“Now get going!”

The intro music plays, where we see a montage of clips from throughout the first season.  The title then appears onscreen, and the Chief’s voice is heard after it disappears.  “And here’s the Time Pilot Squadron Leader, Kevin Shinick!”
We see a shot of Kevin playing video games in his room on the ship.
“Kevin?  KEVIN!!”
Kevin drops his controller in surprise.  “Alright, I’m coming!” he says as he darts out of his room and soon enters the playing area through a round door to the viewers’ right.

“Hey, welcome aboard, everybody!” he says to the viewers.  “I want you to hang on tight, because we’ve got a very big mission, but very little time!  So let’s get started by meeting today’s Time Pilots!
Starting with: Sheryl Curtrois!” An African-American girl steps through a door at stage-left and high-fives Kevin.  “Hey, Sheryl, nice to have you here!
“And Richard Davis!”  A short boy with black hair enters the set and high-fives Kevin.  “Richard, how are you, buddy?
“And Adam Haggerty!”  A tall boy with sandy brown hair and freckles runs up and high-fives Kevin.  “Adam, nice to see you!"

The Time Pilots all take their place behind their podium, and Kevin begins.  “Alright, Pilots, you should know that we depend on Fact Fuel to power our time machine, the Chronoskimmer, and you guys will be generating that Fuel with your answers.  To start off, we’ll equip each of you with 50 Power Points.”  The scoreboard on each Pilot’s podium lights up with a big numeral ‘50’.
“Let’s check in with the Engine Crew really quick.”  Kevin presses a button on the computer, and we see the Engine Crew playing cards in the engine room.  They happen to look up at the camera, and all three quickly scramble to their feet and act busy.  Kevin smiles, shakes his head and presses the button again, and the view of the Engine Crew disappears.
“We’re equal-opportunity employers around here.  Alright, now let’s begin our pursuit of Sir Vile.  Chief, what’s our mission profile?”

The camera cuts to the Chief in her office.  She is standing in front of a map of the world.
“Squadron, your time target is 700 BC.  Destination: Ancient Greece.”
The Chief now walks to her desk and sits down, continuing to speak.  “At that time, some of the more popular sporting events around public areas in Greece were contests between two men in a sport called ‘pygmachia’.”
The chief pulls out a small rectangular object and inserts it into a slot on her desk.  A few seconds later, a drawing of two men fighting comes up.
“Considered an early form of the Roman gladiator fights that would later become popular in Rome, pygmachia was a public contest that some say originated with the Spartans.  Two men would compete, each one wearing protective gloves on their hands and wrappings on their elbows.  The fighters took turns landing blows to one another’s heads and bodies, and the fight could only end when one man was too hurt to continue.  The sport was very brutal—often, people were seriously hurt in the fights, and some even died.  Still, the sport of pygmachia was a very popular form of entertainment among the public in ancient Greece, and was even part of the very first Olympic Games.”
The Chief’s look now turns to one of disdain.  “Or so history told us till now.  When Sir Vile traveled back in time and swiped the sport!”

“Alright, thanks, Chief,” says Kevin after the camera cuts back to him.  “Alright, Time Pilots, for 10 Power Points, what sport did Sir Vile steal?  Was it: wrestling, boxing, or mixed martial arts?  Remember the clues we just heard: invented around 700 BC in ancient Greece, public contests in which the fighters wore gloves, and also known as ‘pygmachia’.  Lock in as soon as you can, there.”
All three Time Pilots lock in their answers within a few seconds of one another.
“Alright, Sheryl, what did you say?”
“I said boxing.”
“And Richard, what did you say?”
“I also said boxing.”
“And Adam, how about you?”
“Well, guys, the correct answer is boxing!  10 points for everybody—nice job!”  Kevin now turns to the camera.  “Yes, boxing is one of the world’s oldest sports.  There are even ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs that depict what look like boxing fights, and the sport is even mentioned in Homer’s Iliad.  And now that we know what Sir Vile stole, we obviously wanna get it back.  And if one of you guys can restore that loot to its proper place in history and capture Carmen Sandiego, you’ll win a fully stocked Toshiba laptop computer, plus a $250 savings bond!  Not bad, huh?  Alright, there’s no time to lose.  Bridge to Engine Crew!”  Kevin presses a button on the computer, bringing up the Engine room on the screen.  “Let’s warp to the time of the crime!”

