Phantom's Temple

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Title: Building a homemade Temple
Post by: GreenMonkeys#1 on June 01, 2013, 10:38:25 AM
So, I've talked about the plan for one in the Spam Topic the other day, and I'm thinking about starting soon. 

Here is a list for any ideas

The Room of the Three Gargoyles:
The Room of Royal Gongs:
The Crypt:
The Wall Climb:
The Troubled Bridge/Wheel Room:
The Pit of Despair (S2 L1-2)
The Troubled Bridge/The Rock Quarry:
The Pit (S2 L4-5)
The Pit of the Pendulum:
The Observatory (Sundial):
The Observatory (Lights):
The Observatory (Puzzle):
The King's Storeroom (S3):
The Heart Room:
The Room of Fallen Columns:
Medusa's Lair:
The Room of the Mandarin Hand:
The Chamber of Sacred Markers:
The Room of Golden Idols:
The Treasure Room:
The Treasury of Golden Orbs:
The King's Storeroom (S2):
The Room of the Ancient Warriors:
The Shrine of the Silver Monkey:
The Torch Room/Room of Three Torches:
The Pirate's Cove:
The Viper's Nest:
The Lightning Room:
The Room of the Secret Password:
The Mineshaft (S1):
The Dungeon:
The Well:
The Mineshaft (S2):
The Quicksand Bog (Including Pharoah's Secret Passage):
The Tomb of Ancient Kings:
The Dark Forest:
The Swamp (S1):
The Spider's Lair:
The Bamboo Forest:
The Holes of Python:
The Swamp (S2):
The Jester's Court:
The Throne Room (S1):
The Room of Harmonic Convergence:
The Throne Room (S2):
The Laser Light Room:
The Tomb of Headless Kings:
The Cave of Sighs:
The Ledges: