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Title: Legends: World's Collide - The Feather of Archimedes
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{Camera pushes its way through jungle foliage. The bushes finally clear, and gets a view of a giant stone head perched atop steps. Suddenly the eyes glow red and the statue speaks}
   Olmec: Legends! World's Collide!
   {Camera cuts to a sweeping view of the temple. The show logo explodes onscreen, then disappears. The camera stops on a shadowed, horse like figure in one of the upper rooms.}
   Olmec: With your guide, Daring Do!
   *the figure grows wings and leaps from the temple, and flies to the front of the temple*
   Olmec: And here she is now!
   *The yellow-brown furred pony, wearing an archeologist's shirt and pith helmet lands next to the Moat*
   Daring Do: *taking bows* Thank you! Thank you all! Nice to see you! *turns to Olmec* And thank you Olmec! *turns to camera* Welcome to Legends: World's Collide! Here you can see Olmec's hidden temple, {camera cuts to another sweep view of the temple and its rooms} and its rooms are filled with lost treasures that are protected by mysterious Mayan temple guards. {cuts back to Daring} Olmec knows the legends behind each of the treasures in his temple. Which one will we hear about today?
   Olmec: The legend of The Feather of Archimedes!
   Daring Do: And one of these six teams will have a chance to retrieve the Feather. Will it be...{Camera cuts to each team as their name is called} *each team cheers when their name is called* The Red Jaguars? The Blue Barracudas? The Green Monkeys? The Orange Iguanas? The Purple Parrots? Or the Silver Snakes? {camera cuts back to her} They will have to pass some pretty tough physical and mental tests, and in the end only one team will earn the right to enter Olmec's temple. But first they must cross the moat, and here's how they'll have to do it today!

   Daring Do: {camera cuts to one of the Barracudas holding a rope} One member of each team is holding a rope, and in the center of the moat is a small platform, and another rope on the opposite side. When I say go, they will swing out to the platform, {camera pans to show this} and then toss the rope to their partner, who will then swing across. Once both team members are on the platform, the first team member will grab the second rope and finish crossing the moat, {camera pans again to show the other side} then pass the rope to their partner, who will do the same.
   Daring Do: {cuts back to Daring, near the Red Jaguars gong} As soon as the second teammate has crossed, it's his job to run over here and ring the temple gong by hitting the top of this pedestal. *She demonstrates by rearing up and slamming the button on top with her hoof. The base glows red, then eventually fades* The first four teams to ring their gongs will move on to the next round! *turns toward all the teams* Teams! Are you ready?
   Teams: {camera cuts to a view of the moat that shows all 6 teams} YEAH!
   Daring Do: *points back toward Olmec* Are you ready Olmec?
   Olmec: {cuts to wide view that shows Olmec and Daring} Let's rock and roll!
   Daring Do: {cuts to view of the moat in full} On your mark...get set...GO!

   *All the first players swing to their middle platforms, then toss the ropes back to their teammates*
   Daring Do: Wow! All six teams start off great, getting to the center platform! *They toss their ropes to their partners, only Orange fail to grab* The Orange Iguanas miss, and here come the other teams! *The teammates swing over, but Blue misses and falls into the moat* And...oh! Blue Barracudas fall in! He's gotta swim back and try again! *As he does, the other 5 teams begin the swing across to the other side. Silver in the lead followed closely by Red*
   Daring Do: Now they must swing to the other side. Silver Snakes are ahead, but only just. Followed by the Red Jaguars, Purple Parrots, Green...*Green almost tips back into the moat during their swing* Oh! Green Monkeys just save themselves. Barracudas are now on the center. *The teammates cross now, Silver lands first, followed by Red* The Silver Snakes are across! *They hit their colored gong* We got one! *Red rushes over and hits theirs* We got two! We just need two more! *Purple scrambles and reaches the other side*
   Daring Do: Oh, here come the Purple Parrots! *They ring in* That's three! We just need one more team! *Orange tries to cross, only to come short and have to swing back* Oh! Orange Iguanas can't quite make it! *Green's last team member makes the swing* Can the Green Monkeys make it? *They touch the other side and rush over and hit their gong* They did it! That's it! We have our four teams! They are the Red Jaguars, the Green Monkeys, the Purple Parrots, and the Silver Snakes! Blue Barracudas and Orange Iguanas both gave a good effort though. They will not be going away empty handed. Here's what we got for them.
   {Advertisement comes on screen with a product the runners up receive}

Title: Re: Legends: World's Collide - The Feather of Archimedes
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{When the ad disappears, the camera's on the Steps of Knowledge, each team on their own set. Camera zooms on Daring Do in the center}

   Daring Do: As we continue our quest, it's now time for Olmec to tell us about the Feather of Archimedes. But teams, pay attention, because your knowledge of the legend can bring you a step closer to the temple.
   {Camera goes to Olmec}

   Olmec: In the treacherous Badlands, where two teams of mercenaries battle for control of their companies power, the maddest of these men was simply known as the RED Medic. Hailing from Germany and with no medical legal medical license, he was signed on by Reliable Excavation Demolition to help heal and improve the performance of the others. He did this by attaching odd machines to his patients hearts, which sounded like quackery, but it was a stunning success. Although he was mad, the Medic had a serene side, keeping pet doves in the operating room with him. One dove, named Archimedes, was always being mischievous with his master, hiding in the bodies of his patients during operations. “Archimedes! No! It's filthy in there!” But this finally sealed the doves fate. After one successful operation, a Scout teammate exited the Medic's room. “You will not much this hurts!” A coo came from his chest, and the Medic recognized the call of his bird. “Archimedes?” The Scout however refused to go under the knife a second time to remove the dove, and instead went back to fighting, only to end up falling victim to a Demoman sticky bomb trap. The Scout was blown into several pieces, but miraculously Archimedes was unharmed, and flew away into sky afterward. The only thing the dove left behind was a blood stained feather, which found it's way to the temple. Your quest is to find the Feather of Archimedes and bring it back here!

   {Camera pans back to show Daring Do at the bottom of the Steps, looking up at Olmec}
   Daring Do: Thank you Olmec. Now tell us, where is the feather?
   Olmec: {camera cuts to a room in the Temple on the bottom floor, with a slightly red feather on a stone} The Feather of Archimedes can be found in The Royal Graveyard.
   Daring Do: {Cuts back to the Steps} Teams, you are now standing on the Steps of Knowledge. In a minute, Olmec is going to ask you a question. If you think you know the answer, stomp down on the ancient marking in front of you. If you are right, you will move down to the next level. If you are wrong or you run out of time, I will give the other teams a chance to answer. *the bottom steps light up* The first two teams to make it to the bottom level will be one step closer to Olmec's temple! *turns to Olmec* Olmec, we're ready for your first question.
   Olmec: What was the name of the area in which our legend takes place? The Goodlands, the Badlands, or the Uglyla- *Red rings in*
   Daring Do: Red Jaguars.
   Red: The Badlands?
   Olmec: That is correct!
   Daring Do: Step down! *both move down one step* Next question.
   Olmec: Was the profession of the mercenary in our story: Surg- *Green rings in*
   Daring Do: Green Monkeys.
   Green: Medic?
   Olmec: That is correct! *Green hops down one step*
   Daring Do: Quick to answer and the Green Monkeys step down! Next question, Olmec.
   Olmec: Was the Medic from: Hungary, Germany, or Austria? *Green rings in*
   Daring Do: Green Monkeys.
   Green: Germany.
   Olmec: That is correct!
   Daring Do: Step on down! *Green does so* One more correct answer, and you're going to the Temple Games. Next question.
   Olmec: Was the Medic in our legend hired by: Re- *Silver rings in*
   Daring Do: Silver Snakes.
   Silver: Reliable...umm...{time up bell}
   Olmec: Time is up. The three choi-*Purple rings in*
   Daring Do: Oh! Purple Parrots.
   Purple: Reliable Excavation Demolition?
   Olmec: That is correct! *Purple steps down*
   Daring Do: Whoa! Purple Parrots snatched that one up, and are now tied with the Red Jaguars! We're looking for two teams. Next question.
   Olmec: As part of his operations, did the Medic attach machines to his patients: Heart, Brain- *Green rings in*
   Daring Do: Green Monkeys!
   Green: Their hearts!
   Olmec: That is correct! *Green hops down excitedly*
   Daring Do: And the Green Monkeys have advanced to the Temple Games! Well done! Now we just need one more team! Who is it going to be? The Red Jaguars, the Purple Parrots, or the Silver Snakes? Next question.
   Olmec: What kind of birds does the Medic keep as pets? Pigeons, Doves, or Crows? *Purple rings in*
   Daring Do: Purple Parrots.
   Purple: Doves?
   Olmec: That is correct!
   Daring Do: Step on down! *Purple steps down* One more correct response, and you'll be going to the temple games! Still time for the Silver Snakes to catch up. Next question.
   Olmec: According to our legend, Archimedes got stuck in the body of: A Soldier- *Purple rings in*
   Daring Do: Purple Parrots!
   Purple: Uhh...Soldier.
   Olmec: Incorrect!
   Purple: *softly* Come on...*Red rings in*
   Daring Do: Red Jaguars.
   Red: A Scout!
   Olmec: That is correct!
   Daring Do: Step down Red Jaguars! *They do so* Now it looks like it's between them and the Purple Parrots for the last spot in the Temple Games! Next question Olmec!
   Olmec: The Scout was ended by a trap set by- *Red and Purple slam their markers at the same time*
   Daring Do: ...Purple Parrots!
   Purple: A Demoman!
   Olmec: That is correct! *both Purple players jumps to the final step*
   Daring Do: *walks up to meet the teams on the bottom step* These two teams will be going head to head in the Temple Games! It's the Green Monkeys, and the Purple Parrots! Tough luck for the Silver Snakes and the Red Jaguars came so close! We've got a great gift for them, and here's what it is!
   {Ad comes on screen talking about the consolation prize. Afterward the screen cuts back to Green and Purple clapping and celebrating, with Daring standing between them}
   Daring Do: These two teams will be competing for the right to enter Olmec's Temple! *pumps her hoof into the air* And they're going to do it right after this!
   {The camera cuts to a side view of the Steps. Daring suddenly takes off into the air as the camera follows her. She flies into one of the temple's upper rooms while the camera keeps going and stops at the Royal Graveyard and a view of the Feather. The logo explodes onscreen and finally fades into commercial}