The camera cuts to a shot of the Chronoskimmer flying through space-time, and soon, the computer displays the year “700 BC” on the screen.
“Alright,” says Kevin.  “We’ve successfully warped back to Ancient Greece in the year 700 BC.  So far, so goo—”
Suddenly, an alarm blares, and a red gauge near the exit door blinks bright red.
“Wait, what—oh no.  That warp severely drained our Fact Fuel.  We need to refuel with a Data Boost!” These words appear on the screen.

“Alright, Time Pilots, I’ll give you an item.  Your job is to buzz in and tell me if it was invented before 700 BC, or after 700 BC.  If you buzz in and answer correctly, you earn five Power Points; if you’re wrong, you lose five.  Remember, before or after 700 BC.  Here we go: the toothbrush.”
Sheryl buzzes in.  “After.”
“No, believe it or not, it’s before!” Kevin says.  “The first toothbrush was introduced around 1600 BC.  Magnetic compass.”
Adam rings in.  “After?”
“Correct; the magnetic compass was introduced around 206 BC.  Wheels.”
Sheryl rings in.  “Before?”
“Correct, it is before!  The wheel was invented around 3500 BC.  The thermometer.”
Adam rings in.  “After?”
“Correct, it is after!  The thermometer was invented in 1714 by Gabriel Fahrenheit.  Finally, the parachute.”
Adam rings in again.  “After?”
“Yes, it is!  The parachute wasn’t invented until 1783.  Very nicely done, guys—you’ve replenished our Fact Fuel!  And now, we’re ready for time travel!  So, let’s now go to—”

Just then, a blaring alarm is heard.
“Wait a minute…hey, guys, that’s the Cluefinder!” Kevin says as he heads toward the computer.  “It’s locked onto somebody from the future!  Let’s bring ‘em on board and see if they can help us.”
Kevin presses a button on the computer, and the double doors behind him open up, letting in a copious amount of smoke, as well as a man in an 18th-century shirt and slacks carrying a rather sizable stack of paper in his hands.
“Let’s see, three rounds…thirty seconds between rounds…cold water on any bleeding wound…”
“Um, excuse me,” Kevin says, tapping the man on his shoulder.  “What exactly are you doing?”
“Hm?” the man says as he turns around.  “Oh, I’m just trying to memorize these rules.
“Oh, I see,” Kevin replies.  “A-are you a boxer or something?”
The man tries and fails to stifle a laugh.  “Heavens, no!  Those animals would tear me apart!  I own the amphitheatre where the bouts are contested.”
“Ah, I got it,” Kevin says.  “So…these rules were just introduced or something?”
“Yes,” the man replies before turning to the Time Pilots.  “Earlier this year, former champion Jack Broughton thought the sport had become too brutal.  We’ve had many injuries in boxing matches, and some men have even died in the ring.  So, Broughton introduced these rules to help make boxing safer for the fighters.  According to the rules, if a man goes down and can’t get up after 30 seconds, then the fight is over.  Fighters also can’t hit their opponent below their belt, and if they strike a downed man, they’ll be disqualified.  There are at least 50 rules like this that every boxer and boxing promoter must learn.”
“Ah, so this is basically a way to help keep the boxers safe, then?” Kevin asks.
The man nods.  “Hmm.  And now that the Great Famine in Ireland is over, boxing is starting to become popular all over the Isles.”
“Wow, that’s great,” Kevin replies.  “So, uh…this place you run, is it only boxing fights?”
“Oh, no,” the man says.  “Amphitheatres like the one I own stage many different contests: boxing, wrestling, plays—there’s even a new concept that I’m working on…”
“Oh, what is it?” Kevin asks, perking up.
“Well, first, we fill the entire arena with mud,” the man begins.  “Then, we bring in a bunch of old vehicles.  And then…no, no, forget it.  Who’d want to watch a ‘demolition derby’ anyway?”  The man despondently walks back through the opening double-doors, letting a little smoke back into the room.

