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Title: Legends: Unearthed - The Paper Crown of the Duke of York
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The camera moves past several tree branches and plants, unable to find a way out of the jungle with each turn. At last, it stops in front of an ancient Mayan temple with a stone head by its base. As it draws closer, the head's eyes glow red as it begins to speak:

Legends of the Hidden Temple!” A panoramic view of the Temple is shown as the title appears on the screen. “With your guide, Kirk Fogg!” The camera shifts to the Chamber of Dry Waters, where we see Kirk sliding down the Pharaoh's Secret Passage. As he runs out of the Temple and towards the Steps of Knowledge, the stone head speaks again: “And here he is now!”

“Thank you! Thank you very much! Nice to see you! Nice to see you, Olmec! Welcome to Legends of the Hidden Temple. The rooms are filled with lost treasures that are protected by mysterious Mayan Temple Guards. Only Olmec knows the legend behind each of the treasures in his Temple...which one are we gonna hear about today?”

“The legend of the Paper Crown of the Duke of York,” Olmec says in response.

“Ah, the Paper Crown of the Duke of York! Well, one of these teams will have a chance to retrieve the Paper Crown. Will it be...the Red Jaguars?” The camera passes by each team as they're announced. “The Blue Barracudas? The Green Monkeys? The Orange Iguanas? The Purple Parrots? Or the Silver Snakes?”

“They're gonna have to pass some tough physical and mental tests, and in the end, only one team will earn the right to enter Olmec's Temple. But first, they must cross the Moat, and Olmec will tell us how they'll have to do it today.”

Olmec starts to explain the Moat Crossing: “Before you are small stones and a rope hanging in the middle. When Kirk gives the signal, the first player will walk across using the stones, bring the rope back to your side, and swing across. When you get to the other side, throw the rope back to your partner, who will then swing across. Players, remember! If you fall or use the stones to help you get across while swinging, you must start again. As soon as the second player has crossed, run over and hit the gong.” Kirk hits the Silver Snakes' gong to demonstrate. “The first four teams to hit their gongs will go on to the next round!”

“Alright, let's get started! Hey teams, are you ready?” The teams cheer once more as the first players get ready. “Olmec, are you ready?”

“Let's get crackin'.”

“On your mark, get set, go!

The Silver Snakes' boy, the Blue Barracudas' girl, and the Orange Iguanas' boy make it to the rope with no problem, but the remaining teams end up falling over, with the Red Jaguars' girl nearly preventing herself from dropping into the water. “Red Jaguars almost made it!” Kirk says as the Silver Snakes are the first to get to the other side, followed by the Blue Barracudas and the Orange Iguanas. Meanwhile, the Red Jaguars fare slightly better as the girl doesn't fall during her second trip, but she is followed closely by the Green Monkeys' boy and the Purple Parrots' boy.

When the three teams throw their ropes back, the Orange Iguanas' girl has a hard time grabbing the rope due to her short reach. At this time, the Red Jaguars' girl crosses over, with the Green Monkeys' boy not too far behind. The Purple Parrots' boy, however, keeps going into the water before he can reach the dock. “Oh, Purple Parrots have to go back!” Kirk yells as the second member of the Silver Snakes crosses over along with the Blue Barracudas and the Orange Iguanas, but the latter two teams drop into the water. “I think we're about to have our first team! It's the Silver Snakes!” he finishes as they hit the gong.

The Red Jaguars' girl tosses the rope after a failed attempt, and her partner grabs it at the same time the Blue Barracudas and the Orange Iguanas return to the deck. All five teams swing at about the same time, but only the Blue Barracudas' boy and the Red Jaguars' boy make it to the end. “We've got two teams coming in!” The Blue Barracudas are the first to ring in, followed by the Red Jaguars. “One more! We need one more team!” The Orange Iguanas and the Green Monkeys swing across, and both of them make it to the dock. However, the Green Monkeys' girl can barely keep a foothold on the surface, and as her partner tries to help her, the Orange Iguanas ring in.

“That's it! We've got our four teams right here!” Kirk yells as he runs over to the Silver Snakes. “These guys blazed through the Moat! Going on to the Steps of Knowledge are the Silver Snakes!” He pauses to give each team a moment of applause. “And the Orange Iguanas...and the Blue Barracudas...and the Red Jaguars! The Green Monkeys and the Purple Parrots did a great job, they're not going away empty handed. Here's what we've got for them.” They receive a $50 savings bond from Hershey.
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When the prize disappears, we see Kirk and the remaining four teams walk towards the Steps of Knowledge. “As the quest continues, it's now time for Olmec to tell us about the Paper Crown of York. But teams, you might want to pay attention, because your knowledge of the legend can bring you a step closer to the Temple...”