Kevin turns to the Time Pilots and shrugs.  “Too bad; I thought he had something good going there.  Alright, Time Pilots, where in time is Sir Vile?  Tell me the country and year.  Is it: France, 1710; England, 1743; or The U.S.A., 1778?  Remember the clues we just heard: former boxer Jack Broughton comes up with new set of rules for boxing matches, bare-knuckle fighting, and Great Famine in neighboring Ireland had just ended.  Lock in with your answers as soon as you can there—alright, nice job.  Sheryl, what did you say?”
“England in 1743.”
“And how about you, Richard?”
“I also said in—England, 1743.”
“And Adam?”
“England, 1743.”
“Well guys, the correct answer is England in 1743!  Ten points for everyone—nice job, you guys.  You know, after Jack Broughton introduced his rules, they were quickly adopted almost unanimously by boxers and promoters alike, and no doubt saved countless lives.  But, we may be watching competitive knitting if we fail our mission today, so let’s get going!  Engine Crew!”  Kevin presses a button on the computer.  “Let’s warp to 1743!”

The Engine Crew begins firing up the engine, and the camera cuts to a shot of the Chronoskimmer flying through time-space.  Soon, though, a blast of fire hits the Chronoskimmer from the left side, and the camera shows Sir Vile blowing the flames out of his helmet.  He lifts his visor up and looks at the camera.  “Thy mechanical beast is no match for me!” he roars before disappearing.

As the camera cuts back to the game stage, a loud alarm is blaring, and a red light flashing “danger” is seen on the wall next to Kevin as he lurches and staggers around like the Chronoskimmer is veering out of control.
“Pilots, we made it to our destination, but Sir Vile just fried the Chronoskimmer!!  It’s time for another Data Boost!!”  The words appear on the screen as the alarm stops, and things calm down on the set.

“Phew…alright, Time Pilots, I’ll give you the names of two famous people.  Your job: buzz in and tell me if they were born in the same year, or fifty years apart.  If you’re right, you get five power points; if you’re wrong, you lose five.  Remember, same year or fifty years apart.  Here we go: Abraham Lincoln and Billy the Kid.
Sheryl rings in.  “Same year?”
“No, believe or not, it’s 50 years apart.  Lincoln was born in 1809, Billy the Kid in 1859.  How about: Helen Keller and General Douglas MacArthur?”
Sheryl rings in again.  “Same year?”
“Correct, same year!  They were both born in 1880.  Author Isaac Asimov and Pope John Paul II.”
Richard rings in.  “Same year?”
“Yes, same year.  Both were born in 1920.  How about: Thomas Jefferson and Texas hero Sam Houston?”
Adam rings in.  “50 years apart?”
“Correct, 50 years apart!  Jefferson was born in 1743, Houston in 1793.  Finally, Diana Ross and Justin Bieber.”
Richard rings in.  “50 years apart.”
“Correct, 50 years apart!  Diana was born in 1944, Bieber in 1994.  Who knew?  Great work, guys—you’ve reenergized the Chronoskimmer, and now we’re ready for time travel again.”
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“So now, we’re going to—” Suddenly, the sound of static can be heard from the computer.  “Wait a second…something’s happening.  Watch the view screen!”

Sir Vile appears on the monitor.  “Foolish Time Pilots!  If thou really think thou can save these boxing fights, thou really are in denial!  I reside in the year two years after the U.S. Civil War.  English writer John Chambers hath introduced a new set of rules that govern the rapidly growing sport of boxing.  These rules include such regulations like three-minute rounds and ten-second counts when a fighter doth fall.  John Douglas, the 9th Marquis of Queensbury, will later endorse these rules, and so they come to be known as ‘Marquis of Queensbury rules’.  Fair fighting?  Ha!  I scoff at such insanity.  Doth these fools not know that chivalry is dead?!”  With that, Sir Vile disappears from the monitor.

Kevin presses a button on the computer as he turns to the Time Pilots.  “He gives new meaning to the term ‘dark knight’, doesn’t he?  Alright, Time Pilots, where in time is Sir Vile?  Is it: 1813, 1835, or 1867?  Remembering the clues we heard: Marquis of Queensbury rules, promoting of fair fights between boxers, and two years after the U.S. Civil War ended.  Come up with your answers there—alright, looks like everyone’s ready.  Sheryl, what did you say?”
“I said 1867.”
“And Richard, what did you say?”
“I said 1867.”
“And Adam?”
“Well, the correct answer is 1867!  Ten points for Richard and Sheryl.  You know, the Marquis of Queensbury rules established the rules that governed modern boxing matches for many, many years, and most of them are still used in some fashion today.  But those rules might never be written if we fail our mission today!  Bridge to Engine Crew!”  Kevin presses a button on the computer.  “Let’s warp to 1867!”

The camera shows the Chronoskimmer shooting through time, and soon, the computer displays the year “1867” on the screen.
“Okay, pilots, we’ve made it to 1867, but Sir Vile must be onto us, because he’s about to do some globe-hopping.  So it’s time for Global Pursuit.  Hands on your buzzers, watch the view screen.  If you’re right, you get five Power Points; if you’re wrong, you lose five.  Remember, we’re in 1867…here we go.”
A map of the world pops up, and with each new question, a new portion of the globe is shown in a yellow circle.  As the first map appears, the choices of Miami, Washington DC, and Houston are shown.  “Sir Vile skipped to the East Coast city where African-American men have just been given the right to vote.”
Adam rings in.  “Washington, DC?”
“Yes, Washington, DC it is!  Very good, Adam.”
The choices of USA, Canada and Mexico appear for the next map.  “Next, he headed to the country where President Benito Juarez is re-elected.”
Sheryl rings in.  “Mexico?”
“Yes, Mexico…nice job.”
The choices of Norway, France and Germany appear on the next map.  “He’s in the country where Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels publish the first volume of Das Kapital.”
Richard rings in.  “France?”
“No, sorry, it’s Germany.”
The choices of Egypt, Libya and South Africa appear for the next map.  “He hightailed it to the African nation where diamond fields are discovered.”
Adam rings in.  “South Africa.”
“Yes, very good, Adam.”
The choices of Quebec, Alaska and Washington appear for the last map.  “Now he’s shivering in the former Russian area purchased by the United States for two cents an acre!”
Adam rings in again.  “Alaska.”
“Yes, indeed!  Very nice job, you guys.  Unfortunately, though, Sir Vile just left Alaska before we got there!  And, uh…you know what else?  We’re out of clues!  This isn’t supposed to happen!  Hold on—I know what to do.  It’s kind of risky, but we’ve gotta do it.”

Kevin presses a button on the computer, bringing up the Chief on the monitor.  “Chief, we have to contact Omnicia!”
The Chief looks at Kevin suspiciously.  “Are you sure, Kevin?  We may not have enough power…”
“I know it’s risky, Chief, but we’ve got to chance it!”
“Alright,” Chief sighs as she reaches under her desk and pulls out a briefcase and opens it up.  “I’ll input the enabling codes…”
As the Chief types something into her briefcase/laptop, the Engine Crew operate some machinery in the engine room, and a few seconds later, a glowing, floating woman’s head appears in the center of the engine room.  She begins to speak:
“It’s 1974.  Muhammad Ali, who was suspended from boxing for 3½ years, has returned to challenge heavyweight champion George Foreman in a fight in Kinshasa, the capital of Zaire.  Promoter Don King partially funds the event out of his own pocket, calling it ‘The Rumble in the Jungle’.  The press heavily favors the younger, stronger Foreman, but in the end, Ali defeats Foreman after eight long, grueling rounds to keep his championship.  The fight is seen by over two million people on closed-circuit television worldwide, and is regarded by many as one of the greatest sporting events in history…”