Olmec begins his tale: “One of the most famous dukes of Medieval England was Richard Plantagenet, the Duke of York. Throughout Henry VI's rule, York would gain power within the court, only to lose it soon after. In 1453, however, he would become Protector of the Realm after Henry's mental breakdown, despite Margaret of Anjou's objections.”
“'Him? Protector of the Realm? Are you people begging for England to fall? He couldn't be trusted with France!'”
“When Henry recovered, he was quick to strip Richard of his power once again, but by then, everything had fallen into place. He intercepted Henry in St. Albans, signaling the start of the War of the Roses. Henry and Richard would continue to fight for several years, but eventually, they made an agreement.”
“'I-if you let me f-f-finish my rule, you'll become king! D-does that sound okay to you?'”
“'Eh, good enough.'”
“Richard never got to rule, for in 1460, during the Battle of Wakefield, he was defeated when he was surrounded by his enemies. Legend has it, before he died, a paper crown was placed on his head.”
“'A fake crown for a fake king!'” the soldiers proclaimed before beheading him. His head was mounted on a pike and placed outside the city of York. Years later, the paper crown found its way to the Temple. Your quest is to find the Paper Crown of the Duke of York and bring it back here.”

“Thanks, Olmec,” says Kirk. “So tell us, where is this Paper Crown?”

“The Paper Crown of the Duke of York can be the Room of the Ancient Warriors.” The camera zooms in on the wrinkled Paper Crown, sitting on the barrier in front of the room.

“Teams, you are now standing on the Steps of Knowledge,” Kirk begins as he paces behind them. “In a minute, Olmec will ask you a question. If you think you know the answer, I want you to stomp down on the ancient marking in front of you. If you're right, you'll move on to the next level, but if you're wrong or run out of time, I'm going to give the other teams a chance to answer.” He starts to walk down the steps. “The first two teams to make it to the bottom level will be one step closer to Olmec's Temple. Olmec, we're ready for your first question.”

Olmec starts:
“Which of these was Richard a duke of? Clarence – ”
The Blue Barracudas ring in before he finishes. “York,” the girl responds.
“That is correct.” The Blue Barracudas step down.
“Alright, Blue Barracudas have taken the lead,” Kirk observes. “Next question.”

“Which title was Richard given during Henry VI's breakdown? Earl – ”
The Red Jaguars ring in, but the boy can't get the answer out. Before he does, time runs out.
“Time's up. The other two choices are: Bishop, or Protector of the Realm? ”
The Blue Barracudas ring in. “Protector of the Realm,” the girl replies.
“That is correct.” They descend to the second step.
“Blue Barracudas are one step away from the Temple Games! Red Jaguars, you might want to hear all of the answers before ringing in. Next question.”

“Who opposed Richard the most? Margaret of Anjou, Henry VI, or Warwick?”
The Orange Iguanas ring in. “Henry VI?” the girl asks, as if confused.
The Silver Snakes ring in. “Margaret of Anjou!” the girl yells.
“That is correct.” The Silver Snakes advance.
“Silver Snakes are on the board! Still plenty of time, though. Next question, Olmec.”

“Which battle began the War of the Roses? The Battle of Towton, the Battle of Wakefield, or the Battle of St. Albans?”
The Blue Barracudas ring in. “The Battle of St. Albans!” the girl yells.
“That is correct.” The Blue Barracudas descend to the final level.
“We've got our first team going to the Temple Games! It's the Blue Barracudas!” They rapidly jump on the step while the other teams look on. “We need one more team, who's it gonna be? The Silver Snakes, the Orange Iguanas, or the Red Jaguars? Next question, Olmec.”

“What ultimately happened to Richard? Did he become king of England, live with rebels, or die in battle?”
The Silver Snakes ring in. “He died in battle!” the girl yells.
“That is correct.” The Silver Snakes descend to the next level.
“Silver Snakes are one step away! Still plenty of time to catch up, though. Next question.”

“Which of these was considered the bloodiest battle in the War of the Roses? The Battle of Ferrybridge, the Battle of Towton, or the Battle of Bosworth Field?”
The Orange Iguanas ring in. “The Battle of Bosworth Field!” the girl yells.
The Red Jaguars ring in, but once again, the boy can't get the answer out. The girl continually whispers in his ear, but time runs out before he says anything.
“Time's up. The correct answer was the Battle of Towton.”
“It's alright, we've still got time. Next question.”

“Towton is within which of these English counties: Oxfordshire, North Yorkshire, or Devon?”
The Silver Snakes ring in. “North Yorkshire?” says the girl.
“That is correct.” The Silver Snakes leap to the last level.
“We've got our two teams!” Kirk yells as he joins them. “It's the Blue Barracudas and the Silver Snakes!” He looks over at both the other two teams and gestures them to come forward. “The Red Jaguars and the Orange Iguanas did great. We've got a great gift for them, and here's what it is.” They receive a pair of British Knights.

“These two teams will be playing to earn the right to enter Olmec's Temple, and they'll do it right after this!” As he high-fives the two teams, the camera shifts over to Olmec, who lets out a low groan as the camera draws closer. The title appears, then we go to commercial.
Title: Re: Legends: Unearthed - The Paper Crown of the Duke of York
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When we return from commercial, we see the outside of the Temple from above, presumably in one of the Temple's rooms. When the title disappears, we cut to Kirk standing between the remaining teams.

“Welcome back to Legends,” he says. “Now the glory goes to the fastest and the strongest, but before we get started, let's find out more about our two teams. On the Blue Barracudas, we have Brook. How old are you?”
“Twelve,” she says.
“And I heard you like to play ice hockey. Tell me about that.”
“Well, I live by a lake, and when it froze during the winter, a bunch of my friends would go skating and play hockey on it.”
“Did you win any games?”
“A few.”
“And your partner, Harry. How old are you?”
“Thirteen,” he says.
“And I heard you like to read mystery novels. Why's that?”
“They're...interesting and it's fun to find out who did what.”
“Any favorites?”
A Graveyard for Lunatics.”
“Let's hear it for the Blue Barracudas!” Kirk yells as the audience cheers for the short girl with red hair and blue eyes and the somewhat tall boy with dark brown hair and green eyes.

Kirk turns to look at the Silver Snakes. “And over on the Silver Snakes we have Michelle. How old are you?”
“Twelve,” she says.
“And you like to play pool. How'd you get into that?”
“The rec center got a pool table a few years ago, and I got bored one day and just played with it.”
“How many games have you won?”
“Hmm...around ten, I think.”
“And your partner, Ace. How old are you?”
“Twelve,” he says.
“And I heard you like to build sand castles. Tell me about that.”
“Well, I loved making them when I was a kid, then I kind of figured out that you don't need a pail and a shovel to make one.”
“Have you won any competitions?”
“No, but I'm getting there.”
“Let's hear it for the Silver Snakes!” The audience cheers for the somewhat short girl with long, auburn hair and dark brown eyes and the boy with brown hair and brown eyes.

“Why don't you guys get ready for the Temple Games, and I'll tell everyone what's going to happen here.” As the kids leave, Kirk reaches into his pouch. “In the Temple Games, teams are competing to win...” He stops as he pulls a Pendant of Life out of the pouch. “...Pendants of Life. The winning team will need those Pendants to protect them from the dreaded, dreaded Temple Guards as they make their way through the Temple. There are three Temple Games. Olmec, tell us about Temple Game #1.”

Olmec begins to explain the first game: “Richard surprised King Henry VI's army by attacking them, leading to the Battle of St. Albans. Behind you stands your army and between you lies a giant boulder. When Kirk gives the signal, shove your boulder and knock over your enemy's soldiers without crossing into their territory. You may block your opponent's boulder. The first player to knock over all of their opponent's soldiers, or the player that's knocked over the most soldiers in 60 seconds, wins.”

“Alright, it's the king's last stand in St. Albans!” Kirk says. “Set the clock for 60 seconds! On your mark, get set, go!

Brook and Michelle start off evenly as they shove the boulders toward each other. While Michelle manages to block hers in time, Brook gets to her soldier too late, and Michelle gets a point. With 47 seconds remaining, however, Brook evens it up by shoving a boulder at a soldier Michelle couldn't get to. They remain in a deadlock until they reach the 25 second mark, when Michelle knocks down another soldier. With time ticking down, Brook succeeds in getting another soldier down before it expires.

“That's it!” Kirk yells as he runs back onscreen. “Wow, this was a tough match all the way through. Both teams knocked over two soldiers, so that gives each of them a half Pendant of Life!” Brook and Michelle clap along with the audience. “Either team can pull ahead in the next game, though! It's worth a half Pendant. Olmec, tell us about it.”

Olmec continues: “After the Battle of Wakefield was over, the soldiers put Richard's head on a pike outside the city of York. Here, you need to add the paper crown to complete the insult. Before you lies a gatehouse, with Richard's head on the very top. When Kirk gives the signal, jump up, grab the netting, and move yourself up to the next level. Then, climb up and continue to move to the next level. When you reach the top, place the paper crown in your backpack on Richard's head and climb back down. The first player to place the paper crown and come back down, or the player that's further along at the end of 60 seconds, wins.”

“You know, I bet it wasn't this hard when the soldiers did it,” Kirk jokes. “Put 60 seconds on the clock! On your mark, get set, go!

Harry and Ace grab onto the netting above them, and Ace is the first to get past it. Harry gets past the first netting four seconds later, but Ace is quick to push himself past the second netting. With 38 seconds left, Ace goes past the third netting. As Harry gets past the second netting, Ace grabs the crown out of his backpack and places it on the head. With only 30 seconds left, Ace scrambles to get down, going through the third netting at about the same time Harry goes through it. He does the same with the second netting, then nears the first netting after Harry places his crown on the head. By the time the 18 second mark comes, Harry has only just gotten past the third netting while Ace reaches the bottom.

“Alright, he's down! That's it!” Kirk yells as he returns. “I hope putting a crown on someone's head wasn't a bad experience. The Silver Snakes got the crown and came back before time ran out, so that gives them a half Pendant of Life!” Ace claps along with the audience as Harry returns to the bottom floor. “So now it's the Silver Snakes with a full Pendant, the Blue Barracudas have a half Pendant. We're about to go into the third and final game, it's worth a full Pendant. Olmec, tell us about it.”

Olmec explains the final game: “Before they could get to York, the Lancastrian army had to take care of his soldiers. Your task is to take down these soldiers like they did. One player from each team is suspended in a sack, and when Kirk gives the signal, the other player will swing them toward the enemy soldiers. The first team to knock down all three soldiers, or the team that's further along at the end of 60 seconds, wins.”

“Whoever wins this is going to the Temple!” Kirk yells. “Set the clock...for 60 seconds! On your mark, get set, go!

Brook and Ace immediately grab their partners and start throwing them at the soldiers. At first, no one scores, but at the 49 second mark, Ace knocks a soldier down. Brook follows soon after. After a failed attempt, Brook throws Harry and hits a soldier, knocking it down with 38 seconds left. Ace follows immediately afterward. With 30 seconds left, both players throw their partners at the last soldier, but while the Silver Snakes only graze theirs, the Blue Barracudas succeed in knocking theirs down.

“Time's up! I mean, that's it!” Kirk corrects himself as he runs back onscreen. “It was neck and neck all the way through, but the Blue Barracudas pulled through at the last minute! They got their last soldier down, and that gives them a full Pendant of Life!” Harry and Brook clap, while Ace smiles at the two of them. “The Blue Barracudas have a Pendant and a half, the Silver Snakes have a Pendant! The Blue Barracudas are going to the Temple!” As Harry and Brook cheer, Ace walks over and high-fives both of them. Michelle claps as Ace returns to her along with Kirk. “The Silver Snakes were very close, they were a great team! We've got a great gift for them, and here's what it is.” They receive a book called Artemis Fowl.

When the prize disappears, we see Kirk standing between Harry and Brook. “We'll see if the Blue Barracudas can make it through Olmec's Temple and retrieve the Paper Crown of York right after this!” As he high-fives the two players, the camera shifts over to the Room of the Ancient Warriors, zooming in on the Paper Crown as the title appears. We go to commercial afterward.
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When we return from commercial, we get a view of the bottom floor through one of the upper rooms of the Temple before the title disappears. After that, we cut to Kirk and the Blue Barracudas, who are now standing in front of the Temple.

“Welcome back to Legends,” he says. “Harry and Brook have proven themselves worthy and have earned the right to enter Olmec's Temple. But first, Olmec's gonna give them some information to help them retrieve the Paper Crown of York.”

Olmec begins his rundown, complete with a first-person walkthrough of the Temple: “You could running up the stairs into the Crypt! Grab the book from the skeletons, and pass into the Overgrown Pit. Use the outcroppings to maneuver across, and climb into the Eclipsed Light Room. Focus the light on the black orb, and a door may open into the Heart Room. Turn the levers to awaken the sleeping heart, and pass into the Room...of the Ancient Warriors! Place yourself into the correct armor, and open the door to the SHRIIIINE of the Decayed Monkey. Assemble the statue, and you may be headed toward the Lightning Room. Connect the power cords to create your own lightning, and open the door to the Pharaoh's Secret Passage. Slide down the tunnel to the Chamber of Dry Waters, where you could pull the chains to unleash the waterfall, or smash through to the Dark Forest. But beware of the Temple Guards that may inhabit the trees! Find the key in the tree, and you'll enter the Murky Swamp. Traverse through the muck, and you'll gain entry to...the Lair of the Butterfly. Rip the wings off of the butterflies, then...pass through the pit, climb through the Moss Cavern, race down the stairs and back to the Temple Gate! The choices are yours and yours alone...” He briefly pauses. “You've won one and a half Pendants in the Temple Games. Who's going first?”

“I am!” Brook shouts.

“Very well, Brook. When Kirk gives the signal, you'll race through the Gates into the Temple and make your way towards the Paper Crown of the Duke of York. Hidden inside the Temple are Temple Guards assigned to protect three specific rooms. You can trade your Pendant for an extra life and go on, but! If you're caught without a Pendant, you'll be taken out of the Temple, and it'll be Harry's turn to enter and try his luck. Hidden somewhere in the Temple is the other half of your Pendant, Harry. If you find it, you'll gain an extra life. If you can reach the Paper Crown, all the doors of the Temple will instantly unlock, and the Temple Guards will vanish. Return through the gates with the Paper Crown in three minutes, and you'll both be handsomely rewarded – and here's how!

“Alright, let's get ready to go. Mouthpieces in. Olmec, lower the gate.” Olmec lets out a low groan as the gate descends. “Put three minutes on the clock! On your mark, get set, go!

Brook runs in, carrying the team's only full Pendant. She slides into the Moss Cavern, and she climbs around for a bit before hitting the top actuator in the room. She crawls into the Overgrown Pit with 2:43 seconds left. She moves on the outcroppings, and hits the actuator leading to the Eclipsed Light Room. It doesn't open, so she tries the one leading to the Heart Room. That one doesn't open either, so she drops down. “Oh, she has to drop down!” Kirk narrates as she tries the actuator leading to the Lair of the Butterfly. It works, and she enters the room with 2:29 remaining.

In this room, she opens the display case to her left first, which contains nothing inside, then moves on to the other two display cases. She opens the first one and immediately rips the butterflies apart. She then opens the second one and does the same. The last one causes the statue to glow and she starts to climb the ladder with 2:11 left. After realizing the door isn't open, she drops down and heads to the Murky Swamp. However, before she can even step into the Murky Swamp, the first Temple Guard emerges from the muck below!

“A murky Temple Guard!” Kirk jokes. “Give him a Pendant! He'll leave you alone!” As she shrinks back into the tunnel, Brook immediately throws her Pendant into the muck, causing him to scramble to the other side to get it. Clearly frazzled, she finally enters the room and crawls through the muck, then hits the actuator on the other side with 1:55 remaining. She quickly points to something on it while looking away, then enters the Dark Forest with 1:51 left after using the vines to get herself inside. She immediately runs over to the stage-left tree and reaches inside. She finds the key and runs over to the door leading to the Shrine of the Decayed Monkey, but even after placing it in the keyhole, the door won't budge. “You can bust through the wall!” Brook heeds Kirk's advice and busts through, into the Chamber of Dry Waters.

She yanks on the first chain, the one by the stone wall, but the water doesn't come out. She follows by running over to the chain by the mouth, and upon yanking it, the water is released. With 1:35 left, she climbs up the Pharaoh's Secret Passage, though it takes her some time to climb up. By the time she enters the Lightning Room, 1:27 remains on the clock. As she grabs the first cord and tries to plug it in, the second Temple Guard emerges from the back door with 1:22 left on the clock!

“Temple Guard! Go, Harry!” Harry runs in, but he almost runs headfirst into the Crypt before realizing his mistake and going back down into the Moss Cavern. After some crawling around, he finds the entrance to the Overgrown Pit and crawls in. Five seconds later, he goes into the Lair of the Butterfly. He quickly walks through and gets into the Murky Swamp with 58 seconds left. When he gets to the actuator, he stops and pulls something off. “Oh, that's the other half of his Pendant!” Kirk yells. “He's found it!” He climbs into the Dark Forest, followed by going into the Chamber of Dry Waters. He climbs up the Pharaoh's Secret Passage, and enters the Lightning Room with 38 seconds left on the clock.

“He's just two rooms away!” Harry gets to work on the ball, and one by one, he connects the cords. When the fourth one is connected, the doors open and he runs into the Shrine with 27 seconds left. “He's almost there! He just has to put the monkey together!” He grabs the base, and after fumbling with it, puts it on the pedestal with 18 seconds left. Soon after, he grabs the second piece, but fumbles with it again. By the time he puts it on the monkey's base correctly, 8 seconds are left on the clock. Once he grabs the head, he jams it down onto the monkey. The door to the Room of the Ancient Warriors opens, but as he enters the room, time runs out.

“Ohh, he was so close!” Kirk yells as Brook looks down at the floor. “He almost had the crown! Ohh, but these guys did a great job. They got the skateboard. These guys had a great time, I know I had a great time, but we gotta get outta here. Join us again next time for another great Legend of the Hidden Temple! Buh-bye!”

Throughout the credits, Kirk and Brook talk while Harry makes his way back to the gate. At various points, the camera takes shots of the Paper Crown and the other Temple rooms. The last shot before the credits end is of Harry emerging from the Temple, with Brook looking at him while he shrugs with a half-smile on his face.
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The Paper Crown of the Duke of York

Layout: Season 1, Layout 1
Artifact Location: The Room of the Ancient Warriors
No. of Rooms Entered: 8
Team: Blue Barracudas (Harry and Brook)
Number of Pendants: 1 1/2
Guard Locations: The Murky Swamp, The Lightning Room
Half-Pendant Location: The Murky Swamp
Result: Out of Time!

Okay, we just had two victories on the show, so a loss had to happen somewhere. But man, was this somewhat painful to watch. Before we get to the Temple Run, though, let's go through the other rounds. The Moat was average, though it hurts to see the Purple Parrots suck hard here. That kid kept dragging into the water every time he swung. The Steps of Knowledge was easily the worst part of the episode. While I don't expect anyone to know much about the War of the Roses (I'm pretty sure no one knew about Towton), I expected far better from the Red Jaguars. At least the Orange Iguanas answered, even though they got their answers wrong. The Temple Games were average, with the Silver Snakes making a great effort until the team game. Ace was a nice sport from what I've seen, though.

And now, the Temple Run, starting with Brook. She did okay, but of all the rooms to stall in, why the Murky Swamp? I mean sure, there was a Temple Guard there, but you don't move back when you see the guy! You hand him the Pendant and move forward. Despite that, she had enough sense to signal the half-Pendant back to Harry, and made it to the Lightning Room before being removed from the Temple.

Now for Harry. Surprisingly, he made it to the Lightning Room with some time left, even though he nearly pulled a Ryann and almost went inside the Crypt, and got to the Shrine with 27 seconds left, so there was hope for him to grab the crown, right? Wrong. He took about 25 seconds to finish the thing, and that was after fumbling way too much. Now, he wasn't the worst Blue Barracuda to assemble the monkey - that honor still belongs to Larry - but really, when you only have that much time left, you should move. By the time he was done, there was no hope of him getting the crown. At least he got in the room, so he was close. Maybe not as close as Jennifer from The Dragon Lady and the Blue Pearl, but close.

...Though now that I've mentioned Larry, I really hope we don't see the return of Monster Monkey in this season.

- This might be one of the darkest episodes of Legends yet, and it's only the third episode of the season. I mean, one of the Temple Games revolved around putting a crown on a decapitated head. How'd that get past the censors in 2002? Seriously, how?
- It seemed that only Olmec was consistent with the artifact name; Kirk called it the Paper Crown of York at least twice.
- This episode has two firsts: this is the first loss of the season, and this is the first time someone opened the empty display case in the Lair of the Butterfly.
- The Temple Run has yet another case of "could have taken the shorter route"; if you look closely in the Chamber of Dry Waters, you can see the door to the Shrine of the Decayed Monkey open. Brook could have avoided the second guard and gotten Unearthed its first solo victory, but of course, that didn't happen.
- Given that the Eclipsed Light Room and the Heart Room were locked, chances are very likely that the last Temple Guard was in the Crypt. Imagine if Harry did go in that room...
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Nice read. Liked it