Omnicia disappears, and Kevin presses a button on the computer.  “Where would we be without her, huh?  Alright, Time Pilots, you heard Omnicia—tell me what modern-day country the Rumble in the Jungle took place in.  Is it: Liberia, Burkina Faso, or The Democratic Republic of the Congo?  Remembering the clues: 1974, formerly called Zaire, and the capital is Kinshasa.  Lock in with your answers there—alright, Sheryl, what did you say?”
“I said Liberia.”
“And Richard, what did you say?”
“I said the Demograph—Democratic Republic of the Congo.”
“And Adam?”
“Democratic…Republic of Congo.”
“Well, the correct answer is the Democratic Republic of the Congo!  Ten points for Richard and Adam.  Yes, Pilots, boxing matches like Ali and Foreman’s famous “Rumble in the Jungle” have come a long way from the fights of ancient Greece—boxers now contend for championship belts all over the world, and the sport has become a multi-billion dollar industry.  But Muhammad Ali might be a simple footnote in sports history if we don’t recover the loot today.  So, Pilots, we’ve got to make one final leap forward in time, and that means an Ultimate Data Boost!”  These words appear on the screen.

“Alright, Pilots, I’ll give you a fact.  Your job, buzz in and tell me if it applies to boxer Muhammad Ali, or founder of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah.  If you’re right this time, you get ten Power Points; if you’re wrong, you lose ten.  Looking at our scores now: Sheryl has 85, Richard has 95, and Adam is currently in the lead with 110 Power Points.  This is your last chance to rack up some points, you guys, so listen carefully.  Remember, Muhammad Ali, or the founder of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah.  Here we go: birth name was Cassius Clay.”
Adam rings in.  “Muhammad Ali?”
“Correct, Muhammad Ali.  He changed his name to Ali after converting to Islam in 1964.  Was the first Governor of Pakistan.”
Richard rings in.  “Muhammad Ali Geno?”
“Yes, Muhammad Ali Jinnah.  He served as Pakistan’s first Governor-General between 1947 and 1948…  How about: his father was a billboard painter.”
Adam rings in.  “Muhammad Ali?”
“Correct, Muhammad Ali.  Ali Jinnah’s father was a textile merchant.  How about: spoke Kutchi, Sundhi, and English.”
Richard rings in.  “Muhammad Ali?”
“No, sorry, that’s Muhammad Ali Jinnah.  Refused to participate in the Vietnam War.”
Richard rings in again.  “Muhammad…Ali Gina?”
“No, that’s Muhammad Ali.  He had his boxing license stripped for three years after he refused to be drafted into the Army.  How about: has a street named after him in his hometown?”
Sheryl rings in.  “Muhammad Ali?”
“Correct!  Muhammad Ali Boulevard is in Ali’s hometown of Louisville, Kentucky.  Worked as a lawyer in Mumbai.”
Sheryl rings in again.  “Muhammad…Geno?”
“Uh, yes, Muhammad Ali Jinnah.  Nice job.  How about: was monitored by the National Security Agency for ‘disreputable behavior’?”
Richard rings in.  “Muhammad Ali Jinnah?”
“No, that’s Muhammad Ali!  Others monitored by the NSA included Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr., shockingly enough.  How about: his picture is on the Pakistani rupee?”
Adam rings in.  “Muhammad Ali Geno?”
“Yes, Jinnah it is.  Finally, has appeared on Sports Illustrated’s cover 37 times.”
Sheryl rings in.  “Muhammad Ali.”
“Yes, I would hope it’s Muhammad Ali! Alright, nice job, guys, that was a really tough game there.  Let’s see how we did: Sheryl has 115 Power Points, Richard has 75, and Adam has 140.  That means Sheryl and Adam, you guys are moving on to the next round!  But Richard, buddy, you did a great job—you played a great game.  And the Chief has some special words for you here right now.  Chief?”

“Jousting against Sir Vile can be tough, and sometimes, you just can’t escape the knight,” the Chief says.  “As our thanks for helping us out, we’re giving you this Carmen Sandiego mission pack, which includes a Where In Time T-shirt, the Chronoskimmer cap with you-know-who’s picture in front, and the official ACME TimeNet watch, custom-made just for you.  From ACME TimeNet command, I salute you, Richard!”
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“Pilots, let’s wave goodbye to Richard as he heads back to TimeNet Command,” Kevin says from off-screen as we see Richard waving.  He “disappears” after a few seconds.

Adam and Sheryl are now standing in front of a pedestal with a big red button on top of it.  Kevin stands opposite them, next to the computer.  “Alright, are you guys ready for the next portion of our mission?”
“Yes,” Adam says.  Sheryl only nods.
“Alright, here’s the Chief to give you your next order.  Chief!”

The Chief appears on the monitor.  “Time Pilots, the history of combat sports is at stake!  Get to Africa in 1974 and pry those ancient boxing matches from Sir Vile’s hands!  Kevin, you’re in command!”
“Aye aye, Chief,” Kevin replies.  “Alright, Time Pilots, full speed ahead to 1974!”

A shot of the Chronoskimmer flying through time is seen.  Soon, we see Sir Vile holding a glowing purple sphere in his hands.
“Look, Sir Vile’s got the boxing matches in his Cybersphere!” Kevin cries off-camera.  “Activate the tractor beam!”
A beam of light steals the Cybersphere from Sir Vile’s hands.  Sir Vile growls and lifts his visor.  “I must exeunt…only to joust again!”  The evil knight disappears in a burst of fire.

“Nice job, we’ve gotten back the boxing matches and have them safely on board.  Unfortunately, Sir Vile gave us the slip, but before we continue chasing him, we need to return the loot to 700 BC.  Let’s check in with the Chief to get our mission profile.  Chief?”

“Time Pilots, you must navigate the Chronoskimmer through nine events from the history of boxing, starting at the most recent event and finishing at the least recent event.  The Time Pilot who does that will go on to chase Carmen Sandiego and Sir Vile along the Trail of Time.  Here are the events on your flight plan.”
The Chief disappears off-screen to reveal a puzzleboard with nine spaces.  The Chief reads each choice aloud:

Jack Johnson becomes the first African-American boxing champion
Former boxer George Foreman introduces the George Foreman Grill
Jack Broughton’s rules are first observed
The first purebred boxer dogs are exhibited
Boxing matches are first contested in ancient Greece
Simon & Garfunkel first record “The Boxer”
The statue of Rocky Balboa in Philadelphia is taken down
Muhammad Ali and George Foreman’s famous “Rumble in the Jungle”
The Marquis of Queensbury rules are introduced

That’s your briefing, Time Pilots.  Good luck on your journey!”

“Thanks, Chief,” Kevin says before turning to Adam and Sheryl.  “Alright, Adam, you were in the lead at the end of the last round.  You have the choice of going first or second.”
“I’ll go first,” Adam says after a moment of thought.
“Alright, in that case, I want you to navigate the Chronoskimmer back through time by picking the most recent event on the board.  You may begin.”
“Um…George Foreman Grill introduced…” Adam guesses.
A buzzer sound effect is heard.

“Alright, that was incorrect.  We go to Sheryl now…Sheryl, pick the most recent event.”
“Simon and Garfunkel record ‘The Boxer’…”
Another buzz is heard.

“Alright, back to Adam.”
“Rocky statue taken down…”
“Correct, you’ve plotted a course to 2006!  The statue was originally erected in Philadelphia in the 1980’s in front of the stairs used in the movie.  Can you pick the next most recent event on the board?”
“George Foreman Grill introduced…”
“Yes, you’ve steered us to 1993!  Keep going.”
“Simon and Garfunkel record ‘The Boxer’…”
The buzzer is heard again.

“Alright, back to Sheryl.”
“Rocky statue taken down…”
“Correct, 2006.”
“George Foreman Grill introduced…”
“Correct, 1993.”
“Ali and Foreman’s ‘Rumble in the Jungle’…”
“Correct, you’ve steered us to 1974!  Can you pick the next most recent event?”
“Simon & Garfunkel record ‘The Boxer’…”
“Yes, you’ve steered us to 1968!  Keep going, Sheryl!”
“First pygmachia fights…”
The buzzer is heard again.

“Alright, back to Adam.”
“Rocky statue taken down…”
“Correct, 2006.”
“George Foreman Grill introduced…”
“Yes, 1993.”
“Ali and Foreman’s ‘Rumble in the Jungle’…”
“Correct, 1974.  Keep going.”
“Simon & Garfunkel record ‘The Boxer’…”
“Yes, 1968!  Keep going.”
“Jack Johnson becomes first black champion…”
“Yes, you’ve plotted a course to 1908!  Johnson held the title for several years, and many white people actually rioted after he won the championship.  Can you pick the next most recent event on the board?”
“First purebred boxer dogs…”
“Yes, you’ve steered the Chronoskimmer to 1895!  Boxer dogs were named for their tendency to stand on their hind legs and playfully swat at their handlers like they were boxing.  Can you name the next most recent event?”
“Marquis of Queensberry rules…”
“Yes, 1867!  Keep going!”
“Broughton’s rules introduced…”
“Correct, 1743!”
“First pygmachia fights.”
“Yes, Adam, you’ve saved history!” Kevin exclaims as he heads over to congratulate Adam.  “Nice job, buddy!  There’s one more thing I want you to do—press this button right here to deliver the loot back to the year 700 BC.”

Adam pressed the red button on the pedestal that now stands in front of him.  The screen shows the glowing orb being sucked into a purple tunnel, and the words ‘Loot Restored’ appear on the screen.
“Nice job, Adam, great navigating there!” Kevin says.  “Sheryl, tough break there.  You did a great job, though, and we couldn’t have succeeded on this mission without you.  The Chief has a few words she’d like to say to you.  Chief?”

“You did great today!  You’ve earned yourself some well-earned R&R, and we’ve supplied you with this new MP3 player to help you unwind after those hard missions.  Good work, Sheryl!”
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Kevin is now seen beside Adam.  “Right now, Sheryl is on her way back to Central Command, but Adam, it’s time for you and I to head over to the Trail of Time.  You ready to go?”

“Yeah,” Adam says.

“Alright, let’s do it!” Kevin exclaims as he and Adam head over to the circular door the Time Pilots came out of at the start of the show.  “Look out, Carmen—we’re coming to getcha!”  Kevin pulls a lever on the side of the door, releasing smoke into the area.

The camera soon cuts to an area with numerous ‘gates’ all around, with a large glass platform with a long pole in the middle of the area. Kevin, Adam and the Engine Crew soon rush onscreen.
“Hey, Adam, we’ve made it to the Trail of Time!  To make it through this course, you’ve got to track Carmen through seven Time Portals in two minutes!  Every time you reach a new Portal, Carmen will try and stump you with a history question.  If you answer it correctly, the gate will open and you can move on to the next Portal.  If you get it wrong, you’ll have to operate a device to open the gate by hand, just like John is showing you there.”  The camera shows John turning a crank to light up the inside of a clock to open one of the gates.  “Along the way, you’re gonna capture Sir Vile.  If you can make it through all seven gates in two minutes, you’ll capture Carmen Sandiego and win the day’s prize!  Think you can do it?”
“Yeah,” Adam says, nodding emphatically.
“Alright,” Kevin says.  “On your mark, get set, GO, ADAM! Follow the Engine Crew to the first Portal!”

Adam takes off running, and the Engine Crew direct him to the first portal.  He hits the button at the gate to trigger the question.
“It’s around 700 BC,” Carmen’s voice says.  “What are fighters in ancient Greece using for boxing gloves?  Leather straps, or linen wrappings?”
“Leather straps,” Adam says.  A ding is heard, and the gate opens with 1:44 left.

“Alright, great job, Adam!” Kevin shouts as Adam rushes toward the second gate.  “Six more Portals to go—keep it up!”
Adam reaches the second Portal and presses the button.
“It’s 1681.  What style of boxing is popular in England?  Bare-knuckle, or welterweight?”
“Bare-knuckle?” Adam guesses.  A ding is heard, and the gate opens with 1:30 left.

“Alright, good job, Adam!” Kevin narrates as Adam runs to the third gate.
Adam reaches the third Portal with 1:25 to go and hits the button.
“It’s 1838.  What is declared illegal in boxing for the first time?  Kicking, or biting?”
“Kicking,” Adam says.  A buzzer is heard.
“Alright, pull the rope,” Kevin instructs, and Adam grabs the rope and starts pulling.  “Pull the rope to open the gate!”  Adam pulls the rope, gradually lifting up the fake stone wheel it’s attached to.  Soon, the wheel reaches the top, and the gate opens with 1:10 left.

“Alright, keep going!  Hey, you’ve captured Sir Vile!” Kevin narrates as Adam heads to the fourth Portal.  A picture of Sir Vile inside a sphere appears at the bottom of the screen before Adam reaches the fourth portal, and hits the button with 1:04 to go.
“It’s 1919.  Who wins the heavyweight championship for the first time?  Joe Louis, or Jack Dempsey?”
“Jack Dempsey,” Adam guesses.  A ding is heard, and the gate opens.

“Yes, great work, Adam!” Kevin exclaims as Adam heads to the fifth portal.  He reaches it and hits the button with 49 seconds to go.
“It’s 1956.  Which boxer retires undefeated in his career?  Muhammad Ali, or Rocky Marciano?”
“Uh, Rocky Marciano,” Adam says.  A ding is heard, and the gate opens.

“Alright, that’s good,” Kevin narrates as Adam heads to the next Portal.  “Keep it up—thirty-eight seconds to go!”  Adam hits the button at the sixth Portal.
“It’s 1970.  What country bans professional boxing?  Sweden, or Cuba?”
“Cuba,” Adam says.  A buzzer is heard.
“Alright, turn the crank,” Kevin instructs, and Adam begins turning a wheel-like crank to lift the pendulum inside the grandfather clock next to the gate.  “Keep cranking!  That gate’s gonna open any second now!”  Soon, the gate opens with 19 seconds left.

“Alright, one Portal left!” Kevin narrates as Adam rushes to the final gate.  “Bring it home!”  With fifteen seconds left, Adam hits the button at the last Portal.
“It’s 1997.  Whose ear does Mike Tyson bite during a match?  Buster Douglas, or Evander Holyfield?”
“Evander Holyfield!” Adam shouts.  A ding is heard, and the gate opens with eight seconds remaining.

“Alright, you did it, Adam!” Kevin shouts, meeting Adam at the finish line.  “You’ve made it through the Trail of Time!  There’s one more thing I want you to do.  Take this crystal and place it in the Chronolock Chamber, so we can capture Carmen Sandiegooooo!”

Adam takes the crystalline ball from Kevin’s hands and places it on top of the pole in the middle of the platform.  The camera then shows a shot of jail bars slamming down in front of Carmen Sandiego.

“Nice work, Adam,” Kevin says as he high-fives the day’s winner.  “You did great—you are an awesome Time Pilot!  And now, the Chief is here to tell you what you’ve won…Chief?”

“Adam, you’ve done an outstanding job!” the Chief gushes.  “I’m proud to give you an A+ on your mission!  But that’s not all.  With this new state-of-the-art Toshiba laptop computer, you’ll never miss a beat on your future missions.  Plus, with this $250 savings bond, you’re set for anything the future decides to dish out at you.  I salute you, Time Pilot—congratulations!”

Kevin, Adam and the Engine Crew are now seen gathered around the Chronolock Chamber.  “Alright—Adam, you did it!” Kevin says.  “You won the computer—how do you feel?”

“Good,” Adam replies, smiling.

“You should feel good,” Kevin says. “You captured Sir Vile, you restored the loot to its proper place in time, and you captured Carmen Sandiego!  Nice work, my man.  But now, we’ve all got to go back to the present.  Just remember: at ACME TimeNet, history is our job—the future is yours!”
Kevin, Adam and the Engine Crew rush off the set as the theme song begins to play, and the end credits roll.
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Oh, how I love this show. And this fanfic is making me relive it. Also, you made Adam win because this was the first episode, right?
Title: Re: Where In Time Is Carmen Sandiego?: Episode 1
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Well, well, I guess I picked a good time to come out of hiding. :lol: I loved reading this too, and imagining the entire show and everything as I read it.  Admittedly the final round seems a bit too easy with only one extra gate but 30 extra seconds, but I definitely liked the entire read and how some other parts like Round 2 were made a bit harder to balance things out.  Good job, looking forward to more!